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Full text of "The garden of the soul : or, A manual of spiritual exercises and instructions for Christians who (living in the world) aspire to devotion"

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T.H E 

Garden of the Soul., 

OR, A 


o F 

Spiritual Exercflèi 




N &.1fe,vho (living in tIle ,\
afpire to DEVOTION. 

LON D 0 J.V.

Printed in thp Year of our I-Iord, I 7i $. 



l' H E 
GARDEN of the SOUL. 


OR, 1\ 
'Summary of C H R 1ST I A 
 F..-\ I T II 
a11d M 0 R l't. LIT Y. 

SEe T. J. 

lFha! e-very Chrijiiall 111uß hpl;,"
I. r 
ERY chrifiian muft believ"c that 
, there .is one God, and no n10re t :'an 
 one God: l
hat this God is a pure 
 the Lord and l\1aker of heaven and 
.:earth, \vho h-a's neither beginning nor end, 
'but is a]ways the fame; is every vlherc prc- 
fent, kno\vs and fees an t}}ings, C.ln do all 
things whatfoever he pleafes, and is infinite 
in all perfeétìons. 
2. Every chrifiian is bound to beli
ve, that 
in this 011ß G'od there are three JevêraL I'ßrjolii, 
perfetllyequal., and of the [arne fubfiance; 
tbe Father, who proceeds from no one; the 
Son, ,vho is born of the :Father before all 
2..ges '; .and the Holy Gbojl, \vho proceeds eter- 
nally from the Father and the Son: P.1.nd that 
thefe three Perfons have aU the fame age, the 
fame power, the L.ïme V/ifdot11, and are all 
three one and the fame Lord, one and the 
fame God. 


3.' "V' e 

4 Chriflian Doélrine. 
3. \V e mufi: all believe, that this God creat- 
ed the Angels to be \vith him for ever, and 
thât one part of them fell from God by fin, 
2nd became devils: That God alfo created 
J1daln and Eve, the firIt parents of all I11an- 
kind, and placed them in the earthly para- 
tiife, from \vhence they were j uftly baniíhed 
for the fin they cOITItnitted in eating of the 
fruit of the forlidden tree: and tha t by this 
tranfgreffion of Adanz we are all born in fin, 
and muft have been loft for ever, if God had 
not rent us a Saviour. 
4. \Ve are bound to bclieve in this Saviour 
of all olankind, 'ie/us Chrifl, the Son of God, 
true God, and true man; perfea God frOIn 
4111 eternity, equal to his Father in all things; 
and pelfell1llan, from the time of his coming 
dovln from heaven for us, having a body and 
10ulljke us. 
5. \Ve mufi: believe that this 'ie/us Chrift, 
our Say iour, who had been long foretold by 
the prophets, was at God's appointed time 
concei\red in the '\vomb of the Virgin Mary 
by the power of the Holy Ghofi, without 
having any roan for his father, and was born 
of her, {he !till retnaining a pure virgin: That 
during the time of his 111ortallife, he found- 
ed the chrifiian religion by his heavenly 
àoB:rine and \vonderful Iniracles, and then 
offered himfelf a facrifice for the fins of the 
whole world, by dying upon a cro[s, to pur- 
chafe mercy, grace and fal vation for us : And 
that neither mercy, nor grace, nor f
cither can, or cvcr could, fince Adam's fal1, 

f/;ian Doélrinc. 5 
be obtained any otherwife, th:Ul through thi
death and paffion of the Son of God. 
6. \Ve mull: believe that Jefia Chrijl, af- 
ter he had been dead and buried for part of 
three days, rofe again on the third day froin 
death to life, never to die any more; and 
that, for the fpace of forty days, he "vas pleaf- 
eJ, at di!fcrent ti!TIes, to manifefi himfelf to 
his diíèi p!es, and then afcended into heaven 
In tbcir 1ìght : \vhcrc, as 
2n, he continually 
intercedes for us. From then:e he fent dov
the Holy Ghofi: upon his di[ciples, to abide 
,vi th thcln for ever, as he had prorráfed, and 
to guide them and their fuccff!òrs into all 
7. \'l e muH believe the cathfllic or univer- 
fal C'hurch of Chrijl, of which he is the perpe- 
tual Head, and his Spirit the perpetual Di- 
rettor; vihich is founded upon a rock, and is 
ever vié.torious over all the po\vers of death 
2nd hell. 1
his church is always Oize, by all 
lts memb
rs profeffing one faith, in one com- 
n1union, under oae chief pafior" fucceeding 
St. Peter, to whom Chrijl committed his 
vlhole Rock, St.] obn xxi. 15, 16, 17. This 
farl1e church is al
laY5 holy, by teaching a 
holy düétrine, by inviting all to a holy life, 
.and by the eminent h()linefs of Inany of her 
children. She is catholic or univerfal, by 
fubfifl::ing in all ages, by teaching all nations, 
. and nlaintaining all truth: !he is apoflolical., 
by deriving her doEl-rine, her comnzunion, her 
orders, and her mijfion, by an uninterrupted 
fuccciliol1 from the apoflles of Cbrijl. 
A 3 8. \Vith 

6 C, J
i iaili DoEiri:" · 
s. '\
ith this catholic church the fcriptures 
both of the old and new tell anzent \vere de- 
po!ited by the apofiles : {he is, i:l her pafiors, 
the gua;-dian and in terpreter of them, and the 
1 ucl g e of é:11 controverfies relating to thenl. 
rbefe fcript",ures, thus interpreted, together 
,vith the traditions of the :lpofi)es
 are to be 
received and ad:nitted by all chrifiians for 
 ru1c of their faith and praétice. 
- 9. \Ve mufl bel!e\re that 'iefus Chrifl has 
uted in his church fe\ en fzcramcfits, or 
myfierious ;ns ë.nd ir:firumental ca
fes oÎ di- 
\i:le gre: in our fouh. Baptifn, by way of 
a .ew birth, by which we arc inade children 
of God
 2nd waíhed from fin. COllftrvzatÎol1, 
by v:hich V?C receive the Holy Gh
n by the 
im pofiti-on of the hands of the f ucccí[ors of 
the apofi
es, .Ails viii. Th
 bleffid Eucht4rif/, 
which fceds and nouriilies our fouls with thé 
h_dJ and b!

d of Chrifl, really prefent under 
"the forms of bread and v;ine, or under either 
of them. Penance, by '\vhicn penitent finners 
;1. e obflved from their fins, by virtue of the 
cornmiffion g
ÿen by Chrifl to his minifiers, 
St. 70 hll xx. and St. Ala/t. xviii. Extreme 
Unf:icn, which vJipes aVlay the relics of fin
and arms the foul VJith the grace of God in 
tbe time of fi kn fs, Sl. f amols v. HlJly Or- 
der, by which the minifieJ
 f God are cor- 
ficratcd. And Matritr.'ny. whil:h. a<; a facred 
fign of the i!1diffolu
lc union of Chrifl and 
his church, unites the tnarried, cO'.lple in a 
holy band, and imparts a grac
 to them fuit- 
able to that {late,. Eph-.. \!. 
JC. 'VIlA 

'1 .,on- T\.- r:; · 
Cnr!;tlú1: ,L;]{t Ai. ... 
J o. "\Ve nl ufi: bel ie 9 ;e) that .J Jus Cj i 7 has 
/. -." r .;: _ 
afro infiitutcd th
 O"re:!t t!lC,.:4rz ItC J L'crll.
.e at 
Ii 0 . 0# 
his bod\. and blood, In remclnbrance of his. 
death at;d paffion. In this facritice he is m}- 
.!1icaHr im!lloIated every d:1: upon our 
. h " n. d . 
 - Th " 
beIng hlmfelf bot p:"leJ.L ::n VJ
Lrm. IS- 
f;!crif1ce is the pri:1cip:1J vroríhip ('f the ne\v 
1;,i\W r ,. in. \vhich, 
nd by y,,-hich, \
'e unite ou:- 
felves to ."lefus Ch -f. J, and \\'ith him, and 
through hj[n
 \ve J
'r... God in fpirit 
 give him for all his bleffings.. 
in his qraf
 for ourlèlves and the \vhole 
't\l'orld, ;lnd pardcn for aU our fins, a
d thof-" 
of the Ji\ inp" and the dead. 
I I. '" e mull believe that there is, in the 
cdthoIic or univerf..ll church of God, a (.. 
mtlllÍoll if faÙ
tJ, by means of \vhich \ve 
t:ômmunicate with 
n hcly enes, :1Dd -n a]} 
fr'J thin...
s. \Ve ccmmunicatc with the faints 
in heaven, 25 OLJf fello\v-members undeI. the 
f3nle head Chri I 1eftls; we give thanks to 
Goà for his gifts to tilcn1, and we beg a íh:lre 
in their prayers. \Ve con1munÌcate \vith :ill 
the faints upon eartb, in the fame f.:1Cfaments 
and f2crifice, and in a ho1r union of faith 

nd chari tv. And \ve communicate \yith the 
faithful (\\1 ho have departed this life in a 
more imperfee:t (tate, and ,,'ho, bY' the la, 
of God's jufiicc, 
re fvI' a \vhile in a place 
of fuflèring) by o rre ring pra} ers, and 
and facrifi
e to God for them. 
12. \Ve nluiì: believe alfo the neceffity of 
divine gracf, \virhout \vhich '
-e cannot m

fa much ::s one flcD to\\"ards hea\ en : and that 



8 CIzTiflian DoElrine. 
a11 our good, and all our merits are the gift 
of God: that Chrifi died for all men: that 
God is not the author of fin: and that his 
grace does not take away our free-will. 
13. ,,, e mull believe that 'ie/us Chrift will 
come from heaven at the lafi day to judge us 
all: that all" the dead, both good and bad, 
fhall rife from their graves at the found of 
the lafi: truD1pet, and {hall be judged by him 
;lccording to their works: that the good 
1haltgo to heaven with him, body and foul 
to be happy for all eternity, in the enjoyment 
of the Sovereign Gçod; and that the '''licked 
iliall be condemned, búth body and foul, to 
the torments of hell, which are mofi grievous 
.4lnd everlafl:ing. 
SEe T. II. 
Tf'iJat every Chriftian muj/ do, in order to Life 
If thou 'u.Jilt enter into Life, kelp the Commånd e 
· nZ
l1ts, St. Matt. xix. 17- 
I. EVER Y chriftian, in order to life ever- 
12fting-; mufl: worJhip God as his firfl: 
beginning and laft end. This worjhip is to 
'be .perfo"rmed hrfi: by faith, \vhich nlakes 
both the un.derfianding 2nd the will h umbJy 
;tdo re and embrace aU thofe truths \vhich God 
has taught, however obfcure and incornpre- 
henfible they Inay be to our wcaknefs. 2dly, 
By hope, \vhich honours the infinite po\
goodnefs, and mercy of God, and the truth 
of his promifes; and upon there grounds rai[cs 
the (oul to an ahured expeélation of mercy, 
. · grace 

Chriflian DoElrine. 9 
grace and falvation, through the merits of 
rlls Chriß. 3d"", By charity, '\vhich teach
us to love God \vith our \vho'le hearts, for hlS 
own fake, and our neighbours as ourfelves, 
for God's fake. 4tbly, By the virtue of re- 
ligion, the chief aél:s of which are adoration.. 
praife, tban.kfgiving, oblation of ourfel yes to 
God, jacrijic:e and prayer, vvhich ought to be 
the daily employments of a chrifiian foul. 
2. vVe rnufi fly all idolatry, all fal[e reli- 
gion and fup
rfiition ; under which naIne are 
cOlnprehended all ßlanner of divinations, or 
pretenfions to fortune-telling; aU \vitchcraft
charms, fpeI1s, obfervations of Olnc,"'lS, drealnslfþ 
&c. All there things are hcathenilh, and con- 
trary to the woríhip of the true and living 
God, and to that dependence a chrifiian foul 
ought to have on him. 
3- We mufi: reverence the' natl1C of Gal 
and his truth by a religious obfervancc of all 
lawful oaths and vows, and by carefull y avoid- 
ing aU falfe, ralh, unjuft or blafphclnous oaths 
and curfes. 
4. '^' e mufl: dedicate forne notable part of 
our time to his divine [ervice; and lTIOre ef- 
pecially confecrate to him tho[e days that he 
has ordered to be fanétified, or kept holy_ 
5- Under God, vve mufi love, reverence
and obey our parents, and other IavlfuI fupc- 
riours fpiritual and temporal, and obierve 
the laws of the church and {tate: as alfo, .\ve 
mua have a due care of our children, and of 
others that are under our charge, both as t{)
their foul and body_ 
A 5 (). "\Vc 

:to Chriftían DJElri t. 
6. '\ e muft abftain from aU injuries tC1 ou.. 
neiohbour's perfon, by murder, or any other 
violence j and from all hatred, en\'y, anù de. 
fire of revenge : 
 alfo fro:11 fpi-rttual murder, 
vlhich i3 c
mmitted by drawing hin1 into fin, 
by \vords, aqion$, or ill examp1e. 
7. 'Ve mutt abfiain from 2-dultery, and 
1l uncleannefs of thoughts, v 7 ords, and 
actions, beyond the lawful ufe of the marriag
 e mufi: not fleal, cheat, or any other 
,":ã.y vlrong our neighbour in his goods and 
po{[el Ions; v:e mutt give everyone his own.. 
pay our debts, and make refiitution for aU 
unjufi dzrnages which we have caufed. 
9- We mufi: not \\'ro:tg our neighbour in 
.. is charatter or good name, by detraélion or 
ralh judgll1ent; or in his honour, by re- 
proaches 2nd 
lffronts; or rob hiln of the 
p....ace of his mind, by fcoffs and contempt; 
or of his friends, by carrying fiories backwarès 

nd forwards. In all \vhich cafes, \vhofoever 
w ron
s his neigh bour, is 0 b!iged to mzke re- 
fiitutton "r fatÎstaétion. 
10. As we are commanded to 
bftain from 
n deeds of Jufi and inju!lice, fo are V/C cl)(O 
ftriétJy ob'JgeJ to refirain an dcfires in thefe 
inds, 2nd to rcfift the irreguJar n\otions ûf 
concupifcence. So far the ten command- 
ra ""nts, which are :1 !hart abridgement of the 
\/hoJe eternal and natural Iavl, ,vhich admits 

f co Ji f oenfation. 

SEe T. 

C . · 'J. 
& &. 

Do - · -. 

t "1 

SEe T. III. 

,>.,l-l.... J s t b_
; .1_ 0 L:...r 1 c-i.", 
C ., .. S 
r :lun .. 

TER. }e in 
he narro\\ gJte; ;- r 
\pide is the gate, and broad is th
 '\ -a,- 
tha Je"deth to del:r..ét:ion, a d man :he
are \vho 
o in there:::: Ho\v l1arrow is the 
ga!e, and firal
 is "be ""'y, th
\. ]ead
th 0 
1ife, .. nd fe\v there a"t' t
at find it!.L 

:. vii. 

I:lnr are c3}]e
, but fe\'" are chofen, St. 
c . ,À. I J. :x '-11.. I . 
No: e\"er one th=
b to me, Lord, 
Lord, {hall in"o the kingdom of hea\en. 
t he that dc:h tht' wi
1 of
G1r F..ther '\\ 
is in heave;}, he !hall enter into the ingccm 
t. 1" .\ji.
I. - 
hat do:h it profit a man, if he gain the 
,hale \\"orld, and lofe his 0 -n iòuI ; or ,vb _ 
{hall :1 m:n give in ex;:hange for his iòul ? S!. 
c7 . XVI. 20. 
()r &':> thing is neCeíf.1f\9, St. Lr.. t.- x. .2.... 
He th::t l
\ eth father or mothe: more th
 is not \vorthy of me; 
nd h
 thd.t lovet!1 
ion or 
ughtcr 1110re th:!n m
, is not \ orthv 
()f n1e. A nd he that taketh not up his crofs 

id follo\\"cth dfter me, is no
 \ .orth of e,. 
5 t 
. t!. x. 3 -, 38. .... 
\Vhok>ever IÌlall den, me befo:-e , en, I 
".iI1 alto den} h
m bef
 e my F:ither \1;ho i
in he3ven, 
t. 11 tt. x. 
3. \ \ h{}ìo
\ cr tn
be -ili
:mcd of nì
" and of mv \\ or\.
;:: Ì:1 t
2du1terous and finful gener:ltion" the Son of 
Ilian Al
1;'tH be ailia
11ed 0 hil
l,. \vhe, 

Ch,.ijlian Doélrin
{hall come in the g10ry of his F'ather with the 
holy angels, St. Mark xviii. 3 8 . 
Fear not them that kiJl the body, and are 
not able to kill the foul; but rather fear him 
that can deflroy both foul and body in hell, 
St. j
1 at t. x. 28. 
He that loveth his life íhalllofe it, and he 
. that hateth his life in this \vorlJ, keepeth it 
unto JiCe eternal, St. John xii. 25- 
If any man ,vill come after IDe, let bin1 
deny himfelf, and take up his crofs, and fol 
]0\\1 111e, St. Matt. xvi. 24-. 
Everyone of you that cloth not renounce 
aU that he poffeffeth, cannot be my difciple, 
St. Luke xiv. 33. 
If any man come to me, and hate not his 
tnd mother, and v/ife and children, 
;lnd brethren and fillers, yea, and his own 

ife alfo, he cannot be n1Y difciple. And 
'\vho[oever cloth not carry his crofs, and come 
.after me, cannot be my difciple
 St. Luke xiv. 
The friendfhip of this world is the enerny 
()f God. Whofoever therefore will be a friend 
of this world, becometh an enemy of God> 
St. James iv. 4. 
I.Jove not the world, nor the things that 
are in th world. If any rnan love the 
",,"orld, the charity of the Father is not in hinl. 
For all that is in the world, is the concu- 
pifcence or the f1efh, the concupifcencc of the 
e}Tes, and the pride of life, which is not of the 
Father, but is of the \vorld. And the world 
pafièth away, and the concupifceJlce thereof; 
but he that cloth the will of God abideth for 
'vcr" I St.lohll H. Je;, 16" 17. Unlefs 

Chriflian Doélrine. 13 
· Unlc[s ye be converted, and become as 
little children, ye [hall not enter into the 
kingdolTI of heaven, St. A,Jatl. À viii. 3. 
Bleûèd are the poor in fpirit, for theirs is 
the kingdoll1 of heaven. Bleßèd are the uleek, 
for they íhall poffefs the Jand. Bleífed are they 
that mourn, for they íhall be cOlnforted, St. 
J.-1att. v. 3, 4, 5. 
\.V 0 to you thJt are rich, for ye have your 
confolation.- \V 0 to you that laugh now, 
for ye 1hall mourn and \veep, Lull! v Ì. 
Come to me all ye that labour, and are 
heavy laden, and I \-vill refrefh you. Take 
my yoke upon you, and learn of me, becaufe 
I aID meek and hutnble of heart, and ye {hall 
find refl: to your fouls. For my yoke is [weer, 
and my burden light, il1att. xi." 28. 
Who[o;:ver íhall exalt himfelf, íhall be 
humbled; and he that !hall hurnble hin1feIf, 
íhall be exal ted, St. 1'v1att. xxiii. 12. 
God refifleth the proud, but to the hum1 
bIe he g
 veth grace, I St. Peter v. 5. 
Take heed that you do not your jufl:ice 
before men, to b
n by them; otherwife 
ye fhall not ha\-'e a reward of your Father 
who is in heaven, St. Matt. v. I. 
No man can íerve two mafiers.-Ye can- 
not ferve God and malntTIOn, l
fatt. vi. 
Lay not up for yourfelves treafureson èarth, 
where ruft and n10th confume, and where 
thieves break through and fleal.. But lay up 
for yourfelves treafures in heaven, & c. St. 
Matt. vi. 19, 20. 
Seek fil"ft the kiJ1gdom of God, and his 
j uftice 

:I:t Chriflian DoElrin'e. 
i ufiice, and all thefe things íhall be added un- 
to you, St. Matt. vi. 33. 
If ye live according to the flelh, ye {hall 
die; but if by the ii)irit ye mortify the deeds 
of the flefh, ye íhalllive, ROJlz. viii. 
Neither fornicators, nor ido]aters, not adul- 
terers, nor the effeminate, nor Iiers \vith man- 
kind; nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drun- 
kards, nor r
ìlers, nor extortioners, iliall 
poífefs the kingdoll1 of God, I C01
. vi. 9. 
If any man violate the temple of (;od, hiln 
:!hall 'Goà defl:roy; for the ten1p1e of God l
holy, which tenlplt ye are, I Cor. iii. 17. 
"\Vhofoevcr lookcth on a \VOnlan to 1 ufl: af- 
ter her, hath already comlllitted adultery \vith 
her in his heart, St. Matt. v. 28. 
If thy right eye caufe thee to ottend, pluck 
it out, and cafi it froÍn thee.-l\nd if thy 
right hand caufe thee to offend, cut it off, and 
caH: it from thee; for it is better for .thee that 
one of thy members lhould periih, than that 
thy whole body íhould be caft into hell, St. 
.A1att. \r. 29, 3 0 . 
If ye will not forgÌ\re men, neither win 
your Father forgive you your offences, St. 
Matt. vi. 15. 
l..ove your enemies; do good to them that 
hate you, and pray for them that perfecute and 
c,\luminate you; that ye may be the childrcl1 
of your Father who is in heaven, Mat. v. 44-- 
1 give }'OU a new cornmandment, that ye 
Jove one another, as I have loved you, St. 
John xiii. 34. 
If 1 fpeak with the tongues of men and of 
ãrAgels, and h
ve not charity, I am become 

flian DoElrine. r J 

J founding brafs, or a tinkling fymbal: And' 
if I íhould have prophecy, and fhould know 
all myfieries, and all kno\-vIedge, and if I 
iliould have aH faith, fa that I could remove 
mountains, and have not charity, I arn no- 
thing: And if I íhould difiribute êtl1 my 
goods to feed the poor, and if I lhould de- 
li\'cr my body to be burned, and have not 
charity, it profiteth me nothing" I C()r. xiii. 
Render to no man evil for eviL-If it be 
poffible, as much as is in you, have peace 
with all men. Revenge not yourfelves, &c. 
Be not overcome by evil, but overcorne evil 
withg r od 1 ROln.x'ii. 17, J8, .&9,21. 
Let not the fun bO down upon your anger, 
Eph. iv.. 26. 
Through many tribulations we mull enter 
into the kingdom of God, Ails xiv. 2 I. 
All that wiJI live godly in Chríj11eJuJ, f.aaJI 
fuffer perfecution, 2 TÙIl. iii. 12. 
In your patience ye !hall poífefs your fouls, 
St. Luke xxì. 19. 
Whatfoever ye ,vouJd that men !hould do 
to you, do ye alfo to them, Matt. vii. I 2. 
Take heed to you
relves, left perhaps your 
llearts be overcharged with furfeiting and 
drunkennefs, and the cares of this life, and 
tbat day come upon you fuddenJy, Luke xxi. 
. Be ye perfea, as a1(o your heavenly Father 
is perfet}, St. Matt. v. 48. 
Aík, and it {hall be given you; feek, and 
ye :!hall find; knock, and it íhall be opened 
unto you, St. Matt. vii. i. If ye afK the 
Father any thing in my nalne, he will give it 
you) St. John xvi. 23- 


1 õ Chriftian Doélrine.' 
Let hiln that thinketh himfelf to fiand" 
take heed left he fal1, I Cor. x. 12. 
# atch; becaufe ve know not at what hour 
your Lord will cOl
e.--Be ready, becaufe 
at what hour ye kno\v not, the Son of mall 
wil1 COlne, St. Matt. xxiv. 4 2 , 44. 
'Vatch ye and pray, that ye enter not into 
temptation, St. Matt. xxvi. 41. 
\V hether ye eat, or drink, or whatfoever 
elfe ye do, do all to the Glory of God, 
I (,"or. x. 3 I · 
\Ve brought nothing into this world, and 
certainly we can carry nothing out. But hav- 
ing food and wherewith to be covered, with 
fe we are content. But they that \vill be- 
COine rich, fall into temptation, and into the 
ínare of the devil, and into many unprofitable 
and hurtful defires, \vhich drown men in de- 
ftrué1ion and perdition. For covetoufnefs is 
the root of all evils, I Ti,n. vi. 7, 8, 9, ] o. 
Every tree that brinc:eth not forth good 
fruit, {hall bè cut dow
, and íhall be caft 
into the fire, St. Matt. vii. 19. 
Except yc do penance, ye fhall all perilh, 
S L b." 
t. u/(e XllI. 5- 
f-Ie'lhat {hall perfevere to the end, he iliaIl 
be f:-îved, St. .J.'l1att. xxiv. J 3. 
Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give 
theé the crown of life. Rev. ii. 10. 
It is a fearful thinp- to fall into the hands 
of the Jiving God, Heb. x. 3 I. 
Behold, 1 come quickly, and my reward 
. "is \vith me, to render to every man accord- 
; ing to his works) Rev. xxii. 12. 

 .Ii Tabl, 

[ 17 ] 

A Table of all the Fea/ls and Fqfls that are 011- 
fervei hy the Galbo/ics oj England.' 

 Sundays in the year. 

.J A N U A R Y. 
J The Cit cumcifìon
Year.s Day. 
6 The EpiphanYJ or Twelfth 
F É B R U A R Y. 
2 .. The Purification, cr 
Candlemas Day
24 '\If: St. 
Iatthias Apofile.. 
1\1 ARC H. 
J9 St. Jofcph, Spoufe of the 
B. Virgin. 
 The Annunciation of the 
ß. V. or Lady-day. 
A P R I L. 

3 St. George the l\lar tyr. 
!'vI A Y. 
1 St. PhiJip and St. James 
A po ftles. 
3 The Invention, or finding 
of the Cro
J U :-.1 E. 
 The Nativity of St, 
John Baptirt 
 St. Peter and St. Pau1. 
J U L Y. 
25 =- St. jamc:>> Apofile. 

26 St. Anne, !\fQther of tbe 
. B. Virgin 
to 'It St. Laurence !\lart\'r. 
J 5 · The Affumptiun 
f the 
ß. Vilgin. 
24 << St. ßartho!olTICW A. 
S E P T E M B E R. 
8 · The 
ativity of th
:!. t tc St. rvfatthew A p..JUe.. 

9 Michaclmas DJv. 
OCT 0 .B E R. 
28 IJ: St. Si1non !tnd St. j l1de 
N 0 V E r.,t B E R. 
! =- All Saints. 
3 0 · St. Andrew A poOle. 
DEe E 
1 B 1': R. 
8 The 
onc:eption of the B. 
2. I · St. Thomas A po file. 
25 · Chri{lmas-Day. 
26 St. Stephen the Martyt. 
27 St. Tohn ApoH Ie. 
28 Holy Innocents. 
2G St. Tholitas of Canter. 
. bury. 

Faficr-Dav. with the two davs r o llowint1'. 
. " 
Afc:enfinú-Day, or r he Thu:-frL1Y forty davs after Earter. 
.. \-\rhitrundav. and the [Wv dð\'S following 
 ChriHi, beinci the Grit Thurft.lay after Trinity Su
A 7-..:h!c 
f illl t,
C Jays .Gf Fùfiing and A'flillenc
Fi.ýUJ1g Do)'s. 
'J he for'v l;! ì in LC"lt. 



.d 1 aDte. f!J JtqjlS. 

The ember days, at the four (ea[oos, bein
 the Wedfitrday 
1'1 iday, ar1d SJturday of the firU week in Lcnt, of Whit- 
fun weck, of the third week in SeptcmLer, and of the 
third week in Ad\"cnt 
The C\'CS or virgilsof lho[e fcfiiva1s above-named, which are 
lkJd with an aHeriik .-. VVh{Te note, that jf the feall 
fans upon a l\'Ionday. the eve is kept upon Sa'urday. 
An }t-ridJYs, except ht twixt .Eafier 3ud \\'hit!lIntidc, and 
f,øJJ1 ChriHn13s-ddY tiIllhc oétí've uf l\vclfih-dav. au-d- 
 upon which á holy-dav of obligation laU" u'nlcfs it. 
Lc in Lent, or au clubcr c õ Ý . 

Aijli l1 tl1ce Days. 
r.(hr Sundays :n lent. 
Fj he three ;ot;ation days, being the Monday, Tuefðay. and 
\Vrdnefday bcfor
 A!cen!ion Day. 
St. l\!ark, April 25, unlefs it fans in Eafier 'week 
'rida}'-s above excepted fronl tht: rule of falling. 
A'I Saturdays.'ut o.f Lent, be!icles fuch 3S are vigils or embet 
days; but if Chri!hnas, Day falls upon a Friday or Sater- \ 
day, it is nor abftinence. 

N. R. Thzt the car holic church commands an her children, 
on Sundays and holy-days, to be prtfc:nt at the great 
rifliç facrifice, vvhich we call the mars, and to rcft 
from f"tvile work bn thofe days and to keep them holr.. 
he ('0 mroatH.ts th
m to abHain from nelli, on all days 
of falling and abHihencc; and on faUing days to eat but 
one meal. 
3.c.lly, She commands them to confer" their fins to their par. 
tors at lcafi once a year. 
4th1y, She cOl1ìrnands them to receive the blelfed facrament 
at leafi once a year, and that at .faller, viz. between Pahn.- 
Sunday and Lo\v-Sunday. 

The fourth ("ouneil of Lateran, Can. 21. ordains, "That 
h every (:)ne Qt the failhful of both [exes, after they co
" to the years of di fcretion, {hall in private faithfu'I1y con- 
I. fefs all their fins, at Trafl cnce <1 year, to their ()wn paUor : 
" and take care to fulfil, t') the belt of their power, t he pC'" 
., nance cnjoin'd them, ncciving reverently, at Jcafi at 
" Eafier, the facrarnent of the eueharifi, unIers perhaps by 
" the counfcl of their paftor, for falne rcafonable caufe, they 
" judge it proper to a bfiain íronl it for a time; ot herwi r
" Jet lhem be exc1used Olit of the church whiHlliving, and 
c., when they die be dep-rivcd of chriilian burial." 





FE mztjl prevent the fun to blefr thee, 0 God} 
(lnd adore thie at the da
uning Ojr the light, 
\Vifd. xvi. 28. 
o God, nlY God, to thet do 1 wat,-h at hreaf- 
I' d I )
 1 .. 

Jay., i. XII. 2. 
At your firfi: waking in the morning make 
the fign of the crofs, faying, In the nanze of tIle 
Father) and of the Son, and qf the Holy Ghoji, 
Alnen. Bl1!ed be the holy and undivided 'Il'i- 
11Íty, 1Z0,UJ, and for ever, Amen. 'l'hen adore 
God, and make an offering of your whole 
being to hi!TI for that day and for ever. 
Take great care not to let the devil un 
away with your firH: thoughts: for very much 
depends upon giving theln to God, who is 
your firfi: beginning, and taft end, and there- 
fore expeéts frOlTI you the firft fruits of the 
day.. And as he has, vlith an incomparabl
love, ,vatched over you all the night whilft 
you \vere al1eep, it would be very ungn
fut not to open the eyes of your fouI
 to look 
up towards him, and give yourfelf to him, 
as foon as you awake. 
Take care al[o to rife early, that you may 
gather the manna of heaven; of which YOll 
will have little or no lhare, if you begin .the 
day by indulging {loth and fenfuality in bed" 
infiead of imp10ying that firft and' moLt- pre- 
cious time in converfation with God. . 
vYhi1fi you arc' drt:ffing, and wålhing your- 

20 A .J11ornzng .t'xerczje, 
(elf, entertain forne pious thoughts, and b) 
devout afpirations beg of God to cloath yOU] 
foul with heaven1y virtues, and to \valli yot.: 
clean from all ilains of fin. 
Then kneel down in your oratory, or by 
your bed-fide: make the fign of the crofs, in' 
mCll10ry of Chrifl crucified; and place your- 
{elf in the prefence of the divine Majefiy, by a 
lively faith that he fees and beholds you, and 
is in the very cen ter of your foul. Bow your- 
felf do\vn to adore him, beg pardon for your 
un\vorthincfs and fins, and crave his grace, 
that you nlay behave yourfe1f as you ought in 
his prefeacc. Then fay 
The Lord's Prayer-. 
OUR Father who are in heaven, haHowed 
be thy nalne: 'fhy kingdom come: rrhy 
'\vill be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give 
us this day our daily bread: And forgive us 
our trefpa1Tes., as we forgi ve them that tref- 
pafs againft us: And lead us not into temp- 
tation: .But deliver us from evil. .Amen. 
The I/ngelic Salutation. 
HAl L Mar)', full of grace, . our Lord is 
with thee. Bleffed art thou amongfi \Vo- 
nlen, and blc{[ed is the fruit of thy \vomb, 
J C S U S. 1-1oly Mary, mother of God, pray 
tor us finners, no\v, and at the hour of our 
death. ./f'JIC1!. 
The APrv1J1!s Creed. 
I Bclieve in God the }'ather P...1mig ht r, 
(:re:1to.r of heaven and earth. j-\nd ill 
1eJ 1 -l S 

The Mo,"ning Exerc.ift. 21 
1efus Chrifl his only Son our Lord, \\"ho \VJS 
conceived by the Holy Ghofi, born of the 
Virgin Mar.v; fuffered under Pontius Pilate, 
was crucified, dead and buried; he defcended 
into hell) the third day he rofe again from 
the dead; he afcended into heaven, fitteth at 
the right- hand of God the f"'ather Alnlighty ; 
from thence he lhaH con1C to judge the living 
2nd the dead. I believe in the 
Ioly Gholt ; 
the holy catho1ic church; the cornmunion 
of faints; the forgivenefs of fins; the refur- 
recrion of the body; and the life everlafiing_ 
':the C onfiteor. 
I Confefs to A]mighty God, to ble1Ted 1l1a,.y 
ever virgin, to ble{[ed ,VJicbael the arch- 
angel, to lJlcffed ]tJhn the baptift, to the holy 
apoftles Peter and Paul, and to all the faints, 
that 1 have finned exceedingly in thought, 
\vord and deed, through Iny fault, through 
Iny fault, through my Inoit grievous fault: 
Therefore I befeech the bleHèd Mary ever 
virgin, the blcilèd .Zvlichael th
 archangel, the 
bleffed John the baptia, the holy apofHes 
PetEr and Paul, and all the faints, to pray 
to the Lord our God for me. 
rvlay the Almighty God have mercy on 
Ine, anrl forgive me nlY fins, and bring me 
to everlafiing life. .Å1JZCll. . 

1ay the Altnighty and merciful Lord 
give lne pardon, abfolution, and remiflìon o

11 my fins. .IJllle1'/. 

1:'" y ...._ 
.. r... J. 

2 A .J.forning ExerciJe. 

fOI;1l1 of Al r ornÏ11g PraJ'er, cCl1taÎ7jing Ails 
Adoration, '1hankJkiving, Contrition, &c I 
proper to be llzade every lWornillg. 
o Almghty and cver1afiing God, Lord 0 'I 
heaven and -earth, behold I a poor \yorn t 
of the earth., and a moft miferabJ.e {inner 
prcf UI11e to appear before thee, and fpeak t( 
thee the Holy of Holies, and the Sovereigr 
Ivlaker of all things. a! cafl: n1e not awa} 
fronl thy face, ho\v ull\vorthy foever: bUll 
2fiìfl: 111C no\v by thy divine grace; and tcacl: . 
n}t? to pray to tbee as I ought. 
And firft acknow]edging Inyfclf thy crea- I , 
turc, and the \vork {)f tll)' hands, and con.. 
feffing Iny tota1 dependence on thee, I deGn:, 
to praife and glorify thee, and to pay thee thel 
bt>fl hOIJlage 1 am able, in union with that t 
,vhich is paid thee by all that fea<" thee andl 
lC thee upon earth, and by all the blellèdl 
angels and faints in heaven; and by thv l 

on t11Y Saviour 1 qus Chrij! in his hUlnani- 
1 y. I adore thy Sovereign l\Iajeíly.. profirate l 
in foul and body before thee. I offer up tny- 
{elf, and all that I have or anl, to thee as to 
rDY firfl- beginning: and I afpirc to thee as to 
my Ja{t end, \vith whom I hope to live for 
e\ cr. I give thee thanks {roln the botton1 
f my heart, for all thy benefits, particularly 
for having brought Ine to the beginning of 
this day; for having thought of me . fro In a1l 
eternity, and loved nle fron1 all eternity; for 
having 11lade Ine O\lt of nothing, .prefen;ed me 
froln 1unulllcrablc cvi]s; borne with P1e fo 


A iVlornzng L,x-ercýe. 23 
20ng in my fins when there was but a hair's 
breadth betwixt my foul and hell; redccfncd 
me by the death and paffion of thy only fon j. 
èa]Jcd me to the true church, preferably to 
millions of others; fo often admitted rne to 
thy facranlents; fa\Toured me with thy graces 
and infpirations ; watcheQ 0 rer me night and 
, day; appointed thy angels to guard me, and 
pared a happy eternity for lTIe. For therc 
nd all other thy bJeffings befio\ved upon me 

 moft unworthy finner, 2nd lJpon thy whole 
ch urch, and every Inenl ber thereof, whether 
. triumphant in heaven, [uffering in purgatory, 
()r ll1iIitant on earth, and efpecially thofe be,,: 
fiowccJ on our head Chrift.7ejus; and for thy 
()wn great glory m
nifell:ed in the creation and 
redemption of the world, I give thee n10ft 
bumble :lpd hearty thanks, in union \vith the 
thankfgivi-ngs of the (alne [,ord Jejus Lörifi 
thy -Son, and of thy vw'hole church in beavea 
and earth.. 
I But what a wretched return have I hither- 
Ito made to thee, 0 
ord, for aU thy mer- 
i cies and favours 1 Alas 1 lJ1Y wl]ole life has 
been nothing but fin 3nd ingratitud
. At my 
,firfl: coming to the uîe pf reafon I turned my 
' back upon thee; and have ever fince beel' 
a rebel ta thy divine Majefiy: I have daily 
it-ranfgreifed thy commandlnents, .in thought 

vord, and deer!: I have nçg]ct1ed thy gra- 
:::ious calls and infpirations, abuled tby pa- 
::,ie-ncc and Iong-fufièring; and too often have 
:rucified my Saviour by my offences. And 
lOW, 0 Lord, .\vhat lhaU I fay? but hat it 

 ':1 A Morning Exercije. 
grieves me to the bottom of my heart that II 
have fo grievoufiy offended thy infinite good- I 
nefs: I acknowledge myfelf un\vorthy to lift I 
up my eyes to heaven, or fo much as to name! 
thy h01 Y name, after fo many treafons againftl 
thy Divine IVlajefiy. The meanefi place! 
anlongfi thy fervants is infinitely too good! 
for me, vvho have deferved a thoufand hells. 
But as thy IDercy is greater than In y iniqui-. 
ties, this encourages me to return to thee likel 
the prodigal child, in hopes of finding the like! 
reception. I now deteft all my fins, becaufej 
they are detefiable in thy fight; I moil hum-! 
b]y beg pardon for them all, through the;j 
death and pallion of 'ie/us Chrifl, and I mon: 
firmly refolve, by thy grace, rather to die: 
than to cotnmit the like any more. Be thou, 
my keeper, 0 Lord, for the time to come;1 
.-Lnd give n1e a penitential fpirit, that I maYI 
òaiI y ofFer henceforward to thee the facrificd 
of a contrite and ,humble heart. I defÌrc b} 
thy grace to make fatisfaçrion for illY fins by 
\\70rthy fruits of penance; and I will \villingJ}' 
accept from thy Ñands whatever pains, croffcs: 
or [ufferings I lhall meet with during the r
Illainder of my life, or at my death, as jufi: 
punifh.nents of my iniquities; begging tha1 
they nlay be united to the fufFerings and dcat
of 111Y Redcenler, and fanB:ifiecl by his par.. 
1ìon, in which is all my hope for nlcrcy: 
grace, and falv
I defire to fpend this day in thy divine fer) 
y ice; and therefore I no\v ofFér 11 r to thee 
all t
 thoughts, words and aétions of thl

A ltiorning Exercift. 25 
day, that they may aU be confecrated to the(- 
by a pure intention of thy greater glory, in 
union \vith that pure intention, with which 
JUY Lord 
lifus Chrijl performed all his ac- 
tions in his tTIortallife. I beg that my \vhole 
foul, with all its po\vers, rnay be ever thine i 
that my memory may be always recolleéted 
in thee; that my underfianding may al\vays 
be enlightened by thy truth, and tny will 
always enflamed by thy love. O! that eve- 
ry breath that I fhall take this day might be 
an act of praife and love of thee; as the blef- 
fed in heaven are every Inoment praifing and 
loving thee! 
I hUlnbly beg thy grace, through the death 
and paffion of Jefus Chrijl, that I may not 
fall into any fin this day, and efpeciaIly that 
I may be preferved from fuch and fuch faults, 
which 1 am 1110fi: fubje,a to. I refolve to re- 
nounce thenl, 0 my God, novV' and for ever; 
ilnJ to the befi of my power to fly a] 1 dan- 
gerous occaiìons, and to refìft the firQ mo- 
tions of thern: but of myfelf I can do no- 
th ing. and therefore my .whole truft and 
confidence is in thy pO\iver, goodne[s ,:nd 
111ercy, and in the af1ìfiance of thy divine 
grace. O! look to 111e, dear Lord, or, like 
fudf1s, I !hall betray thee this day. 
()h ! rathcl let me die than be fo miferablc 
Grant that I may ferve thee this day in fpi.. 
rit and truth, by faith, hope, and Jove: give 
I n.e prudence to direét my fieps to thee, j ufiic
t'.J regul
te my condué.l: to my neighbours, 
fortitude to carr)' 111e fafe through all d ifficul- 
ß ties. 

 6 A 
íorning Exercfft. 
 and dangers, and tCITlperancc to ren-rain 
.rne frotn an unla\vful plcaf urcs and 
affio11s : 
teach me to be meek and humble of heart, 
and to deny rnyfelf, and take up my crofs 

uld follow thee; teach Inc in all th-in g-s to 
know and to <10 thy holy will. 
Have n1ercy on thy '\\,ho!e cburch mili- 
tant upon earth; exalt her by the gifts of 
,thy grace to all her m
nbers; give her fa,ints 
for her chief bi1hops and other prelates J ,pro- 
-ragate her faith thr.oughout the 
vho]e world; 
ex tirpate all here!ie'3, fcbifms, errors and 
abufes; convert all poor linners to thee; grant 
vcrance to all that are in thy grace '; to 
,vhofe prayers and good works I defire to be 
ai[ociate.d; let thy rjght-hand affifi: and pro- 
tea all t:he cJ.ergy :and religiúus
 and all apof- 
tolical miffionarics, thrpugbout the world, that 
they may all faitbfulJy prODlote thy caufe, and 
:íhine like jjghts to the relt of the faithful.. 
lIave mc)'"cy oa alLchriíUan kit
gs aIild princ.e,s, 
.and on aU Inag.i-firates and nlCO in po\vcr
t,bat they II1.Y all fcar, love, and fer;rc thee, 
.l.nd reve.rence H,ave nlercy on 
;:hlS nat.ion, and remove from us-thofe fcourges 
.tV'h.ich our manifold fins have dcfcr\'ed, ind 
hring back our wandering flcps to the ways 

)f peace and truth. Have n1ercyen ill}. pa- 
rents, relations, friends, and bencfa8:ors, 
..vhether as to foul or body, and on aU thofe 
hom I am more particularly bound to 
pray., .or wbo have defircd n1Y prayers; on 
Iny fuperiors; on a1l thofc who arc under 
.:!1Y charge; on all tuofc \X/horn I have inju. 

.A.. It1.orning ExerciJè. 2"'" 
red, or to whon1 I have given fcandal, by 
word, aétion, or in example. Have mercy 
a]fo upon n1Y enemies, forgive them their fins, 
and fill botn their hearts and mine with thy 
charity. Comfort a1l thofe that are in afflic- 
tion, Íìcknefs or pain; affifi all that arc in 
fla\'c-ry or captivity; defend all that are under 
temptation, anà grant a happy paffage to all 
that are in their agony; grant to us all are.. 
lief in our refpeEtive necefiities, the remifiion 
of all our fins, the grace of final per[c\7CranCe, 
and life everJafting. RClnembêr alto, 0 Lord, 
aU the faithful departed, that have l1ept in 
thy faith, and in thy grace, 
nd efpeciaHy 
wofe whom I am more pal ticularly bound 
er ac{:uftomed to pray for; delif/cr then} from 

l their pains, and grant then} reft, light, 
;.lIlQ peace everiafl:if1g" through Jt;1U
- Cbrifl 
our l
o,rd. ..,.f'llen. 
o blcffed Virgin l1Jar)', unfpott{',d l\1other 
of n1Y God and Saviour 1cjüs G
hrij}; bc"thou 
a lVlother to me, fincc thy adorable Son has 
.. . 
been pleafc.d to call us all 1115 b.rethrel1
 2nd to 
rccoln111cnd us all to t.hee, in the pcrJon of 
his bcloved difciplc, St :f
lJll x' x. 26. Take 
me and mine undcr .thy holy p oteélion, and 
continua1Jy reprefcnt to tide eternal Father in 
óÜr bchalf the n1erits of the death and paffion 
()f thy Son. 
a all 
 c g]orious angels and [ti nts, 
you in particuh
r Iny holy patrons LV. and .1.\r. 
r citiztns of the heaven! y Siorl, pray for 
us poor children of E'Vt, to our co:nlnon 
l.<>rd; by the merits of our COintnOn ivIcdiator t 
.H 2 ' tta t 

ãs if. Faith. 
.that we may ever love him and fcrve h
bere, till we come ,vith YOll to love, prai!e, 
and enjoy him for all eternity. 
o Angel of God. who, by diviTIC appoint. 
nt, art my gU:lrdian, to watch over 11lC in 
alliny ways, be plea{ed this day to illUll1i- 
nate, prcferve, rule, and govern n1e, \-vhom 
, the -goodnefs of our God has COIl1fi1Ítted to 
-thy charge, and to defend me froin all the 
po\vers of darknefs. 
.4éls oj Fai:h, Hope, and-ChaTity,pl
the Morning, or an)' othe1" ti?ne if the Day. 
---,Of F Jj I r H. 
,,0 My God, 1 believe with a mofl: firm 
faith an tbofe tl)..ings \vhich thou haft 
revealed) and which thy holy church pro- 
pofes to Iny belief. I believe in 011e true and 
living God, tny-firfi b
ginoing and lafi: end; 
and that in thjs one God there are three dif- 
tinéì Perforys, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. 
J believe in 
lefus Chri/ì the Son of God, true 
\.;01 and true I\1ap, vvho ,vas born of the 
n IvJa'r)" 2nd died upon the crofs to de- 
liver us all from fin and hell. I bow down 
my underilanding and nlY will to adore thefe 
and all ot er thy facred truths, how incom- 
prehenfible foever to my "veak nefs. I em- 
brace thelll all, and adhere to them \vith aU 
my foul, b
caufe they l) been revealed by 
thee, the fovereign Trutl1, who neither canft 
deceive, nor be deceived. I believe in all 
s accordino- as the hol y catholic church 
o 0 
bel ic\'e:). In this faith j noW Ii ve; in the 

Aéis oj I-IOlbë. 29 
[atnc, by thy grace, I refolve to die-. Be thou 
pJe:l[(:d daily to increafe and fir
ngthen thiø' 
H1Y faith. 

o My God, nothing is hard or irppoffibI
to thee, becaufc thy po\\yer is inhnite
and there is nothin 6 that thou art not \vii1ing 
to do in favour of us poor n1ortals, bccaulè 
th y mercy and gooJncfs for us is infinite. 
1'hou haft made us to th v o\vn inja
 c a:H
.J -=. 
Iikenefs, and thou love1l: the vlork of thy 
hands; thou haft redeemed us by the prccÍ- 
Ous b100d of thy only Son; and for his fa

thou art ever opening thy hanò. to pour out 
thy graces. upon us ; never fcrfaking us if \ve 
forfake not thee; and fiill calling upon un- 
happy finners that have forfaken thee, to I c- 
.urn to thee: thou haft promifed mercy to 
uch as {inceret y feck it, grace to fuch as 
ieartily pI:.ay for it
 and eternal fa!vatioß 
lefus Chrifl, to fuch as perfevere to 
I he end in th y fear and Jove. Upon thefc 
firong grounds I build aU my hopes; and rc- 
lying upon the affiftance (\f thy grace, and 
the merits of my 

a\'iot!r 1f(UJ Chri/l., I truÍÌ: 
to find tnercy in the forgivenefs of my fins
and fa to pals the relnainder of this tl10rtal 
life in thy divine fervice, that I lì1,lY corne 
hereafter to enjoy thee in a happy eternity. 
In thee, 0 Lord, is my hope, 0 let 
1e ecver 
e confounded. 

Of C H A R I T r: 
/Iy God, thou c0I11mandefi: me to Jove 
thee vvith my \vho1e heart, \vith nlY vlhol
n _ r t 

3 0 AEls 
íouI, ''lith all my mind, and with all my 
itrength; and 'tis my fincere defirc fo to love 
thee. 0 come and take poffeffion of my whole 
heart and foul, and teach me this heavenly art 
of love. IJ'et this facred fire ever hurn upon 
the altar of 01Y heart: 1et nothing be able to 
f"xtinguiíh it. 0 1et nothing in life or death 
ever fcparate me from thy love. 
hou art the îupreme Good; the Fountain 
of an good; and tL10U art infinitely good to 
nle. 1 'hoLl art the fQvereign Beauty, the Cove" 
.reign Bounty,. and the fovereign Truth, the 
immcJ1fe and incomprchenfible Ocean of all 
f)erfeétion. Thou art my Creator, my Re- 
deemer, the beft of f'ricnds, and my perpetual 
Eenefaétor. l-'hou art my fwect l{epofe, 01Y 
true and on1y J()y,and eternal Felicity. 'l'hOll 
art my conftí.lnt Lover, the Father and Spoufe 
cf my foul. Thou art my God and my All. 
O! w hen {ball I be fo happy as to fee thee, 
to love thee, and to enjoy thee for ever! 
I dcfire . \vith my vlhole heart, that the 
\vhole univerfe may glorify thee j that thou 
mayít be known, worthily praiCed and ferved 
by an nations; that thy love may fubdue all 
hearts; and that all thy creatures tnay fulfil 
thy will in all things. a y:hcn \\"ill' f111 have 
:1n cnd? v/hcn VJili thy kingdom perfettly 
come? \vhen \vilt thou reign all in aU? in the 
mean time I offer tbee my wh01e [elf with- 
out refer\'e, and I defire to be for ever a fcr- 
nt of thy love j an.d to invite as many as I 
can to love thcc
 \vhom I defire to love in 
thee, and for thee. I rejoice \\'ith my wh()


fng(Ùl5 DOllzini. 31 
raul, that thou art in thyre]f eterna1Jy and 
inf.ìnitely happy; and that nothing C:Ul b
added to th y 
rc:itl1efs and. glory. 0 grant 
that we Inay all be ctern:tl witnelfes of this 
glory, and eternally rejoice therein, through 
JplS Chrij! thy Son. .f17nen. 

'It, Angelus f.)om
ni\ fiÏiel hlorlling, J\TO('. 
û71d .J.Vigbt, i 1'l .l11t1Jlory of au,. Savivur' J /;1,'- 
'CrHJing lilan for o:tr Sa/vatior!. 
J. THE angel of the Lo
d declared unto 
Altl1)', and the conceIved of the Holy 
GhofL Hail Mary, f.;fc. 
2. Behold the Handmaid of the Lord; may 
it be done unto me according to thy \vord. 
Hail MarY7 &c. 
3. J\nd. the word was made lleíh, and 
dV/elt among us. Hail Mary, &c. 
Let ZlS Pray. 
p 0 U R forth, we befeech thee, a Lord, 
thy grace into our hearts, that \ve, to 
whom the incarnation of Chrifl thy Son \vas 
made known by the me!fage of an angel, may 
by his paffion 3 nd crofs be brough t to the 
glory of his refurreétion, through the fame 
b"'Úl our Lord. Amen. 
Inftruéiions for Meditation, or mental 
Prayer, proper to be made evety Day 
in the lVlorning. ' 
I f.viJ/ meditate on thee in the M,rni"g, I>faluJ. 
lxii. 7. 



3 . Inftr'UElions fir "Yeditalion 

T.he wife 
Aan will givt his heart to refort 

arly to the Lord that made hinz, llnd be 'llJill 
.pray in the fight oj the nuyl High, .Ecclui: 
"Xxxix. 6. 

M Eàitation, confifiing of conJi'/crations on 
the great- truths of chrifiianity, pious 
l1!fifliol!s and m
nifold ele'vatiol1S of the foul 
to God, and ferious 1"t:fo1uti'ollS of devoting 
one's [elf to hiln, is aIlo\ved to be one of the 
mott ÍInportant exercifes of a chrifiian lifè, 
and fuch as ought to be performed daily, by 
.lS IDany as would ferve God in good earne[r. 
The time Inoft proper for it is in the morn- 
ing. The mofi proper place one's clofet; or 
what other place one can be Inoft recolJeB:ed 
in. 1 he chief fubjeB:3 to be meditated on, 
e!þecially for begil1nc:s, are, the end for which 
we came into this world: the benefits of God, 
antI the 11îany motives we have to love and 
ierve hinl: the vanity of the honours, riches 
2nd pleafnres of this life; and hovi very fud- 
tIen1y all thefe things vanj{h away: the enor- 
mity of fin, and thc multitude of our own fins 
in particular: thc certainty and uncertainty 
of death; hnd the neceffity of preparing for it : 
the account that, we mufi: one day give for our 
whole lives to an all-feeing Judge: the eternal 
joys of heaven, and the eternal tOflnents of 
heìl: the prefence and majefiy of God: the 
life and death of 7efus Chrijl: the examples 
of bis faints: the ftate of our own interior


flrullionsJor Meditations. ,,3'3 
in order to the kno\vledge of ourfelves, our 
paffions and vices, &c. 
The nlcthod of meditation prcfcribeà by 
that great Inafier in fpiritual ity, St. }'rarcis Cl? 
Sales, in his introduEtioll, part the 2d, is as 
Ys; Fi1jì, Place yourfelf in the prefenc
of God, by a lively faith that he fees and be- 
ho1ds you, and is lTIofi intimately prefent in 
the ,'ery centre of your foul; proftrate your- 
: f
lf in Ipirit before him, to adore this fove- 
I reign Lord, whofe majefiy riUs heaven and 
I earth: make an offering of your \vhole being 
to him; and humbly beg his pardon for all 
! your paft treafons and fins. ' 
I Secondly, Implore with fervour and humili- 
I ty his Jight and grace, that you may perform 
this important exercife as you ought. .. 
Thirdly, Confider attentively upon the fub-. 
jeB: \vhich you have choíèn for your medita- 
tion (which you ought to have prepared over 
night) and let the truths of heaven fink deep 
into your foul. Dwellillofi: upon fuch point! 
as you find your{eIf moft affetled Jlli th. 
Fourthly, From thef
 contiderations dra\v 
pious affiaions of the love of God, of grati- 
tude for his benefits, repentance fur your lìns,- 
and the like, v/hich are the principal part of 
menta} prayer, and what you ought InoIt to 
infi{l upon. , 
Fifthly, F rorn thefe aff
aions pars on to 
good refolutions of a ferious amendment of 
your life, particularly with regard to fuch 
failings as you are mofi fubjeét to: and de- 
tcrn"JÏne "yith'yourfelf to begin that very day 
B 5 to 

34: Ten lv!editations if 
to put there good purpofes in execution on 
fuch occafions as {hall offer. 
Sixtbly, Conclude by thankfgi\ring to God 
for the afFeé1:ions and reColutions he has given 
you; offer them to hiln, and beg his bleffing 
on thcln. 
Scvelltbly, Lay up in your mind fuch points 
of your (llcditation as have touched you mott, 
and oftentÎnles in the day reflea upon theln. 
which the faipt compares to the gathering, 
25 it were, a nofegay, in this garden of devo- 
tion to fmen at all the day. 
hth/y, Such as find difficu1ty in medita- 
tion may belp themfelvcs
 by ufing forne good 
hook, reading }eifure)y and paufing "'pon 
what they read, and drawing proper affeélions 
:.!nd refo) utions from it. 

Ten Meditations out of the firfi. Part of 
St.. Francis de Salt
s Introduélio1't to a 
Devout Lift: Wbith may ferve" as 
Examples of this Exercife; and are 
very proper to bring a Soul to aRe.. 
folution of [erying GC1d. 

 dtþl t;OI1 ;1 all the land madi difolole, 
/è 'there is none thai (
njidtrtth in tbl 
beart, J ere miah xi å. I I. 

cr/;e .fir./) Mcdill/lion. On our Crtation. 
prtpara- pLACE yourfelfin the prefence of 
lion. J. God. 
2. Befeech him to.infpire you. 


St: Francis de Säles, 35 
ConJidtratiðns. J. Confider that fo many 
}'ears ago you were not yet in the world J and 
that your bein?; was a mere nothing. \Vhere 
\vere v;e, 0 my foul, at that time? t
world had lailed fo many ages, and }'et there 
was no news ùf us. 
2. God has framed you out of this no- 
thing, to make you what you are, mere]yof 
his own goodnefs; having no need at all of 
3. Confide. the being that God has given 
you; for it is the highefi in this. vifible world, 
capable of eternal lifc, and of being perfeaiy 
united with his Divine Majefl:y. 
Affellio11S Jnd refolllt
oní. J. Humble ylJtlr- 
/elf exceedingly in the prtftnce of God, Jaying in 
your heart with the PfaLnliß, 0 Lord, I am in 
thy fight a mere noth,ing, and how hadft thou. 
remembrance of me to create me! Alas) my 
foul, thou waft ingulfed. in t.hat ancient no.. 
thing, and hadft yet been there had not God 
drawÍ1 thee thence. And, what couldft thou 
have done remar:ning there-? 
2. Give thanks. to GadA 0 my great and. 
good Creator, ho\v anl I obliged to t.hee, 
flnce thou haft vouchfafed to take me out of 
this,.and by thy mercy t
me \vhar I am.) \Vhat can I do to blefs thy 
h'oly name as I ought, and to render due 
thanks to thy ineItimable goodncfs! .. 
3- COl1foUlZd )'ourfelf. But alas! iny Crea- 
tor, infiead of uniting myfelf to thee by lo\'e 
and fervice, I have been a.rebel to thee by my 
inordinate affcaions, wandering and 1l:ray ing- 
B" 6 away 



 ' 1 1"' 1 0 · 
1l 6
 iI1Z{aL!.lJn;} (1 

a\vav rrorn thee, to unite f 'y..feU'to fin' & , ,raTu- 
J J 
ing thy goodnefs no more than if thou hadlt 
not been n1Y Creator. 
4. Pro/h.ate YOllrfelf b
fort God. a my (ou], 
I{now th3.t the Lord is thy God: it i
 he that 
has made thee, 3.nd not thou thyfelf. 0 God, 
I am the worle of thy hands. 
5. I will then no more henceforth take. 
pleafure in l11yfelffince of Inyíèlf I am nothing. 
\Vhy doft thou magnify thyfelf, 0 dufi and 
afhec;? yea, rather, 0 very nothing, v\"hy 
t!oft thou exalt thyfelf? To humb1e therefore 
Jnyfelf, I refolve to do fuch and [uen things; 
to CufFer fuch and fuch difgraces: I wilJ change 
my Jife, acd henceforth fo.110\v my Creator, 
and efieem myfelf honoured with that con- 
dition and being which he has given me, em- 
ployirg it entirely in obedience to his wi)], 
by {uch means as lhall be taught me, and as 
I lhall learn from my ghofil y father. 
. Give thanks to God. BJers 
thy God, 0 my foul, and let all that is within 
me praife his holy name; for his goodnefs 
has drawn nle, and his mercy has creåted me 
out of nothing. 2. Offer. 0 my God, I 
offer to thee the being which thou haft given 
me : from my heart I dedicat-e and confecrate 
it to thee. j. Pra."r. 0 God, ftrengthen me 
in there affettions and refolutions. Ü ble{[ed 
Virgin, recommend thern to the Inercy of 
thy Son, with all for whom I ought to pray. 
Pater. Ave Credo. 
After your prayer, out of thefe confidera- 
tions which you have made, gather a little 

St. Francis de Sales. 37 
nofegay of Devotion, to fmell to all the reft 
of the day. 
The fec
nd Meditatio11. On the end for whicb 
'<<}e v./cre cï
Prtpara- pLACE yourfelf in the prefence 
tion. I. of God. 
2. Befeech him to infpire you. 
Coníìdèrations. I. God has not placed you 
in th1s world for any need he. has of you, 
VJho are altogether unprofitable to hinl, but 
only to exercife his goodnefs in you, by giv- 
ing you his grace and glory. }\nd to this 
end he hath cnri
hed you with an underlland- 
ing to know him, with a memory to be 
mindful of him, \vith a .will to love him, 
an inlagination to reprefent to yourfelf his be- 
nefits, eyes to behold his wondrous works, a . 
tongue to praife hin) ; and fo of the other fa- 
cuI ties. 
2. Being created and put into the \vorId h)r 
this intent, all aétions contrary to it are to be 
a,voided and rejea
d; and whatever co
duceth not to this end ought to be contemned 
as vain and fuperfluous. 
3. Confider the \vretchednefs of .
\vho ntver think of this, but Jive as thou
they beli{-'ved themfelves created for no Qth
end, than to build houfes, plant trees, heaD 
up r;ches, and fULh like foolries.' .. 
AJfeE/iolls and refolutions. I. Confound your- ,. 
felf, ,'eproaching your foul with her mifery, u,hich 
has hitherto heen fo great, ås thatfhe hath fe/doin 
Dr never conjidçred this. Alas! ÍÌ1aU you fay, 

3 8 Ten Meditations 0/ . 
how did I employ nlY thoughts). 0 God, v.,.hen 
I placed then1 not upon thee? \Vhat did I 
remember when I forgot thee? \Vhat did I 
love when I Joved not the"e ? Alas! I ought to 
have fcd upon truth
 2nd I have glutted my- 
felf with vaJ1ity; I have ferved the \vorld,. 
which was created but to ferve me. 
2. Detell y
ur paft lift. I renounce 
o vain thoughts and unprofitable fancies: I 
3bjure you, 0 frivolous and hateful remenl- 
hrances! a unfaithful and ditloyal friend- 
íhips, lewd and wre.tched Ilaveries, ungrateful 
contentments, and irkfom. pIeafures, I ab- 
bor you. 
3. Return to God. And thou, 0 my God, 
my Saviour, thou lhalt be from henceforth the 
(ole objeB: of my thoughts; I will no more 
apply nlY mind to objeéts. that may be dif- 
plcafing to thee. My memory fhall entertain 
Ît[elf all the days of my life with the gr
()f ð,y cJemency fo merciful] y exercifed. on 
me :Aø' thou fhatt be the delIght of my beart, 
and the fweetncfs of my affcétions. 
4. Ah! fuch. and fuch traíh and trifles to 
which I applied myfelf)- fuch and fuch un- 
profi.table enlployments, in which I have 
fooJifhly [quandered 2.v/ay my days, {ach and. 
fuch a1Fet
Ïons v/hich have captivated my 
heart, {hall henceforth be a horror to my: 
thoughts, and to this end I \vi11 ufe fuch and 
fuch good" remedies. 
CDnclufion. I. Thank God'l.un9 made you far" 
fo ixcclltnt an end. 'fhou haft created me, 0 
Lord, for thyfelf
 and fo( 
he everlafting en:- 

St. Francis de Sales. 3
joymcnt of thy incomprchenfible glory:. 0 
when {ban I be worthy of it i when íha]l I 
praire thee and blefs thee as fought? 2. Offer. 
I ofFer to thee, 0 my dear Creator, al1 thefe 
aHè8ions and rcfo1u-tion, with all my heaít 
and foul. 3- Pray. I b.cfcech thee, 0 God2! 
to accept my dcfires and purpofes, and give 
thy holy b
nediajon to 0& y foul, to. tbe end 
that it may acconlpEJh them, through the m.e.. 
Tits of thy b1effed Son's blood, !bed for me 
upon the crofs, &t: Pater. Ave. Credo. r\1ake 
your little nofegay of devotion, as aforefaiJ. 
The third Meditation. 011 the Benefits ðf Goâ. 
Prtpara- pLACE yourfelf in the prcf
nce of 
tion. I. God. 
-2. Befeech him to infpirc you. 
Conjide r atiolZS. I. Confider 
e corporal 
,graces which God has bellowed upon you; 

yhat a body" \vhat conveniencies to mai.ntain. 
it, what health, and lawful recreations to en- 
tertain it, \vhat friends and affifi:ances 
11 this with rcfpctt to many other 
pcrfons much more worthy than yourfelf, 
who are defiitute of all there bleffings : (orne 
fpoiled in their bodies, health, and lilnbs; 
others abandoned to the mercy of reproaches, 
contempts, and diíhonours; others oppre!fed 
vJÌth poverty; and God has not fuffered you 
to become fo miferable. ". 
2. Confider the gifts of mind. How many 
are in the world ftupid, frantic, or mad; and 
why are you not of this number? God has 
favoured you. How many are tl'ere who have 

4 0 Ten Meditations if 
been brought up rudely and in grofs igno- 
rance; and by God's providence you have 
been educated liberally a' d honourably. 
3- Confider the fpirituaI graces. a Philo- 
tbells, you are a child of the catholic church; 
God has taught you to know him even from 
your n10fi tender age. How often has he 
given you his facran1ents; ho\v many infpi- 
rations, internal iHuminations, and repre- 
henfious for your amendment? ho\v frequent- 
ly has he pardoned you your faults; how 
often has he delivered you frpm the occafions 
of caíting yourfelf away to which you \vere 
cxpo(ed? And \vere not 311 thefe years paft 
given you as a time and opportunity to ad- 
vance the good of you r foul? Confider in 
particular how good and gracious God has 
alvlays been to you. . 
A./feE/ions and refoluti011s. I. Adnzire the 
gOOdl1ejS of God. 0 how good is my God to. 
\vards me ! 0 how gracious is he! How rich 
Ìi thy heart, 0 Lord, in mercy, and liberal 
in clemency! 0 nlY foul, Jet us recount for 
ever ho\v many favours he has done us. 
2. Be aftonifhed at your ingratitude. But 
what am I, 0 Lord, that thou art fo mind- 
ful of me! Ah! how great is my unworthi- 
ncfs ! a]as! 1 have even trodden the bleffings 
Q9t. I have dilhonoured thy graces, 
perverting the
 into abufe and contempt of 
thy fovereign goodnefs. 1 have oppofed the 
depth of my ingratitude to the height of thy 
grace and favour. 
3: Stir )'o/./1ftlfup Q (1cknfJwlcflgrl1fnt. W-el1 
4 then) 

.St. Francis de Sales. 4 1 

hen, my heart, he novv no more unfaithfuJ, 
lungratefuJ, and difloyal to this great Bene- 
!fa'':lor. And nOVt T [hall not U1Y toul hence- 
!forth . be wholly. fubjecr to God, -v/ho has 
,done fo many wonders and favours to Ole and 
: for Ole. 
I 4. Ah! withdraw then\ your b?
y, Phi:o
;tbeus, from fuch and fUCLl fen[uailtlcs; and 
I confccrate it to the fervice of God, \vho has 
' 1 Jone fo tlluch for it. Apply your foul to 
kno\v and ackno\v]edge bilD by fuch cxer- 
I cifes .as íhall be req uifite for that purpofe. 
I Enlploy diligently the means v/hich you hav,-, 
in the church to Cave your foul, and love Al- 
mighty God. Yes, 0 my God, I \vi!] be 
diligent in prayer; I ,viII hear thy holy word, 
and put in practice thy infpirations and 
COl;clußon. r. 
rhank God for the kno\v- 
ledge he hath no\v given you of your duty, 
and for the benefits hitherto received. 2. Of- 
fer hitn your heal t \vith all your refolutions. 
3. Pray hiln that he \vill firengthen you to 
 thenl faithfully through the n1erits of 
his Son's death. Ilnplore the intercel1ion of 
the bleH
d Virgin, and of the Saints. Pater. 
Ave. (.'re{IJ. l\lake your little fpirituJl nofe- 
gay as t cfore 
The fourtb j
ltditatioll. On Sin. 
Prfþara pLACE yourfelf in the prefence 
tion. I. · of God. 
2. B
l hiln to infpire you. - 
,.jrderati()71I. I.- Call to mind ho'\v long 

4 1 

1.t;n J
,fedîtat;on5 0 

;t is íince you began to fin, and ex.amille how 
much, fince that beginning, fins have been 
nluItiplied in your heart. HovI every, 
yot1 have increafèd then} :lgainfi. God, agail1it
}'ourfclf, and againft your ncighbour, by. 
\\Tûrk, "by \vcrd, or by defire. I 
2. Contiçcr YOt!f 
vil inclin.ations, and' 
llow far you have fol1o\ved then); and by, 
there tV10 pOÏ-nt5 you !hall find t:Zi"at your fiBS! 
arc greater in nuulber than the hairs ot your 
head, yea than the rands of the lèa. 
3. Coniider in particular the fin of ingra- 
titude againfi God, \vhicb is a general fin, 
and extends itfeJf over all the refl, making 
them infinitely morcenornlOUS. Confider then 
how many benefits God has befiov
.led upon 
you, and hOVI you have ahu[ed them all in 
prejudice of the giver: and in particular how 
Ihany in{þirations have you d<.;fpi.fed; how 
rnany good motions have you made unprofit- 
able? Hut above aU, how Inany times have 
you received the facr
ments? and where are 
the fruits of it? \V hat is beconle of aU thofe 
cious je\vels with which your dear Spoufe 
adorned you? All thefe have been buried un- 
rler your iniquities. With what preparatioI1 
have you received them? rrhink on this ingra- 
titude, that God having run fo far after you, 
you have run from hin) to loCe yourfelf. 
/!ffitììonJ IRnd rifolutions. I. Be C0I1(D1l11de4 
ill your mifttJ. 0 my God' how dare I ap- 
pear before thy eyes? Alas I I am but the 
corruption of the world, and a very fink of 
fin and ingrabtud'c
 Ii it poffible tha-t have 
b reZi 

(' F · d .
ut. . rat1ClS e valCS. 13 
{'en (0 d:!1oyal, as not to have left anyone 
f nlY f
n(cs; nor anyone of the po\vcrs 01'" 
1V (oul, \vhich I have corrupted, violated, 
.II:' deliled; and that not fo much as one day= 
laf Tny life has pafred, in vlhich J have not 
:,rought forth fuch wicked effeB:s! Is it thus 
I hat [ have recompcnfcà the benefits of Ill)l 

rcator, and the precious blood of my H..e- 
lecmcr ? 
2. t"ro-ve pardon, and can yourfelf àt thæ 
eet of your Lord, like the prodigal child., 
ike a penitent ildagdalen, or like a \YOlnan 
:hat has defiled her marriage-bed with a1l kind 
)f adultery. Have mercy, 0 l,ord, upon this 
poot" finner! Alas J 0 Ii"/ing Fountain of 
conlpaffion, have pity on this wretch. 
3; Refolve ta live hetter.
 No, 0 Lord,. 
never more, with the help of thy grace, never 
more v.,ilI I abandon Inyfelf to fin. Alas! I 
have loved it too much; no\v I detefi it, and 
embrace thee. 0 Father of mercy, I \vill 
live anò die in thee. 
4- To expiate my 
ns paft, I vliH accufe 
myfelf of them couragioufly; and \viB not 
leave one unhanifhed from nl V heart.. 
S. I will ufe an poffible endeavours to ex... 
tirpate all the roots of fin out of Iny heart .. 
and in particular fuch and fuch vices., which 
I am moO: inclined to. . 
6. To accomptifu this, I will conftant11 
embrace the means. I iliall be advifed 
to i and think. I have never done cnouf!h to 
repair fo griévòu.s offences. ..., 
Canf.lujion'" -I. Qivc God thanks for expc"0

4.1 .'Ten 1M edilations if 
ing your 
nncndnlent til1 this hour; and blefs 
hirn tha L he has give:} you thefe afFeét:ions. 
2. Offer hirn up your heart, that you nlay' 
put them in execution. 3. De1Ìre him to 
ftrengthcn you, & f . Pater. ./J.'ve. C
Make y
ur little nofegay of Devotion as 


'lñe fiftb 111e:litatio1? On Death. 
p'..-cpara- p I.n.l\. c;E yourfclf in the prefenc 
:1ú11.. I. of God. - 
2. Be{çcch hiln to infp!re you with his 
brace. . 
3. Im
gine Y0urfelf to be extremely fick, I 
lying on your bed, 2nd v.rithout any hope of, 
rçcovery. I 
Conjide;'r a tiolls. I. Con fider the uncertainty I 
of the day of your death. 0 my Soul, thou 
n1ufi: one èay go out of this body; but when 
!hall that day be ? ilia}] it be in winter or in 
(tJinnlCr! in city or in country? by day or 

y night? .lhall it be fuddenly, or on notice 
given thee? by hcknefs or by 2ccident ? fhalt 
thou have 1cifure to make thy confcßìon ? 
!halt thou have the affiRance of thy ghofily 
ther t Alas! of all this 
\ve know nothing 

t aU; ()n1y certain it is, that \ve {hall die, 
and that perhaps [oaner than we imagine. 
2. Çoníìder that then the \vorld !hall end 
jn regard of you; for it \;vill Jail no longer 
to you, it will turn upfide down before yoùr 
eyes: for then the plea[ures and the vanities, 
the worldly joys and fond affcBions of our 
life) ,vill fecr:1 to us íhadows and airy clouds. 

St. F r:,u1cls de Sales. 45 
h, \-vretch! for what toys and triBes ha\.e 
I offended God! Yau íhall then fee that for 
I mere nothing you have forfaken him. On 
jhe contrary, devotion and good \vorks vlill 
hen feem to you fVlcct and delightful. 0 
vhy did I not follo\v this lo\re1y and pleafant 
')ath! The fins which before feemed very 
littJe, will appear as big as mountains, and 
'.OUf devotion very {mall. 
, 3. Confider the long clnd Ianguilhiag fare- 
l iVel1s your foul will then give this world: {he 
J.liH then take her leave of riches, va'litics, 

lnd all idle company; of plcafures, paflimes, 
;ricpds and neighbours: of kindred, children, 
i 1uíband and wife; in :Chort, of eve:y creatur
;lnd finallr of her own body, \VhlCh !he wIll 
eave pale, hideous, and JoarhfolTIc. 
4- Confider with vV'hat hurrying they will 
:arry avvay this body, to cover it undcr the 
arth: which done, the "7orId will think no 
more of you, than you have thO
1ght on 
?thers; God's peace be vvith hi In, they will 
fay, and that's all. 0 death, hovi void art 
thou of regard or pity! 
5- Confider ho\v the (ouI, being departel 
from the body, takes her ,-,yay to the right- 
hand, or to th 1eft. Alas I \vhither íhall 
your's go I . what "yay .thall it take? No 
other than that \vhich it began here in this 
./Jjfeflions and refolutions. I. Pray tl) God, 
and ,aft )'ourfllf into his ar1ns. Alas! 0 my 
J...Jord, receive n1C into thy prote\!}ion at that 
dreadful day: 111ake that hour happy and fa- 

40 1. en Meaztatzons -PI 
vourable to me; and rather Jet all tbe oth
days of nlY life be Cld and forro\\,fu-!. 
2. Difpift the world. Since then I knew 
110t the hour in \\"bich I muft Jcav
o wretched '\vorld, I win no more fet m) 
heart upon thee. 0 my dear friends and re.' 
1ations, pí\rdon me if I Jove you no more bu
with a holy friendfhip, ",hich may laft eter. 
nally: for \vhy íhould I unite myfclf to you, 
fo as co be forced t() brcJ.k and di{[ol vc that 
3. I will then prepare myfelf againfl: tha1 
.hour, and all poffiblc care to end thi'! 
journey happily. f \vill 1ècure the !tate oi 
IOY confcience to the utmofi of my ability. 

nd take prefcnt order for the 3111cndlnent 01 
fuch and fuch dcfe8s. 
COlltluþon. Give thanks to God for thefi 
refoltttions \vhich he h
lS given YOli. Oftè1 
them to his !)i"ine Majefiy. Be inílant \vit
hinl to give you a happy death, by the mcr it
of that of his dearly beloved 
on. Inlpiorc 
the aiIifiance of th
 bleffed Virgin, anù of th( 
gIo;'ified Saints- Pater. Livt..:CrtldQ. M
a parey of myrrh. 
Tbt? jixth jÿJtdita:ion. On 1u1gmC7Jt. 
P,-epara- pLace yourfelf in thc pretence 0 
tiOll 1. God. 
'2. B
fècch him to iufpire you \vith hi 

 (,'onjiderations. 1. Afrer the time th31: GOI 
11ath prcfcribcd for th
l\anCC of th 
world j after many fibns and. dreadful prf 

St. Francis de Sales. 4 
.ges, ,vbich win caufe men to pine away 
Il'i-ough fcar and anguiíh; a fire raging'like 
torrent 1hall burn and red uce to a!bes every 
Iling that is upon the face of the earth; 
othing \vbich we fee upon it fhalt be fpared. 
2, After thefe flames and thunder-bolts) all 
1cn {hall arire from their graves (excepting 
lch as arc already rifen) and at the voice of 
le Angel they lh'lll all appear in the val1er 
f :l
{aphat. But alas! with what difference f 
Jr the one fort fhall ari{e in glorified 
nd re.. 
)lendent bodies; the others in bodies moft 
:idcous and horrid. 
3- Confider the majefiy with \\
hich the 
)overeign Judge \vill appear, environcd \
.Il his ange]s and faints: before hi!11 {hall be 
)orne his crofs, fhining much brighter than 
he fun; an enJign of olerey to the good, and 
)f j uftice to the vvicked, 
4. This fo\'crcign judgc, by his dreadful 
:ot11mand, which !hall be fuddeniy obeyed, 
Nill íeparate th
 good from the bad, p1acing 
:he one at his right hand.. and the other at his 
.eft. 0 cvcrl:lHing feparation -J after \vhich 

hefe two companies íhall never lnect. 
5. The feparation being nlade, and the 
books of conCcience opened, all men {hall fce 
clearly the malÎce of the w1ckcd
 and their 
contempt againft God; and on the other 
fide the pCßance of the good, and the effec1s 
of God's gracc \vhich they have receivcd ; 
and nothing {ba]] lie hid. 0 GoJ, \vhat a. 
confufion will this be to the onc, 
nd \vh
2 confolativu to the otlF:r ! 

. Con- 

8 Ten. JItditatio1ts 
6. Confider the Jail [entence pronounce
againfi the wicked: Dtpart.frOlllllle .ye (urferl 
i,itO îve,.lajlillg fire, prepared for tbr devil anA 
bis angels. Ponder \vel] thofe \veighty \\lords'l 
Depart, faith he, a word of eternal banilh- 1 
n1ent againfi: thofe n1iferable \vretches, excl ud"'l 
ing thcIn 
ternall;' froo1 his glorious prefcnce. 
He calls thClTI Cllrfetl. 0, 111Y foul, how dread. 
ful a curfe! a general curfe, including at!' 
I11anner of \voes ; an irrevocable curfe, ccn1- 
prehending all time and eternity. He adds; 
into fverlqjling fire. Behold, 0 my heart, this 
vail eternity! 0 eternal eternity of pains; 
ho\v Jreadful art thou! I 
7. Confider the contrary feI1tence of the: 
good: Co;nc, faith the judge; 0 (\veet v\rord 
of fal\'ation, by \vhich God draws us to hinl- 
felf, and J eceivcs us into the bofo'TI of hIs' 
goodne(s! Bleffid 
)c l}l
V Fatbe,., 0 dear bIer.: 
fing, \\Thich con1prehends all happinefs! Pq[lefsl 
tbe kingd(;l11 prepared fir )'Oll from the foundation 

f tbe world. 0 good God
 \v hat excefs of:: 
beunty! for this kingdoln lhaU never have an 
.I1/fi.:éfio1JS and rifolulions. J _ rrlJlIZ,l
, 0 
IllY foul at the reJllfnd'rfJ1ite of t!Jfj;" tbings. 
o illY God, who íhall fecure Ine in that daY', 
,vhen t lC pillars of heaven !hall trell1ble for 
2 Ðetc{t your fins, \vhirh only can con.. 
ùCll1n you in tbat dreadful day. 
3- Ah! wretched heart of Jl1int, '.plve 0 
o 1{1 en d. 0 Lord, I will judge Inyfelf no\'\y, 
that I may not be judged then. I ,,,-ill 

\nu ne 

St: Francis de Sales. 4"9 
a01Ìne my confcicncc, and condèmn Iny[clt: 
I will accu[e and chafiiie myfelf, that the 
ernal judge Inay not conden1n me in th3t 
dreadful day, I \vill therefore confefs nlY fins, 
accept of all necelfary advice, & c. 
Concluþon. Thank-God, who has given you 
means to provide for that day, and tirne to do 
penance. Offer him your heart to perform it. 
. Pray him to give you grace duly to 
ît. Pater. Ave. Credo, &c. Make )Tour fpi- 
ritual nofegay for aU the day. . 
The feventh iVleditatiol1. 011 htll. 
r:repara- pLACE yourfelf in the prefence 
1011. I. of God. 
2. Humble yourfclf, and implore his 
3. Reprefent to yourfelf a dark city, :l11 
Durning, all fiinking with pitch and brinl- 
fione, and full of inhabitants, \vho cannot 
get out. 
C()nßderations. 1. The damned are in the 
depth ofhel1, as within this vloful city, '\vhere 
they fufFer unfpeakable torments, in all their 
fenfes and members; becau[e, as they have 
employed an their fenfes and rnembers in fin- 
l1ing, fo {hall they fuffer in them all the pu- 
nif1ul1cnts due to fin. The eyes, for lafci- 
, yious looks, {baIl he affiicted with the horrid 
,'ifion of hen and devils. The ears, for dë- 
'ighting 'in vicious difcourfes," iliall hear 
nothing but wailings, lamentations, defperate 
howlings; and fo of the refl-. 
2. Befides all thefe tonnfnts, there is an- 
C othci 

50 Ten Meditations 0/ 
()thcr greater, which is the Jofs and privatioJt 
of G od's glory, fronl the fight of which they 
are excluded for ever. Now if .ALfaloln found 
it InOle grivous to him to be denied the fee- 
ing the face of his father David, than to be 
baniíhed; 0 God, what a grief will it be, to 
be for ever excluded frorn beho1ding thy mort 
f\veet and graciou$ countenance! 
3, Confider above all} the eternity of thefe 
pains, which above all thÌng
 makes hell in- 
tolerable. Alas! if a flea in your car, or if the I 
beat of a little fever make one fhort night " 
[0 long and tedious, hON terrible will the 
:night of eternity be, accompanied with fo II 

any torments! From this eternity proceeds I 
rternal defpair, infinite rage, and blafphe- II 
JJ1Y, & l. 
.d ffeElions and refolutions. J. Terrify J'our- , I I 
/elf with the words of the propbet Ifaiah: 0, 
Iny foul, art thou able to live for ever in I 

vcr!afl:ing flames, and amidft this devouring , . 1 / 
fire? Wilt thou forfeit the fight of thy God 
for e\'er ? 
. 2. Confi.(s that you have defev7jeel hell, yea often.. 
t/nzcs. From hencefortb \VJ]} I take a new 
courfe; fJr why 1houId I go down into this 
. bottonllc{s pit! I wi]} therefore ufe this or 
- that endeavour to avoid fin, \vhich only can 
k,ring tne to this eternal death. 
Give thanks. Offer, Pray. Pater. .Ave. 

The eighth tl
,fcditatiol1. On heave11. 
Prtpara- pLACE yourfelf in the.. prefeoce 
'I :nn _ , _ of nO(
 _ 2. Be- 

St. fJllt rancis de Sales. 5 

 2. Befecch him to infpire you \vith his 
Co llJidera tio 11$. I. Confider a faiï and cle1r 
night, and think how pleai
tnt it is to behold 
the íky all fpangled with that tTIultitude and 
variety of ftars : join this now with the beautv 
of as clear a day, fo as the brightnefs of the 
îUll may no way hinder the 1 uHrc of tl,e frð.rs 
nor 1110011 ; and then fay boldly, that ;
ll this 
put together is nothing in comparifon with the 
excellent beauty of the heavenly paradifc. 
Oh! ho\v this lovely place is to be defired 
Oh! how precious is this city. 
2. Confider the glory, beauty, and multi- 
tude of the inhabitants in this blefièd coun- 
try: there mil1ion of millions of angcls, 
cherubin1s, and feraphims: tho[e troops 01 
apofiIes, prophets, martyrs, confefTois, vir- 
gins, and holy I112.trons. l"'he number is in- 
numerab!e. 0 hoV'/ blehed is this company! 
the meanelÌ of thcC1 is more beautiful to be- 
hold than ::111 th:s V\yodJ: what a fíg
t then 
'\'lill it be to fee thenl all? But, 0 Iny God, 
110W happy are they! they fing continuaBy 
I 11armonious fongs of etcroallove; they 3}- 
\vays enjoy a çonItant n1irth; they intcr- 
..change one vvith anothe;' uofpeakable con, 
tentmentl), ,and live in the comfort of a happy 
;1nd ind iffol u ble foc-iety. 
I 3. In fine, conllde-r how bleJfed they are to 

njoy G.od, \vho rewards them for ever with 
i his lovely afpea
 and by the fanle infuf
into their hearts .a treafure of delights: ho\\ 
t;reat a happinefs .it is to be united everlafiing- 
C 2 ' 1) 

52 cren Aledilations 9f 
Iy to this Sovereign Good. 'I'hey are there 
like hSlPPy birds flying and finging perpetuaIJy / 
in the air of his divinity, which encolnpaffes 
them on all fides with incredible pleafure. 
There everyone does his befi, and without 
envy fings the Creator's praifc. Blcffcd be 
thou for ever, 0 f\veet and fovereign Creator 
and Redeëmer, who art fo bountiful to us, 
and daft cornnlunicate to us fo liberally the J 
everlafiing treafures of thy g1ory: Bleffcd be 
YOll for ever, fays he, D1Y beloved creatures, 
v.rho have [0 faithfully ferved Ine, and who 
now íhall pr
ife me everlafiingIy, with fo 
great Jove ând courage. 
A.ffi7llions and 1 o ifo/lltionr. I. Admire and 
praiJè this heaven.y country_ 0, how beautiful 
:art thou, my dear J erufaltm! and how happy 
arc thy inhabitants! 
2. Reproach )'our heart with the little cou- 
,.oge it bas had bitherto, in 'lvandering fa far 
-from, the tvay of this gloriQus hahitation- 0, I r l 
why have I ítrayed fo far from my Sovereign 
Good? Ah! wretch that I am, for thefe 
fooIiíh and tri vial pleafures have I a thoufand 
thoufand times forfaken etçrnal and infinite i 
c1eìights r VV as I not mad, to defpife fuch fl 
precious bleffings fDr fo vain and contempti- II 
b]e afFeéìíons ! 
3 AJpire now with ftrvour to this delightful i 
habitation_ 0, my gracious God, fincc it has 
pleafed thee at length to direcr nlY wandering 
11eps in the right ,vay, never hereafter will I 
I turn back. Let us go, my dear fou], let us I 
go to this eternal repofe: let us walk to- 
wards I 

St. Fral1cis de Sales. 53 
\,-ards this blefTed land that is promifed us. 
,\Tl;at have VJe to do in this Egypt? I will 
thert-fore diíburden Inyfelf of all fuch things 
.1S In
y di\'ert or retard ll1e in fo har'py a jour- 
ney: I \vill perforn1 fueh :1nJ fuch things as 
Il1ay conduét Il1e to .Ít. 
Gi,,'e thanks. OfFer. Pray. Pater. Ave. 

 . l ",,;r J" B ' .( l' d 
.J. /J"'C lZlut/J . li.ii...,l!atlOJl. y uta)' OJ ôec710J! fin 
{b:ïice of heaven. 
J>.repara- i) I.lAC
 yourfelf in the prcf
t11)11. f....1 of God. 
2. H l!lnblc yourfclf before h is MajeØy
,befeech him to infpire you \Ylith his grace. 
3- Imagine yourfèlf to be in a plain field, 
.all alone v/ith your good angel, as young 
Tvby going to Rages, and that he thews you 
heaven open,_ with all the pleafures reprefent- 
cd in the former meditation; then beneath 
- that he !hews you hen wide open, with all 
the torn1cnts defcribed in the Ineditation at 
-hell: you being thus placed in your iIJ1agi- 
nation, and kneeling by your good angel. 
ns. I. Confider that it is matt 
:.,.true, you are bet\veen heaven and hell; a!1d 
that the one. and tbe other is open to rec
I ryou, according to the choice you fhall make. 
2. Confider that the choice you !hall make 
in this world, lhall IaIl: for all eternity in Lhe 
other. r 
3- And though both the one and the other 
be ?pen to receive you, accofPÍpg to your 
choIce, yet God, who is ready to give you 
C 3 either 

54 Ten Meditations 0/ 
either the one hy his jufiice, or the other by 
his mercy, defircs not\vithfl:anding, with an 
incomparéible defire, that you wouJd wake 
, choice of heaven; and your good ang
I aJfo 
importunes you vr'ith all his power, offering" 
you on God's behaJf a thoufand affifiances, 
and a thouGnd graces, to he1p you thither. 
4- Confider, that Je/us éhrifl beholds you 
. frolll above in his clemency, aGd gracioully 
invites you, faying, Come my de
i.r foul, to ' II 
cverlafiing refl: wi thin the arms of D1Y good- 
nefs, where I have prepared imn1orta1 delights 
for thee in the abundance of my Jove. Be- 
hold likcwife \vith your inward eyes the blef- 
fcd Virgin, who \'vith a motherly love exhorts 
you, faying, take courage, Iny child, defpife 
not the deÍÌres of Iny fan, nor fa many fighs 
,vhich I have given for thee, thirfiing with 
hin1 after thy eternal L-
lvation. Behold the 
faints a)fo exhorting you, and rnillions of 
bleflèd fouls fweet1y inviting you, and wilh- 
ing nothing more than to fee your heart united 
with thrirs in praifing and loving God for 
ever; aflùring you that the \vay to heaven is 
not fo hard as the world n1ak
s it. Be of 
good I courage, dear brother, fay they, he 
that iha)} i]igently confider the way of de- 
,'otion, by \vhich we afcended hither, iliall 
fee tb"at Vr;e C2me to thofe immortal cielights 
. hy pleafures incomparably fweeter than thofe 
of the world. ) 
EleEliol1. I. 0 hcll, I deteíl: thee now 
3nd for evermore j I dcteft thy tonnents an"d 
 j I deteft thy n1ifcrablc and accurfed 
eterni ty : 

Si. Francis de SJles. 55 
eternity: and abo\Te all, I deteft thofe eternal 
blafphelnies and malcdiaions, which thou 
voolÍteft out etern3.lly againf1: my God.. And 
turning Iny heart and foul to thee, 0 beauti- 
ful paradife, everlafiing glory and endlefs feli- 
city, I chufe my habitation for ever, and irre- 
vocabl)', within th y and bJefIèd manfions
\vithin thy holy and mofl: lovely tabernacles. 
I bIe{s thy n1crcy, 0 tllY God, and accept the 
offer \\?hich it pleafeth thee to nlake me of it. 
a Iny f\veet Saviour 1efus, I accept thy ever- 
lafting love; and the purchafe which thou haft 
I made for me of a place in this heavenly. 'je- 
rufaleln, not fo rnuch for any other thing, as 
to lore and ble[
 thee for ever and eycr. 
2. Accept the favours \vhich the b]effêd 
t Virgin and the faints offer you: prornÏfè thern 
'to advance towards them; and give your 
hand to your good angel, that he may guide 
you thither. Encourage your foul [0 make 
this choice. Pater. Ave. Creel? 
The tenth Meditation. By 'l-uay oj eleélion and 
choice whÙ.h the flullnakes of a devout life. 
Prepara- p LACE yourfelf in the prefence 
tion. I. of God. 
2. Proftrate yourfelf before him, and im- 
plore the affifi:ance of his grace. 
G"onfideraticns.. J. Imagine yourfelf again 
to be in a plain field, all alone with yo.ur 
good angel; and that you fee on your left- 
hand thc devil, feated on a great high throne, 
with many infernal fpirits about hiln
vironed \vith a greattroopofvlorldlings, ..,vho... 
C + a;1 

56 Ten Jitledilalions 0/ 
all b,.r
...headed, acknowledge him for their 
lord, and do hinl hom:tge, forne by one fin, 
and forne by another. Obferve the counte- 
J1anCe of aa the \\'retchcd courtiers of this 
abominable king. Behold foole of them 
traniþorred ,vÏth hatred, envy 2nd paffion; 
others ki]]ing one another; others confumed 
'ith cares, penfive and anxious to heap up 
s ; others bent upon vanity, \vithout any 
tllanner of pleafure, which is not en1pty and 
unprofitable: othe:s \vaIlo\ving in the Inire, 
buried and putritìcd in their brutiíh affeél:ions. 
Beho]d ho\v they are without reft, oràer, 
3nd decency: behold ho\v they defpife one 
another., and love but in íhew. In a \vord, 
you lhall fee a lamentable C0I11111on\vealth, 
nÚferably tyrannized over by this curfed king, 
,vhich \víll move you to con1paffion. 
2. On the other fide, behùld Jefus Chrijì 
crucified, ",..ho ,vi th a cordial love prays for 
thcfe poor entnrallcd people, that they Inay be 
freed from this tyr2nn y, and calls then1 to 
hirrlfelf: behold round about hi'll a troop of 
dC'f/out perfons w;th their ange]s. Contem- 
plate the beauty of this kingdon1 of devotion. 
0, \vhat a fight is it to fee this troop of vir- 
gins, men and \VOlnen, whiter than the lilies: 
that aílèolbly of "\\Tidows full of holy 111orti- 
hcation and hUlnility ! See the rank of divers 
n1arrieJ people living peaceably together with 
Inutual re(pcét, which cannot be \-vithout 
gl eat charity- Confider ho\v therc devout 
louIs join the exteriour care of the houfe \Tvith 

 the care of the in teriour, the love of the h uf- 

St. Francis de Sales. 57 
.. band \vi th that of the celefi:iaI bridegroom. 
Confider them all univcr
al1y, and you iliall 
fee in them a [\veer, h Iy and lovely orde[, 
obfcrving our Saviour, \vhom everyone 
I vlould ,villingly plant in the midít of his 
I heart. ì'hey are full of joy, but that joy is 
: corne] r, charitable and ,veIl o
dered; they 
love one another, but their love is moil: pure 
:3nd holy: fuch as fuffer affiiB:ions amongft 
. this devout cOlnpany torment not themCelves 
llluch, nor lofe courage. Lafily, behold thofc 
eyes of our Saviour, who cOlnfort9 them. 
and ho\v they altogether afpire to him. 
3- You have already lhaken on Sata
;III his curfed execrable troop by the good 
atletl:ions and refo!utionsyouha\Oeconceived; 
but you are not yet arriv'ed at 7cfus, not. 
united \vith this bleflèd and holy cOlnpany of 
. devout peop1e, but have hitherto kept your- 
fe!f betvveen the one and the other. 
4. The b
e{fed Virgin, \vith St. Joþpb, and 
a hundred thoufand others, vvho are of the 
fquadron oft!1ofe\vho ha;e lived in the \vor1d
invite and en 'ourage vou. And the crucified 
King him[e}f
a1Js yo
 by your nalne: COIne, 
my \\rell beloved, come, that I may cro\Y-n 
thee. . 
n. . 0 
1rvorld I 0 abomin
ble troop! 
110, never mare {hall you fee me ttnder Y0
' r 
banner. I have for ever left off your foole- 
ries and var1Ïties. 0 king of pride, 0 curfed 
king, infernal fpirit, I renounce thee, with 
aU thy vain pomps, 1 deteft thee, with all tn y 
C 5 2. And 

58 InflruElialls fir :A1qfi. 
2. And turning nlyfclf to thee, nlY dear 
1ifus, King of felicity and immortal glorr, 
I e(nbrace thee \'vith all the povlcrs of IllY loul 
I adore thee with all my heart, I choofe thee 
novi and for ever for my King, and with in-I 
violable fidelity [pay thee irrevocable ho-I 
mage, and {ubnlit l11yfelf to the obedience of 
thy holy laws and ordinances. 
3. 0 (acred Virgin, my dear lady, I choo[e 
thee for my guide, I put myfclf under thy i 
co]ours, I offer thee a particular refpeét and 
fpecial reverence.. 
4. a my good angel, prefent Ole to this 
facred affemhJy, and forfake me not till I ar- 
rive at this blef1èd cOinpany, vlirh \vhom I 
fay, and will fay for ever, in tefiinlony of 
my choice, Live 'iefus, livc 11us. Pater. 
Ave. Credo. 

Infiruétions and Devotions for hearing 
1\1 ASS. 

SEe T. J. I 
II/hat the A1afs is, and for what end it is to be 
J. F ROM the beginning of the world the 
fervants of God were always accu[... 
tomed to offer jacrifle to him; by way of 
ackno\vledging his fovereignty, and payÏng I 
. 'their homage to him: and in aH ancient re- 

ions, true or falfe, this worlh-ip of facrifice I 
\\ as al Viays looked 11 pon as a InOlt folenu1 a8: 

hýlr21[lionsjõr M'qfs. 5' 
of religion, due to the deity which they 
worlhi pped. 
2. In the Ia\v of nature, and in the law of 
'lllofts, there \vas a great variety of facrifices ; 
! fOlne bloody, in which the vié1in1 was flain, 
lothers unbloody: fome were 'called holocflufls, 
or l.uhole hurnt-offerings, in which the whole 
: hoft or viaim was con fumed in fire upon 
I God.
 altar, for his honour and glory; others 
were caIIed ßn-offirings, which were offered 
forjÙzs; others were offerings of thankfgiving i 
others, in fine, were pacific, or pelQcc-offir- 
illgs, which \vere offered for obtaining favours 
()f God; the word peace, in the fcripture 
fly Ie, fignifying all manner of good and 
3. .AIl there facrifices of the la\v of na- 
ture, and of the law of If;fifes, were of them- 
fel vcs but weak and needy elen/ents, and only 
:figures of a facrifice to come, viz. that of 
'ie/us Chrifl; in confìderation of ,vhich fa- 
crifice only, and of the faith of the ofr
by which they believed in the Redeemer to 
come, thofe ancient facrifìces were then ac- 
cepted by the Jivine Majcfiy, when tÌ1eý \vere 
accompanied with the in
7ard facrifice of the 
heart: but not for an v intrinfic 
orth or 
dignity of the t
.ings l;ffered; for no other 
blood but the blooJ of ebri/ì could \-valli av{

ur fins. 1-1ence, in the 39th PJalln, fp
in the perfon of Chrifl to his Father, ,ve read; 
'ice and oblatioJ1 thou dic!Jl ,."not dejire, but 
(J ho ly tho
 hajf fitted to me. (So St. Paul 
reJds it) Heb. XI- 5.) Burnt-offiri 1 1g qnd fin- 
e 6 . .' offirtng ( 

60 IJý2ruElions for lvlqjs. 
cffiring thou dir{fi not ,<"quire; thcn (aid I, }Je- 
.. /
/d I corne. '1 0 gi ve us to underIland, that 
by reafon of the infufficicncy of the facrifices i 
of the old l:n,y, Chrift h imfeI f would COITIe to 
be our facrifice, and "vould offer up his own I 
body and blood for us. I 
4. Accordingly our Saviour 1efus ChriJt"at 
,the time appointed by his Father, having 
taken fIelh for us, ,vas pJeafed to offer hiln- I 
{elf a facrifice for us all, dying upon the crof:; i 
,for the fins of the whole world. By this 0 ne 
offering 'vve were conlplctely redeemed, in as I 
lTIuch as our ranfom \vas paid, and all t11Crcy, 
grace, and faJvation were purchafed for us. 
Neither can there no\v be any need of his 
dying any Inore, or purchaiìng 
ny other 
ces for us than thofe for \tvhich he h:1S al- 
, ready paid the price of his blood. I 
5. N everthele{s, f0r the daiI y applicatioll of 
this one eternal redemption to our fouls, and 
that the mercy, grace, and làlvation, which 
he has purcha[ed for us, m
y be aétually com-, 
tnunicated to us, he not only continually 
pears in our behalf in the fané1uary of h
ven, there reprefenting and offering to his 
ther his death and paffion for us, but has alfo J 
iní1ituted the lleJ!èd Euchar[!l, the night be- 
fore his pat1ìon, in \vhich he has bequeathed 
us his body and blood, under- the facramcntal, 
veils, not on Iy to be received by us as afacra- 
111ønt, for the food and IlouriIhrnent of our. 
{ouls, but alfo to be offered and prefented by 
his minÎfters to his Father (myfiically brokenl 
and (bed) as a facrmce: not by way_of a new 

I11flruélio7ls for J.lfcýs. 61 
death, but by \vay of a fianding mCiTIoriaI of 
his àeath ; a d

ily celebrating and reprefent:- 
ing his death to God, and an applying to our 
fouls the fruits of it. 
6. This .euchari!lic facrifice of the boòy 

nd blood of CbriJI, daily ofFered under the 
fonns or bread and wine, in remetnbrance of 
his paffion, is vvh:lt we call the Mafs. This 
is the folclll11 liturgy of the catholic ch urch. 
This is that p',{re offil"ing \-vhich is rnadc to · 
, God in every place alTIOng the Gentiles, ac- 
I cording to the prophecy of .Aialacbi, i. v. 10. 
I I. By this Cbrif/ is a prieft for ever a.ccord- 
ing to the order of .L}lelcbijèdecb, P f cix. \vhv1
facrifice ,vas bread and ,vine, Gen. xv. 
7. This facrifice of the nlafs is th
 fîme in 
, fubfiance with that \vhich Cbrijl offered for cs 
upon the crors; becaufe both the 1 7 illÌJn offired, 
and the Priefì, or prin{ipal Ojfi'rer, is the [aIne 
]eft's Ch'
ifl. The difl-èrence is only in the 
Jnanner of the ot1èring ; becaufe upon the 
crofs our Saviour offered himfclf in fuch n)an- 
ner, as reaUy to 111ed his blood, at'Jd die for us; 
 now he does not really {hed his blood, 
nor any more. And therefore this is 
caned an z!nblo()dy facrijice; and that of the 
crofs a hloody facr
8. By n
afon of this near alliance \vhich 
this facrifice of the n1afs has with the facrÌ- 
lice of the crofs, it compleatly anfv,
ers all the 
different ends of facrifice, and that in a tllan- 
ner infinitely more perfctl: than any of the 
ancient facrifices; G'hrlfl is here both Prieft 
and \'i
im, reRrefenting in Perfon, and of- 
ferin $ 

6 2 [;
flr'Uaions for lv!afi" 
fering up his death and paffion to his Father: 
"'or the adoration, praife, honour, and 
glory of the divine P\1ajclty. Secondly, 1n 
thank/giving for a1l his benefi ts. "fh irdl y, For 
the obtaining parcJon of our fins. Fourthly, 
For the obtajning of grace and [alvation for us, 
by the meri ts of that fame death and paffion. 
And therefore this facrifice, in order to all 
thefe ends, n1ufi be infinitely beyond aU the 
bolocaujls, thanÆ offirÙzgs, fin-offirings, and 
peClce-offirings of the ancient la\v. 
9- 'f'his íåcrifice of the mafs then is offered 
up to God in the catho]ic church, Fitjl, As 
a daily rCllzenzhrance of the pafiion of Glhrifl : 
Do this for a COnlll;tlllO'rotioll of UIe,. St. Luke xxii. 
Secondl)', As a moO: folemn 1vorfhip of the di- 
vine Ivlajefiy. Thirdly, As a mott acceptable 
thallkfgiving to God, from whence it has the 
name of Eucharijl. Fourthly, As a mort povv- 
erfu1 n1cans to lDove God to íhe\v mercy to 
us in the ror..
ivenefs of our fins; for which 
J.cafon we call it propitiatory. And Icýlly, As 
a n1ofl: et1èétual way to obtain of God all that 
vIe v/ant, coming to hitn (as we here do) 
'\rvith G"hrijl, and through ChriJl. 
I o. For thefe ends, both pricfi and people 
ought to ..ofFer up the facrifice of the mafs : 
e prieft, as Chrifl's Ininifter, and in his 
perfon; and the people by the hands of the 
pricft ; and both the one and the other by the 
hands of the great fligh-Priefi: 'ie/us G'/;ri/J. 
And with this offering of ChriJl's both the 
()ne and "the other ought to make a total of- 
. fering of themfelv
s alfo by his hands, f\nd 
. in uniQn with him. . 1 I. Hence 

Devotionsjòr Mcýs. 63 
I I. He-nee the beft devotion for hearing 
mars, is that which has for its obJeét the paf- 
!ion of Chrifl, and \vhich tends to unite the 
foul to Chrijl, and thrvugh him to his Fa- ,. 
ther; and which nlofi perfeétly anfwers all 
the other ends of this facrifice, viz. the ado- 
ration of God, thankfgiving for all his b
nefits, the obtaining paràon for all our fins, 
and arace in an our neceffities. 

SEe T. II. 



rile l1zanne,.. of hearing lnafi
WHEN you are going to hear !naf'j
Jet your firfl care be to endeavour to 
 yourfeIf, as ,veIl as you can, by 
 ng hotnc your \vandring t
oughts, and 
taking thell1 off froln all other bufineifes 
anJ concerns. lmagine that you hear with- 
in you the f\veet voice of your S'lvicur, in- 
viting you to come to his L1crifice, and to 
unite yourfe]f to hi\n. 
to' In your \vay to the church or chape1
put yourfelf in fpirit in the company of 
the blcífed \' irgin, and the -other pious 
,vornen boing to mount Ca}.valY, to b
prefent at the paÛÎon a.ld death of our 
L.ord Reprefent your Saviout as carrying 
his crofs before you, to be im !nolated 
thel eon for your fins: and be\vail thcfe 
fins of yours, as the caufes of aU his fuf- 
," When you enter the church or chapeJ, 
humble yourfelf in the prefence 
of God) \VDo.fe houfe "'Oll CVInc )nto ; and 
6' if 

64 DrootionsJor Mafi. 
" if the bleUed [Jcrament be kept there, adore 
" your Saviour upon your benòeò knees. At 
" taking of hol y ,vater, n1aking the fign of 
" the crofs upon yourfelf, beg pardon for 
" your fins, and hllIllbJy crave that you 111ay 
" be \vaíhed and cleanfed from thein by the 
" blood of the Lalllb. 
" Chufe, as much as you can, a place to 
" kneel in, \vhcre you nl:lY be moLt recol- 
" Jetted, and leaf! difiurbed. 'I"here repre- 
" rent to youríèlf by a lively faith the ma- 
" jetty of God, and hUlnbly beg his I11ercy 
" anJ gíace, tha
 you may affifi at this tre- 
" !nendous facrince in the manner you ought. 
" At the beginning of the mafs, the prieft 
" at the foot of the altar makes the fign of 
" the crofs, faying: In the nalne of/he Father., 
" and 
f the Son, and oj
 the Holy Gbojl, .h,nen. 
" 2nd then recites vvith the clerk the 4 2ct 
" J-1falrn, ,'"fudica me, Deus, &c. Jl
dge 1ne, 0 
" God
 \vhich you nlay either recite witb 
" him, or pray as follows." 
A prayer for th
 beginning of the nzafs. 
J-\lrnighty Lord of heaven and 
arth, b-e- 
hold I a vvretched finner preftrrne to :lp- 
pe3.r beÍore thee this day, to offer up to thee 
by the hJnds of this thy minifier, and hy 
the hands of our High-Prieft. 'ie/us Chrf/l 
thy Son, the facrif.1ce of his body a.nd blood, 
in union \
lith that facrifice which he offered 
to thee upon the crofs" 1ft, 
:For thy own ho- 
.nour, praife, adoration and glory.. 2dly, . 1n 
relnembrance of his de- th and paffiO!1e 3dly, 

DC;.JotZvnsjòr J.1Iq[s" 65 
1 thankfgiving for all thy bleffings befto\ved 
J hilTI and on his ,vhole church, vvhether 
'iumphant in heaven, or militant on e
rth ; 
nd efpecially for tho!e befiowed on me, the 
110ft un
y of all. 4thly, }'or obtaining 
ardon atjd relniffion of all mv fins; and of 
Ilofe of all others, vvhether living or dead, 
)1" \VhOn1 I ought to pray. And laj!/y, for 
I btaining aU graces and bleffings both for 
lyfclf, and for thy \vho]e church. 0, be thou 
Illcafed to aßîiÌ: me in fuch a manner by thy 
!:race, that I may behave n1yfelf this day as 
; ought to do in thy divine prefence, and that 
! 111ay fo COIllrnemorate the death and. paffion 
:)f thy Son, as to p3.rtake moft p!eQttiuHyof 
!:he fruits of it. Through the farr
e 1e/us 
'';hriJl, thy Son. ÅJJzcn. ' 

c' Then the prieft bowing down fays the 
;, Conjiteor, I Lon/eft to Ãltnighty God, &c. by 
a "'Tay of a general confeffion to God, to the 
" vlhole court of l heaven, and to a!l the 
" faithful there prefcnt, of his fins and un- 
" '
7orthinefs: and to beg their prayers to 
" God for hirn. And the clerk, in the name 
" of the people, prays for the prieft, that God 
" \vou1d have mercy on him, and forgive hi!n 
" his fins, and bring him to everlafiing life. 
" 'fhen in the nalne of all there prefenr, the 
" clerk makes the like general confeffion to 
" God, to the ",'hoJe court'ot heaven, and 
(, to the prieft, and berrs his pra yers. · And 
" the pricfl: prays to GOod to {hew p1
rcv to 
" aU his p
ople, and to grant then} pardon, 
" abfolu.. 

UU .LJcvuuuns /U'i 1l-1C!fS. 
" abfolution, and remil1ion of aII their fin
$' vVhich is done to the end that both prieI 
c, and people may put themfelves in a penÏ- 
" tential fpirir, in orde-r to affií! \voithiI, 
" at this divine facr1Ílce. You may eithe
" fay the Conjiteor., according to the font 
" which you have above in the mornina exer' 
" cife, page 2 r, or you may pray as follovvs/ 
.II. pra)'er at the Can fiteor . 
o B1c!fed Trinity, one C;od, Father, Son I 
and Holy Ghof1:, proftrate in fpirit be J 
fore thee, I here confefs, in the fight of th( 
'\vhole court of heaven, and of all thy faith- 
ful, my innumerable treafons againft thy di. 
vine Maj:efiy. I have finned, 0 Lord, I hav(. 
finned: I have grievouf1y offended thro' th(! 
whole cour[e of nlY life, in thought, vvord
-and deed; and therefore an1 1110fi unwQfth}i 
to lift up my eyes to heaven, or fo much a
to name thy facred name: how much GlOn 
anI I un\vorthy to app
ar here in thy fanétu- 
ary, and to affifi among thy angels at thef
heavenly myftcries, which require fo much 
purity; becaufe 'it/us Chrifl hiol[elf is here in 
perfon both Prie!t and Victim! But, 0 my 
God, thy mercies are above all thy works
and thou \vilt not defpife a contrite and hum- 
ble heart: and therefore I here venture to 
Conle into thy tctnple, and \vith the poor pub.. 
lican, and, as I hope, v/ith the fame peniten- 
tial fpirit, I fi:rike nlY breafl: and fay, 0 God, 
le llzcri. o iful tf) me a jìnner. [Repeat this 
thrice.] And 1 hun1bly hope to find this 

DCL'otionJjòr j\1qfs. 67 
2'fCY ....vhich I crave, thro' that paffion and 
ath \vhich is here celebrated. 0 Fountain 
, 111Crcy, grant this Jnercy to me, and to all 
)or 1Ìnners. _I/nzcll. 
" After the G
olljiteúr the prieft goes up to 
the altar, faying, rake a
Va)7 Ir01Jl us, 'lU
befe:ch tbee, 0 Lord, our iniquities, tbat 
nay be 'luorthy to enter with pure ,nina's ill to 
tbe holy of hoIÙ's, thra' Chri:ft our L01 4 LI, 
, Anlen. Say the fame with him: and \VhCIl 
he kiues the altar as a figure of Cbrijl., and 
the feat of the facred myfierics, Inake an 
ad: of love for your divine Saviour,. and 
embrace his feet vvith an htlluble and ten- 
der aflèaion. 
" When the prien is come up to the altar, 
I: he goes to the book, and there reads what 
\" is caHcd t:le Introit or entrance of the Inafs, 
I; which is dii"ferent every day, and is gene.. 
I; raIl)' an anlhenl taken out of the fcrip!:ure, 
\yirh the firft ver[e of one of the Pfalms
, and the Glory be to tbe Father, &c. to glo- 
:, rify the blei1èd 1 'rinity." 
A prayer ct the Introit. 

 Rant, 0 Lord, we lnay be truly prepared 
:ù for the oftèring this great facrifice to thee 
!his day; and becaufe our fins alone C:ln ren- 
ler us difpleafing to thee, therefore Vle cry 
ftloud to thee for mercy. 
" The prieft returns to the middle of the 
a aitar, and fays alternatclv \vith the clcrk. 
;, the KJrie c.lèifln, or Lord ha7)1! 111e r cy 011 u.s., 
... - " which 

bt) - lJevotz01''lsjor' lì!t!!s. 
" \v hich is [aid three times to God the F"ë 
" ther; three times Chrffle eleifln, or Chr
" ha7,'e 7/lercy all us, to God the Son; ar 
" three times again Kyrie eltifon, to God tr 
" Holy GhQft. Join in this frequent cat 
" ling for Inercy; but let it be v/ith a truf' 
" contI'ite and hUlnble heart. 
" After the ]{)'rie eleifln., the 
rieft recitt 
" the Gloria ill Exceljis, or Ciary be to God G 
" High, &c. being an excellent hynu1 an. 
" prJyer to God, the beginning of whici 
" was tung by the angels at the birth (, 
"Chrijl. Join in this heavenly hymn, an 
" excite in your foul the affeétions which. 
c., exprefiès.;' 

cr'he Gloria in Excelfis. 
G Lory be to God on high, and peace 01 
earth to tT1Cn of good-will. 
v e praií 
thee, we blefs thee, "ve adore thee, we glo 
rify thee, we give thee thanks for thy grea 
g]ory. 0 Lord God, 0 heavenly J{ing, ( 
God the Father Almighty, 0 Lord 1efu 
Chrill, the only b
gotten Son, a Lord God 
o Lanl b of God, 0 Son of the :Father, ( 
thou who takefi away the íin
 of the vlorld 
have Inercy on us : 0 thou \vho takefi awa: 
the fins of the world, receive our prayer 
o thou \vho fitteíl: at the right-hand of th
x"ather, have mercy on us: for thou alon, 
art hol y, thou alone art Lord, thou alone ar 
tl10ft high, 0 
7efus ChriJl, together with tht 
Holy Ghofi-, in the glory of God the Father 


" J.l. B 

Devotions.for Mqþ. 


" N. B. This teing a hymn of joy, is 
on1itted in the manes of requiC1Jl for the 
dead, and in the maffe5 of the Sunf!oJs and 
Ferias of the penitential tilnes of Advent 
. and Lent, &c. 
,,' i\t the end of the Gl()ria Îiz cxceljis, the 
, prieH: kiffes the altar, and turning to the 
, people, fays D:;nzinus vobij;:unz, 
-he Lord 
, be with .,YOll. Anf\\'er; Et Clan fpiritu 
uo, .And with thy fpirit. As often as this 
, Üllutation is repeated, pray that our Lord 
," may be al\vays \vith you, with his mi- 
;c nifiers, and with all his people, by di- 
I" reéling and affiHing all with his heavenly 
" grace. 
" The priefts returns to the book, and fays, 
" Orelllus, Let us pray, and then rcads the 
" collea or colleEts of the day, concluding 
" them with the ufual determination, Per 
:" D01JJil1U1JZ nojh urn, &c. Through our Lord 
4< Jefus Chrifi, 
C. \\
ith \vhich the chut cn 
4' C{}lnmonly concludes all her prayers. 
" \VhiJ{t the prieR: is reading the collett:; 
C you may thus join with him." 


.A prayer at the lolleEls. 
o Almighty and eternal God, we humb1y 
befeech thee mercifully to give ear to the 
prayers here offered thee by thy fervant in 
the name of thy whole church, and in be- 
half of U3 thy people. Accept them, to the 
bonour of thy name, and the good of our 
foul.$; and gra!1t to us all mercy, grace, auå 
falvation. '] hro' our Lord 7ifus Clvrifl, .I1nzen. 

o DevotionsJòr :Alq.ß. 

On th
 f'!flival of a Jaint. 
GRant, '\ve be[eech thee, Almighty God 
that the examples of thy faints may ef 
feé1ua]]y move us to refornl our Jives, th" 
while Vle celebrate their fefiivals, we mal 
3][0 imitate their aétions. Thro' our Lor 
1 efus Chri/l, JÝ,nt11. 
" The collclls being ended, the prieít lay 
" his hands upon the book, and rc
ds th 
" epijlle or lejfoll of the day. At the en; 
" of which the clerk anf\tvers, Deo Gratias: 1 
., Tha1'ìks he to God, viz. for the heaven}}! 
" doét:rine there deli vered. Then fo11o\,' 
c, fOOle verfes or fentences of fcripture, ca]lCG 
" the Gradual, \\7hich are every day cliffe- 
"rent. During the epiHlc and gr;'lduål yùu 

, nlay pray thus." 

.A prayer at the Epiflle. 
,THOU hail: vouchfaf::d, 0 Lord, to tcad 
us thy facred truths by the prophets ane 
;lpofilcs: 0 grant that we may fo inlprove b) 
their dot1:riue and exanlp]es .in the love 0: 
-thy holy natTIe, 2nd of thy holy Jaw, thaI 
we n1ay !hew forth by our lives ",'hore dif. 
cip1cs vve ale; that we may no Jonger follo\
the corrupt inclinations of Belli and blood! 
but mailer all our paffions; that we may bf 
ever direé1ed by thy light, and ftrengthenec 
hy thy grace, to \valk in the 
Y.ay of thy COin. 
andn1ents. and to fcrve thee with clean 
hearts. Through Qur Lord 7efus Chrifl. 

pevotions Jar Mcfs. 7 1 

.11 p1 A oyer at the Gradual. 
IO\V wonderful, 0 Lord, is thy name 
through the whole earth! I v,ill bIefs thee, 
I Lord, at all times; thy praife {hall ever be 
my mouth. Be thou my God and my Pro- 
åor for ever; I \:vill put my whole truft in 
tee; 0 let me never be confounded. 
" After this the book is removed to the 
other fide of the altar, in order to the 
reading of the gofpel for the day; "vhich 
removal of the book reprefents the pailing 
from the preaching of the old law, fi
by the leffon or epiHle, to the gofpel of 
1if us Chrifi pub1iíhed by the preachers of 
, the new la\v. l'he prieft before he reads 
, the go(pel, ftands a \vhi1e bowing do\vn 
, before the IniddJe of the alt:lr, begging of 
, God in [ceret to c1eanfc his heart and his 
, lips, that he may be worthy to declare 
., thofe heaven} Y 'Nords ...{ ou may at the 
, fame time a!k. of God, that he would open 
, your cars and heart, that there divine lef- 
;, fans may fink deep into your foul. 
" At the brginning of the gofpel the priefi: 
:, greets the people \vith the ufual [alutation, 
" Dominus vJhifal1!J. The Lord be with YIJU, 
nd then tells out of which of the evange- 
" lii1:;, the gofpet is taken, faying.. Seqlle:ztia S. , 
" Evangelii flctuzdum, Ñc. Î. c. If/hat f'J//O'lUS 
" is of the 110ly Gojþel, &c. At "vh ich words 
" both prieft and people make the fign of the 
" crofs, Fir../1') upon their foreheads) to fig- 

, nify that they are nÐt afbalDcd of the crofs 
,- of 

votiOl1S Jor i
" of Cbrijl, and his doCtrine. Second;'y., U pc 
" their IPouths, to fignify that they v/ill ev " 
" protef
' it in "varùs. Thirdly, If pan the 'c 
" breafl
 to fignify that they wiil always kec " 
 it in their hearts. l'he clerk anfwers, Gt' " 
" 'ria tibi, Dillzine, GI01) be to thee, 0 Lord " 
" At t
1e gofpel fland up, to declare by tht ' 
" pofiure your readincfs to go and do \vha lí 
" focver you {hall be C01TIlnandcd by YOt II 
" Saviour in his go1þel ; and if you have n( I, 
" the convenience of reading of it, or othe I
" wife attending to it, you Inay pray as fo 
" lows." 

.A prayer I1t the G ofpel. 
o Lord 7 eJllS Chrijl, who cameft down ffOl II 
heaven to infiruét us in an truth, arl L 
continuefi: daily to teach us by thy holy go 
pel, and the preachers of thy '\vord; gra. ( 
n1C grace
 that I n1ay be \\Tanting in no ca I 
J1ecclElry for being infiruéted in thy favir I 
truths: Jet me be as induítrious in my foul I 
Eonccrn, as I aln for my body: that whiì
take pains in the afFairs of this ,vorld, llnf 
flot, through fiupidity or ncglett, Jet l11Y fOI 
ftarve and per"ifh everlafiingl y. Let the rul 
()f tbj gofpel be the diret1ion of 111Y 1ife, tho 
I 111ay not only know thy "vilt, but likewi 

 do it; that I may obfervc th? con1111and1nent
.and re-íìfiJng a.11 the inclinations of corrupt n
.ture, ever foHow thee, \vho art the '\T ay, tl 
'I'ruth, and t.he Life: for thus onl y can I I 
thy true difciplc; and thus only, 0 'l1 u 
.canfi thou .be OlY Maficr. 



Dtvotionsfir Mofs. 73 
, "At the end of the gofpel the clerk an- 
I '" fwers, Lous tihi Chrijle, PraiJe he to thee, 
" 0 ChrVl. And the prieft kiífes the qook 
" in reverence to thofe [acred words he has 
" been reading out of it. Then upon all 
" Su.ndays, and many other feilival days, 
" ftanding in the middle of the a)tar, he re- 
" cites the Nicene creed, kneeling down at 
" thefe words: He was made man, in rc\'e- 
" rence to the great ,myftery of our Lord's 
" lncarnation." 

The Nicene Creed. 
I Believe in one God, the Father Almighty, 
Maker of heaven and earth, of all things 
vifible and invifible. And in one Lord 1tjìtS 
Chrijl, the only begotten Son of l;od.. at}(i 
... born of the Father before all ages; God of 
God, Light of Light, true God of true God i 
'begotten, not made; confubfiantial to the F'a- 
ther; by whon1 all things were made. '\Vho 
for us men, and for our fal vat ion , caine down 
from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy 
Ghofi: of the V irgi n Jvlary, and he 'lvas morl 
:r man: was crucified alfo for us under Pontius. 
Pilate; he fuftèred and was buried, and tht 
.: third day he rofe again according to the fcrip- 
,I tures. l-Ie afcended into heaven. fits at the 

. rig
t-hand of the F ather, and is to come again 
 with glory to judge the living aB(l the dead; 
.' of \vhofe kingdom there {hall be no end. Anà 
i in the Holy Ghofi, the Lord and Giver of 
.. 1 ife, who proceeds from the Father and the 
on) who together with the Father anò the 
D S,) u 

7 4 Devotions fir i'Urýs. 
Son, is adored and glorified, who {poke by 
the prophets. And one, holy, catholic and 
.:apoffolic church: I confefs one baptifm for 
the remiffion of fins, and I look for the re- 
furreB:ion of the dead, and the life of the 
world to come. Å'/lUn. 


" Then the prieft turns about to the 
c' people, and fays, Dominus vibifium, The 
c, Lord be with you.. And having read in the 

, book a verfe or fentence of the fcripture
It' which is calJed the Oifirtory, and is every 
c' day different, he uncovers the chalice, and 
cc; taking in his hand the paten, or little 
CC plate, offers up the bread to God: then 

, going to the corner of the altar, he takes 
cC the wine, and pours it into the chalice, 
c, and mingles with it a fmall quantity of 

, water, in rernelnbrance of the blood and 
c, water that iffued out of our Saviour's fide; 
" after which he returns to the middle of the 
" altar, and offers up the chalice. Then 
" bovling down, he begs that this facrifice, 
" which he deíìres to offer with a contrite 
c, and humble heart, may find acceptance 
" with God; and bleffing the bread and 
" wine with the fign of the crofs, he invokes 

, the author of all fanEti ty to fanB:ify this 

'offering. During the oftèrtory you may 
" pray thus;" 
.A prayer at the Offirtory. 
A CCEPT, 0 eternal Father, this of- 
ferjng which is here made to thee by thy 

Dtvotions for mafs. 75 
minifier, in the name of us all here prefel1t, 
and of thy whole church. 'Tis as yet only 
bread and \vine, but bya miracle of thy 
power and grace, will íhortIy become the 
body and blood of thy beloved Son. He is 
our High-Prielt, and he is our viB:im. 'Vith 
hiln a;d through hin1 we defire to approach 
to thee this day, and by his hands to ofFer 
thee this facrifice, for thy o\\"n honour, praife, 
and g]ory, in thank[giving for all thy bene- 
fits, in fatisfaétion for all our fins, and for 
obtaining converfion for all unbelievers, and 
mercy, grace and falvation for all thy faith- 
ful. And with this offering of thy on1y be- 
gotten Son we offer ourfelves to thee, begg- 
ing, that by the virtue of this facrif1ce, \ve 
may be happily united to thee, and that no- 
thing in life or death may ever feparate us 
any more from thee, Through J1u
' ChrÌj1 
our Lord. .lillltn. 
" At the end of the offertory, the pricíl: 

, goes to the corner of the al tar, and wafue
" the tips of his fingers, to denote the 
" cleannefs and purity of foul with which 
" we ought to approac.h to thefe divine 111Y- 
" íleries, faying, Lavabo, &c. I u'Ùl zuofh 1/1) 
" IJands (u/long ih, innocent, and I uil/ enCOln- 
" pafs thy a/tar, 0 Lo'rd, &c. as Pfalm xxv. 
"6 1'hen returning to the lniddle of the 
" altar, 2nd there bo\ving down, he begs öf 
" the blefièd 'l
rinity to receive this oblation 
" in memory of the paiEon, refurreétion, 
" and afcenfion of our I..,ord Jefur ChrÍjt, 
" and for an hQ110U rabh: conlmemoration of 
I) 2 " thc 

6 _ Dfvotzonsjor Majs. 
.., the bleffed V irgin, and of an the faints, 
" that they may intercede for us in heaven, 
" whofe n1emory. we celebrate upon earth. 
c., You may thus join with him:" 
.A prayer at Lavabo, or 'Wafhing the Finge,'s. 
O '\;VHAT .cleannefs and purity of heart 
ought \ve to bring with us to this great 
facrifice! but, alas! I am a poor unclean 
{inner. 0 waih me, dear I Jord, froln aU the 
ftains of fin i.n the blood of the Lamb, that 
I m:lY 'be worthy to be prefent at thefe hca.... 
venly myfie.ries. 
prayer when the priefi fiands howing down at 
the /1ziddle of the altar. I 
O MosrI"' holy and adorable Trinity, 
vouchfafe to receive this our facrifice in 
remembrance of our Saviour's pa!1ìon, refur- 
reétion, and glorious afcellfion: and grant 
that we may di
 \vith hin1 to our fins, rife 
with him to a new Jife, and afcend with hin1 
to thee. I.Jet thofe faints, \vhofe memory \ve 
celebrate. on earth, remembeí us before thy 
throne in heaven., df\d obtain met cy for us, 
thro' the fame 
r1us Chrifl our lJord. ./lmtn. 
" Then the prieft killing the altar, turns 
" to the peoplc, and fays, O,"ate Fraires, & c. 
" that is, Brethren pray, that 1ny fac1
ifÙ'e and 
" )'01I'rS 1nay he made acceptable to God the F'j- 
" ther Abnighty, You would do we1l to pray 

, as he defires, and fay with the clerk: 
MAY the Lord receive this facrifice from 
thy hands, to the praife and glory of 

Devotions fir !VI'!J'S. 7' . 
his own name, for our benefit
 and that of 
aH hi:; holy church,. 
" Then the prieR fays, in a low voice, the 
" prayers called Secreta; which correfpond to- 
" the colleéls of the day, and are different 
" every day. During wbich, }'OU may pray 
" as follo"
s ;." 

Å prayer at the Secreta. 
lly hear our prayers, 0 .Lord, 
gracloußy accept thIs oblation Whldl 
,ve thy fervantS' make to thee; and as we of- 
fer it to the honour of thy name, fo may it 
be to us here a means of obtaining thy grace
and life everlafi:ing hereafter, thro' Jc{us 
LÏJrifl.. Amen. 
, On the feflival of a faint. 
'SAnétify, 0 Lord, we befeech thee, there 
I gifts which vIe offèr thee in this folemnity 
of thy h'oly fervant N. and fo firengthen us by 
thy grace, that both in profperity and advcr- 
fity, our \vays may be ever directed to thy 
 through our Lord 1efus Chrifi. 
" 1'''he prieft concludes the Secreta., by Cay- 
" ing aloud, Per omnia fæ:ula fæculorum, 
" th
t is, IForld without end. l\nf. Amen. 
" Priert, DOlninus vibifculll, The Lord be wi h 

')'01l. Anf. Et CU1n. {piritu tua, And'luith 
" tby fþirit. Prieft. t::Jurfulll corda, L
rt up 
" Jour hearts. Anf. ]-labellJuf ad DOlninulll, 
" IPe have them lifted up to the Lord. Prieft. 
" Gratias agamus Ð01JÛno Deo noftro. Lt/ us 
D 3 " give 

,8 Devotion5fòr Mafs. 
" give thanks to the Lord our God. Anf. 
" Dignll.m & jujtuln eft, /t is tREet and juft. 
" Then the prieít recites the Prefaci (fo call- 
., ed, becauft:; it (erves as an introduélion to 
" the canon of the Inafs) in \vhich you may 
" join vlitþ him as follo\-vs :" 
T.he PrefilCt. 
I T is truly meet and J uP" right and whoI- 
fome, that vve alvvays, and in aU places, 
fhouJd give thanks to thee, 0 holy Lord, 
aJrnighty Father, everlafiing God, through 
Chrift our I..orJ. Through Vvhonl the angels 
give praife to thee, the dCMlOlninations adore, 
the powers tremble, the hea \'ens and the vir- 
tues of the heavens, and the bleffed feraphims 
\vith common jubilee join in glorifying thy 
IVlajefiy. With whom \VC bcfeech thee that 
thou wouldft order our voices alfo to be ad... I 
mitted, fay;ng, \vith a IDoft humble confef- I 
fion: Holy, holy, hol y, Lord God of Sabaoth. I 
1"'he heavens and earth are full of thy glory, 
Hofanna in the h:ghefi. Blc!Ted is he that 
comes in the nalne of the Lord, Hofalltla in 
the highell. 

" After the Preface fo110\V5 the Canon of I 
c, the mars, or the moft facred and (olemn 

, part of.this di
ine fervice, \vhich is read 
" \\Tith a lcvl voice, as well to expl efs the 
"filencc of (:brift in his ['aflion, and his 
" hiding at that time his glory and divinity
" as to iÎ
nifv the vail irlJportancc of that 
" ('ommo
1 c
1ufe of 
1l 111ank!nd, ,
hich the 

Dtvotionsfor ll/Iafi. 79 
:', pI Ìefi: is then reprefenting as it were in fe- 
:" cret to the ear of God; and' the reverence 
'" and a\ve vlith which both prieít- and people 
" ought to affift at thefe tremendous rnyfie- 
" fles. 
" The Canon begins by the invokIng the 
'"' Father of 111ercics, through 7 efus L'brift 
" his Son, to accept this facrifice for the holy 

, Gatholic church, for the pope, for the 
" bi:lhop, for the king, and for all the pro- 
e' felfors of the orthodox and apoftolic faith 

, throughout the whole world. Then fol- 
c, lows the lvlemento, or commemoration of 
" the living,- for whon1 in particular the prieft 
" intends to offer up that mafs, or who have 
" been particularly recommended to his 
" prayers, f.$c. To which is fubjoined a re- 
" mem bra nee of all there prefent, followed by 
., a folemn 
ommetnoration of the blelred 
&., Virgin, of the apofiles, tnartyrs, and all the- 
" faints; to honour their nlemory, by nam- 
" ing them in the facred ill yfieries, to com- 
" lTIunicate with them, and to beg of God 
'" the help of their interceí1ìon, thro' 'Jefus 
" Chrift our Lord. During this part of the- 
" canon you may pray thus: 
A prayer at the heginning if the Canon. 
o F
ternal and nloft merciful Father, behold 
we come to offer thee our homage this 
day; \ve defire to adore, pr
ii[e and glorify 
thee: and to gi ve thee thanks for thy great 
glory, joining our hearts and voices \vith a11 
thf blcfièd in heaven, and with thy whole 
D 40 church 

80 DevotionsJòr lrlcýs. 
church upon earth. But acknowledging our, 
great un,vorthinefs and innumerable fins for ' 
,vhich we are heartily forry, and humbly beg , 
thy pardon, we dare not venture to app: oach 
'to thee otherwife than in cotl1pany of t"y 
Son, Qt:f advocate and Mediator ,'"'fe/u.s Chrift, 
\vhom thou haft given us to be both our 
liigh Priell and Sacrifice. With hirn, there- 
fore, and thro' hiln, we venture to offer the
this facrifice: to his moR: facred intentions 
we defire to unite ours; and with this offer- 
ing which he makes of himfelf, "'e deiÌre to 
make an ofFering of our whole being to thee. 
With him 
nd thro' him we befeech thee to ' 
exalt thy holy catholic church throughout 
the whole world; to maintain her in peace, 
unity, hoiinefs, and truth: to have olercy 
on thy fervant N. our chief bilhop, N. our 
prelate, N. our king, and all that truly fear 
thee; on our parents, children, friend
, and 
benefaétors, & c. on an thofe Wh0111 we have 
any ways fcandalized, injured, or oHènded, ! 
or for \vhom we are any other way bound to 
-pray; on all that are in their agony, or under 
violent temptations, or other ncceffitie
para} or fpiritual; on aU our enemies; and, 
in a worj, on aU poor finners; that we may 
be all converted to thee, and End mercY"J thro' 
JtJus ChriJt, thy Son: thro' whOln we hope 
one day to be admitted into the comp
ny of 
al1 thy faints and eleét, whore memo I Y \\"e 
here celebrate, whore prayers we defire, anJ 
with whom we communicate in theft holy 

" '""[hen 

Dtvotions,J'òr 1\lafi. 81 
(c Then the prieR fpreads his hands, ac- 
e cording to the ancien t cetemony of facri- 
" fices, over the bread and wine, which are 
" to be confecrated into the body and blood 
". of Chrift, and begs that God wo
ld accept 
" of this oblation vlhich he makes in the 
" name of the who1c chu.rch; and that he 
'" would grant us peace in this life, and eter- 
" nal falvation in the next. After VJhich he 
C'.' folemnly bleíres the bread and wine with 
" the fign of 
he crofs, an:ì invokes the i\l- 
ft.' mighty, that th
y may be m':ide to us the 
" b(Jdy and blood of his mo(t beloved Son 
" our Lord 'j'!Ii.S Chrift. i\nd fa he proceeds 
" to the confecration, hrfi of the bread into 
.., the body of our Lord, and thcn of the 
" wine into his. blood; which contecrariùn 
" is made by C'hriJt's o\vn words, pronounced 
" in his Name and Pelfon by the priefi, 
,., is the mofi eHential part of thi". f:{crifice, 
" becaufe thereby the body and b100d of 
" (hrill are really exhibited and pref
nted to 
., God, and ChrÏjI is myfiical1y Ílnrnclated". 
" llnmediatel y after the con[
cratiJn fonaws 
" the Elev-ation
 firft of the haft, then of the 
" cha1ice, in remelTlbraJ]ce of CbriJf
" vation upon- the crofs. At the elevation 
" of the chalice, the pricft recites thole 
". words of G"'hriJì: As often as ye do the(e 
" things, ye fhall do tbem for a Cl;mínCllloration 
,., of me. Then he goes on" making a íüIemn 
" commemoration of the pafiion, refarrec- 
" tion, and afcenfion of CbriJl, and b
" of God to accept this facrifice, as h
D 5 " ple

S2 Devotions for lvIqß. 
" pleafed to accept the oblation of .Abel, 
c, Abrahanz, and lv.lelchi{edcch: and to COtn- 
" mand, that it may, by his holy angel, be 
" prefented upon the altar above, in pre(ence 
" of his divine l\Ilajefiy, for the betneht of 
" all thofe that fhall partake of thefe myfte- 
" ries here be]o\v. In the mean time you 
" h " 
may pray t us: 

 praYl-'r when tbe priefl Jpreads hij hands over 
the ohlation. 
WE prefent to thee, 0 Lord, this bread 
and ,vine, \vhich being compofed of 
many, reduced into one, arc [Ylnbols of con- 
cord and unity, that by thy 
11-po\vcrful blef- 
fing they nlay be maùe for us the precious 
body and blood of thy beloved Son; and that 
thro' him, and thro' his death and paffion, 
applied to ou.r fouls by thefe facrcd Inyfl-eries't 
we may obtain IDercy, grace, and peace in 
this life, and eternal happinefs in the next.. 
.I1t the confecrati.. 7 n. 
,lake an aét of faith of the real prefence 
, of your Saviour's body and blood, foul al
" dl\,'in ity, under" the facramental \'cils. Of- 
" fer YOJf vvho!e (elf to him, and through 
" hi1n to his Father: beg that your he
:lrt and 
" foul may be happily changed into h
.At the ele\Jation. 
c, Contemplate with the eye
 of your foul, 
" your Saviour elevated upon the crofs for 
" you, bow down all the powers of your 
" foul 

I DevolionsJm' }'.!qfs. 83 
" foul to adore him, al d beg that he ,,"ould 
 dra,v all hearts to himfelf." 
.A prayer after the elevation. 
LOOK down now, 0 Lod, we bcfeech 
thee, upon th is facred viétim \vhich was 
once offered to thee u pan the crofs, and is 
now daily offered to thee. Remember that 
I th Y only begotten Son, for us poor finncrs, \vas 
I I conceived and born into this "vorld; that for 
us he fufFered a bitter agony and fweat of 
I blood ; for us he was betrayed into the hands 
()f finners, buffett
d, fpit upon, and Inany 
ways abufed ; for us he was fcourged at a pil- 
lar, cro\vned with thorns, dnd nailed to a 
; crofs; for us he died, and for us he triumphed 
lover death by his refurreéìion, and he opened 
heaven for us by his afcenfion. \Ve deÍÌre 
gratefully to COrnmelTIOrate all thefe myfleries' 
this day, in the oblation of this pure and holy 
facrifice. 0 look not on our fin
, but on 
the infinite ran[olll paid for them. And whilit 
we offer it here be]o\v upon our altars, do 
thou receive it upon thy altar above, from 
the hands of the angel of the grc:lt council, 
the eternal Prieí1:; and from thence fend do''^''n 
thy h1
ffing upon all us who here below aflift 
at the divine myfieries, through the fame 
Je/us ChrijJ our Lord. Ã;nen. 
" Then the prieft proceeds to the Mement(), 
" or commetnoration of the dead, faying, 
" Remelnber /lifo, 0 Lord, thy fervants N. and 
" N. 1-vbo are gone before us with the fig 11 of 
" faith, and repofe in the fleep of peace; pray- 
D 6 " in


Devòtion5 for J."\fajs. 

" ing for all the faithful departed in g
" and in par.ticul
r for thofe for \vhom he 
" dcfires to offer this facrifi
e Do you the' l 
" fame; and during this, recùm-: 
" mend in particu]ar to Goù's Inercy, thro'l\ 
" ']efus L'/;riJì's (
eath and paüìon, the fouls 
I; of you"r relations, friends, & c. f uch as 
<c; are l:ne}y dead, or have been particularly 
" recoITìlncnded to y 0 ur prayers; aU fuch as 
 you have any ways injured, or been an 
" occ3lìon of theÏr fins; fuch as are in the 
" greJteft want of prayers, or have none to 
" p= ay for them: in fine all fuch as God 
,.. \t\"oldd have you pilrticularJy to pray for; 
" and conclude with the prieH: r 0 theft, 0 
" Lord, and to tlll that riff in Ch: ifi, gt o {ll1l, 
" 11 e hefcech thee, a tlace of refrtfhtneiit, light 
I7Jd peacc, througb the JanIe Chrifi: our Lord, 
" ..1\ 
en . 
., After this Mernento or commemoration 
" of tne dead, th
 priell: raifing his voice a 
,. little, and firiking his breaíL fays, No/pis 
40( qtll'Þque peccotoribus, &c. And alft to us Jin- 
., 1'lcrs, & c. hUIl1 bly era; i ng .nercv alld pa.r- 
'" don for his tins, and to be adrnitted to 
.... fÒll1e part and fòciety with the apufiles and 
" Tnartyrs thro' 
lefus thrift. j"hen kne
, (lown, and t
king the facred hoLt in his 
'" haJlds, he makes the fign of the crofs with 
" it over the cha1ice, faying, rhro' hitJl) and 
" with hÙll, anti in him, is Jo thee, 0 God th.e 
" Father, ill the unity of the ficly G hoft, all 
" hor;or and glo! y; which lafi words he pro- 
" i
s) l:1
\ alÍng a li
tlc t!,,; hoit and 
'40 (h

Devótions fir ].,[oß. 


" cha1ice froin the a1tar, and then kneers 
'" JOVt'n, faying with a loud voi
e, Per 011znÌa 
" fæcula !æcu!Qrum, !,o" ever a::d e7)e
. An,f. 
"/l,nen, After V.rhl'Ch he reC1tes aloud the 
" Patcr l1olter, or Lord's p,ayer, the clerk 
" anfwcring at the end.. Sed Libera n'is a 1'J1t1ló, 
" But dCliiJ
r ;s frollt evil. In the mean tirne 
,. you may pray thus: H 
A prayer at the Nobis '1 uoque pecc
"lE humbly ímplorethy mercy, OI"oid, 
for ourfelves a][\:); \-\le beg paTdon for 
aU our fins; we to dete1t then1 and to 
J'enounce them for ever: 2l'l {)ur hope is In 
the n:ultirude of thv tender mercies, froln 
I which we confident1y expeél f
thro' :lefils Chrifi, and to be one day, thro" . 
him, adtnitted into the company of the blefs- 
ed apofiles and martyrs iH thy heaven1y pat a- 
èiíc. In the mean time \ve dehre to offer 
thee daily 
 thro' him, all bonour and gr'ry. 

" At the P attr nifter join \vtth the prieft 
,t in that facred prayer; and at the COI1clu- 
" {ion of it, beg \vhh him to be dc]ivered 
" froln alJ e,rils p(
fi, prefent anù to come; 
" anJ by t:le interceffion of the ble{feJ Vir- 
" gi;l, and a
l the faints, to be Cecured from 
" fin, and all difturbances, thro' Jc(us Chrift 
" cur Lord. 
" After this the prieft breaks the hoft 
c, over the chalice, in rel11embrance of 
" Chrift's body being broken for uS upon the 
" crofs i and he puts a fmall partic1e of the 
" ho4 

o u llev
tlonsfir l.Hafi.. 
" hott into the chalice, praying that the 
" p
a'e of the Lord may be ahvays- 1.vith liS. 
e< Then kneeling down, and rifing up again" 
" he f.1YS, Ã gnus Dei, &c. Lamb oj God 
cc who takeJt away the fins 0/ the world, have 
" nzerey 011 us. He repeats this thrice; but 
cc at the tbird time, inítead of Have mercy art 
" us, he fays, grcll1t U peace. After the .Ag- 
(C nus Dei, the prieít fays three íhort prayers, 
H bv way of preparation for recei.ving the 
" l'lel1èd f.1crament; then kneeling down, 
" and riling again, he takes up the hoft, and 
" Ihiking his b r ea1t, he fays thrice. Domine, 
'c 1ion fum dignu s , &c. Lord, 1 am not worthy 
" that thJZt ßouldfi enter under my roo}; jþeal: 
" only the 'It'ord, and 1ny fizil /ball be hfaled. 
" After \vhich he maks the fign of the crofs 
cc upon hill1felf with the holt, faying, The 
" body oj Ollr Lord Jefus Chriít prejèrve my 
c, fiul to life e-verla/ting. Alnen. And fo 
" receives it. Then after a lhort pau.fè in 
c;. mental prJyer, he proceeds to the receiv- 
e' ing of the ch::dice, ufÌng the like \vords : 
U Tbe hlood oj our Lord Jefus Chriil: prejèrve 
<<, lilY foul to life everlafting. Amen. ' rhen 
cc foJJows the communion of the people, if 
'" any are to recen'e. 
'c The devotion moftproperforthe people, 
" from the Pater l10fter till after the prieft's 
" communion, is to make, during that time, 
U a fpiritual communion; 1ft, By a lively 
" faith of the real prefence, in the bJe1fed 
c, {acrament, of the Lao1b of God flain for 
., our fins, and of the abundance o( graces 
" which 

Devotionsfor Mqfs. 87 
\\'hich he brings v.lith hinl to fuch as receive 
hiIn \'vorthily. 2dly, By an ardent dejire of 
partaking of this life-giving food. 3 dl y, 
By humbly 
 and heartil y 
I. 'lvailÙz(J' theIr un\Vorthlnels and fins, which 
!, hinde; then) from d,u ing to approach to 
:' this heavenly table. 4. th .y, By en flamed 
'affettions of love, afpiring after 
I' Chrift, and an eternal union with him, 
, invitin
 h.in1 tocome at lea-it fpiri:tual1 y into- 
I" thLir fouls, and to take full poifef1ìon of 
' all the po\vers of their fouls, and to give 
" thCt11 a large {hare in thofe graces \vhich 
" he uCual1y bc{to\vs on the worthy COffiIì1U- 
I" nicant, 
'c. 1--his is a devotion which may 
," be made with great profit, not only dS of- 
" ten as 
 perfon hears mafs, but 
:1Y other 
" hour in the day; and th-e oftener the bet- 

, ter. Y ou may, if you pleafe, l11ake ufe of 
" this form :'" : 

.A fpiritual cOlnJlJuniOJz.. 
o My [weet Saviour :refits Chrift, tho!! art 
my Sovereign Good, the Fountain of all 
Geod, n1Y God and my All. I 11l0fi finnly 
believe, th
 t for us finners, and for our fal- 
vation, thou waft pleafed to come down from 
bea ven, to take upon thee, by the myfiery 
of thy incarnation, our human nature, and 
to become one of us, that fo thou mightLft 
be our High-Prieft and our Viétitll: 1 moft 
firmly believe that thou offeredfi: thyfelf upon 
the crofs a facrifice for us all, after having 
fuffered many cruel torments for us; and 

88 Devotionsjör l.!qJ5. 
th it by thy glorious refurreétion, and ad
- t 
mirab1e afcenfion, thou haft opened the e-ates' r' 
of heaven for Ug. I moll: firmly believe,'-'that : 
in thefe facrcd myfteries thou. art truly and II., 
realIy pre
cnt, and thy facred body and, :c 
blood are here offered up in facrifice, and and indeed received by thy faithfu], in I r 
retl1elnbrance of thy death. 0 how happy t 
are thoCe fouls who vvorthi]y receive thee in ; 
this divine facrament! 0 what graces, .what \ I 
fanS:iry do they receive from this Fountain \ 
of all fanS:ity! 0 that I were fa happy as to 
be worthy to approach this day to thy hea- 
venly banq Het, and to feed on the food of 
life, the bread of angels! But alas! I am 
the mofi: wretched of all finners \vho froln 
my firfi comiIJg to the ufe of reafon, tia 
this hour, have inntlmeraJle \\l.ays offended t 
thee, my God. My foul is over-fpreaJ with \1 
an univerfJ.I leprofy, covered on all. fide'S I 
with ulcers, and unclean and filthy beyond I 
meafure, and theIefore iníinitely unworthy to 
ajJproach to the Lord of aU purity and fan
tity. In this lamentable flate that I am, I 
dare not fo much as look up towards thy 1 
altar, much ltifs approach to it; bu.t with 
eyes and heart cali down, and with a. deep 
fenfe of my manifold treafons, and great un,... 
\vorthincfs, I humbly beg pardon of thee for 
aU my iìns, and iOlplore thy nl=rcy. 0 :Foun,. 
tain of mercy have compaffion. on me, and 
futrer me at leaf! to,figh after thee; and tho' 
I am un\vorthy of thy embraces, perlnit me, 
like the penitent Maida/en, to prefent Inyfelf 

Devotions Jor lv';'qfs. 89 
leafi before thy feet, and walh them in 

 ,irit whh my tears! 0 may thy facred blood, 
.hich thou haft íhed for an finners, cleanfe 
}y poor foul this day from an its fit th! 0 
:>me to 01e, dear í...iord, in íþirit, and take 
oífeffion of 
ll the pO"01ers of n1Y foul? re- 
aBet} my nlemory i!1 thee, enlighten my 
nderfianding, and enflame my will with thy 
:>ve. 0 let me be thine, and thou mine, 
rom henceforth and for ever; and gran t that 
lathing in life or death may ever feparate me 
Irom thee any more. In th;s one prayer
1ear me, 0 Lord; and in aU things elfe do 
lIith me what thou wilt. 

c' After the comn1union, the prieft takes 
" the ablutions, of \vine and water into the 
" chalice, in order to confummate \vhatever 
" may rClTIain of the confecrated fpecies. 
" l-'hen covering the chalice, he goes to the 
" book, and reads a verfìcle of ho]y fcrip- 
" ture, cal1ed the COllllnunio1Z; after which, 
.., he turns about to the people \vith the ufual 
" falutadon, DonJÎnusvobJculn, and returning 
" to the book, reads the coJIeéts or prayers 
" ca1led The pojì comJJlunion. After which 
" he again greets the people with Don1Ínus 
" vol:ijfunl; and gives them leave to depart 
Co' \vith Ita lniJja 
/f; the clerk anfwering
" Dt'/} Grotias, Thanks be to God. 'fhen th
" prien", bov\1jng down before the altar, 
c. n1akes aíhort prayer to th..:: ble{[ed Trinity: 
" And then turning about to the Peopie 
" givcs his bleffing to thcln all in the nan1e 
" of' 

u llevotzons.Jôr A1afi

. of the bleff'ed Trinity: And fo conclude 
" the mafs by reading the beginning of thl 

, gofpe! according to St. .John, which th{: 
" people hear Handing, till thefe words, Ell 
" verbum caro .f a l/Ul/l eft, And the word Wa
" made jlejh; when both prieft and people 
" kneel down, in reverence to tbe myílery 

, of Chrift's incarnation. At the end the 
cc cIerk anfwers Dea Gratias T Thanks be to 
cc God. And [0 the prielt returns from the 
cc altar to the facrilty, and unveíls bimfe1f) 
" reciting in the mean time the Benedicite, or 
&, the canticle of the three children) inviting 
cc all creatures in heaven and earth to praife 
c, and bIers the Lord. After the communion 
., of the prieft, }'OU may pray as follows." 
A Prayer after the Communion. 
I Return thee now molt hearty thanks, 0 
my God, tlu-ough _7ifus Chrift thy Son) 
that thou baft been pleafed to deliver him up 
to death for us, and to gi ve us h:s body and 
blood, both as a facrament and a facrifice in 
thefe holy myíleries, at which thou haft per- 
mitted me, a moft unworthy Sjnner
 to affift- 
this day. May aU heaven and earth b]e[s and 
praife thee for ever, for aU thy mercies. 0 
pardon me dear Lord, all my difiraétions,. 
and the manifold negligences which I have. 
been guIlty of this dar in thy fight; and let 
me not depart \vithout thy benedittion. Be- 
hold, I defire from this moment to give up 
myfeIf, and all that belongs to me, into thy 
hands) and I beg tbat all my undertakings, 


Devotionsjor Mofs. 9 1 
, thoughts, words and aEtions, may hence- 
I' \vard be levell'd at thy glory, thro' the 

 fame 1ef!/S ('hriji our Lord. .Amen. 
crhe Beginning oj the Gofpe/ of St. J ann. 
I N the beginning was the word, and the 
vJord was with God, and the word was 
'ode The fame \vas in the beginning \vith 
ad. All things were made by hiol, and 
ithout him was made nothing that was 
i tade . In him was life, and the life was the 
Ight of men; and the light íhineth in dark- 
ers, and the darknefs has not comprehend- 
:d it. There was a man fent from God
hofe name was John. This nlan came for 
" witnefs to give teftimony of the light, that 
ll n1cn might believe through him. He was 
'lot the light, but to give teflimony of the 
ight. That was the true light, which en- 
,lightens every man that cometh into this 
\vcrld. He was in the \vorld, and the world 
was made by him, and the world kne\v hirß 
not. He came into his o,vn
 and his o\vn 
received him not. - But as n1any as received 
l1im, he gave then1 power to be In
de the 
fons of God; to theln that believe in his 
name, \vho are born not of blood, nor of the 
'\vill of flefh, nor of the will of tnan, but of 
God, j\ nd the word 
uas lnade flcfh, and 
<1\vell anlong us. And v
re faw his glory? 
the g10ry as of the only-begotten of the Fa- 
ther full of grace and truth. 
N.. B. \\7ith regard to the vefirnents, in 
\,,'hich the prien f
ys tnafs: that as the mars. 
rc prcfent5- 

9 2 Devotions Jôr :A1týs. 
reprefcnts the paffion of Chrift, and the prit ,t 
there officiates in his perfon, fo thefe vel III 
ments in which he of!iciateF, reprefent tho 
with which Chrift Vlas ignominiouOy- c
cd at the tÎme of his pa1uon. 'J'hus the Ami,I' 
reprefents the rag or clout with which th 
Jt"ws muilied our Saviour's face, when 
every blo\v they bid hitn prophefy who it wa 
that firuck hirn, St. Luke xxii. 64- Th, 
.Alh repre[ents the white garment with whicl' 
he was vefted by Herod: The Girdk., Mat 
niple and Sto!e reprefent the cords and band: 
with \vhich he was bound in the differen( 
Rages of his paffion. The Chafuble, or out-\ 
"vard vefltnent, reprtfel1ts the purple garment 
with \
1hich he was cToathcd as a ITIock king; 
upon the back of \vhich there is a crofs, to 
reprefent that which Chrift bore on his facred 
íhoulders: Lafily, the priefi's T01Jfure or 
crown is to repre1ent the crown of thorns 
which our Saviour 
l'Aoreover, as in the old law the priefis 
that were wont tD offici
te in the (1cred 
funétions, had, by the appointn1ent of God, 
veftmc1it'S 2ffio-ned for that purpofc, as wen 
o , 
for the greater decency and fotemnity of the 
divine v oríhip, as to fignify and reprefent 
the virtues \vhich God required of his Ininj[- 
ters; fo it \\.as proper that in' the church of 
the New r ejta1l1ent, ('hrfft's miniíters íhouJd 
in their facred funétions be difiinguifhed in 
like Inan
er from the laity by their [acred 
\'efirne:1ts; \vhich might alfo reprefent the 
virtues \vhich God requires in them: l

Devotionsjòr lvlqfi. 93 
h amice, which is firfl put upon the head, 
(' "efents divine hope, which the apofile caBs 
h helmet if falvation; the a/b, innocente of 
.; the girdle (with which the loins are be- 
)\ ) purity and c:hajtity; the lnaniple (which 
.. ut on the left ann) patient fuffiring of the 
JJurs of this mortal life;. the flote, the 
et yole of ChriJi, to be borne in this life, 
I )rder to a happy Îmn1ortality; in fine, the 
,.ruble) which is uppermofi, and covers all 
] reft, rcpr
fents the virtue of G'harily. 
[n thefe vefi:ments the church makes ufe 
) five colours, viz. the white on the fealls 

our Lord, of the B Virgin, of the angels, 
d of the faints that were not martyrs; the 
.1 on the feafis of Ptntecofi, of the inven- 
,n and exal tation of the crofs, and of thfi 
L)fi!es and marty rs ; the via '
t, which is the 
1itential co1our, in the penitential times 
.Advent and Lent) and upon l/igils and 
nber-Da)'s; the g"een on moft of the other 
'n lays and Ferias throughout the year; and 

 black on Good-Friday, and in the maífes 
r the dead. 
We make a reverence to the altar upon 
:lich mafs is [aid, becaufe 'tis the feat of 
efe divine n1yfieries, and a figure of Chrift., 
ho is not only our prieft and facrifÙ'e, but 
lr altar too, iOJflnuch as we offer our 
ayers anù facrifices through him. U pan 
e alta" we al ways have a crucifix, that as 
e mafs is [aid relnelnbrance of (.'hrijÎs paf- 
)il and death, both prien: and people may 
!ve before their eyes durin
 this Clcrifice, 

94 lJevotz01lS jor Mojs. 
the image that puts them in mind of his pa 
fion and death. And there are always Jight(: 
candles upon the altar during mafs; as w{: 
to honour the viétory and triumph of 0111 
Great King (which is there celebrated) t;\: 
thefe lig
ts, which are tokens of our .J.; I 
,lnd of. his Glo1Y, as to denote the lIgl: 
of Faith, with which we are to approach t 
.A tnethod of hearing Mafs for the ahfent. ; 
I T often happens that chrifiians, throug 
difiance of p1ace, indifpofition, or othe: 
unavoidable impediments, are hindered fror; 
being able to be prefent at the great facrifice c! 
the mafs: in which cafès it is proper the:' 
íhould endeavour to affift thereat, at leafi it 
fpirit, which may be done with great fruit t( 
their fouls in this manner. 
Let them make choice of a proper time. 
in the morning, and either by themfelves (01 
if they have a falnily, funlffioning theln to.
gether) let them go into their oratory, anc 
there prefent them[el ves in fpirit before the 
a1tar of God: after having bc\vailed their 
misfortune in being kept at a diftance from 
thefe hèavenly InyHeries) let them join thenl- 
felves in heart ând affettion with all that are 
()1ferin{! this facrifice to God at that time j 

reprefenting more particularly to themfelvcs 
that mafs \\rhich is then offered in the place 
where they comlnonly hear mafs ; and apply- 
ing themfelves to the fanle devotions they 

onlmon1y ufe in time of hearing mafs. 

Drootionsfir 1\fojS. 95 
Thus for example: 2t the C()nfitcor, Jet 
ml confefs their fins ,vith a hearty repen- 
tlce; at the Kyrie E/eifoll, let them cry oue 
God for mercy; at the G1Qria in Exce!fti, 
t thell1 give adoration and glory to God; 
the Co/leas, let them recon1mend to hin1 

ir own and the church's neceßìties; at the 

ljle and Gofpel, Jet them beg God's grace, 

at they may conforrn their lives to his ho1y 
,'ord; and fo ",.ith proportion let them ac- 
I,mmodate their devotion to all the other 
.rts of the mafs; remembering always the 
'ur IntentiDns of the facrifice; the PaJlion of 
rifl, and a Spiritual C01Jlmunion: uniting 
emfelves in every part of this facrifice with 
ius Chrifl, and offering themfelves to God 
Ith him and through him. 

'he manner of ferving and an[wering at 

l'he Cl
rk or Ser1.:itor kl1feling at thi lift hand of 
the Priefl, /hall anfwer hi,n as fallows. 
Ntroibo ad a]tare Dei. 
. Clerk. Ad Deum, qui Iætificat juventutem 
Ilea m . 
I Pre Judica me, Deus, & difcerne caufam 
learn de gente non fanéta; ab homine iniquo 
l; dolofo erue me. 
CI. Quia tu es, Deus, fortitudo mea, quare 
'1e repu1ifii, & quare trjflis ince.QQ .durn affli- 
;it me inÏ1nicu,S r 


'::JV .... ,",", jlJl V1dL6 U-<(, 


Pre Ernitte lucelTI tuam & verit"ltem tuam t 
ipfa file deduxerunt, & adduxerunt in nlonter' ( 
fdnétum tUUI11, & in tabernacula tua. 
Ct. t: t introibo ad altare Dei: ad Deum 
qui lætificat juventutem meam. I 
Pre Confitebor tibi in cithara, Deus, Deu l 
meus: quare triftis es anÍlna mea, & quar.l 
conturbas me? 
Cl Spera in !)eo, quoniam adhuc confÌte, 
bor illi; falutare vultûs tnei, &. Deus meus.,1 
Pre Gloria Patri, &, Filio, & Spiritu: 
San él:o. 
CI. Sicut erat in Pri'ncipio, & nunc, & fern. 
per., & in fæcula fæcu!orum. Amen. 
Pre Introibo ad altare Dei. 
C/. Ad Deum, qui lætificat juventuterr 
Pre Adjutoriurn nofirum in nomine Do. 
mini. Ct. 
JÏ fecit cæ)uln & terram. I 
Pro Confiteor Deo, f.:J c. 
Ct. rvj iferearur tui omnipotens IJeus, & ài. 
nliffis pcccatis tuis, perducat tc ad vitarn æter- 
nalTI. Pr. Amen. 
C/o ("'onfiteor Deo omnipotenti, beat3ì 
Mariæ femper V irgini, beato Iv1ichaeli Arch. 
angeJo\ beato J oanni Raptifiæ, fanttis Apof- 
tolis Petro & Paulo, omnibus fanétis, & tibi: 
Pater, quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, verb< 
ß" opere [here he jlrikes his breaft thrice] me
culpâ, nleâ culpâ, meâ rnaxinlä culpâ. lde
precor }jeatalTI Ivlarianl femper \; irginem 
beatum IVlichaelcfn Archangelum, beatuu 
Joannem BapÜ1tafn, fantios f"\pofiolos Pc 

T/le,[ervi'l1g at Mafi. 97 
truln & PauIum, 0l11neS fanéèos, & te, Pater, 
orarc pro Ine ad Dominum Deuln nofirum. 
Pro l\1ifcreatur vefiri, &c. C/o Amen. 
Pr. InduIgentiam, abfoIutionem, &e. 
Ct. Arnen. 
pr. DClls tu convcrfus, vivificabis nos... 
Ct. Et plebs tua lætabitur in te. 
Pro Ofi-ende nobis, Domiltc mifericordiam 
tuam. (:1. Et falutare tuum da nobis. 
Pro Don1ine, cxaudi orationem meam. 
Ct. }=t c]anlor nlCUS ad te veniat. 
Pr. DOlninus vobifcum. 
{;l. :r:t cum fpiritu tUO. 
Pr. K yric eleifon. Cl. Kyrie eleifon. t 
Pro K yrie eleii
n. CI. Chrifi:c eIeifon. · 
Pro Chrifie eleifon. C/. Chrific e]cifon. 
Pro I<'yrie clei Ion. C/. K yrie eIeifon. 
pro K yrie eleiCon. · 
Pre Donlinu
 \'obifcum, or Flecramus ge- 
nua. Cl. }
t cum fpiritu tuo, or Levatc. 
Pro Per omnia fæcula Üeculorum. 
CI. AlDen. 

./1/ tlJe end of the Epiftle fn.. v , Dea gratias. 
". 7'ht Epijtlt", Gradual and Al1eluja, or'Trall 
ing read., rClnovc fl'e map- baoÆ to the right- 
hand if tbe altar, making a revere1lce as )'Olt 
paft btforc the 111iddle if the altar. Let the cle't'k 

ver kl1fflorjlaJ1d on tbe {ontra,:v fide tJ the 
'fl(lJ! /Jo
k. . 
Pro I)onlinus vobifcum. ' 
(;l. 'E t cum fþiritu tUG. 
]Jr. Scqucntia fanéì:i Evange1ii fecundu()1. 
. .. r a.E ' 

'98 Ihc jerDlng at lvf
.ill/cling ,thi fig, 11 of the croft, fay, 
Cl. Gloria tibi, DOtnine. 
Mafe a 1 A i,veren,:,t at tbe beginning and t1 7 din?; 
oj the G()f..')c/, and at the naJne if J E S US; 
ond at the cnd fay, LI. Laus tibi, Chrific. 
Pre Dotninus \'obifcum. 
CI. Et curn ,fpiritu tuo. 
.1.1 ire II clerk is to give v.Ji l1e tl1U/ water, and 
prepare the bafon, water and lIJ'lvel for the 
prieft. The prieft ha.ving waßJcd, let hi,n 
kneel in bis form
r placc-, and an/we,.., 
Pre Orate,Fratres, &c. 
ct. Sufcipiat Dominus.facrificium de mani- 
:bus .tuis ad 
laudem & gloriðln -nominis fui, 
ad utilitatem quoque nofir2.m, totiufque c.c- 
clefiæ fuæ fanétæ. 
Pre Per omnia fæ<:ula fæculorum. 
Ct. Amen. 
,Fr. Dominus vobifcUln. 
CI. Et cum fpiritti tuo. 
Pre Surfum cürda. 
Cl. Habenius ad Dominum. 
..Pr. Gratiás agal11us Domino Dco no!lro. 
.Cl. Dignum & juH:um ea. 
t Sané1us, Sanftus, Sanétus, 
..:j'c. ring the 
Ijt/le h
ll, 'Ulhere tbis is Cllftol110ry. 
... .nd again, whelt YOI,1 fee tbe prirft [prtod h;os 
,hllnds over the chalice, give 'lUa"lltng ly the 
./Je/l, of the conftcrotion 'luhicb -is about tf) & bt 
made. '[hen holding up the veftl11ent wIth 
your left-hand, and hai:ing the hell in your 
r,ht, ring during the elevation gf the H.ift'; 
which heing ended, you l1l U ft lift the ve(t- 
'Dlt'lIt; _and preftnt/y do tht Jeune Qt the (lev.a- 

/le ,ferving at l.lojS. 99 
tion Df tbe Chalice. As often as yo 11 paft i;"v 
thß bíejJêd Sacranzent, adore on your 1i11i'es. 
Pre Per omnia fæcula fæculorum. 
Cl. Anlen. · 
Pre Et ne nos inducas iø tentationem. 
G'f. Sed libera nos à rnalo. 
Pre Per omnia f;ecula fæculorum. 
Cl. Amen. 
Pre Pax Domini fit femper vobifcu:n. 
C;l. Et cum fpiritu tuo. 
The prie//' s comlnullicn heing ended, he '"taft 
to [ive him þrfi l.uine, and then l.vine and 
wat,r (hut if ihere he conlmunicants, .fiij! 
provide theln a towel, and Jay the Connteor.) 
Then remOVl the h:;ok to the lift-hand of the 
a!:ar, take tJ'Lua)' the Jowel from the {OlllllJuni- 
cants, if there were any, and retu.rn tQ you 
for1l1er place. j 
Pre Dominus vobifcum. 
CI. Et cum fpiritu tUO. 
Pre Per omnia fæcula fæculorum. 
ct. Amen. 
pre lte, Miff'a eft; Dr Benedicamus Do... 
mino. Cl. Deo gratias. 
In /v!affis for the dead. 
Pre Requiefcant in pace. Cl. Amen. 
Rlí1Z;Ve the book, if it be left open; }neel ani 
take the prieft's hldJmg. 
pr. Pater, & Filius, & Spiritus Sanétús. 
L'/. Amen. 
.At the heginning of the GcJ.htl. 
Pr. Don1inus vobifcum. " · 
L1. Et cum fpiritu tuo. 
Pr. Initium, orSequentia Sanéti E,"angèlii. 
E 2 C'J. 

evotions proper fef S:tndoys, and 
The Hymn Te DellJl:', 
, ;t rE praifc thee, 0 God _; we confefs thee 
,IV our Lord. I 
, th_e Fathc,r.cverlaíìing"aIl the catth 
. doth woríhi,p. 
o tl1ce the angels, to ,thee the heave
s, I 
and ,aU ..the po\vers. 
To tl1ee the Cheru binls &.1nd Seraphims 
" out without ceafing \ 
Hol y, holy, hol y, Lord God of Saboath ;: 
}i"'ull ate the .heavens and the ,earth of th
.majcfiy of thy glory. .. 
ï"hee the glori04s cho. r, of the apofiles, 
Thee the laudable number of the prophets, 
The.e the \vhitc - rob
d arn1 y of martyrs 
dorh praife. 
Thce.the holy,church throughout the world 
doth confefs. 
The Father of .incomprchenfib1e 1\1aj
1'hy venerable, true and onJ,Y Son. 
And the Holy C;hoH: the Parae-Jete. 
1'hou art the king of Glory, 0 -C'hriJt. 
Thou zrt the ev
r1a{tittg Son of the Father. 
Thou beino- to take U p on thee to dêli\ler 
o , 
man., didfi not abho
 the V:irgin's \.vøn1b. 
Thou having ovcr.çQnlC the fling of øeath. \
ha l 

00 veVOLtons Jor 
Cl. Gloria tibi, DOl11ine. 

;ft tbe end fay, Dca. gratÍ:1s. 
Put 'out the candles, and la} 
-p all Jecently a.;zd 
carefully . 


Sundays and l/olida;,rs fa : 
hait: opened to believers the kingd'oln of 
hca ve11. 
l"'hou fitteft at the r.ight-hand of God in 
the glory of the Father. 
l"nec we believe to be the Judge to come.- 
\Ve therefore pr
y thee, he] p thy fervants, 
\vhotn thou haU rcu(;c111ed with thy precious 
I blood. 
rvlake them to be numbered with thv faints- 
in eternal glory. 
o Lord, fave thy people, and, blë[
Inheri tancc. 
And govern them; aI1d exalt them for ever. 
E\'ery day we- bIers thee, 
And we praife thy narne fer ever and c\'er. 
V ouchfafc, 0 Lord, to keep us this day 
I without fin. 
Have tnercy on us, 0 Lord, hJve It1ercy 
no us. 
Let thy merc}', 0 IJord, be upon us; 
we have put our truft in thee. 
In thee, 0 Lord, have I put nlY trufi; 
let me not be confounded for ever. 

 B ' . . n.. r h l l " / 
':t IJe eneUlclte; 01" GflJ:tlcte or tit ')tCi , )1 L!rfJJ; 
. Daniel iii. 
A LL ye \vorks of the IJord, b1efs the LOTti, 
prai fc 
tnd exa] t h inl above all fOI ever. 
o yc angels of the Lord, ble[s the Lord; 
o ye heavens blefs the I.lord. . 
o all ye "vaters thdt are above the heavens, 
blcfs the Lord; 0 all y.e po\vcrs of the Lord; 
blels the Lord. 




1Ð2 De
votion5 jor 
. . 0 ye fun and mOOI1\ blt'[s the Lord; 0 ye 
fiars of heaven, blefs the IJonl. 
o every fhower and dew, blefs ye the 
Lord; 0 aJ1 yc Spirits of God, bIers the 
o ye fir
 and heat, bIers the Lord; 0 ye 
\:cld antI heat, bIers the l.ord. 
o ye dews and hoarv froils, bIers the Lon.1 ; 
o ye froft and cold bIc(s the Lord. 
() yc ice and [novI blefs the Lord; 0 ye 
llights and days, hl
fs the Lord. 
o ye light and d2rknefs, blefs the Lord; 
o ye lightnings and clouds, b]efs the Lord. 
o let the earth blefs the Lord; let it praife 
nd exalt hiln above all for ever. 
o ye mountains and hills, bleCs the Lord; 
o all ye things that fpring up in the earth, 
bIers the Lord. 
o ye fountains, blefs the Lord j 0 ye 
fcas and rivers, blefs the Lord. 
o ye whales, and an that move in the wa- 
ters, bIefs the Lord; 0 all ye fo'\\:o}s of the 
air, blefs the Lord. 
o all ye beaRs and cattle, bIefs the I
ord ; 
o yc fons of men, bIefs the Lord. 
o let ltrael bIefs the Lord; Jet them praife 
hhn, and- exa]t him above aU for ever. 
o ye priefis of the Lord, bJef,; the Lord; 
o } e fervants of the Lord, blefs the Lord. 
o ye fpirits and fouls of the j uít, blefs the 
Lord; () ye holy and hunlble of heart, blefs 
the I.Jord. 
o An
ínias, · Âzarias, and lt1ifael, bIers ye 
the Lord, pr
ife ap.d çxalç him above all for 
. L t 
eyer: e. 

SUJl"la)'s and lio!ida)'s. 103 
Let us bIefs the :Father and the Son \\,ith 
the Hal y G hofi; let us praifc hirna
lJ nlag- 
uify hinl for ever. .: 
d art thou, 0 J
ord, in the hnna--- 
ment of heaven; and \vorthy of praii"(:, and 
glorious, and n1agni
ed for ever. 
P)tlbns of adJration, pr".ift, ail.i th:;nlfgi",i'lg" 
dl!J, xci v. 
C O \t1 E, let us pr
ire the I
ord with joy j 
let us 1o
w"fl1Hv fine to God our Saviour. 
w J J 
Let us con1
forc his Drc[cn
e \vith thankf- 
! - 
giving, and make a joyful noife to him \ivith 
For the Lord is a great God, and a great 
King above all gods. fòr the Lard 
uilJ 110t r e- 
jell his people. 
For in his Hand are aU the ends of the 
earth, and the heigbts of the mountains are 
F or the fea is his, and he made it; and his 
hands have formed the dry land. 
Come let us adore and f
l1 do\vn hifore 
God; let us \veep before the Lord that made 
For he is the Lo'-d our God; and \\'e arc 
the peop]e of his p
1ture, and the íheep of 
his hand. · 
1"0 d3Y, if you íh:lll hear his voice
not your hearts. 
1\s in the provocation
 according to tbe 
day of tèrnptation in the vvilderncfs, \vhere 
your fathers tenlpted me; they proved IDe, 
anù tå\\" nlV work

F ortv 

10 4 DevoLìonsfor 
Fort y \
ears 10no- was I oHendcJ with tbat 
generation; and I [aid, '1 hefe lJlen al \vavs err 
in thei r hearts. J 
And they have not kno'Vvn In y ways; [0 r 
f,vul e in nlY v/rath, that they fhoutd not cn- , 
ler into m v refi:. 
G lory he to the f"athcr, and to the Son, , 
and to the l-Ioly GhoH. I\S it 
\vas in thc be- \ 
ginning, is no\v, ând eyer íhall bc) \vorl,1 ; 
\vithout end. .Alllen. I 

Plalnz xcix. 
SING joyful1y to God, all the earth. 
Serve yc the Lord with gladnefs. 
Con1c in before his prefence with exceeJ- 
ing great joy. 
Know ye that the Lord is God j he mad
us, and not \ve ourfelves. 
Vie are his people, and the {beep of his 
pafture. Go ye into his gate 
vith praife 7 
into his courts with hymns, and give glory 
to him. 
})rai[c ye his name, for the Lord is fweet ; 
his mercy endureth for ever, and his truth to 
generation and generation. Glory, &c. 
Pra/Vl cii. 
BLefs the Lord, 0 my foul, and let all that 
is within me praife his hojy nan1e. 
Blefs the Lord, 0 my foul) and ncve
get aU he hath done for thee. 
\Vho 1l1ercifully forgiveth all thy iniquities; 
who healeth all thy difeafcs. 
\Vho rcdeemeth thy life from defiruétion ; 

Sundo)'s and Jfo!Oda)'s. 


\\"hocro\vncth thee \'vith 111ercy and cOlTIpafliolì. 
\Vho fatisf1eth thy Jcfìre \vith good things; 
thy vouth {haJl be tcnevvcd like the ea b O'les. 
oJ J 
'I'he Lord doth Inercies ; and j udgInent for 
all that fuffcr \vrong. 
I He hath Inade his vvays knovvn to lv1lJfes; 
his wills to the children of Iþ"ae!. 0 
l"'he Lord is cornpaffionate and merciful; 
long-íuftèring, and plenteous in me
lie \vill not al wa ys be angry; nor v
ill he 
threaten for ever. 
I-Ie hath not òealt 
1'ith us according to our 
,. nor rcwJrdcd us 
1ccording to our ini. . 
q ultles. 
For according to the hcighth of the heavcn 
above thc earth, he hath firengthencd his' 
lTICrcy to\vards rheIn that fear hiiJ1. 
s far as the Eaft is frorTI the \\r eft, fo far 
hath he removed our iniquities fron1 us. 
As a father hath conlpaßioll upon his chil- 
dren, fo hath the Lord conlpaiEon on theln t 
that fcar him. 
r'or he knoweth our fralne: he remen1 ber- 
eth that we arc duft. 
Man's days at'ë 
lS gra[s: as the flower of 
-the field fo {ha1l he flourilh. 
F'or the fpirit {baH p
1fs in him; and he 
{hall not be, and he íha1l know h is place no 
.. But the mercy of the J..Iord "is from eter- 
nity, anù unto eternity upon them" that fcar 

nd his jufiice unto children's chiJdrcn, 
to frc\ 
s keçp his ,covenant, 
}: :; A n I 

1,06 bevotions fi; 
And are"lniiidful of his coml11andInents to 
d. thenl. 
Tht:: fJord hath prepared his th rone in hea- 
ven: and his king(iom íha1J rule over a}1. \ 
BIers the Lord all ye his angels: you th2t I 
arc n1ighty in fircngth, and execute his v,.ord, : 
hearkening to the voice of his orders. , 
Blefs yc the Lord all } e his hafts; you 
ininifiers of his who do his \vil1. 
Blels J c the Lord all his \vorks, in every 
þlace of his donlinion. 0 nlY fo
) bIefs 
thou the Lord. Glory, &c. 
Plalm cxvi. 
o !>raife the Lord all ye nations: praiie 
him all yc people. 
Bcc3ufe his mercy is confirmed upon us ; 
and the truth of the f..lord remaineth for ever. 
Glory bè to the .F
ther, f5 c. 
PJabl1 cxxxvii. 
I \Vill praife thee, 0 Lord, vlith I11Y vlht)I
heart; for thou haIl: heard che words of 
l11Y 1110uth. 
I \\..jJI fing praifc to thee in the fight of the 
ange1s: I will woríhip towards thy holy teol- 
pIe, and I win give glory to thy name. 
r'or thy mercy and for thy truth; thou haíl 
magnified thy holy N an1e above aU. 
In what day foever I 1hall caB upon thee, 
hear me: thou 1halt multipJy firength in tny 

lay aU the kings of the earth give glory to 
thee, 0 Lord; for they hav
 he;' rd aU the 
vJords of thv month.. And 

Sundfl)'s and Holidays. 10 
And Jet them fing in the ways of the I..,or.d, 
for grLat is the glory of the Lord. 
I For the Lord is high, and looketh on the 
low; and the high he knoweth afar off. 
If I {hall walk in the midfi: of tribulation, 
thou \vilr quicken 
ne: and thou haft ílretch- 
ed forth thy hand againfi the wrath of 01Y 
enemies; and thy right-han i hath faved Inc. 
'l'he Lord \vill repay for me. l"hy mercy, 
o Lord, cndurcth for ever: 0 defpitè not 
the works of thy hands. GJo
y, f.:l,. 
Pfabn cxlviii. Alleluia.' C 
p Raife ye the lJord from the heavens: praife 
ye hio1 in the high places. 
Pri1ife ye hilTI all his 
: ptaife ye hi;n 
an his hofts. 
 ye him, 0 fun and moon: praifc ye 
hiID an ye fiars and light. 
Praite hiln ye hea'lcns of heavens: and let 
I aU the waters that are above the h
a\'ens prai-f
the nan1C of the J
ord. J 
F (If he (poke the ,yard, and they ",ere 
made: he cOlnmandcd-, and they \vere created. 
. I--lc hath eftablifhFd them for ever, and fa 
ages of ages: he hath nlade a J::cree, and it 
{han not rafs away. 
PraIfe the Lord from the c
rth, ye dra. 
gans, and all ye deeps. ... . 
Fire, hail, fnow) ice; fiornlY winds vl
fulfil his \lord. 
i\!lountains and an hil1s; fruit.f..11 trees and 
211 ceJ



t08 DevotionsJor 
'Beafis and cattle j ferpents and feathered 
. Kings of the earth and all peoplt: j princes, 
and all j uJges of the earth. 
i Young 111en and maiJcns; Jet the old v,7ith 1 
the younger praife the nanlC of the Lord. 
bccaufe his name alone is exalted. 

 'I' e praife, of hin1 is above heaven and 
fiarth; a.nd he.. hath exalted th
 horn of his 
A hymn to all his faints: to the <:hi1Jren of 
/frael, a people approach,ing to hin1. Glory. 
. I P fabn c 1. 
p Raife ye the Lord in his holy p1aces; praife 
ye hiln in the finnanJent of his po\ver. 
Praifè ye him for his mighty aéts; praife 
 him .according to the multitude of his 
Praifc him with found of trumpet; praife 
hirn with pfaltery and harp. 
Praire hinl with timbrel and choir; praife 
biln with firings and orgJl1s. 
Praiíe him on high founding cymbals; 
praife him on cymbals of joy: let every fpirit 
prai[e the Lord. Glory, &c. 
The Benediétus; or Car:ticlt if Zacharias. St. 
Luke i. 
B Leffed be the Lord God of Iþael, becaufe 
he hath vifited, and wrought th
dec;ption of his people j 
And hath raired up a horn of S2I vation 
to us, in the houfe of Da7.,lJ o d his f
rYí nt; 

Sundtl)tS and l-lolÙlays.. .. 109 
d As he fpoke by the tnouth of his holy pro- 
')hets, who arc froIl1 the beginning: 
.), Salvation fron) our enemies, and fron1 the 
1a}1d of all that hate us ; 

 0 perfo
nl 111
rcy to our fathers, and to 
cnlember his holy tcfiament. _ 
'I'he oath which he f\vor
 to Abrahanz our 

 father 4\ that he would grant to us ; 
:J Th
t being de;îvcred from the hand of our 
_ 'cneJl1ies, \ve lnay ferve hini without fear, 
It. In ho1incfs and juHice before hin1 
H our 
And thou, Child, {halt be cJIled the Pro- 
phet of the ; for thou 111alt go before 
I the face of the Lord to prepare his \va ys ; 
o give kno\v1edgc of falvation to his p
pIe, unto the rcn1ifiion of their flns ; 
'T'hrough the bOVv"eIs of the rncrcy of our 
God, in which the Orient fro:11 on high hath 
viiìtcd us. 
rro enlighten then1 that fit in dar-knefs, 

nd in the íhado\v of death; to dire[t our 
feet into the \vay ofpcacc. Glory, 
,. · 
Atts of faith, hO}-le, love, ancl contrition, 
proper to be made every day. 
.An aEl of Faitb. ,; 
o Eterna
 Truth, wh? h1ft revealed thy
to n1en, one God Hl three perfons, 1" 
ther, Son, é:1nd floIy Ghofi, I bclieve in thee. 
o ]eJus C'hriJI, the Son of God, true God, 
;lnd true lVlan, my Saviour 2nd Redeenler, 
who h
1ft died for us all. I believe in thee. 
I bc- 

t 10 Aéls 0/ Faitll, Hope, &c. 
I believe 311 the divine truths, \vhich thou, 
J11Y God, hatl: taught us, by thy Word, and; 
by thy church; becaufe thou hail taught' 
them, v:ho art the Sovereign Truth: and I 
had rather die than ca!1 in q ueftion any of 
thefe truths. 
An aEf qf Hope. 
a 11y God, who .art infiniteIy powerful, 
and infinitely good and Inerciful, who 
hal1: nlade me for thyfe1f, and redeemed lne 
by the blood of thy 
on't and prolnifed an 
good through hinl, I finn1r hope for mercy, 
grace and [alvation fronl thee, through the 
 L'})riJì n1)' Saviour; refolving., on 
my part, to do all that thou rcquircft of me. 
.An atl of tb.1 Lave of God 
o My Clod, and my All, infinitely good in 
thyfcJf, and infinitely good to Ine, I de... 
fire to praife thee, bIers th
e, glorify thee., 
and Jove thee for ever. 0 take thou poß.èf- 
fion of my \vnolc foul, and make me for ever 
a fecvant of thy love. 
 all of the L01)C of cur l1eigbóo1Jrs.. 
o My God, thou hail cOI1Hnanded me to 
Jove every neighbour as tnyfelf, for thy 
L'1ke. 0 give nlC grace to fulfil this com- 
mancJmcnt. I defire tQ love every neighbour, 
whether friend, or enenlY, in thee, and for 
thee. I renounce ever} thought, \vórd, or 
deed, that is con tr ary to this love. I forgi ve 
all that have any way offended me; and r 
beg thy mercy, grace, and falvation for an 
the world. 


AEls cf Faith, Ilope, &c. 111 

An a{} of Contrition. 
) My God, who art infinitely good, and 
alv/a)'s hatefi fin, I beg pardon from t?C 
ottorn of my heart, for all Iny offences a- 
"ainfi thee; I detefi them al1, and alTI hear- 
i1y forry for the.n, becau fe they ofFend thy 
Infinite o-oodn
fs: and I beg I may rather 
Ilie, than be guilt)' of tAem any n1ore. 
,till ttfÛv!rjal p,.oj"er fraIl things l1ecejj{ll] to 
! Saf.vLltion. 
o !vI y God, I believe in thee, do thou 
, i'trengthen my faith. All my hopes are 
,In thee, do thou lècure then!. I love thee 
with 01Y \\:ho1e heart, teach me to i07.Jè thee 

daily more and more." 1 arn .þrry that I hays 
offended thee; do thou inci eaf
 my firro'uJ. 
I ad?re thee as 01V t1rft beginning.. I rifpire 
:after thee ai nlY laH end. 1 give thee t,
as my conftant Bcnefaèror. 1 {all upon thee 
as my fovereign Prnteétor. 
V ouchfafe, 0 my God, to conduét Ole by 
thy .v.:iJla;n, to re!train Ine by thy jujlic e , to 
comfort me by thy mercy, to defend me by 
th Y po
1.0 thee J defire to confecrate all n1Y 
thoughts, words, aétions, and fufferings; that 
'henceforward I may thin k of the
, tþcâk or'" 
thee, \vil1ingly refer all my aé1:ions to thy' 
I greater glory; and fuff
r \villingly whatcv 
thou {halt appoint. 
Lord, I defìre that in aU things thy ;vÙI 
may be done, oecaufe ít is thy 'lviII, änd in 
the máñßM -thou wille1l:

T he rr ( 

112 (1éls 0/ Faitlt, J-Icpe, &c. 

I beg of tbee to enlighten my 1!nderfltll1d.. 
iug, to enfb.1:11e my 'i.e:ill) to purify 111}' hod)', 
and to fJl1Etify rny pu/. 
Gi\'e rne firength, 0 Iny God, to expiate 
my IJffinces, to overcome In y te/l1pt..1tj
f1S ') to 
fubdue my a.l!Ù7Zs, and to aC<'luÌre the 1.,'irt'Hes' 
proper for 111Y {tate. 
}"'iIl nlV heart \vith a tender an;'c7ioll for 
J '.LJ c. I 
thy goodne(s, a hatred for my f.ìults, a love I 
for nlY neighbour, and a contell/pt of the world. 
Let ITIe al\vays remernber to be fublniffive 
to Iny fupe r i9rs, condcfccnding to my ill(t'ri r rs, 
'lIl to my frimds, and. charitable ,to my, 
enc'lIlli'S. . 
nìfr Ire to o\"erC0111e (enfuality by m
Ltlii'?"l, av
rice by a!1JZS-del 7 d, anger by l,':ef. k- 
ntft, and tepidity by dt"votivn. . , 
o illY God, 111ake 111C pru.r/fnt in Iny un- 
flcrtakin 6 s, (ouragious in dangers, patÙ'
lt in 
affiif:tions, and hUll:ble :n prcfperity. ...,. 
Grant, th:lt 1 nJay be. ever a!tL'ntive at mv 
prayers, ifnlperale at n1y nlcaIs, diligent in l11Y ! 
enlp!oyo1cnts, anù fOlljlallt in Iny refolutión
I"et my confcicnce he ever u,"'righ/ and plu:e, , 
Jny exterior 7/lode/}, my conver[ation erliJj'ing, 
and my comportl11en
 regular. '. \ 1 · 
Affifi nlC, that r may continuaI1 y labour t I 
ovcrconlC nature, to correfpol.d" \vith th-y 
grace, to keep th y COlI17IlaJZl},llents, and to vlork 
() It my jålvction. "' 
Difcover to me, 0 my God, the nothingj 
flefs of this 'Z.uorld, the grcatnefs of beaven, 
the lnottncls of timt') and the; length of etet
, & 
n 1 fy . 

G I"C) t 

A Paraphrafl on the Lortfs Pra)'cr. 113 
I Grant th:lt I may prepare for death, that I 
ay fear th v judgïllents, that I may efcape 
-11, and in the end obtain beaven, through 
cjÌls C'hrijl. .AlIZCll. 
A paraphr(!fe on tIle Lord's Pra..yer. 
Our Fat her, wl'o art in hC(7)ell 
) P
lmíghty Lord, and !\1akcr of heaven 
... and earth, infinite in nlajeHy, is it pof- 
'hIe that thy love anò goodnefs for us íhould 
e [0 great, as to fufFer fuch poor \vorms as 
JC arè to call,thee Fatber! 0 Il1ake us ever 
I utiful children to fueh 2. p
rcnt! a rny 
aul, ever remember this dignity to which 
hou art raifed, of being a child of God; 
LIllI fee thou never degenerate, hy making 
:hvfc1f a llave to fin and the devil. 0 In0ft 
:1óly Father, \vho dwel1efi in heaven) and 
1eavenly fouls, raife Iny heart to thee; and 
':each n1C, by thy interior grace, to pray to 
thee this day ,vith due attention, devotion, 
humility, and faith. 
l-Iallolved be tby nanze. 
THE firfi thing I beg of thee, 0 heavcnly 
Father, is the greater honour antI glory 
of thy naille. I rejoice \"/ith all Iny [au i, 
that in thyfelf thou art infinitely happy, and 
infinitely glorious, and that thou art eternal1 y 
adored, praifed, and glorified, by alì thy 

ngels and faints. But, al
s J 0 Lord, hOVl 
little art thou kno\vn in this mi(erable world, 
hov; ]ittle art thou loved here, how little art 
thou ferved ! flow is thy naOle blafphemed all 
the day; eyen by thofe th,at ca.1J thetnfel es 
. .. ChI ifiiaf1s ! 

J 1 -! .11 l
a: ap1zTt!fe on 
chrillians ! Ho,v many millions of fouls in a 
rts of th
orJd, though nl
lde to thy O\Vl 
Ìa1zge an
, and redeemed by the pni 
cÍous blood of thy only SJn, live and die i l 
{:!ity,crrorand vice, tothegrcatdiíhonoL' 
cf thy Loly né1nlc! () vv'hen íh:111 fo great a: 
f'\ it b(
 ren1cdied ! 0 that I could do any thin, 
to rC
1:cdy it I 0 th
t 1 cou1J ",'orthiiy pro' 
mete the honour ;.:nò glorv of t
 \7 name 
( r oJ. I 
) tb1t cou!J G1akc it kno\vn to a11 nations 
o that like the bleíred in heaven \YC "v
re a]! 
pp1Jy llnit
J in praifing, bJcffin 6 , 2nd lov: 
ing "hrc! But this lIlUfi be the \vork of th)! 
grace, 0 Lord: and this grace I beg of thee' 
this day, th
t fa both 1 and a!I the world Ina)' 
r adore, praife, and Juve thee: and no! 
onJy in words, but lTIuch lTIOre in our livcs
!hew forth the glory of thy name. 
Thy kingdol,.Z conIc. 
H Eavcn is thc (cat of thy eternal kingdom, 
o Lord; there thou Iivefi and reignefl 
for ever. But \vhilfi we are hcre in this n1or, 
'ta] life, thy Kingdt;tll is 'lvitbin us, :'
S often as 
thou re;O"llcft \vithin our fouls by thy grace, 

and by thy love. 1 carneflly beg both fot 
'nyfeIf and for al1 others, a íh:lre in th y eternal 
'kingdo:n ; that \ve Inay there he wÌtneffes of 
thy g}ory, and fee,; love, praife, and enjoy 
thee for ever. ] 11 the tnean ti l11e I beg, that 
the kino-donl of thy grace) and of thy love, 
111a}' co
: into our {ouls; that thou tnay'lt 
evcr reign in us \vithout controul ; and tnake 
us:\11 é1
cordil1g to thy own heart, th1t nothi

the Lor(fs Pra)'tr. 115 
1. us n1av any more prcfume to rebel againit 
tee, th
 true King of hearts; but tha.
)1'lY be ever faithf
l íèrvants and fubjc[t
fy Jove. 
r by 
L'ill be done on earth, as it is in l?L"l
[ 'HE bleHèd in heaven have no other \..,;ll 
o Lord, but thine: this vlill of thine 
ley c\'er adore; this they ctcrnall y ell1brace 
jld love; this they readiJy and che
)ey. 0 that "vve poor baniíhed chi!dren ot" 
,'doln here upon earth did in like I11anner 
Jore, embrace, and love th-.J \vill! () th:lt 
'e obeyed in like manner!" Lord, 'ti,,: 1
1 Y 
ncere defire and hearty prayer, that fr0l11 
lenceforward thy ho1y will !11ay be done by . 
IS in all things. 0 grant, that from this 
/loment thy \vill may be the rule of all our 
iB:ions; and that in 
1l our deliberations, 
;ke the convert, St. ]Jaul, VlC olay e".er cry 
I J 
:ut to thee, Lord, 
vhat zc;culJj'l tbou bav
" nl1
') do! 0 gr?I1t. that in all our fufferings v.rc 
:'lay ever have a pcrfeé1: confOlll1ity to tÜy 
oly will. 
I Give ZlS tbis da.y our daily hread. 
r lIE bread of our fouls, \\!hich is to fup- 
port us Juring this day of our Inoltality, 
nd to fettÌ and l10uriih us to life everlafiin 6 , 
s no 0ther, 0 I.Jord, than thy only Son, vlho 
lias faid, I am the lh"ing bread that came d9Wl! 
' T01ll beavell i he that critet,) of this br
ad fhall 
iDe [o'fØ ever: and the /Jread tbat I will give, is 
 .l!efh, fer the I
/'e of the 1.v!)rld. 'rhis bread 
f llte, we carnefiJy beg of thee; this \,'e de- 

11 6 A Para/Jhra(e on- 

fire oftC'n to reccive facramental1y; this \' 
de1ìrc daily to receive fpÌritual1y, for thc nOt 
rifhìng of úur fouls \rvith thy hea\renJy gr
froln this fountain of grace. 0 cOIne, dc, 
JtjÈIS i II to Oll r poor t'.t:niíhcd fou Is, fatist! 
OUf hunrrcr here this Jay \vith this'Ì1eavenJ I 
'-J . 
bread tiH we come to the mo:c happy day (, 
rnity, \vhcre aU \'
iì;) being \vithdra'
vn, \V 
:lhall for C\'cr fced upon thy Jivinity, In th 
rneal1 ti1Tle) as to the neceHàries of this life 
grant us \Iv h
-tt in th r \vi Laonl thou f
eít be! 
for us, aIld mott conducing to thy honou 
and our eternal \velfare. 

.t1l1dJòrgive us 0:11" trej!'(!!l;s, as '[{Ie forgive the!, 
that trljþ.lfs al;nin/ì llS. 
O lJR fins, () l.,ord, ar
 inn urn
rab]e; the 
debt that we o\-ve thee is infinite; anc 
we are poor and Dliferable, unable. of ourfelve
to di (charge the lean part of this debt, or tc 
make fa-ti
faaion for the le
ìfi of there fins. 
ut pro{hate in fpírit before thec, we humbly 
iln p lorc th \l I11Crcv. 'IV c dcjìrc to oHèr thee 
j J 
 facrifìce of a contrite and hUlnblc heart. 
\Ve offer thee the death and paffion of thy 
only Son, \vhich he Ì135 nlade over to us for 
the (!ifcharge of our debts. And as he has 
prornif:"d forgiv
nefs to thofc that forgive, \\'c 
here froln our hearts forgÍ\ e all that have 
u.fFcndcd us, anJ hope thro' him to find for- 
gi venets fro111 thee. 
Lead us 110t illtJ temptation. 
A Las.J 0 Lord, nlan's ]ife upon earth is 
a co,n tin ual temptation. \V e are 
-. cocn pafièd 

tILe Lord's P,.a)'fr. 11 7 
t'l1paIT...d on all fides \vith mortal cnenlles: 
t]l world, the Belli, and the ucviI, are ever 
aacking us with united forces. ()ur only 
I, pc in '-an theíc clan
ers and éonfli3s is in 
t,y ftrength 
nd protea:ion. 0 f1
nd thou 
 us, an d \ve c.a r e not V
7 h 0 is a g a in fi: us. 
· e ,bc]ieve that thou art faithful, and wilt 
)t fuffcr ,us to be trmpteù above our 
Irength. 0 nevcr fuflèr es to forf.lkc thee; 
lid we kno\v thou "yilt not fDrfake us. Let 
)t the devíl CirCU111\'ent us by his frauds and 
.ceits; nor ever glory that he has prevailed 
fer us : ann us toth aga.infi .the terrors and 
11tteries of the \\Torld, and alI the dangers 

 our paffion
. and concupifcencc;s. And 
. hatevcr trials thou art p \:afcd to fend us, 
,It thy fupporting grace ever carry us thro
tern \vith advantage to our fouls: that by 
:)y favour and mercy, we Inay be faithful 
:nto death, and [0 receive the crown of life. 
B tit dfli.ver us IroJ/l evil. A nlen. 
)Sovercign good, the fountain of all our 
. good, dc1:ivcr us fro in al1 our ev i]s ; from 
ur fins) and the puni-lhlnents "'e defervc for 
1t111', fronl \\Tars, plagues, falTIin:s, and fuch 
e fcourges, v."hich we have too nluch 
')&1 to apprehend h
nging over our hca{)s, 
 thy jttÍlice, and our ilnpcnitcnce; fron1 
crefy and fchifln, and an that blindJlefs of 
ul which feIf-concei
 and J)ridc expofe us 
. ] n fine, from a hardened 11eart? frain 
nal impenitence, and everlafling -daInnatÎon ; 
I-om all thefe evjjs, for thy- o\vn goodnc(

11 ð lilt L'rCCa 0; ùt. l\tl1anallus. 
1:1kc,. 0 Lord deliver us, thro' .1tfus Chr" 
th y ion our 14ord, A/Ilcn. 
The S)"71bol, or G'rced of St, Athanafius. 
\tV Hofocver wi]) be fa\Tcd, before all thin!. 
it is neçefiàry that he hold the cath(' 
lie faith. I 
\Vhich faith, except everyone do kef' 
en tire al
d un \'ÍoIated, Vv ithout doubt he ilia' 
pcrilh evcrlafiingJ y. I 
1\'O\V the catholic faith is this: th;lt \\ 
".oríhip one God in -rrinity, and 'frinity i) 
Unity. .'! 
Neither confounding the Pcrfons, nor d:' 
viding the Subftanca. I 
For one is the Perfo!1 of the Father, an; 
other of the Son, another of the Ho1y Ghofr 
But the Godhead of the Father, ;lnd c; 
the Son, and of the Holv Ghoft, is all one 
the glory eq ual, the majefiy co-eternaL 
Such as the f'athcr is, fuch is the Son, an. 
fuch is the Holy Ghoft. 
The Father is uncreated, the Son is un 
created, and the HoJy Ghoft is uncreated. 
'T1hc Fath
r is incomprehenfible, the SO] 
is inconlprchenfible, and the Holy Ghofi: ] 
in cOIn p re h C 11 fi b Ie. 
 f"'ather is eternal, the Son is eternal 
and the Holy G hoft is eternal. 
And yet they arc not three Eternals, bt 
()ne Eternal. , 
As alfo they are not three Uncreateds, nc 
three IncomprehentibJes; but one U ncrea
and Ðne Incomp


The Cieed 0/ St. i\.thanafius, 1 t 9 
In 1 i kern ann e r t h 
 Fat 11 e r is A J (n j g h ty , 
 Son is Almighty, anJ the Holy Ghüíl is 
lAnd yet they are not three Almi
htics, but 
(e AI,nighty. 
So the Father is God, the Son is G0d, 
.l d the Hoiy (
hofl: is (
od; and yet they 
 not three C;ods, but one God. .. 
So 1ike\vifc the r""athcr is Loid, the Son 
ord, and the t-joly Ghofi is Lord; and yet 
ey are not three Lords, but one Lord. 
t""or as \\.C are cOinpcl1cd by the chriQian 
uth, to acknowledge every perfon by him- 
If to be God and IJord. 

I SO are ''Ie forbidden by the catholic re1i- 
,idn to fay there are three Gods, or three 
J 0 rd s. 
I The Father is made.of no .one" neither 
,fcated, nor begotten 
I '- 
I The Son is from the Father alone not 
;laae, nor created, but begotten. 
ì'he Holy Ghoít is from the Father and 
jhe Son; not made, nor created, nor bc- 
otten, but proce
I So .there is one F ather, not three Fathers j 
,H1C Son, not 
hree Sons; and one Holy 
j:;hci1, not three Holy Ghofls. , 
.t:\nd -in this rrrinity th
re is nathing before 

)r after, nothing greater or 1eífer; but the 
Ifvhote three per(ons -.are co-eternal to one 
I'er, a.
d co-eQ:la"). t 

o that 'In an th IrlgS, as bas been alre(tåy 
raid above, the tJ nity is to be worlhipped in 
Trinity, and th
 T'rinity in Unity. He 

120 The Creed 0/ St. AtÌ1anafÌl1s. 

He therefore that \vculd be faved Inufi th1 
th ink of the 'f rinity. 
F urthern10rc it is ncccfrary to c'.crJafiir; 
falvation, that he alfo bc1ic\'c ri6'hdy the iJ 
carnation of our Lo! d .J efus Chr=fi. 
Now the fight faith is that \ve belie\'e at 
confefs; that our Lord] efus Chrif1, the So 
øf God, is both God and l\'lan. 
He is God of the fu bttance of his F t1the: 
begotten before the world; and he is 1\1 an ( 
the fu bfiance of his l\1other, born in thl 
world; . I 
. Perfea C;od and perfcB: Man; fublìfiin! 
öf a rational foul, and human Reih. .. I 
Eq ual to the Father according to his C;od 
head; and leßèr than the ,Father accôrding t- 
his manhood. 
\\lho, :l]though he be both God and 1\1a:1 
)Tet he is not t\VO, but one Chrilt. 
One, not by the converÍÌon of the God. 

d into Belli, but by the taking of th, 
!vI.anhooò unto God. 
One altogether, not by confufion of fub. 
fiance, but unity of perfon. 
For. as thc" rational fòu] and the Refh is onf 
man, fo C;od 
nd Man is one Chri!t. 
'\1 hJ fuftereJ for our falvation; d fcend. 
cd into helJ, TOre again the third -èay frorT 
thc.dead.' , S 
. He 2fcended into heaven; he fitt
th at tt'( 
riO'ht-hand of God the t"athcr AJrni!!htv; 
3 .....' " 
from thence he ilia]) con1e to judge the Ii V
a'nd the dead.. . 
At whofe coming.:in 'tHcn íh
ll. rife again 
. _

:...._L_ \\;ilt 

Tl'cJþers for Sundays. 121 
vith their bodics, and (hall give an account 
)f their o\vn \vorks. 
And they that have done good !hall go into 
life e\rerlafting ; and they ha\'e done evil 
iinto everlafiing fire. 
'I'his is the c
tholic faith, wh ich except a 
in1an be1ieve faithfully and fiedfai1:ly, he can- 
not 'be faved. Glory be to the Father, &c. 

11ne '\'efpers, or Even-Song,for Sundays, 
: According to the Roma11 Breviary. 
Our Pathtr, "&c. Haill\1ary, &c. 

 V Incline unto my aid) 0 God. R. 0 
,Lord make hafie to help me. f/. Glory be 
to the Father, &c. R. As it \vas in the be- 
ginning, &c. Alleluia. .Anih. The Lord 
I faid. 

Pfabn cix. Dixit Don2Ïnus. 
; THE. Lord raid to my Lord, fit t
ou at my 
, Tlght-hand. 
Until I make thy enemies thy footfl:ool. 
The Lord will (end forth the fcepter of thy 
power out of Sion: rule thou in the Inidfl: of 
thy enemies. 
With thee is the principality in the day of 
thy firengtb, in the brightnefs of the faints 
from the womb before the day-fiar, I begat 
The Lord hath f\\7orn, and he will n0t 
repent .it: thou art a prieft for ever, accord- 
in g to the order of il4e!chiþdf,k. 

 F Th{'l 

.2-2'2 :'V ifpers fàr' Sundåy::;; 
The Lord at thy rtght-hand hath. broken 
-.kings in the day of his wrath. 
He íhaU judge an10ng nations, - he {hall fill 
ruins; he {hall cruíh the heads of many in the 
He {ban drink of the torrent in the way.: 
--therefore iliall he lift up the head. Glo;-y, 
An/h. The Lord [aid' to my Lord, fit tho-u 
,at my light-hand. Anth. Faithful. 
l! fabn ex. Confitehor tibi. 
1: \Vill praife thee, 0 LQ[d, with my whole 
" heart: in the counfel of the j uft, and in 
. the congregatioh. 
Great are the v/orks of the Lord, fought 
.()ut according to all his ,vills. 
His work i8 praife .and l11agnificence,' and II I 
bis jufiice continueth for ever and ever. 
He hath t11ade a rememb... nee of his 
-wonderful \vorks, being a t11erciful and gr
.cious Lord: he hath given wod to theIn that 

fear hiln. 
He wilJ be miadful for ever,of his cove- 
}lant: he v;ill fhc\Jv forth to people the 
J)o\ver of 
 is works. 
That he tnay give them the inheritance of 
the Gentiles: the ,"rorks of his hands are, 
.truth and judgment. 
. All his commandments are faithful, con- 
.nrrited for ever; made in truth and equity. 
He hath fent redemption to his people j he 

hath commanded his <;ovcnant for .ever. 

., .. 
rs}o; Suhd;ys. 12 3 
11 .. 
 _;;... ...... 

lý a11d. t!:.rriþle is Jlis name.. 
l}.e fear 
()( the Lord is the beginning of wifdom... , 
All it have a goo
his praife - cOfltÌnueth 'for ever a.nd ever. 
GIor.r. J J r ... 
.An/h. Faithful are aII his comnlandl'nents, 
confirmed for ever. 
1nth: In his Con un and.. 

Pfa/'n' exi. Bta/us 1'ir. 
"or ........... f """ 
B Leffed is the man that feareth the Lord, 
he lhall delip:ht exceedin g ly in his con1- 
. ") .. 0 
nlandlnents. r 
I-lis feed tha1l he m1gbty'upon ea'rth: the 
generátioÎl of the righteoüs ilia11 be blefIèd. 
(;]ory t and r\vealth {hall be in hi
 houfe : 
and his juftice remaineth for ever and ever. 
To the ríg?
e9us'.la Jight}s \ife!;' up' Í,n; 
rlarknefs: He IS nrerclful, compaffionatc, and 
J .uft
. ...- 
. .,. r-"", 
Acceptab1e is the man that fllewcrh tnercy, 
é1nd lendeth: he {halt order his \vords \\rith 
judgment, for he !h'all nev
r be'movè.d. 
1-he jufi {hall be in ever1alting remem. 
brance: he íhall not fear the evil hearing. 
His heart is re
dy to hope in h
 Lord j 
bis heart is firengthened; he íhall not be 
moved until he lo;k 'over his eI}emies. 
He hath difiributèd he hath given to tò
poor; his i ufiice relnaineth for ever and ever j 
orn lhall be exal
ed in glory.... '. . . 
'I he wicked fuaU fee, and be angry: he 
1hall gnaíh with his teeth, and pine away: 
the defi 11 of the wicked íhaIl pcrifh. Glory. 
, ......, . - 

lberS jor S
/lnth. In his comman
ltncnts llC deHghts 
exceedingly. ' J1ntb
 Let the name of the 
T f · 

.1 ,.. 1 


) · 'P/abll, cxii. .L(luda
e puc,.i. 
..pR.Ll\ISE the I"ord, ye children: praife yc 
the nanJC of the Lord. t · 
BJetTed b
 the name of the Lord, from 
henceforth now and for ever. 
Froin th
. ri[ì
g of th
. fun to the going 
",do\vn ()f the .fatTIe, .th
 l1al11c of the Lord is 
worth y of pr
, I "he Lord is high above all nations: and . 
 glQrY,ls 1bove .the heavens, -.lU. 
\Vho -is as the Lord ou,r God, who dweH- 
eth on hiQ"h, 
nd looketh down on the lo\v f 
things in heaven and in earth. 
. Railing up the needy from the earth, and 
. Jifting up the poor out of the dunghill. 
That he may place him ,v.ith.the p.rinces, 

vith t.he pf
nces.{)f people. 

V/ho .nlaketh a.b
rren wain an dweU in a 
.houíe, a joyfullTIother of children.' Glory. 
-1nth. Let the name of the Lord .be bleffed 
for ever. finth. \Ve that live. 


:Pfl1 tll cxiii. In t;"xÏtu /frat!. 
WHEN l{rael "...:ent out of Egypt, the 
" houfe öf Jacob from a barbarous people. 
]udea was made his fanB:uary:>> lJrael his 
The fea.faw, and 'fled..j 10rdan was turn- 
éi.back. . , 
The moúntainsJkipped ]ike rams, and the 
hills like lambs of the flock. 'Vhat 

r .. 41' 
vt'0ers J -'òr Stlnda,"s. 
"VVhat ailed thee,' 0 thou fe3, th
t thou-" 
didft flee? An'CÌ thou, 0 :far"lan, that thou - 
t tu rI1cd back.f : 
Ye lTIC'1ult:lins . th
 íkipped like r
and ye hiJIs like t
 lambs of the flock? 
At the prc[e!1:c_(
f th
 '.lord the earth "\vas 
moved, é:
t -tll
nce of the God of ]aõ:'1b.. 
\,V hi) t......l,..l 

.e .- , Ir . '1 t ) co I" ,_,J T
'.. - 
 I J. 
 U _ 1 ....1 
 1'" ., L-' 1 l I,,)!.) <.' I\." L_ L . I. , 
and the ÜoÙy hil1 into f.)(jnt

ins (Jf \vat
 at- to us, Ü 'L('ld, n()
' -to u
; but tù-tllY 
. nai11e g{V
 glory.. .... ...
For thy Inercy and tRy truth's ["kG, lcft . 
the Gentiles fhouJd flV, \vhcre is their God? 
. J 
But our God is in heaven; he hath done 
all things vlhatfoevcr he ,"/ould. 
rrhe idols of the Genti]es are fi] ver and" 
gold; the "
orks '-' of _the hand..s .9f m

They have mouths and fpeak not; they 
have eves and fee not: 
y have ears and hear not; they have A 
nofcs ánd fmen not. -. 
They have hands and feel not'; they have . 
feet and \valk
 not;- neither thall they' erg 
out through their throats. . _ 
T.Jet tl1em that make them become like un- . 
to them, and allfuch as truft in them. . 
The houfe of IJrael hath hoped in' -the 
 : he is their bel.per and -thei
The houfe of .Aaron hath ,hope
 in t.he 
Lord: he is their helper and their proteétor. 
They that fear the Lord have hoped in 
the ,Lord: he is their helper and their pro- 






-- - .. -." -....... '-'4....... J 


Tbe Lord hath been mindful of us'; ant 
bath bJeffed us. 
He hath bleIfed th.e houfe of Ifratl; he hatl 
bJelfed the hou [e of ./lal0:1_. . 
He hath b!eífed aU that fear the Lord, bott 
Ii tt1e and great. · ... 
r "May the Lord add bleffings upon you = 
upon you and upon your children. t 
Ble{[ed be you of the Lord, \-vho mad, 
bea vc:n and earth. 

 The heaven of heavens i
 tþe Lord"s ; but 
the earth he has given to the children ói
inen. ) , , 
, The dead !hall not praife thee, 0 Lord, 
nor any of tqen1 thât go down to hen.' · 
But we that live "bIers the Lord, from this 
tidlC,'" n'ÔW.añd for. ev
;.. G1ory' be' t-o &c. 
Ãnth. We that Jive do blefs the Lord. 
t . I .- 't ,. .., ,,.. ,\t' \ 



The little chapter, 2 Cor. i. 
1Ted be God, 'and the father of our 
Lord :lefus Chri/i, the Fath
er .of m
he God .of all comfort; who .comforts 

s in' ail ou r tribulations:'"' 
 · .....
/lnfw. Thanks De to God
, .,' ... ......,.. -. "...... 
"'7)/ H Y1vIN. Lucrs (riotor optil e. 
O 'Great Cn';ator o(the" ].ight, 
Who from. the dark[ome womb of 
'night. .. i ft... .. ..

" ... 
Brought'ft forth new light. 

t n:

's ,birth, 
To íhine upon the face òf earth. 
'vVho by the morn and ev'ning ray 
IIaft meafur'J time) and call'd it day; 
... . V ouchfafe 

VejpersJor Sundåys. 1t7 
VOUCllfafe to hear our pray'rs and tears, 
Whilfi fable night involves the fpheres. 
Leíl: our frai] .mind with fin defil'd, 
From gift of life íhould be exil'd, 
'VhiHf on no heav'nly,thing íhe, thinks, 
. Eut t\vi
es hel fcif in Satan's -links.. 
o may lhe Coar to heav'n above, 
The happy feat of life and love: 
Mean tirne all finful a8ions {h un, 
And purge the foul ones ,íbç; has done. 
This pray'r, moft grac; ')us F ather, hear;' 
Thy equal Son incline his ear'; 
\Vho, -with the Holy Ghofi 
nd thee, 
Doth live and reign eternally. .A,nen. 
F. 11ay my prayer; 0 Lord, be direEred" 
R. As incenfe in thy fight. , 
The Au/hem for the Magnificat is different. 
every SundaYJ 
7""hc Magnificat, {)r the Cantt.f/R if the hleffid' 
J/irgin, St. Luke I. 
1\1Y foul doth manìfy the Lord, 
. And nlY fpirit hath rejoiced in God 
- mv Saviour. 
.. Recaufe he hath regarded the hu!nility of 
his hand-maid: for behold from henceforth 
all generations fhall call me ble[[ed. 
For he that is mighty hath done grc
things to me. And holy is his name. 
And his rnercy is from generation to gene- 
raticn, to them tPJ.t fear him. 
He hath íhc\
tcth migh t in his arm; he hath 
fcattcrcd the proud in the conceit. of their 
heart. F 4- He 

28 'JTifpersfir Sundays. 
He hath put do\vn the nlighty from their 
fea t, and hat h ex al ted the h U 01 b 1 e . 
I-Ie hïath' fi
led the hungry \vith gOfld: 
1hingf), and the rich he hath fent empty 
;}'fN'dY, I 
fie hath recei\red Ifr.!liì his ft>lvant ; bli1Jg I 
t:n i n d fu 1 0 h ! s mere y . I 
As he f;.;okc to our f:ahcTs; to .Aórabam I 

nJ to his fe
d fOi ever. Glory be to, t.lC., 
C:-' l '7', r 1 I I I 'r I 
J ;')
 B!-{(\'cr z r foe CI;-{tf,7 0 1 JIJ:: (U.l
'.. .Jl, I li- 
 J __' JL I 
'rs t'-...CI y 
 unda y. l
u trUlY fi:y t,0is as- pi- 


Let us. pray. 
 dO'Nn, we befcech thee 0 Lor-d, 
.1.-1 upon this thy fall1ily, for which our,1 
I.ord :lcfus Chrijl did not flick to be deli- 
vered jnto the hands of finners, and to UIl- 
(-{ergo the torment of the cro[s. Who liveth 
· 2nd reigneth with thee; in the unity of the I 
Holv Ghofi) one God, world \vithout end. 
./f,n;n. - 
.d ClJl11JnemoratÎ(}n oj the blcffid T/irgin I\lary& 
./Í17tb. 0 HoJy Mary, fuccour the rnifera- 
, ble, help the faint-hearted, C001- 
fort the 'lffiiéted, pray for the people, inter- 
cede for the clergy, tnake fupplication for the 
devout female fex: let all be fenfible of thy 
help, ,vho celebrate thy holy comnlcmora- 
1/. Pray for us, 0 holy mother of God. 
R. rl"hat \ve may be ll1ade worthy of the 
)lnifcs of Cb,.i/í. 


Vefþers fir Sundays. 12 9 
Let us pray. 
GRant, we befeech thee, 0 Lord God, 
I that we thy fervants Illay enjoy perpe- 
tual health of mind and body; and by tbe' 
glorious interceßion of blefièd _ .lVltlry
Virgin, may be delivered froln prefent for- 
rows, and conle to eternaì joys; thro' our . 
Lord 7efus CbriJl. 
./i cOlnmenzoration OJ.L' the holy 

?/ìlt:s Peter ànd 
A'ith. 'T""' l HE apoíHe PetQr, and "p aul the 
doé1:or of the GEntile;, \vere they 
that ,taùght us thy law. 0 l
{/. 1'hou {halt eftabI ilh then] rulers over - 
the \vhole earth. R. They Q1aìl be'!11iud-. 
fu} of thy nall1e, 0 Lord. 
o God, whC?f
 right hand .raifeJ up St,; 
P eier ",
alk Ílig on the waters, that he 
I might not be dro
vned; and delivered his 
fèl1ow',apoHle Paul from the àcprh óf the fea') 
"vhen he \ivas thrice {hi p.\vreckcd ; nlercifu tl y .. 
hear us, and grar1t tha.t by the"lnerits of then! 
both we nlay obtain ,the glory of et

"I1ity. r 
Here {01JlfS in a COlnJnellloratiDl1 al(o Ojr tbe 
patron of "tbe pla'Ci!, or' titular J1i;zt 0;-" tbc? 
: ,h
t'z"th a proper aJZ:beln and prayer out 
I if his offi.c · 

For peace. 
/In/h. GIve peace, .0 L
,' in o

r dJY,s; 
for there IS no other to h'Th t tor 
us, but thou our God. . . -
. F 5 1 7 . Lco:- 

:13 0 crhe ol}lþlil}. 
F. I"et peace be made in thy firength. 
R. And plenty in thy towers. 
Let us pray. 
o God, from whom are holy defires, right 
counfels, anù j ufi \vorks ; I give to thÿ 
fervants that peace which the world cannot 
give; that both our heårts may be add itled 
to thy comn1andlnents, and the fear of ene- 
mies heing taken away, the times Inay be 
quiet under thy proteétion. Through our 
Lord 1efuJ Chrffl, &c. ./(men. 

 The Lord be "vith you. R. And witt) 
thy (pirit. IT. Let us 
le(s the I.lord. R: 
Thanks be to God. /7. 
J1ay the fou]s ot 
the faithful thro' the mercy of t(';od reft in 
peace. R. Amen. Ou
 Father; &c. 
The leE/or begins hy ajking the officiant's bs- 
nedillion, which is given -in thefe 'luords, 
The hl1Jil1g. j\;Jay the Lord Almigh
grant us a quiet night, and 
 pcrfeét end; ! 
ÅTRt'll. " - I I 
The jhort lejfan. I f, y. 
Rethren, be ye [ober, and watch: for 
your adverfary the devil, Ijke a roaring 
lion, goes round about fee
ing vlhom he may 
tJcvour; whom refifi: ye fi
ong in
. But 
thou, 0 Lord, have mercy on us. ... 
R. 'I'Ihanks be to God. 
f/. Our help is in the 
1amc of t
e.. IJord 
R. ,\'{ho made heaven and èârth/ Ùur F
ther) &c. I t:onfefs, &,,.. 4 . '"' "f 


Y. Con",'ert 

Tile Conp"ln. 131 · 
r p . Convert us, a I.lord our Saviour. R. 
I And turn a\vay thy \vrath from us. V. In- 
c]ine unto my aid, 0 God. R. 0 LOíd 
make haí1e to he1p me. Glory be to the 
ther, &c. As it was in the beginning, &c. 
Anthem. l-lave mercy, &c. 
PIalm, iv. Gum illvocarem. 
WHEN I called upon him, the God of 
n1Y j uftice heard me: vvhen 1 \\?as in 
clifi:refs thou haft enlarged me. 
Have mercy on me, 
nd hear my prayer. 
o ye fons of m
n, hOVJ long vlill ye be 
cluB of heart? Why do ye love vanity, and 
feek after] ying ? 
KnotN ye alfo that the Lord hath n1ade hi3 
holy One wonèer.ful; the Lord will heal' 
DIe when I !hall cry un to him. 
13e ye angry and fin not; the things ye 
fay in your hearts, be forry for them upon 
your beds. 
Offer up the facrificc of jufiice, ænd truft 
in the Lord: many fay, Who fheweth us- 
good things? 
The light of thy countenance, 0 Lord., 
is figned upon us; thou haft given gladne[s 
in 111Y heart. 
By the fruit of their corn, their \vine, and 
oil, they are multiplied. 
In peace, in the felf
fame, I will fleep, 
and I 
rill reIt. 
For thou, a Lord, finguJarly haft fettltl 
me: in hope. Glory be the Father) &c. 

ø . 


F 6 

P fal7J 

13 2 

The C011lj,lin. 

Pfal1il xxx. In te Ð011line. 
I l
 thee, 0 Lord, have I hoped, let nl
never be confounded; deli vcr Ine in th y 
j ufiice. 
Bow down thy ear to me, make hane to 
deJiver me. 
Be thou unto me a God, a proteétor; 
and a houfe of refuge, to rave me. 
For thou art my""firength and my refuge: 
and for thy natTIe's fake thou wilt lead n1e 
:and nourifh me. 
'Thou wilt bring me out of this fnare, 
which they have hid for me, for thou art my 
Into thy hapds I commend my fpirit; 
thou halt redeeined me, 0 Lord the God of 
Glory be to the Father, &c. 
PJalm xc. ß<..ui habitat. 
R E that dwclIcth in thc aid ef the Moft 
High, thall abide u
der the proteéì:ion 
(}f the God of heaven. 
.He thaH fay to the Lord, Thou art my 
Proteétor, and my Refuge; lTIY God, ill 
bi,n ,vill I trufi. 
For he hath delivered me frQln the fnare 
of the hunters, and from the íharp \vord. 
He ,viII overlhadow thee \vÌth his fhould- 

rs, and under his \vings thou !baIt truft. 
h fhall cornpafs thee with a íhie]d : 
thou {halt not be afraid øf the terror of the 
- .11ight. 


I ,'l'he CO?1lplin. 133 
,. Of the arrow that Rieth in th
 day, of the 
,ufinefs that walketh about in the dark; of 
nvafion, or of the noon-day devil. 
A thoulànd fhall fall at thy fide, and ten 
'houfand at thy fight hand; but the e-viI 
'hall not caIne nigh thee. 
I But thou ilialt confider with thy eyes 2 
j1nd fhalt fee the reward of finners. 
I Becaufe thou, 0 Lord, art my ,hope; thou 
:Jaft made the f\1.oft High thy refuge. 
i There !hall no evil conle to thee; nor thaI I 
Ithe fcourgc conlC near thy d\velling. 
I For he hath given his angels charge over 
.thee; to keep thee in all thy WdYS. 
I In their hands they iliall bear thee up; 
Ilefi thou da!h thy foot a2;aillft a {tone. 
Thou {halt \valk upon the afp and the ba- 
fi1iik ; thou íhalt tra111plc und
r foot the lion 
and the dragon. ., 
Becau[e he hath hoped in [ne, I ,viII deli- 
ver him; I win proteél: him, becaufc he hath 
knoveln my natTIe. 
He !hall cry to me, and J will hear him; 
I aln with him in his trouble; I will deliver 
him, and I \vill glorify him. 
I will fill him with length of days 
I will {hew him my fal vatian. Glory, &c. 
Pfabn cxxxiii. Ecce nunc benedicite. 
B Ehold nav: bIers ye the Lord
 an yc fer- 
vants of the Lord. Who !land in the 
houfe of the Lord; in the courts of the 
houfe of our God. 


J 3 1: The ComþlÙz. 
I n the t;ights lift up your hand? to th. ! 
hol y places, '
,d ble[s ye the Lord. 
lVlay the Lord out of Sian biers thee, ht l 
that made heaven and e
rth. Gory, &c. I' 
Ãntb.;1I1. Have Inercy on me, 0 Lord
\ I 
and hear my prayer. 
The Hym". 
Efore the clofing of the day, 
hee humbIy pray, 
rrhat for thy wonted mercies fake, 
Thou us into proteB:ion take. 
, May nothing in our minds excite 
Vain dreams and phantoms of the night; 
Our enemy reprefs, that fa 
Our bodies no uncleanne[s know. 
- In this) moft gr:\cious Father, hear, 
Vlith G"hriJì, thy equal Son, our pray'r, 
"W"ho, with the I-lo1y Ghofi and thee; 
Doth live and reign eternally. Å,nen. 
The little Chapter, Jeremiah xi v. 
B U1' thou, a Lord, art among us; and 
thy holy name is invoked upon us ; for- 
fflke us not, 0 Lord our God. R. Tþanks 
be to God. 
ReJp. Into thy hands, 0 Lord, I commend 
my fpirit. Into thy hands, 0 Lord, &c. V. 
rrhou haft reàeemed us, a Lord God of 
truth, I commend my fpirit. Glory he to 
the Father, and to the Son, and to the Ho]y 
G'hoft. In
o thy hands, 0 Lord, I COlll- 
mend my fpirit. . Keep 1115, 0 Lord, as 

I . 

TIle COl11þline 135 
 apple of thy eye. ProteB: us under the 
fldowof thy v/ings. Anth. Save us. 
ir.tnc dimittis. Luke ii. 'The fang of Simeon. 

 1 O\V 
hou doft difmifs thy fervant, 0 
 Lord, according to thy ","ord, in peace. 
,Becaufe my eyes have feen thy [alvation, 
,hich thou haft prepar
d before the face of 

l people. 
I A lio-ht to the revelation or the Gentiles, 
',ld the glory of thy people !frae!. Glory 
j Antbein. Save us, 0 Lord, '\vaking, and 
ep us' fleeping. that we may Vf.atch with 
:hrifl, and refl: in peace. 
r Lord h
ye mercy on us. Cbr
/l have mer- 
y on us. Lord have mercy on us. Our 

c.. 1/. Lead us not into tempt:\- 
Ion. R. But deli ver us from evil. I bel i eve 

1 God, &c. V. The refurreétion of the body. 
. And life ever lafiing. f/. Blcffed art thou" 
D Lord, the God of our fathers. R. And 
rthy of praife, and glorious for evcr
et us bIefs the Father, and the Son, with 
'he Hç>]y Ghoft. R. Let us pr
ife and tnag- 
1ify him for ever. F. Thou art b1effed, 0 
Lord, in the firmatnel,1t of heaven. R. And 
Northy of praife, and glorious, and magni- 
Sed for ever. J7. l\Jlay the AJlnighty and 
ciful Lord blefs us and keep us. R.AJll

'. V ouchfafe, 0 Lord, this night. R: 1"

.eep us \vithout fin: f/. Have tpe
cy on 

S, 0 Lord. R. Have n1crcy on us. T/. 
Let thy n1è'rcy be upon us, 0 Lord
As we have put o11.r truí1: in thee. f/. 0 
rd heaf my prayer. R. And let my cry 

13 6 The BenediElion. 
come to thee. f/. The IAord be with VOl 
R. And ,
rith thy fpirit. 
Let us pray. 
V Iflt, we befeech thee, 0 Lord, this h2 
bitation, and drive far from it all fnan 
of the enemy: Jet thy haJy angels dINC: 
herein, to keep us in peace; and thy bleffin,! 
be upon us for ever, thro' our Lord Jefu: 
Chrijl. A,llell. I 
, 1/. The 
ord be \vith you. R. And wid 
thy fpirit. f/. Let us blefs the Lord. R 
Thanks be to God. l\1ay the almighty ant 
merciful Lord, Father, Son, and lioJ} 
Çhol1, blefs us, and keep us. Allzen. 
Tben follou)! aJ! Gl1/he7n and p 1 a)'cr.. in cOIn. 
'!JfllZ0ration oj tbe !JlejJèd 17irgin, 7.lJhich d
otcort"'ng to the dijlèrent fcafoJls of the year, 
Our Father, I-lai] Afary. I bclieve in (;od. 
{fnez! 'lOt call the Benedié1idn, is a deVfJliOíl 
praé7ijèd by tbe" lhurcb, in order to give adora- 
tiOI1, praiJè, ontl bleffing, 01'" Bcnedié1ion, to 
Gotl fir his infinite goOdllefs onrllovt?, tell 
to us ill the i,ylitutioll if the blej7êd jàcrolllellt. 
and to r"'ceive at the falne ti1!zC the Beneùiétion, 
or BJeffing of Our LlJrd there prtjênt. 
. If/7;ell the bleffid facrolnent is ta/;en out q( 
the tabernacle, and jit up to bi' jêcll b)' /he peo- 
ple, tbe choir jil1gs,O fa]utaris holtia. 0 
viétim, which openeft the gates' of heaven; 
10, the ,-\"é1rs of our enemies pTefs upon us ; 
o thou give us ftrength and aid. To the 

The BenediElión


"eat Lord, who is l"'hree in One, be eve.r- 
ltling glory. O! may he grant us Efe 
ithout end) in our heavenly cou"ntry. 

.After this is l-!füal
y (ung Janze pf l 17n, or piDus 
etr ß, according to t be 01'der of jZtperiolo s, or 
flt.ètioll of tbe DJ)iTìciont, or exigent:e oj" the 
I lJ1CS : {llcb a5 
1ahn xix. Exaudi2.t, jòr tbe 
"1!g j Pf/Jlrn xh,. Deus nofter refugiurn,jjr 
.tafC; Pltt/llZ xc" ()ui habitat., i'l tÎUIC of 
I . . J ,", -;- . .') 1 ;_ 
'lbulatlJIt; the 1 e 0ean ì , zn puh", t/)anPj- 
ivjJ1gs, &c. tÌJen fillorvs the h)"l!V1 0/ t

'dJed faC'J"aJi1tnt, P tlnge lingua, or at /e01 t.;e 
'7tter part of it, Tan tUIn ergo. 
I .' , 
, The BY1\1N, Pange lingua.. 
1S I ng , 0 my tor
gue, _adore and praife. ,.." 

e depth of God's tlJyfterious \\'ays :u, 
Io\v Cbri/l, th.e world's gre
t king, bcfio\v"
f-lis fleíh conceal"d in human food,. . 
:t\"nd left m
nkind the blood that paid . 
:The ranfonl for the fou1s he Inade. 
I Giv'n (raIn above, and born for man, 
E!om virgin's \Jvomb his life began: 
He Jiv'd on c"rth, and preach'd, to row 
[The feeds of heav'nly truth bclow ; 
Then fear'd his nliluon from above 
\Vith fi-range efFects of pow'r and love. 
"rwas on that cv'ning, when the 1ail: 
And moi1 myficrious fupper paft; . 
\Vhen (brill \vith his difciples fat, 
To clore the la
r with le
al Ineat ; 
.rhen to the tVlelve himG;lf be1to\v'd 
lV ith his own hands to be their food. 


1 0 8 
The \vord made flcfh for love of man rf 
B ' , 
, v s word turns' bread to fleíh again j I ct u i 
And v/Ìne to blo9d, unfeen by fenfe, 
By virtue of omnipotcnce : 
A nd here the faithful-refl, 
Whil1t God 
an vouch, and faith infure. .' 
" ) 
· Tantuln ergo. , ' 
To this myfierious table nQw , 
Our "knees, our hearts, anù fen fe, we bo\v 1 \ 
,JJct ancient rites refign their place 

..o nobler clements of grace; , 
. And faith for aU defetts fupply, 
.\V hilft fcnCe is loll i.n myftery. I 
To God the Father born of none, 
To (
hrift h
s co -eternal Son, , 
And HQly Ghoft whofe equal rays I, 
.}t"'rom .both proceed,- one equal praife: 
One,hol\Qur, jubilee, and fame, I 
For ever blefs his glorious name. An/en. t 
Y. Thou.haft given them bread from-hca 
ven, Alleluia. p.. Replenifhed with all fweet 
nc{s and delight, Alleluia. 
Y. Pray for us, 0 holy Mother of God. 
R. That 111ay be made \vorthy of th 
promi(es of ChrÍjI. 
fT. r .Jord fave our king. R. And hear u 
in tb 
 day we call upon thee. 
Let us pray. 
O God, who haft left us in this ",onder. 
fu 1 facralnent a perpetual memory Oi 
thy pafiion : grant us, we befeech thee, fo t< 
reverence the facred myfteries of thy bod) 

7'he B nediélian,; 

e J}enediElion. )
11 bl.9od,. that we may continua.Uy find Ín 
0\ fouls the fruit of thy redell1ption; who 
{t and eign
t1.. &c. 
IDefend, we bcfeech th
e, 0 Lord, by 
r interceffion of bJcVed Mary, ever Vrrgin
rt> thy farnily, from an adverfity; and be- 
';; profirate b thee with our w.hole 
h:1rts, prùtecr us in thy mercy frorn the 
fJ,res of our eneJ.11,ies, thro' Jefus Chrifl oV- r 

rd. . 
\Ve befeech thee, almighty God, that thy 
!Vdnt N. our king, \vno by thy mercy has 

ertaken the government of this rcalm
rty alfo receive the increafe of all virtues ;. 
',th .)Vhich being adorned, he may both 

oid. the monfiers of fins, and being plea- 
t g Û1 tÞy.figbt, çqtJ1e at Jength to to thee
'10 art tbe way, the truth, and the life) 
rtrough Chrifl our Lord. .(IJ;zell. 
If/hen the priiji gIves th.e benediai()l1 with 
s J
d Jacra"lent, how.down and profoundly 
t.ore your Sa.viour there prefe.,nt;. give hi 7 n 
.Inks for (!ll his r12crcics, offir your whole felf 
þi(ll, to 
f his fir ever; and carne/ily b
. S hleJ!illg upon )'OU (l12d ;'OtlrS, and upoJz b.r 
1hole cht,.urcb. Or y
u lnay fay tbus. ... 
.Adýro te dev te, &c. 
Devoutly adore thee, 
 0 hidden Deity, 
Which lieft conce' led indeed under thef
t , 
I forms: 
1'0 t
eë my whole heart fubjeé1s itfdf, 
ecaufe it finds itfèlf quite Ion in contetp.- 
'Y plating thee. .. f 


:I .1 c: The BcncdiElion. 
The figh
, the feeling, and the ta{{c 
here deceived, 
liut :the hearing alonè 111ay be fafe1 y he1ie 
J bel ieve whatever the Son of Goà has CpO!11 
N f · h 
J. otDln; can be g10re true t an the \\'01' 

L T pan the crefg the dz'vinity alone \V
S ( 
cealeJ ; 
But here the humanity alfo lies hid: 
. Yet 1 bejieve and con(
[s both cne
i\r:d n1.:lkc the fan1e petition,. as' did the P't 
ten t th ief. I 
I Jon't here fee th y wounds as Thoinas 
)l" ct 1 c0nfe[s thee to be my God; " 
o grant that 1 rnay cver, thee IT 
and- morc';, 
l\nd ever Inore put my tru1t in _thee, i 
. love the
. ' 
o bJ cßèd InClTIOrial of the death of.., 
, IJord,. 
o living Bread, giving Ilfe to ,man; 
Grant that my [oul.n1ay ever Iiv'e on thee 
Gr:ant that I may' ever rel!íh thy [\veetne{ 
o pious Pelican, 
lefus, our Lord, 
n f6 111e an unclcan {ì,nner with.. t 
blood; _ 
One drop of \vh
ch is fufficient to' fave 
The whole \Florid from "all its guilt. 
O' 'Je{us, whom I now fee under a veil, 
o whea viill that hOirf COlne, which I fo mu 
long fOf' ! . 



Tlte Be?zediflion. 1 4 I 
n the veil being removed 1 I íhaIl fee thY' 
face, t ... 
r be happy for ever in-the cot1tclnplation 
of. thy glory- .Il?lleR- ,... 
. . I . 
Or' elJè you 1nay fay. t : 

IL true"body, born of the blelfed Vir- . 
í gin Mary, which truly fufferedíl, and J 
c - imtnolated upon the crofs for man, .. 
fe fide being pierccl1, rent forth true 
d, 0 grant that I nlay worthily receive 
I at the hour of 111Y death. 0 molt cle- 
t, 0 moil gracious, 0 111oft;[\veet Savi- 
{iH, Son of th
 eternal God, andnf the 
r" blelfed V irgin,. have 
Pfaj,n xix. Exoudiat. 
r[ A Y...the Lord hrar thee in the day of 
tribulation; n1ay the name of the God 
Jacoh protetl: thee. 

1ay he fead thee help from the fanauary j 
defend thee out of SiaJZ. 
vlay he be mÎI:dful of all thy facrifices : 
: may thy \vhole burnt-offering be made fat. 
V1ay he give thee accor2ing to thy o\vn 
rt: and con-firm all thy counfels. 

V e \vill rejoice in thy [alvation: and in 
name of cur God we {hall be exalted. 
fhe Lord fulfill all thy petitions: now 
e I known that the Lord hath faved his 
lin ted. 
-Ie -will hear him from his holy heaven: 
lvation of his right hand is in powers. 


. . ,.., 
1,1 2 1 The Seven 
trZl/1 in chariots; and fome' in hot'fc 
but we call upon the nan)c of the Lord c. 
They are bound, and hàve fallen: but 
2:re rifen, and are [et up right. 
_0 Lo! d fave the king: and hear us in 1 
day tl)at we ilia)) call pan thee. Glory 6 
f'. Lord Cave thè king. R. And hear 
in'the day we {ball. call upon' thee. T 
prayer, ll/e kfeecb tbee, as . bove, p. 139. 
In tribu.1ation, f
y Pfahn xc. He IJ 
dætl/eth, &c.
 as in the COlnplin, p. 13 2 . 
, .. '(1.. 1; ! 

Prol'er · to be recited on falling days, and ot).1 
pe1ÛtentÍo" tinlfs. 
c - 
,. . I 
Anthem. Renlember not; 0 Lord, 0 

 . A 
 nor thofe of"out parents; and ta 

 ..,...- fi 'U 
nor revenge on our Ins.' 
PIa!:!! vi. l>OJllÌne 1ze ill furorê. 
o Lord, rebuke me not in thý indignatio 
nor chafl:iíe me in thy ,\
Ha,.e n)ercy on me, 0 Lord, for I a 
k:' heallne) 0 lcord, for IllY bones a 
And Íný fou] is troùblct1'exceedihgIy: b 
thou, 0 Lðrd, how lO:1g ? 
l"urn' to"tne, 0 Lord, and dcJivermy {ou 
o fave me for thy mercy's fake. 
For there is no one in death that is mihl 
fll.1 'of thee; and who thaU 
 confefs thl 
in hell? 

T h

'rlze Seven Penitential Pfqbns
 I 43 
bave laboured in my groanings; every 
jilt I win wafh my bed, I \vill \vater my 

)ch with my tears. 
,A y eye is troubled through indig
ation : 
hve grown old among all rnyenemles. 
)epart froln me all ye workers of iniq uity: 
;the Lord hath heard the \roice of my 
í 'pIng. 
rhe Lord hath heard my fupplication j the 
,.d. hath received n1Y prayer. 
!.Jet all my enernies be alhamed, and be very 
ch troubled: let theIn be turned back .and I 
)(lfhan1ed very f peedil y . Glory, & c. 
r'faltn xxxi. Beaticquo"um.' 
ELefièd are they v.7hofe iniquities are. for- 
given, and whofe fins are cov.cred. 
i leífed is the n1an, to v/honl the J.Jord hath 
) imputed fin, and in- whofe' {pirit there is 
1 guile. 
Hecaufe I vIas filent, my bones gre\v old; 
illl I cried out all the day long, 

'or day and - night thy hand was -heavy 
1 nIne: I am turned in my anguiíh, \vhil11: JJ 
:1 thorn is fafiened. 
have acknowledged 111Y fin to thee.; and 
1 in} uítice I have not conce.aled. 
I fåid, I v.
in confefs againfi: myfclf rny in- 
." ice to- the Lord; and thou haft forgiven 
 wickedncfs10f Iny fin. 
For this íhall everyone that is holy pray 
ttthee, in a feafonable time. 
. And yet in a flood of many waters, they 
. LlI not come nigh unto him. 

14. 4 ':tIle Seven Penitenti l Pjàl1ns. 
hou.artlny refuge .from the troub1e V\rhic 
hath e.ncompaßèd me: my joy, deliver 111' 
fraIn them that furround me. 
r \vill give thee underflanding, and I wi I 
infirua thee in this \vay in which thou ilia I 
 I \\Till fix my eyes upon thee. I 
Do not become 1 ike the.horfc .and the mul(: 
who have no underilanding. 
\Vith bit and bridle bind faft their ja
\vho cOlne not near unto thee. . 
:rv1any are the fcourges of the {i'nner, bl 
n1crcy {hall encompafs bin1 that hopeth j 
the Lord. 
Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye juí1 

nd glory all ye right of-heart. Glory be,&.A 
PJabn xxxvii. Domine ne in furore. 
REbuke me no
 0 Lord, in thy indigm 
tion, nor chafi:ife me in thy wrath. I 
For thy arro\vs are fattened in me, and th l 
hand hath been firong upon me. 
There is no health in n1V fleíh, becaufe (1 
'" I 
thy wrath; there is no peace for IDY bone
becaufe of my fins. 
For my iniquities are gone over my head 
2nd as a heavy burden are become heavy liF 
on me. 
fvly fores are putrifieJ and corrupted, be 
caufe of my foolilhnefs. 
I am become miferablc, and am bowe 
clown even to the end: I walked forrowfL 
an ihe day long. 
F or my loins are filled with illufions; an 
there is no health in my fleLh. 

I ar 

 Seven Penitential Pfabns. 145 
I I atn affiilted and humbled exceedingly; 
; I roared with the groaning of my heart. 
, Lord, all Iny defÌre is before thee; and 
I my groaning is not hid from thee. 
My heart is troubled, my ftrength hath 
! left me; and the light of my eyes itfèlf is not 
with me. . 
, My friends and my neighbours have drawn 
1 near, and flood againfi: me. 
And they that were near me
 flood afar 
I ofF; and they that fought my foul, ufed via. 
I lence. 
And they that fought evils to me, (poke 
vain things; and fiudied deceits all the day. 
But I, as a deaf man, heard not; and wa
, as a dUlnb man, not opening his 111oUth. 
I And I became as a man that heareth not; 
and that hath no reproofs in his ITIouth. 
For in thee, 0 Lord, have I hoped j thou 
,vilt hear me, 0 Lord Iny (;od. 
F or I have faid, left at any time my ene- 
mies rejoice over me : and whilfi my feet are 
D1oved, they fpeak great things againfi: me. 
· For I am ready for fcourges; and my for- 
row is continuaHy before mc. 
For I \\rilI declare my iniquity j and I will 
think for my fin. 
Butmyenemiesli\'c,and are grown fironger 
than I; and they that hate me wrono-fulJy are 
multip1ied. b 
I They that render evil for good h1,"e de- 
traé1:ed Jlle, becaufe I followed o-oodnrfs. 
T"" .:::> 

 orfake Ine not, 0 Lord, In}' (fad j do not 
thou depart from mc. 
(} -\tten cl 

1 -10 c-: S
 t P,", i...f 1::io' PJaII .S. 
At end unto nlY belp 0 Lord, the God 0 
!::} f !
tion. Glory be to the 


p ,J. 
\ if 4"(. 
-\ VE mere en me) 0 God. accordirg 
to th" 
reat mercv. 
And acc
rding to the multitude of thy 
tender mercies, blot out my iniquit). 
,,- {h me et more rom m} inÍ'luit}, and 
cleanfe me from my fin. 
Becaufe I knO\\ m. iniquit ", and my fin 
is a1 \\ 2yS before me. 
To iheeonly h
ve I finned, and have clone 
evil before thee, that thou mayfi be jufiified 
in thy \\ ords, and m } it 0\ ercomc v h
n thou 
art judged. 
}-'or beho1d I \vas conceived in iniquities, 
nd in fins did m mother conceÌ\ e me. 
}'or beho1d thou h
_rt !oved truth; the un.. 
certain and hidden hings of th} wifdom thou 
baa: made rnani.eft to me. 
Ttou íh21t fprinlle 
e with hyffop, and I 
ß-U be cleanfed; thou íhalt ViZ.!h me, and I 

all be m
de \,,'hiter tPan fnow. 
To m hearing thou íhalt gÏ\ e joy and 
61adnefs; and the bones tbat ha\'e been hum- 
bled !hall rejoice. 
Turn W2. thy face from m) fins, and blot 
out all my iniquities. 
Create a clean hea:-t in me, 0 God; and 
rene'l a fight fpirit \ ithin my bo\" else 
Cart me not a\vay froln thy face; and tzke 
no thv Hol) Spirit from me. 


/7" Seven Ptnii 
 i l P ! s. 147 
Refiore un!o me the joy of thy Calvation 
and firengthen me \vith a perfect fpirit. 
I wiU teach the unjufi thy \\ a} s; aad the 
,vicked LhaU be converted to 
Deliver me from blood, 0 God, thou God 
of my falvation, and my ton
ue ..íhall extol 
thy jufiice. 
o Lord, thou wilt open my lips; and my 
mouth íhcdl declare thy praife. 
F o
 if thou hadfi: defired facrifice, I would 
indeed have gÍ\"en it; with burnt-oftèrings 
thou \\7ilt not be delighted. 
A facrifice to God is an affiiéted fpirit; a 
contrite and humble heart, 0 God, thou 
wi) t not defpife. 
. .Deal favourabJy, 0 Lord, ín 
hy good.. 
will ,vith Si '1, that the \valls of J,ruf / 
may be built up. 
. r-rhen !halt thou accept the facrifice of juf- 
tice, oblations, and \"/ho]e burnt-offer1ng5: 
n {hall they Jay c=tl\res upon thy altar. 
Glory be to the Father, &c. 
p fal
z cia Ðo.tzil1e [-,"au .. 
EAR, 0 Lorct, my prayer, ..nd Iet my 
cry come to thee. 
Turn not a\\"ay th face from me; in the 
a} \vhen I am in trouble, ircline thy ear to 
In what day foever I fhwll can upon thi 3 
he2r ù1e fpeedily. 
For my èays zre vanilhed 1ike flnoì:e; an 
my bODCS are f;rov,"n dry l
ke fe\yel for th 
G 2 I Ir. 

ze Seven Penitential p'fahns. 
I am f01ittcn as graUs, and Iny heart is wi... 
thcred; becaufe 1 forgot to eat my bread. 
'j:hrough the voice of tny groaning, my 

one hath cleaved to my íkin. 
I am become like a pelican of the wiI- 
C1ernefs; I an1 like a night-raven in the 
f have watched, and am become as a fpar- 
rovV' all alone o.n the houfe top. 
All the day long my enelnies reproached 
me, and they that praifed llle f wore againft 
For I did eat aíhes like bread, and mingled 
tny drink ,vith \veeping. 
Becaufe of thy anger apd indignation, fOf 
having lifted me lip thou haft thrown n1e 
My days have declined like a fbadow; and 
I am \vithered like grafs. 
But thou, 0 Lord, endurefi for ever; and 
thy o1emorial to all generations. 
Thou fhalt arife and have mercy on Sion ; 
for it is time to have mercy on it, for the 
timc IS come. 
F or the fiones thereof have pleafed thy 
fervan ts, and they íhall have pity on the 
earth thereof. 
And the gentiles íhall fear thy name, 0 
Lord, and all the kings of the earth thy 
. For the Lord hath built up Si311; and he 
fuall be feen in his glory. 
He hath had regard to the prayer of the 
humble i and he hath not dcfpifed their pe- 
. t'itÍon. I et 

The S("ven Penitential P.J
l"et thefe things be written unto another 
generation; and the people that nl
l1 b

reJtcd L.'1a!l prai[
 the I.lord. 
Becaufe he hath lopked forth froln his high 
faflétuary; from heaven the LorJ hath looked. 
upon the earth. 
That he might hear the groans of tnem 
that are in fettèfs; that he rnight rcl
afe tbe 
children of the fL:in. 
l'hat they lnay declare the',.:.nam
 of the 
Lord in S;IJn, 
nd his praife in Jerufil.'elll 
"The!1 the people afièmble together, and 
kings to ferve the I"ord. _ 
. Heanfwered him in the \vay ofhisftrength: 
Declare ut: to me the fcwnefs of my days. 
Call me not aVlay in the midft of my days: 
thy years 'are unto generation and gener a- 
In the beginning, 0 Lord, thou foundedft 
the eat;th; and the heaven
 are the works- 
of th y 
They {hall periíh, but thou remainefi; and 
an of them íhall grovv old like a garment. 
And as a vei1:ure thou {halt change them, 
and theyíhall be changed: but thou art alvvays 
the (elf-faIne, and thy years íhall not fail. 
The children of thy fervants fhall conti- 
nue, and their feed {hall be direéted.for ever. 
Glory be to the,.&c. 
PJabn xxxix. De profundis. 
OUT of tbe depths I have cried to thee, 0 
Lord; Lord hear my voice. 
G 3 Le.t 

15 0 TI1e Seven l
"tential PJlhns. 
Let thv ears be attcnti./c to the voice of 
my fupplic
If thou \viJt obferve iniquities, 0 Lord; 
Lord, \vho íhall endure it ? 
Beca111è \vith thee there is propitiation; 
and by re fan of thy law I have waited for 
thee, 0 I.Jord. 
1\11 y fou) hath relied on his \vord ; my foul 
hath hoped in the Lord. 
"rom the .
orning-\vatch even until nio-ht, 
let lfracl hope in tbe Lord. C 
Becaufe v/lth. the I-iord there is mercy, and 
"vith hi[n plentiful reder.nption. 
And he !hall redeem /frat/ fronl an his ini- 
quities. Glory be to the Father, &c. 
Pfalm cxliii. Domine exaudi. 
HEAR, 0 Lord, my prayer; give ear to 
my fuppIication in thy truth; hear me' 
in: thy j ufiice. 
And enter not into judgment with thy fer- 
vant; for in thy fight no nlal1 living iliall 
DC jufiified. 
.f"or the enemy hath perfecuted my fou], 
he hath brought down my life to the earth. 
He hath made me to àweH in darknefs, as 
 that have been dead of old ; and Iny 
fpirit is in anguilh within me, my heart vvith- 
in me is troubled. 
I remembred the days of old, I meditated 
()n all thy works: I mufed upon the works 
()f thy llands. 
I ûretcheà forth my hands to thee; my 
foul is as earth "rithout \vater unto thee. 

E 1)cning Devotions. 151 
! Hear me fpeedily
 0 Lord; my fpirit hath 
: fainted a\vay. 
I '}'urn not a\vay thy face fro!TI me, left I 
J be like thelTI that go do\vn into the pit. 
i Caufe me to hear th y Inercy in the: rnorn- 
I ' in 2",. for in thee have I hooed. 
L. Make the vJay l:no\vn 
to IllC, wherein I 
ího.uld \valk; for I have lifted up my foul to.- 
: Deliver me from n1Y enemies, a Lord; to 
I thee have I fled ; teach me to do thy wiU
I thou art my God. 
, Thy goo A Spirit !hall lead me into the right 

 land: for thy name's fake, 0 Lord, thou. 
wi}t quicken me in thy j uftice. 
1--'hou wilt bring my foul out of trouble ;. 
an.d in thy mercy thou wilt deftroy my ene- 
And thou wilt cut off an them that affiìB: 
ß1Y foul; for I am thy fervant, Glory, &c. 
Anthe1/l. Relnember not, 0 Lord, our of- 
fences, nor thofe of our parents j and take 
not revenge of our fins. 
Evening devotions for- families, or for 
Particulars .. 
The Litany. 
REmember not, fEe. 
IJord, have mercy on us. ChriJl, have 
nlercy on us. I.lord, have mercy on us. 
Chri/'l, hear us. Chrifl, gracioully hear us. 
God the Father of heaven , 
 "'\ H 
a:-Je mer, ] 
God the Son Redeenlcr of - '" I 
the world. : OJZ. us. 

t 52 Evening Devotions. 
God the Holy Ghofi. } Have mercy OJl 
Ho1y Trinity, One God. us. 
Hol y It-lary, 
HoJy l\JIother of God, 
Holy Virgin of Virgins, 
St. J
St. Gabrzel, 

 R l l. , 
"t. at' .'ae", 
All ye holy angt'ls and "rchangels, 
AU ye ho] y orders of bleßèd fpirits, 
St. John ßtlptiJl, 

t. J ofeph, 
.ß.Jl ye he1 y patriarchs and prophets, 
St. Peter, 
St. Paul, 
S e Al1dretu, 
St. Jfl1lles) 
St. Jobn, 
.st. rh
c..... ", 
..-,t. .1 Olllt S, 

t. Philip, 

t. Bartholol1S(r;J,;', 
St. Alattbew, 

t. Simon, 
St. Thar/fe, 
St. A1athias., 
St. Barnaby, 
St. Luke. 
St. iV/ark, 
All ye holy åpofiles and 'evangelifl:j, 
All ye holy difciples of our Lord, 
All ye ho]y innocents, 
St. Stephen, 
St. LaltreJ::"






Evening Devotions. 
iSt. P'incent, 
:St. Fahian and Sehà.ßian, 
St. John and P flU!, 

St. Co/mas and Damian, 
jSt. Ger
l.1afe and Protafe, 
I J 
tAll ye holy martyrs,. 
;St. Silve.ßer, 
:S t. Gregory". 
iSt. .Ihnbro/è, 
;St. Auglflline, 
:St. Jerome, 
;S t. .l
: St- lVicholas, 
iAll yc holy bilhops and onfeIrors, 
IAll ye holy doé1ors, 
 t. .Anthon)', 
;St. Bennet, 
1St. Bi1'ïl

i St. Do 1 nl'tJltk, 
1 St. Francis, 
,...J\ II ye holy prieírs and levites, 
All ye holy nlonks and hennits, 
St.- Mary ./14agdalen, 
Rt. Agatha, 
St. Lucy, 
St. Agnes, 
St. G"ecily, 
St. Catbarine, 
St. Ânaj/ afla, 
All ye holy vigins and wido\\7S, J 
All ye men and \vomen) faints of God, make 
interceffion for us. 
Be merciful unto us. Spare us, 0 Lord. 
G 5 - 








Ì 5.1: he ilanv 
Be merciful unto us. Gracioui1}' bear' us) '"' 
F'rom all evil, 1 
From aU fin, ,I 
FroIn thy wrath, I 
Fronl flldden and unprovided de
F ronl thè deceits of the devil, 
From anger, hatred, and aU ill-will, I 
From the fpirit of fornication, I ,.. 
From lightning and tempeft, ; 
From everlaning death, 
Thro' the myfiery of thy holy incarna- 1 
tion. > 
 thy com-ing, I 
Thro' thy nativity, I 
Thro' thy baptifn1 and holy falling) I 
Thro' thy crofs and pafiion, · 
Thro' thy death and burial, I 
Thro' thy holy refurreétion, I 
Thro' thy admir3ble afccnfion, 
Thro' the coming of the I-Ioly Ghofi 
the COOl forter , I 
In the day of judgment, J 
'\,Ve hnners, {la befeecb thee to hear us. 
That thou fpar r us, , 
That thou pardon us, I 
That thou vouch-fafe to bring us to true 
penance,. " I 
That thou vouchfafe to govern and pre- > 
ferve thy ho] y ch urch ;' 1 
That thou vouchfafe to prefervc our a- I G 
pofiolic prelate, and all ecclefiafiica] I 
rders in holy re1igion. J 


Evening Devotîonr. j 55 
Tbat thou vouchfafe to humble the ene- ì 
mies of the holy church, I 
That thou vouchfafe to give peace 3nd I 
true concord to chrifiian king.s and t 
princes,- I 
That thou vouchfafe to grant peace and I 
unity to all chriftian people, , 
That thou vouchfafe to confirm and I 
preferve us in thy holy fcrvice, 
That thou lift up our n1ind
 to heaven- , t 
] y defires, 
That thou render eternal good things to I 

Jl our benefaetors, 
That thou deliver our fouJs, and thofe ' I 
of our brethren, kinsfol ks and bene- 
fa8:ors, from eternal damnation. 'S 
That thou vouchfafe to give and pre.. \ 
ferve the fruits of the earth, I 
ThJt thou vouchfafe to give eternal refl: 
to all the faithful departed, I 
That tho:! vouchfafc graciouf1y to hear I 
us. 0 Son of God, ) 
Lalllb of God, ,vho takeft away the fins- 
of the \vorJd, Spare us, 0 Lord. 
Lan1b of God, ".vho takefi away the fins of 
the \vorId, Grocioußy hear ur, 0 Lord. 
Lamb of God, '\7ho taken: away the fins of 
the \vorld, IJave 1Jzercy on liS. 
Chrijl, hear us; Cbrijl, gracioufiy hear u
Lord, have mercy on us; {,'hrijl, have mercy 
on us; Lord, ha'/e mercy on us, Our Father). 
1/. And lead us not into temptation. 
R,. But deliver us from evil. Ãmen



 llu Lttany. 
the way of ever1afting falvation; that by th" 
grace he may deíire thore things that are agre
able to thec, and perform them with alll1i I 
fircn ()"th. t 

 G.O D, from whon1 are holy deures I 
right coun[els, and jufi: VIOIks, give t<! 
thy ferv
nts that peac
 which the \vorld can I 
not give; that both OUf hearts may be dif. 
pofed to keep thy conlnlandments, and th,' 
fear of enemies being removed, the times b, 
thy proteétion may be peaceable. .. 
INflame, 0 Lord, our reins and hearts wit! 
the fire of thy roly Spirit, that we ma' 
ferve thee with a chane body, and pleafe thec' 
with a clean heart. ! 
God, the Creator and Redeemer of a1 : 
the faithfuJ, give to the fouls of thy fer. 
vants departed the remiffion of aU their fins 
that thro' pious fupp1ications they may ob-I 
tain the 
ardon which they have always de.! 
Rc\rent, we beCeech thee, fa Lord, Out 
aB:ions by thy holy infpirations, an( 
carry thcn1 on by thy gracious afiìftancc; tha' 
every prayer and work of ours may begir 
.always frotTI thee, and by thee be happil} 
o Almighty and eternal God, who haft do. 
minion over the Ii v in..; and the dead: 
and art merciful to alJ, \VhOnl thou fore- 
knoweft iliall be thine by fai th and goor' 
7e humbly befeech thee, that they. 
for whom we have determined to offer up OUl 
prayers,- whether this prefcnt world !till de-, 

Evening Devotions. 159 
't hins lnen1 in the fleJh, or the world to come 
hath alrea.dy received then1 out of their bo- 
dies, rnay by the clelncncy of thy goodners, 
alllhy faints interceding for them, obtain 
pardon and full ren1Ìffion of their fins, thra' 
our Lord 11us G"hrifl, thy Son, who liveth 
, al1d reigneth, one God, \vith thee, and the- 
Holy Ghofi: world without end. A,nen. 
f/. 0 Lord, hear my prayer. 
R. And let my cry COlne unto thee. 
F. l\1ay the almighty and moil n1erciful 
Lord gracioufiy hear us. R. Amen. 
F. And may the Couls of the faithful, thro" 
the- mt?rcy of God, reft, in peace. R-. ÂllltlZ. 
An exanzination if confcienceJòr eve') night. 
I FÙ:fl, Place yourfelJ in the prefence of G()d;, 
humhly. adore hÙn, and give hÍ1n thankj for all 
his bleJlillgs, ifpecially tl]f)fe beJiowed on you this 
I day. 
o Almighty and eternal God, vlho[c ma- 
. jefiy fiHeth hejven and earth. I firmly 
believe thou art here; that th y adorable eye 
is on me; that thou feea and kno\
'eft a1r 
thi:ngs; and art mott intimately prefent in 
 very center of Iny [QuI. I defire to bow 
òo\vn 211 the po\vers of my foul to adore 
thee; I dehrc to join my voice with all the 
angels and f
ints, to "praife thee, and glorify 
thee noVv' and for èver. I give thee thanks 
from the bottom of my heart, for all thy 
mercies and blefiìngs befio,ved upon me and 
upon thy whole ChUICb ;. and- particularly fc

1'60 EXa1ilination tff 'Confcience 
. thofe I have received from thee this day, in 
thy watching over me, and preferving n1e 
from fo many evils, and fa
ouring me with 
fo many graces and infpirations, tSc. 0 let 
me never more be ungrateful to fo conftant 
and liberal a Benefaétor! And no\v, dear 
Lord, add this. one bleffing to the refl; that I 
may clearly difcover the fins that I hav.e com- 
.mitted this day by thought, word and deed; 
or by any orniffion of any branch of my duty, 
to thee, to my neighbour, or to myfelf: that 
no part of my guilt may be hidden from my 
own eyes; but that I may fee my fins in their 
true colours, ånd may: deteft them as thoy' 
ought to be detelled. 
Then e:Jt:amine yourfelJ, how you have paffid 
the day; ho7.v you have perJorlned your pra)'ers, 
and other fpirituol e.,,<ercifes; in what 1l1anller 
you bave acquitted yourfelJ of the duti
s of Y01-fr 
calling; what care you have taken to perform 
"luell your ordinary allions of tbe day; what 
company you I
ave heen in, and whot your conver- 
fation has hteíl : and in particular, bo
u wV(jU have 
hebaved yourftlf v.;itb regard /9 your cuflomary 
failings, and >,OU1. predoll1inant pajJions. 
..1jter bnvÙ;g diligently exanÚ1Jcd your con- 
fciellce, J1zd diJ;.overed the faults you have heen 
guilt)' of, endeavour to be beal tiíy forry, hunzbly 
heg pardon of the divine Majifly for tbem, lay- 
ing for .this purpoft the P fobn Miferere. Have 
mercy on me, 0 God, fEe. as above, p. 146. 
Then 1Jlake a jirín purpofe of a7nendlnent for 
the future, and ejpe,ia/Iy refllve If) be 7JlOre 

. '. 


'1ft.'bful ever y?urftlf the fl1!()WÙlg day; to he 
1 re diligent in flying tbe occttþon of )'our fins; 
l'd to takc/ncb and Juc}; þ;"ecout:ùJJS v..;ith rfgaid 
; the faults yeu are mojl jÌtbjeéì to. 
Conclude tJJis e......ercift, hy e1ldea
 to put 

zl1iil{, as llz=!cb as poiJib!e, in t})e c-?ndition y111 
intl.1 bz glad to be flU!ld in at tbe bour of )'j!lr 

ath: in orelL-r to tl':J, l;za.te the bt'/l atl s you 
J'e abl:, of a lively 
. A IT H, if all bUlablt? 
;?d of a perfeéll
fCNATION /() l,is holy 'Z'Jill: elnbrace wit& a/I 
t'e affiaícJ1s qf )'Ol!r foul Chrift cru::
.tjed, and 
?ire t, an eternal union 'With him. For 'Wh:ch 
zd )'ou 1/lay pray as follows: 
i) Bleífcd Trinity, one God, :Father, Son 

 and Holy G holt, I believe in th.:e. 0 

veet 1 efus, Son of God, true God and true 
,Ian, the Redeemer of my foul, I believe in 
11ce; I believe all thou haft taught 
e by thy 

oly catholic church, in this faith I deÍÌre to 
ve and die. 
I I am of 111yfelf a poor wretched nothing, 
nd have been always hitherto a molt mifcr- 
ble finner: I humbly confefs, and heartily 
etefi 01Y fins; I crave thy Inercy, and hope 
'0 obtain thy pardon, thro' the death and 
,a:ffion of rny Saviour, in \vhich is all my 
I I beg tbat thy holy will olay ever be done 
:0 me, whether it be for pain or eafe, fick:- 
efs or health, life or death: I defire to have 
10 exceptions againfi thy holy ","ill: I accept 
, f the fentence of.death, as jufily due to ITiY 
fins ;. 

Evening Devotions. 


162 ./!,-'ventng Devotzons. I , 
fins; I (ubmit to all the uneafinefs and p:li.
that arc to be the fore-runners of it, and 
(,lifer them all up to thee, for my fins. I 
But O! dear Lord, whenever I am to diE 
JFt me be fo Inppy as to expire in the arms c\ 
my dying ]ifus, and in the embraces of hij 
crcfs !. O! hide me, dear Jefus, in th 
'\vounJs, bathe IllY foul in thy precious b]ood i 
:ïh! let noth ing feparate me fronl thee. 0: 
when !hall I be fo happy as to fee thee, lovi 
thee, and enjoy th
e, in the land of the liv' 
ing! \\;"hcn than I be eternally united t, 
 O! who will give ITIe the \vings c 
the dove, that J may By a
7ay from this Ian 
()f fin and n1ifery, and be for ever at reft iJ 
" N. B. This, or the like exerciCe of ex. 
" amination of confcience, ought never tl 
" be omitted bv (uch as dcfire to ferve Go 
" in good earnefi, and to fecure their foul' 
" eternal welfare." 

Other Evening Prayers. 
Our Father. flail Mary. I telieve j) 
God, &c. I confers to allnighty God, &,: 
as above in the morning exercife, 
T)e H YlVI N. Te /;u:iJ ante1:ernzinum. 
B Efore the clofing of the day, 
Creator, we thee hUITJbly pray, 
That for thy \vOHted Illcrcy's fakc, 
Thou us in to proteB:ion take. 
I\la ) 'fT nothino- in our n1inds excite 
o . , 
Vain dreams and phantom
 of the nIght: 

I Evening Dev(jtions. 
qr enemies reprefs, that fo 
j r bodies no u ncleanncfs kno\v. 
iTo 'iefus, from a Virgin (prung, 
B glory giv'n, and praifes fung ; 
]\e ] ike to C;'od the Father be, 
d l-IoIy Ghoft eternally. A,nen. 
Save us, 0 Lord, vvaking, and keep us 
ping, that we may watch 'With G'hrijl, and 

 l in peace. Anlf1z. 
tpreferve us 25 the apple of thy eye, and 
:Ùtet1: us under the íhado\v of thy \vings. 
IV oucbfafe, 0 LOld, to keep us this night 
thout fÌn. Have Inercy on us, 0 Lor,,}, 
,Ve mercy on us. . 
fl""hy mercy be upon us, a Lord; as we 

 r lve put our truft in thee. 
a Lord, hear my prayer: and let my 

y come unto thee. 
I Let us pray. 
IS IT, we befeech thee, 0 Lord, this ha- 
bitation, and drive far from it all [nares 
the enen1Y; let thy holy angels dwell 
-rein, to preferve us in peace; and thy 
effing be upon us for ever, thro' Chriji our 
ord. .Åll1èll. 
I.Jook do\v4il, we befeech thee, 0 Lord, up- 
1 this thy fànlily, for \"hiGh our Lord 1cf u s 
l)1-ift did not flick to' be delivered into the 
lnds of finners, and to undergo the torment 

 the crofs ; \vho ]iveth and rcigneth \vith 
lee, in the unity of the IIo1y Ghoft, God, 
orld ,\" rude Amen. 


] 6.1 E
'enÍ12g Dlvolions. 
Sa/7,;'e Regina. ( 
1-1 A TIJ to tbe Qycen who reigns above 
l'vlothcr of clclTIcncy and love: 
I-Jail thou our hope, 1ife, f\veetnefs ; \VC re:. 
.E've's banifh'J children cry to thee. 
\ V e frolD this \vretched vale of tears) 
Send 1ìghs and groans unto thy ears :.. 
()! then, fweet Advocate, beftow 
j). vitying look on us belo\v. 
After this exile, let us fee 
Our blc[[ed 'ie/us born of thee: 
o l1iercifu), U pious maid, 
o gracious Mlry, lend thy aid. 
]/. Pray for us, 0 holy l\/Ioth-cr of God , 
R. That \ve rnay be made \vorthy of 1
promifcs of G
hriß. : " 
Let 'us pray. I : 
o Almighty and eternÛ God, who dï: · 
prèpare the body and foul of th e glori( I : 
lv/ary, mother and virgin, that by the (, :. 
operation of the Holy Gho11: íhe ll1ight 1! 
Come a worthy d"'clling for thy Son: gr, 
that as we rejoice in her commemoration, , J 
by her pious interceffion, we may be de]jver ' : 
both froln pre[ent evils, and everlafting cleat l 
thro' the fame Jefus Chri/l our Lord. Alli 
Defend, we befeech thee, 0 Lord, hy I 
interceffion of blcfTed Mar)', ever V irg' . 
this thy family [raIn all adverfity j and. 
with our whole hearts \\;"e lie proftrate bef(' 
thee, mercifuIJy proteB: us from the fnares r : 
our cnen1Íes, thro
 ['br ijì our Lord. Ani I ' 
o An'


Evening Dev
tions. 16 5 
) Angel of God, who art nlY Guardian, 
Ncch over ITIe this night, whon1 the divine 
)"(,dnefs has conln1Ítted to thy charge; di- 
e me, keep n'e, and defenJ 111e froin evil 
rp'its and all mis fortunes. 
nto thy hands, 0 Lord, I 'commend my Lord 71us receive my foul. 
n thee, 0 Lord, is D1Y hope; 0 let me 
Of er be confounded. 
lay the blcffing of Almighty God, f'ather, 
S J, and Holy Ghofi, defcend upon us, and 
nlain ahvays with us. ÅJJlcn. 
ißefore you go to bed, read a chapter in the 
S ipture, or fOlne fpiritual book; forecafl: 
h youlfelf the fubjeét of the next morn- 
i r s rneJitation, and think upon it whiH1: 
)(1 are undrefling yourfelf ; when you com- 

fe yourfelf in your bed, think on your 
ve, and how quickly death (of which 
1 p is an in1age) will be with you; and 
"lat your fentiments will then be of all 
, rldl y vanities. 
(Offer up to God your lleep, fubmitting to 
1 with a pure inteÜtion of his holy will; and 

at by this repofe of nature you may rc- 
Iver new vigour to ferv
 him. \rViíh that 

ery breath you are to take this night nlight 
1 an aB: of praife and løve of the divine 
] ajefiy, like the happy breathings of the 

'gels and faints, who never fleep: and fo 

Impofe yourfelf to reR: in the arms of your 

lviour. If you wake in the night, renew 
. e offcring of yourlelf to God, and afpire 

166 Inflr-uElionsfor the 
to hirn j }4y {aul hath deftrtd thee in tbt nig 
Ifaiah xxvi. 9- 
Of tIle ordinary aétions of the day, a 
the fpirit Iv/ith \vhich they ought I 
be perforl11ed. 
Tncther you tat or drink, or whatever elfe you 
do ai' ta the glory of God, I ("or. x. 3 I. 
Of your w01 A k, or ordinary elnp/o)'lnellt. 
O FTEN call to mind that fentencc paf. 
upon all mankind, Gen. iii. J 9. In I 
fiueat of thy face thcu fhalt eat thy b1-t,' . 
till thGU return to the earth, out of 'luhich t/ l . 
?'vnfl taken: fo'l' dzyl tboll. art, and into .n 
thoufhalt return. In confequcnce of this fe l I 
tence fublnit yourfelf to the l"bours of yc I 
calling, as to a pcn2nce laid upon you by t 
Almighty, and go thro' them vlÍth a pel l 
tcntial fpirit, o4çring thcln up daily to Gl' 
for your fins. I i 
Fly idlenefs as the mother of aU mifcbi,: 1. 
and if your conùition of life does not oblj' . 
you to any work or emploYlnent, by way 
feeking your bread, yet chufc always fort I 
thing of this nature for your foul's fake, d' I: 
the ùevil may never fiocl you idle. 
In the beginning of your \vork din
your intention to God; confider '
lhat y
are taking in hand <:.s a bufinefs allottcd y I 
by him, and let your defign in doing of it 
 r l 
to pleafe him. God Almighty moftcertail
appoints to everyone in his family his, '. ,1 
lpcél:ive employnlent : embrace then yoursr 

Ordina1 y AElions 
 the Do.y. 16 7 
cnfequence of the win of God; and offer 
u both vourfelf nnd your work, from time 
t ' tin1c to hirn, in union with the works in 
ich your Saviour was employed in his 
In the midfl of your work, let your inte-- 
ur, as much as poffible, be taken up with 
(ad by recolleélion: make a clafet in your 
}art for 1efus Chri/Ì, invite him in thither, 

 d there entertain him as \vell as you can: 
tit yourfelf with lt4agdalen at his feet, and 

ake frequent afpirations of love to him. 
If in your \\"ork you would amufe yourfelf 
ng') infiead of prophane and lewd 
ngs, ling h ymf!s and praifcs to God; and 

 you "vork in the <::oILpany of worldlings, 

 a particular guard over your heart, t
lat it 
'aw not in the jnfeétion of their vain and 
icked difcourfe. 
. Perforln all your works with due care to 
· then1 \veIl, not as pJe:lfing the eyes of men, 
t the eyes of God; in vlhofe prefence, 
d for wholn, you ought to do all that you 
And \vhen by his will yeu are called:-t 
t ay from your ,,'ork, as you are to be \vi1- 
ng to do it for hiln, [0 you mull be willing 
leave it for him. 
'I'ake care to mortify that over-greateager- 
ers \vith which you fometimes find yourfelf 
.t upon your work, and do all with calm- 
eCs and peace, if you would have G<>d be 
j /ith yo

1 6 
 Ir;llruElions for the I I 
Of your meals. 
Go to your m
als \vith a pure intention 
take th
t fupport of nature, becaufe it is t I 
will of God, that you may thereby maintal 
your firength for his divine fcrvice. Look up(1 
neat and drink as medicines, neceffa \ 
flJr your health, and take them as fuch, a: , 
not .merel y for your pleaîure, or to fatisfy yo I 
. I 
appctite. I 
Al\vays fay grace both before and after yø 
meals, \vith a ferÍous attention to God, aJ
a grateful fenfe of your receiving all from hiJI 
During your meals, keep yourfelf, as mUI! 
2S poffihle, in God's prefence; often afpj 
after the true 
 read, which is 'ie/us Cbr
aDd long after tbat happy hour, when y'\ 
ilia]l COBle to dri'lk at his fountain of t 
eternal, and !hall have no need of any oth, 
eat1ng or drinking. I 
cr up your meals to God, in unic' 
\vith thofe of Jefus Cbriji: obfcrve ad: 
n10deHy at them, and be watchful againfi;: 
in telnperance and fen f ualìty. Study rather 
mortify than to gratify your appetite; aJ 
let not a meal pars without offering up toG, 
forne bit which you have moil inclination t 
depriving yourfelf of it to give it hiln: b 
take care to do this fo as not to be taken n 
tice of. 
Endeavour to !hun eating and drinking b 
t\vecn mea]s, where there is no neceffity f 
it: and remember that the faints of God () 
lo\yed not, v/ithout regret, even the me 

I Ordinary AElions of the DBY. 16g 
IJeceffarý fatisfacrion to their bodies, which 
hey looked upon as their greateft enemies. 
Grace before Tlzeals. 
l BIers us, 0 Lord, and there thy gifts t 
,vhich we are to receive of thy bountiful 
lands, through Chrift our Lord. Amen. 
G,oace after meals. 
\Ve give thee thanks, Ahnighty God, for 
.111 thy benefits, \vho liveß: and reigneß: world 
;.vithout end. Âmen. 
Of your recreations. "- 
Let your intention be F>ure in your recre- 
tions: as far as they are necelfary for the 
rea}th of your body, or the relaxation of your 
lI1ind, they are agreeable to the will of God, 
11nd no farther; and this wiII of God ought 
Ito be yoùr rule, both in the choice of theIn, 
ê?d in the mca[urc of time you alJo\', for 

I Fly then aU fuch recreations as are finful 
r dangerous; all fuch as tend to (often the" 
oul, and fill it with the fpirit and Jove of 
his VJorld; all fuch as favour of the pOlnps of 

atan, which you have renounced; all fuch
n fine, as infiead of being rcaf1 y Cerviceab]e 
or the relaxation of the nlind, or the heaJth 
.)f [be bod y, are prej udicial eithc:- to the one 
or to the other, or to both. 
I Allo\v no more tilne for your rccrc:1tion s 

than is ncre{farv for thore ends for which re- 
freations are 
líO\Ví1ble. It is an jntolerabl
H ab


7 0 InflruElions for the 
.. bufe to make them, as forne do, the chief I 
bufincfs of life. .. Alas, \vhat an account \vill 
fuch Chriftians be able to give one day of the 
 of their precious tilnc ! II 
As in the bcg
nning of your recreations you t 
()ught fO"offer them up for the honour and I 
.glory of God, fo you ought a]fo frequently 
in the midft of thenl to rccoIleét yourfelf in 
God, inviting 'Jefus Gnrifl into your heart, I 
and making afþirations of love to him. 
Of your cOllverjation. 
If any man offend 110t in word, the falne is a 
perfeEl11zon, St. J atTIes iii. 2. l'here is no time 
in which achrifiian is obliged to be more upon 
his guard, than in his converfation: by rea- 
fon of the many ,vays we are liable to offend 
by tne tongue, and the great prejudices vvc 
are apt to do others, or receive from others in 
,onverfation. U pan which account alfo \ve 
Ðught to call God to our affifiance as often as 
we go into company. Be as careful as you I 
can in the choÍce of the cOlnpany with 
whom you converfe; and much more in the 

hoice of the perfons whom you intend to, 
make your mòre familiar friends; and let 
virtue and chrifiian prudence be the firí1: and 
chief qualification that you feek for in theIne 
Let your difcourfe be edifying, and chufe' 
as much as y.ou can to fpeak of God and good 
things, but this without ofientation, or feetn- 
ing to take too tnuch upon yourfelf. Speak 
not of what paífes in your own interior, only 
to your director; and don't affeét. either .tci 

Ordinary A8ions 0/-' the. Ðt.l)'- t 7 1 
raire or dif praife yourfelf: there is dangèr of 
vanity and felf-Iove. in both one and the 
other. I · 
Baniíh as much as you can froIT\your con- 
vcr[ation unprohtab]e curiofity, and all fuch 
fubjeéts as are vain a'nd worldly: ând when 
thefe things are treated of in your company 
; turn a deaf ear to tqetn, as to things that re- 
I . 
I gard you not. 
, In all your converfation remember the pre- 
I Cenc; of God, and. 
ake frequent afpirations 
I to him; and let hIS' pref
nce be a powerful 
t refiraint upon you, to keep you froln de- 
l traB:ion, immodeft jells', and other fins fo 
, (;:ommon in converfation. 
.. \Vhen you come into any company falute 
in recret the guardian angels of the company; 
g that they would drive away the ene- 
my, that he nlay have no {hare in your COl1- 
Never contradiél: anyone in the cOlnpany, 
except the importance of the matter, and the 
danger'()f perfons receiving prejudice from the 
f malice or ignorance of others, require it of 
. yøu. Be as civil as you can, but without 
flattery, or condefcending to any thing that 
is evil; and be modcfHy chearfuI, with the 
fear of God. 
In all your converfation have a charitable 
I regard to the company you are in; taking 
l' particu]ar care that no word or aétion of 
your's may give occafion to any other's fin. 
Often n1editate in \vhat mann
r Chrifl and 
L" his faints cOl1verfeò here upon earth, that you 
H 2 may 

J 7 2 hýlruElio1Z5 fir tlze .. , 
rnay imitat
 them; often afpire to their happy 
converfation in heaven. 
Endeavour not to make more vifits than 
are of nece.ffity or charity; an d rçmem ber 
that foiitude and filence are the beft means to 
o.btairÎ recol
eétion in Go
, and th.e fpirit of 
prayer." I 
Of reàdillg good books, or bearing the word 
of C;od. . · 
Let not a .day pafs witho
JJ employing at 
lcaft one quarter of an hour in reading the 
Scripture, or {olne fpiritua] book; and a more 
çonfidcrable time on Sun-days and holidays.: 
advife \vith your direétor vvhat books may be 
I)lofi pro,per, and endeavour to procure them 
ior yourfelf and fal11iJy. 
Begin your reading by an bumble invoca- 
tion of the flaly Ghofi, that you may profit 
by it: read Jeifurely and attentively, 10 as to 
let the ]eíTons you read have time to make 
pro.per imprcffions upon you, and to fink deep 
into your heart. Paufe awhile upon fuch 
placeð as touch you ITIOft: and [rotTI ti,me to 
titne c.xcite affeétions and refolutions in your 
foul, fuitable to the you are reading of. . 
Look upon it, that as when you are pray- I 
ing you are fpeaking to God, fò. when YOll 
are rending ,or hearing his word, he is fpeak- 
jIlR" to you. As then Y OU defire he íhould 
i.:) oJ 
hear you when you (peak to hi!n, fo take yot:l . 
care to hearken faithfully to him \vhen he I 
fpc::d s to ycu; and lay up carefully in your 
1.eart the feed of his divine word) that it may I 
__ __ _ . .. not I 

I Ordinary AéliOJis 0/ lite D
.. i7
i'l1ot be picked up by the fo\vls of the 
ur, you
al foes, or carclcfly trodden under your 
Hear the word of God as ofeen as you hav
an opportunity: call upon God in the begin- 
11ing, and purify your foul as much as YOll 
can from all vain curiofity: mind not the 
eloquence or a8ion of the preacher, but at- 
tend to the truths he delivers: don't fay \\1Ìth:-- 
i:l yourfelf, ho\v "'cll does this or that fU)l 
,vith this or that perron; but confider \vhatr 
fuits with yourfelf, and lay it up in you r 
mind, for the rule of you,r comp-ortment for 
the time to come. 
After reading or hearing the \vord of God, 

ive thank
 to his divine lVlajefty for tne ih- 
1truB:ions he has given you therein: jingle 
out fome one or more particular points fòr 
your praB:ice that very day, and beg of God 
that he would imprint them in your fOlll
tbat you may remember them, and put them 
in ex.ecution. Remember that the word of 
God heard or read, and not put in praB:ice, 
will one day.rife in judgment againfi you. 
If you are the maficr or mifirefs of a. få.. 
nìily, fee that thore under Y9ur charge w.lnt. 
not the advantage offrequent reading or hear:.. 
ÏJ1 s what is good. It is a carG your great 
mafter expetts from 'YOU. 
Take care to banilh from yourfèlf and fa- 
mily aU lewd and irreligious books; and fuch 
:as.may be of dangerous confequence either to 
fa! th or n1orals; as rOtnance
. play- books; 
novels, fortune-books, & c. 'Tis not to be 
H 3 in1agincd. 

:17 4 Invocatio1lS if tIle IIo
' G lLofl. 
inlagined what hann young people efpccial1y 
receive from fuch books. 1 ) 

proper before reading, or any other 
JiJiritunl undertaking. 
The HY\IN l/ellÌ CItator. 
C Ol\/IE Holy (]hoi1-, Crcatór COB1C, · 
FroÎl1 thy bright"hca
'nly throne: 
COr:1C take pof1èffion of 0 u r fouJs, 
.l\.nd IJ1:lke thcln all thy o.
Thou \vho art call'd the P,1racl
Bell gift of God above ;" 
The livin.g Spr
J1g, "the living Fire, 
Sw.eet Unttion, and true ,Love. 
Thou who art (ev'nfold in thy grace, 
, inber of God's .right-hand: . 
His promife, teaching little ones 
To fpeak and underfiand. 
.0 I guide our minds with thy blcft light. 
With Jove our hearts inf1ånle ; 
And \vith thy firength, \vhich ne'er decay.s, 
Confirm our mortal fran1c. 
Far fron1 us drive our hellifh fåe) .. 
frue peace into us bAring; 
And thro' al1 perils lead us fafe 
Beneath thy facred wing. 
Thro' thee may we the Father kno\v, 
r-rhro' thce t"h' eternal 
And thee the 
pirit of thel!l both, 
']'hricc ble[[ed Three in One. 


.. I 

, I 

å ,1 

IÎroocations 0/ the Holy Glzrjl. 175 
.t\11 glory to the Father be, 
\Vith his co-eq ual Son, 
1'he lIke to thee, great Parac1cte
Till time itfclf Ïs done. .A/neu. 
'J'he H YlvlN J 7 cni Sanflc Spiritus. 
CO 1\1 E Holy' Ghoft, fend down- there 
bealns, · 
\Vhich f weedy flow in !ì1cnt fireanu>>, 
From thy bright throne above. 
o cpme, thou .Father of the poor, 
o come, 1ho u Scource of all cur fiofof' j 
Come fill our hearts with love. 
o thou of Comforters the beft
o thou, the foul's delightful guell-, 
The pilgrim's f weet relief. 
Thou art true reft in toil and fweat, 
Refrefnment in th' excefs of hezt, 
.. And folace in our grief. 
Thrice ble[[cd light, {hoot home thy darts
And pierce the centers of thoCc heart
\Vhofe faith afpires to thee; 
Without thy Godhead nothing can 
Have any price or vlorth in Inan, 
Nothing can harmlefs be. 
I.Jord waíh our finful ftains a vlay, 
Water from heaven our barren" clay: 
Our wounds a
ld bruifes heal. 
To thy f\veet yoke our fiiff necks bo-vv; 
vVarm \vith thv fire our hearts of fnow ; 
Our wandering feet repeal. 
Grant to thy faithful, dearefi Lord, 
\\r'ho1è only hope is thy fure 'i\lord, 
The [even gifts of the fpirit; 
H 4- Gr? flJ; 

17 6 Neciflàry Virtms. 
Grant us in Ìife thy helping grace; 
Grant us at death to fee thy face, 
And endlefs joy inherit. .Amen. 
./1nth. Come Holy 
piTit, fin the heartsof thy I 
ithfu 1, anà kindle in them the fire of thy Jove., 
f/. Send forth thy Spirit, and they {hall I 
he created. R. And thou {halt renew the 
f"cc of the earth. 
et us pray. 
O God, \vho haft taught the hearts of the 
fäithful by the .light of the Holy Spirit, I 
grant that \ve nlay by the gift of the CaIne I 
Spirit be always truly wife, and eyer rejoice I 
in his confolations. Through 1efus Chrifl 
OUf Lord. .AI/zen. 
NtcejJàry VIR TUES ta be excrtiftd evtry day. 'I 
I. HUmility: By keeping yourfelf al ways t 
litt1c, and as a mere nothing in the I 
fight of God, looking upon him as the author I 
of all 
your good, and humbling yourfelf to I 
every neighbour. In order to this, always! 
remember what you ha\ye deferved by your 
:tins: that it is a mercy of God that you are 
not in hcll: and that if you had your due, all 
God's creatures ought either to fly and ab- 
bor you, for you r foul treafons agai oft their 
l\1aker; or revenge his caufe, by joining to- 
gether in perfecuting you: and therefore, 
that the leafi: fervice you receive from any of 
then1 is more than you deferve, and that 
nd contenlpt are your jutl due. 
2. PenonCl: By frequent aéts of repent- 
ance for your paft fins, -ind calling conti!1U- 
Jill V 

; Necdfàry Virtues. 177 
aII y upon God to {hew you mercy; often 

prefenting yourfclf at his feet in prayer, like 
1St. Mary Magdalen; or firiking your breaít 
i\\,ith the publican. Offer up alfo to God, ill 
fa penitential fpirit, wht\tever pains, cro{fes
lor fufferings you daily meet with, and death 
litfelf, with all its agonies, whenfoever it {hall 
'come; and make it your fiudy, by frequent 
,mortifications and felf-de!lials, to chafiife 
/yourfelf, and to offer up daily forne fatisfac- 
ttion to God, acceptable thro' 'fefus (hrifl, 
I for the many injuries YOll h
\r.c done him by 
your fins. 
3. R
/ignali!)n and Confotlnity to the 
of God in all events.: ever rcmembring, that 
nothing happens without. h is pleafure or per- 
miffion; and that this or that crofs is what 
God, in his ,infinite. wifdom and goodne['), 
from all eternity defigned for you. And as in 
all your fufferings, you.muft embrace the \viH 
of God, and chcarful1y fubmit to it ; fo in an 
y{)ur undertak.ings' you mull canfult his holy 
\vill, and in all your aéHans confarn1 to it a'S 
the rule anrl motive of all you do. 
4. RecollellitJn: By calling to mind, as 
ten as you can in the day, the prefence of 
God, reprefented as in the vocy center of your 
foul; making freq uent af pi rations and ejacu- 
]ations of love to hin1: offering frequently in 
the day your whole being, all the po\vcrs of 
your .fauJ, and all your fenfes and facultic3, 
with all your thoughts, '\vords and aétions to 
I him; and baniíhing, as much as you can, 
frOD) you, all vain amufements, anxious cares, 
H (. an,t 

17 8 Afpi1 ations.. 
and afFcétions; thåt fa your hear 
may eafily find him, freely embrace him, an(1 
quietly repofe in him.' i 
'lìlay be 1/Zade with our daily aEll:ons. 
LORD, increafe Iny faith.1 Lord, I be. 
lieve, he] p thou n1Y un bel ief. 0 "let m1\ 
r2ther die than confent to the leafi doubt 0 
thy facred Truths. I 
In thee, 0 Lord, is all my hope; 0 Ie'; 
me never be confounded. I 
I-lide me, dear :ltfus, in thy \vounds, bathe 
,my foul in thy precious blood. 
o Fountain of mercy, have mercy on me 
o 1et nothing in life or death ever fcparatt: 
me from thee. 
Lord, be merciful to me a finner. 
Lord, be thou my keeper, and keep m<: 
from fin. Lord, look \vell to me, or 1 ilia}} 
bctray thee. 
o rather Jct me die a thoufand deaths than 
{}ffend thee 111ortal1y. 0 \vhen Ihall fin have 
an end? 
o my God teach me to love thee; teach 
me to ferve thee as I ough t. 
o that I had the hearts and tongues of an 
the world, that I might worthily praife thee, 
and love thee. 
a divine Love, how 1itt1e art thou loved 
lß this \vicked world! 0 take poffeffion at 
lcaft of l1J.y heart, and let thy facred flames 
ever burn there. 
Too late have I known thee, 0 ancient 
r-r.... 1. 

AJþÎ'rations 179 
ruth! too late have I loved thee, 0 ancient 
eaut)' ! 
a the God of my heart, and my portion 
jor ev
r. My God and my aH! 1 defire to 
I)e diífolved, and to be with thee. .. 
I \Vho VwFill give Ine the wings.of the dove? 
'lnd I '\vill fly and repof
 in thee. e 
r As the hart pants after the fountains of 
ater, fo Iny foul pants after thee, my God.. 
!v1 y foul hath thirí1:ed after my God, the 
tFountain of life eternal. O! when iliaH f 
:corne and appear in the prefence- of my God f 
I Ivly heart and my flefh rejoice exceedingly' 
in the living God. . t 
I 0 Lord, enlighten my eyes, that I may. 
never fleep in death. 
he fin
 of my you
 and my ignorances 
remember not, 0 Lord; from my fecret fins 
 111C, 0 IJord; and for the fins of 
()thers, [pare thy fervant. 
N at unto us, 0 Lord) not to us, but to 
thy nalTIe give glory. 
Into thy hands, a Lord, I recommend 
my fj)irit. Lord, (aye me, or I peri!h. Lord, 
In.1kc hafic to help Ine. . 
ct G.od arife, and his enemies be put to 
ßight. Say to my foul, I am thy f31varion; 
.I hope to fee the good things of the Lord 
in the jand of the li\ ino-. 
Let the name of the Lord be for 
ver blcffed. 
Glory be to the Father, al1d to the Son, 
and to the H?ly GhaR:. . 
Lord, what"wilt thou bave me to do? .... 
fiy heart is ready, 0 God, my heart is 
, H 6 ready. 

, föò AJpiullions. I 
ready. I have àefired thy law in th
midfi of my heart. 
I wiI\ keep my ftrength, 0 Lord, for thee I 
" Turn aw
y Iny eyes, that they may nQ' , 
-'look on vanIty. 
Thou artjuft, 0 Lord, and thy judgmen ll 
is right.. I 
Lord, I have faid, now I begin 
. let thi
be the change of the right hand of the Moß: 
High. The mercies of our Lord I will fing; 
for ever. I 
Come let us adore the Lord that made us,! 
All ye works of our Lord, bIers our Lord, ' I 
praife him and magnify him for ever. 
" r-rhefe, and fuch like {hart aB:s of vir.
c, tue, may be proper, in the midfl: of your! 
" ordinarya8ions and employments
 to bel 
., fecretly repeated in your hearts, fometimes! 
" of one fort, fometimes of another, as oc- 
" calion 1hall require, and the Spirit of God 

, {hall fuggefi." 
THE moil general prefcriptions againft all 
kinds of fin are frequent and fervent 
fJrayer; meditation and confideration of the 
four laG: things, aNd ef the other great chrif- 
tian truths; frequenting the facraments with 
due preparation: reading fpiritual books; 
t:!aily your confcÌence; devotion 
to the paffion of Chrifl, to his bleIred Mo- 
rller, and to the faints; a continual watch- 
f ulnefs over yourfeJf; giving alms according 

Rê1nedies againfl Vices. 18 1 
!o your abi1ity; daily mortifying your own 
Inclinations, and chaftifing the fleíh; and 
rarticularly taking care to fly the occafions 
/þf fin, and to refift the firÍÌ motions of 
I Agnin}l P It IDE. 
i ^ Gaintl: the fin of Pride (which conli{ts 
n. in an inordinate love of one's o\vn ex- 

ellence, and in thinking too well of one's 
,èlf, as if one took one's felf to be foolebody, 
which makes us refer all to ourfelves, infiead 

f referring it to God) divines prefcribe the 
fol1owing remedies: I. To [tudy and know 
lone's felf, and often to confider the mean- 
refs of our extraB:ion (as to the body, from 
dirt and corruption, and as to the foul, from 
Inoth ing) the infeéiion of fin; the many 
1 m iferies of our prefent condition; our per- 
petual repugnance to good,. and inclination 
:to evil; the certainty of death, and uncer- 
;tainty of our eternal Jot; and above all, to 
confider what a deplorable figure a foul in 
mortal fin makes in the fight of God; and 
hOVI often this has been our cafe, if it be 
not fa at prefent. Ah J \vhat confufion then, 
what horror, what an eternal damnation, 
.have we deferved? and after all, dare we lift 
up our 

d by pride? 
l"o fet before our eves tbe exampJe of 
Chrifl, who humbled himfelf to the death of 
the crofs, to cure our pride; and who parti- 
cularly calls upon all his follo\\pcrs to learn 
gf him to be mefÑ and humbl, of heart, St. 

, I , 
182: Remedies agaÙýl Vices. I 
Matt- xi. 29- and declares that except they 
becotne as little ones, they ßJal1 nvt enter intG 
,tbe" kingdo1l1 oj heaven, St. Matt. xviii. 3- 
3- To nleditate often upon the manifold I 
damages \vhich the foul receives from pride'l 
which còrrupts its very vitals, and lays it open: 
to;111 evils; becauie God refifis the proud,! 
and withdraws his graces [rol11 thenl, I 
4. 1"0 confider the dreadful puniíholents I 
which L7Jcifer and his companions, which DUX: 
:11rfi parents, & c. have incurred by pride. ; 
5 - 1'0 accufiotTI one's felf both to iutcriol; 
and exterior atls of hUJliÌ/ity, and contenlpt!, 
of ourfelves; highly to prize and daily tc; 
beg of God this neceífary virtue; and willing-j 
ly to embrace hZlllJi.'iationJ, as often as they: 
are offered. I 
6. With regard to the things which moil! 
commonly nourilh our pride,. to confider hov,,! 
little" reafon we have to be proud of thClTI : 
that they are generally things empty and vain,: 
fading and perifhable; fuch as worldly ho- 
nours, ric'1e.s, beauty, fine cloaths, & c_ \vhich 
,give no intrinfic value or \-vorth to thenl that 
enjoy them, nor 111ake them one whit the 
better; but, on the contrary, if they are. 
proud of them, n1ake them oJious and con-I 
temptible both to God and man. And as fOI' 
any real and foJid goods that we may have, 
. \ve m uft ever retnember whofe gifts they are, 
what a firiét account vve mufi one day give, 
of thetn; that humility is the beft: ornatl1ent, 
uardilan of then); .and that pride willi 
.. notl 


: R(1n/dic
. agaÌ1!/l Vices. 83 
I . 
,at onlv make tbem ufelefs, but even perni.. 
:ious both to our[elves and others. 
I 7. 'Tis alfo a' great he'lp towards over- 
pmino- pride, that \ve íhould be thoroughly 
 of our corruption in this kind. For 
!lany will not believe that they are proud, 
:nd fuch as thefe are in the lnofl: dangerous 
1ay of all: for how fhall per(ons be pe
uaded to feek rel11cdies, who \-"in not belie\ e 
I . þ 
hey are fick. 
I I .I1gainjl V AIN- GLOR Y. 
,^ Gainfi the fin of vain-glory, ,vhich is 

 near â- kin to 'bride, and confiits in 
ftordinate deíÌrc a;d love of being prai fed 
nd efieemed bv others, diviaes prefcribë, 
. ....rhat we f1tóuld feriouf1y confider ho\v 
lort, hovv inconH:ant; ho\v empty and vain 
s all h Ulnan glory, and all the praife and 
{teem of men; ,vhicb adds nothiqg to us in 

e fight of God.,: 
he jufi: and true and eternJI 
I-!. udge of all raGrÍt: and \vhat \-ve arc in his 
fight, that \ìvè only are, and nothing nlore. 
2. "That \ve iÌlou1d confider how great and 
ow pernicious an evil vain-glory is; which 
obs God of his glory, and man of the re- 
vard of his good works; which corrupts the 
ibeil of aélion", and makes the attars liable 
,to the diyi
e veng
ance : .befi.des th
'broo1 of VIces whIch ordJnarlly are the off- 
f prin gs of 'Vain- z/ory; f uch as envy, detrac- 
tion, contention, hypocrify, love of novelty, 
 & (. . 
3. Th
t we fuould often repeat to Qurfeh'es 
....L _ r_ 

184: RC1nedies ttgainfl Vices
fhore words of the apofile, !{?hat ha/lthou, th, 
tbou hcýl not received? And if thou haft receiVCtl 
why dofl thou glory as if thou ha4fl not received I 
I Cor. iv. 7.' I 
.. .Againfl COVETOUSNESS. I 
A Gainíl dvarice and Covetaufnefs, which ;1 
an inordinate love and defire of riche
or worldly goods, divines prefcribe. I. Thel 
,ve íhould often meditate on the danger an: 
pernicious co
feq u
nces of this vice, whi
St. Paul, I 7ím. VI. calls the root of oil evil' 
where alfo he affirms, that fuch as have. I 
mind to become rich, fall into temptation, an I 
the fnare of the de7:Jil, and into nlany unprojit; 
{lble and hurtful dejires, 7vhich drown 1Jlell i! 
dei/ruE/ion and perdition. Hence the wife mall 
t;lls us, EccluJ. x. 10. that there is not a mar: 
wickcd thing thou to love Jnoney ; for fuch a on 
fitteih his own foul to I Ie. And our Saviou I 
himfelf afiùres us, that no ?'/lan can ferve boll 
God and Manl1/lon, St. Matt. i. 24. 
2. That we íhould confider, that thefc 
riches (\vhich worldings 10 m.uch covet) i 
we make a judgment of them by the Jigh- 
of faith, and the maxims of the gofpeJ, an 
mòre to be feared than defired, by reafon 0 
the many oC'cafions of fin to which the} 
comnlonly expofe the foul. Hence our Sa. 
viour, Luke vi. 24, pronounces a WOt to thj 
ricb, for they have their canfo/ation htre. Anc 
Matt. xix- 24. declares, that it is tafie r fo
a camel to poft thro' the eJ'c 'of a n
erl/f, thai 
for a ri,1h Cllan to fnttr into the kingdo1Jl 0) 
,.,., I...... r) 'T' h '] 

I , 

Rel1udies againfl Vices. 185 

. That we íhould ret before our eyes the 
e'lmple of C'brijl, who chofe to 
e born in 
pverty, and die in poverty, tho' he was the 

,rd of all; whofe chief favourites have gene- 
ly been fuch as \vere the moil poor and 

rpifeù, in this world; and who pronoun- 
(s fuch bldJèd, St. Luke vi. 
r 4. 'T hat we íhould often think of the trea- 
fres of a happy eternity, prepared for the pr;Jr 
t (pirit, St. hintt. v. 3- And often refleCt 
Hon that fentence of G'hrfJi, 
t. kIatf. xvi. 

). Jf 7 hat d(;tb it p1.oþt a 11tall, if he gain the 
,bole world, and loft his own foul? 
t 5. That we íhould have death always be- 
re our eyes, which will quickly firip us of 
I; and give us fo much the more pain, in 
olcntly feparating us from our riches, by 
!Ow mucll the more our heart has cle
ved to 

lenl. They have JleJd their Jleep, and all the 

en of rÙ.hes have f()uJ1d nothing in their hands, 
: f. lxxv. If/ e hrought nothi1Z...
 into this wort", 
nd certainly 'lve COll carry nothing out. Hav- 
zg then food and wherewith to be covered, with 

1e we are content, I Tim. vi. 7, 8. 
II 6. That we íhould confider, that the riches 
r this world, which the gofpel caBs de::tit- 
ul, St. À1dtt. xiii are tbOt.71S, which prick 
nd gore the foul with many cares, anxieties 
.nd folicitudes, which inftead of fatisfying, 
ncreafe the thirft. Whereas a f01all matter 
s .rea11y fufficient for this tranfitory life; and 
:Ins rnay be had \vithout aU this [olicitude. 
1 rut h itfcJf ha\'incr eno-ao-cd his \.vord , Seek 
l"-o b t> 
r:r/l the king.ll}m of Gad, and his jlllice, ond 

186 Re1JZedies agairfl 
ail thtJe things frail he added unto you, !I 
,lI4att. vi. 33 Hence, Heh. xiii. 5- Let J'ti 
nanrcrs, fays the 
pofi]e, be wÙhflui CGVttú: I 
1.'ifs, (oJ'J
t'lltetl zvith 
í/l{h tbillò s as you bave, j I 
he has fiud, I 'unïlllot leûfi..'f tbtè, ?;either wil! 
jÒijr,.,fe tht 7 e. 
7. .1 'he rich, that arc hard and uan1ercif\ 
to the Ipo
r, ought to be put in 111 ind of t I 
lan juùgmt'llr, and of the fentence that f11LI 
then be pronounced 
gajnfl fuch as have n, 
òonc aInu,: that Incrcy is prornifed to tl\ 
D1lft:iful; but judgihènt ttt'itbout Jllet4c..v to fu I 
tlsbú<ve l1otdðne1l1CFcy, St.laJZeJ
ii. J3. l O hl 
the poor are the ITIenlbers of Ch "iJl, 
nd th I 
what we do. to the
n he :akes as done to hin l 
f{? ] f, St. 11 Hi t t. X x 
 . . 
s. On tht; other fide, the poor, who a I 
fy under their condition, and are ten1 p t( \ 
to cov-t what the \vorld ca1Js a better fortuI1t 
ought often to f
t before t11eir eyes their S,; 
viour; either in the crib of Beth/cbelll, or o! 
the crofs upon 1110unt ['a/VOl); and conten": 
plating his poverty, embrace their own as th 
livery of Chrifl. f 
9, But as it is the common misfortune ( 
fuch ac; are covetous, whether they be rich c 
poor, that they don't believe,. and will not b 
"perfuaded, that they are covetous, but delud 
themfelves under the [-:)ecious cover of a pre 
tended neceffity, and of the prudent care tha 
every one ought to have of the main chance 
as they very improperly caB it; therefore th 
lirft and l'noí1: necel1åry pre[cription again! 
'.irarice' i
, that J perron lhouJd ftudy and knov 

: RtlJzeJics agaÙýì Victs. 18 
i,'rclr, and by hun1blc lnd fervent prayer ob- 
1i this felf-knöwledfIe ()f God, withòut 
tch) it is 1:0 be fcareJ, all other remedies 
/ pro\'e ineffeEtual. 
ÂtfaÙz(l LUST.. 
G ainfi the fin of h!J1 (vvhich is an inord Í- 
nate love of carnal pleafures) divines pre- 
l be, I. 1"0 R y the occafions; fuch as im- 
leil books 
nd plays, wanton dalliances, 

fcreet freedo111S, 
 c. 2nd moil: p&rticular1 
company, and all conver[ation with fuch 
fOllS as one has finned with in this kinJ. 
,2. To avoid idlenefs, and to be very terTi" 
) ate in eating and drinking_ 
þ. To keep watch O'ler the eyes, that 
1 th may not enter in by thofe windo\vs ; 
lJ to refì!t vvith vigour the firfi beginnings 
)Ithefe tcnlptations. · 
4. '[ 0 be diligent in all fpirituaI exercifes) 
h as meditation, prayer, fpiritual reading, 
. quenting the facraments, &:. ' 
5- '1"0 think often upon the paffion of 
rijl ; and particularly in the tim
 of temp- 
. ion, to have recourfe to this Ineditatiol1. 
1 6_ 
T'o be devout to the blcßèd V irgin and 
the faints.. A 
7. rro ren1ember that God fees us, and that 
If guardian angels are prefent with us; and 
aíhamed to do before them, what \ve íhou1d 
aíhatned to do in the fight of any n1
8, To think of the dre

dflll puniíhtnents 
hich (;od has [0 oftcn in!iié1ed upon :lC- 
LInt of this vice: the Inan"f nlifc.hi
is it 
C ' l ' ' {pC"' 
'" LA 1 

188 Remedies againfl Vil'l"s. 
caufes both to foul and body; the blind}' \: 
d h lrdnefs of heart it ufualJy produG 
, in fine, the everlafiing torments of h : 
whIch fuch finners, vv'ithout repentance) , 1 
be plunged into. 
9. To be very humbJe: lince it is a cc. 

non judgment of God to fuffer perfons to J 
in to thefè íhall1eful fins, in punilhmen t 
their priJe. 
10. In time of temptation to turn r':'''f 
the eyes of the foul, as much as pamble, fr 
the temptation, and to run to Chrifl crucifii; 
to hide one's felf in his wounds, and with 11 
fcrvour to implore h is mercy, & c. 
Agailýl A N GER. 
A Gaingl1: anger, hatred, and defire of \ 
vmgc, .divines prefcribe, I. That f 
íhou]d endeavour to humble and to defl r 
ourfelves; for anger fprings from pride : 

that we lhould often remember what otlr f 
have deferved, and ho.n little reafon \ve h:
10 take it iU, that any of God's creatu) 
1hol1ld offend us, who have fo often andJ 
grievoufly offended their Creator; and wt l 
if we had our iufi deferts, 1hould be tra,
pled on by devrJs for rill eternity. I 
2,' l
hat we 1houIJ fet before Otir eyes t ( 
meeknefs and charity of 'J1us ChriJl; w 
particularly calls upon all his .followers ) 
l.earn thefe virtues of hinl: Learn oj me, Li 
(auþ I am Intek and hlli/lble of heart, St. Mc;. 
xi. 29. I gi
e "au a 1lew C01JllnOndment, tl 
you love one another ar I lo-ued ytJu, 

Re'lledies agairýl Vices. 189 
fn xiii. 34. and "rho fo often declares. 
tht except we forgive injuries from our 
b rts, God will never forgive us. 
J. That we fhould forecafi in the morning 
\Vat occafions may probably occur in the 
d;', in which \\ge íhal1 be in danger of b
p ,voked to anger; that fo we may either 
d .line the occafions; or, if this cannot be, 
ny prepare and arm ourfelves againfi them 
 good refolution
 grounded upon God, 
Þ hearty prayers fur his divine affifiance. 
:+. That when one finds the motions of 
vath arifing in one'!) heart... one íhould refií1: 
m without delay, and firive to bridle and 
kep do\vn one's paffion, callin
 upon God 
t this purpafe: and if poffibJe, that one 
uId go out of the company, or hold one's 
lace, or at Jeafi: fpeak nothing but what 
lay be -mild and humble. 
1 5 _ That in all events we lbould not fo muc:h 
anfider the man from WhOOl \ve think \ve 
1lve rece.ived an injury or pro\ ocation, as 

od, ever good and ever juft, without whofe 
(eafure or permiffiOJlllothing happens in this 
ld; and \vho, upon thcfè occafions, ia 
'Ieafed tbat we fuould he th us tricd or chaf... 

fed for our fins. 
l 6. That wdhould oftenconfiderthe many 
ì otives .chriilians have to 'love one another, 
j nd to bear vvith one another. \Ve are an 
,h ildren of the fame father, the God of 
bve and pe
ce, ând of the L:îme I\/1other, 
f 'he church of God; we are aU brethren in 
 and he 
 loved us an to that degree, 

1 t. 0 Relnedies ogaÙýl 
as to {hed his blood for us; in .return 
'\vhich love, he defires that we !hould 1" t 
one another: we all partake of his body; I ."J 
bJood, the facramcnt of unity and love: f .,1 
,,\11 afpire to the fanle heavenly country, j 
place of c\ferJafiing peace and love. t,. 
therefore 'tis with reafon that our dying L ' 
has made this love the true teft by whicl. r 
is to be kno\vn whether we arc his difcil 
Ç)f not: fly ibis ./haJJ 011 7l1tl1 know tbat )'OU 
my difciplt's, if you have Jove one for ai2
St. Jobn xiii. 35. 
 ' ,I 
Again/l I 1\1 PAT I ENe E. I 
A Gainft impatimte in poverty, úcknq 
'pains, labours, and affiiEtions, of w 
kind [oever, I. 'Tis proper to fct ltefore<< 
eyes the poverty, labours, and paffion of Jt
é'briJl, \vho by his patience redeen1ed 1\ 
the fuffcrings of the 111artyrs, and the exa
pIcs of all the faints, who thro' nlany 11 
bulations have entered into the kingdom' 
d . I 
heaven: an to remember that there IS I 
other way to that kingdom of ev
reft and joy, but the \vay of the crofs : t} i 
the' fufFerings of this life bear no proport :, 
with the happinefs of the next: that th i 
light and l110mentary troubles borne vv\ 
patience, work in us an eternal weight 
2. To confider that thefe fufFcrings :
f-cnt us frotn God; and that it is vain to re' r 
l1is holy will, and foo1iili and fimple to repi
at it. His infinite wifdom knows wha

Reuzedies ogainfl V':ces. 191 
bJ. for us; and his infinite goodnefs fends 
hat which he knovvs to be the bcfi: Ím- 
ience \\'ill only n1ake our c ofs the heavier, 
al make 'us lote the reward of it., 

. To confider the great advantages of 
te1poral affiiÇtions, inaimuch as they \ve
u ffOrTI the love of the world; teach us to 
h e recourfe to God, and to put our trufl: in 
h 1 alone; nlake us enter (uto ourfclves j and 
g'c us an opportunity of exercifing th
v'tues of humility, patience, and refignation, 
a-l of doing penance for our fins. I-low 
n.ny are no\v faints in heaven, who ,vould 
yer have COlne thither, but bv the occaiion 
i1ft1iétions ! " 
ro meditate often in the tirne of our 
.í1lèrings, upon the multitude and enOrll1Îty 
< our fins, 
nd what we have deferved for 
. t
ln: upon the eternal torn1ents of he1l ; 
',\ on the íhortl1cîs of the fufFerings of this 
lie, and th
 everlafiingjoys of heaven, \vhjch 
ticnt fuffering v/ill bring us to; whereas 

e cannot have our heaven both here and;ifter. 
5. Under aU fuffcrings to have recourfe to 
)rz ijl crucified; to beg of hi In the o-race of 
'-' 0 
tience; to offer up all we fuffer to hirn, to 
united to his futferings, and to be (lnétifì.ed 
Id accepted through him. Lord give n)c 
ace to fuffer with patience \vhat tflOU fend- 
}, and fend Wh3t thou pleafeft. 


192 Renzedits agaÙýl Victs. I 
A Gainl
 the tins of gluttony and drunk, 
nefs divines prefcribe, I. That fuch fì. 
ners íhou]d often confider the many evils tI
 the confeq ucnces of thefe fins, whi 
changr-. men into brutes; rob them of th 
reafon, defiroy their health, lhortcn th 
lives, confutne their fubfiaI)ce, difiurb t 
peace of their families, \vithdraw from the 
wives and children their ncce{[ary fubfifian(, 
give fcandal 
 nd ill example to their neig' 
bours, foment their paffions, fet open tl 
gate to all other fins, make their fouls d1 
and infenfible to an that is good, unfit 1 
prayer and contempI3tion,and perfeB:ly fiav 
to their fenfual inclinations. So that, as '. 
dai,ly fee, of all vices there is none more dift 
cu]t to be cured: for thefe fins, when on 
come to a habi t, generall y follo\v men 
their graves, and plunge them into he. 
where, with the rich gl utton
 they will thiJ 
for all eternity, and never obtain fo much! 
oue drop of water to refrcíh them. 
2. That they íhould often Ineditate Up(r 
the fol1owing f
ntences ofhoiy\vrit: /faiah I 
2 I. If/ oe to )'ou that are 1nighty to drink WÙII 
and lout nlt
1i to drunkennefs. Luki xxi. 3, 
Take heed to Jourfelves /11 your hearts be ove. 
,barged with fut/eiting and drunkennefs- 
flrId that ria)' C01JlC upon you f!lddenly. ROln. x}\ 
] 3. Let us cafi off the '[I.JorkJ of darktlfJ 
and put 011 the arl1l0Ur Dr Jig hi. Let us Wa I 
hon'!Jily os in the day, n
t in rioting and dTun. t 
11l n ifs. I Cor. vi 9- Be n
t decci-"ccd: l1t 

Remedies agaÙýl Jtí.ces. 193 
tber fornicators-nor drunkards-fhall pi/èfs 
the killgdollz of Gorl. Gal. v. 19. The 

f the ßeJh are maniftjl, 
vhÙ:h are fornication, 
-drunktnnefs, reveliings, and fuch like; oj
wbich I foretell )'01/, as I have foretold you, that 
they who do fuch tbings fhall not obtain the 
kingdol11 of God, Philip. iii. 18. Many walk, 
I of wholll f have told you often (a1!d 1l01-U I tell 
 7.,ueering) that they are enelnies oj' the C1-oJ; 
if Chrift, wbife entl is dejh.ullion, 1.{lhofe God 
is thtir belly. 
3. That they íhould carefully fly the oc- 
cafions of their tins, fuch as taverns and other 
public houfes, feafis, drunken companions, 
I & c. and íhould ftin t thernfe1 yes to a 
t quantity, not to be exceeded j penancing 
themfelves with failing and abfiinence, if 

 they 1hou1d tranfgref:;. 
4. That by åaily prayers and tears they 
íhould beg of God, thro' 
lefl/s G'briJl's thiril: 
I upon toe crofs, and the gaJ l and vinegar th:J t 
.1 he took for us, to {hew mercy to thell1
to de]iver them from 10 v
ickcd and pernicious 

 a habit. 

Å. 7 aill/J E r\ V Y. 
ò v' 
F }'l V Y is a repining at another's good, 
\vhich the envious n1an conceives to be 
an evil to hin1íèlf, a IefTenino- the exccl1en

and efieen1 
"hich he aims dt: fo that envv. 
tho' commonly reckoned ai110nga the. capit"al 
fins, becau{e of the many other fins that 
fpring fforn it, is indeed a òauo-hter of P ride 
d . b 

n valn-g1ory. Againfi envy divines pre- 
I fcribe

i94 Ranedies agairýl Vi
{cribe, I, To confider the hcinoufnefs of this I 
4ìn direB:ly oppofite to charity., the queen 
.of virtues; for c:harity is a joy in the glory! 
,()f God, and the good of our neighbour j I 
whereas envy grieves at both the one and the; 
other, I 

. To confider the dreadful confeq uence of! 
this fm) when once it has got the maílery of i 
the heart. It \tvas envy that made Cain Dlur.. 
ner 11is brother dbel: it was envy that made I 

he brethren -of JofepJ) feU him into Egypt; : 
.and that made Saul fo often feek the life of: 
d: it was through envy that the 'JEWS: 
.cruci,ficd (
brijl: it js the devil's' fin, vvho 
.c on ti n U::llJ y feeks our ruin, aut of pure .envy, I 
without any 2dvantage to himfelf. 
3. ro co.nfider that the nature of this fin; 
.is [uch, as to yield no manc:r of plear ure or I 
,profit to the fmner; but onJy to gnaw and, 
torture his foul, and to make him miferable: 
both here and .hereafter. Ah ,! bow unhappy 
_are they, v,ho become evil themfelves by .the 
occaÍÌon of another's good! and how wil.. 
fully bJind, to prefer the bitt
rnefs and rack. 
ing pains of envy before the joy and {weetnefs 
.of cbar!ty ! 
4. To lay the axe to ti1eroot of the evil, 
by appJying proper remedies to pride and 
vain-glory) fíom which envy fprings) ::Ind 
to learn to defpife this tranfitory world, and 
.its 'petty honours, .and to afpirc aftcr eterna1 
gJory. I 
s- To watch and pray continuaJly againl\ 
;fo .dangerous .an enemy" To pray aHü fOI 

Rtl1lldies aglfi'11.fl Sloth. t 95 
!hare whom we are tempted to envy, and to 
!peak well of them upon all occafions. 
I Againft S LOT H. 
'r;LOTH, in the fenCe in which it is nl:lm. 
: bered by the divines among the capital 
;ins, is a certain lazinefs of mind
,Q the love of God and devotion; loathing 
lis it were the beginningor goingon with fuch 
things as appertain to God's glory and our 
!auI's falvation. Againft. floth it is proper to 
I:onfider, I. How very jbort the time ()f this 
I ife is, which is given us in order to lahour 
ror eternity, and to fend before us a flock: 
þf good '
orks, on \vhich we may live for 
I=te-rnity: how precious then is every moment 
pf this íhort tinle upon the good ufe of 

vrich an eodIefs eternity depends. Ah! let 
:us not then lofe one m0111e.nt of it; every 
þ10mentis \vorth an eternity; becaufein every 
FOlnent wernaypurchafe an additional degree 
pf eternal glory j but when once the time is 
palfed, it never more returns. 
I 2. To remember the firiét account that 
i\vill be one day demanded of us, by an all- 
'feeing Judge, of the employo1cn t of the whole 
I time of our lives; and to rcfleét ferioufiy UpOll 
I the fentence that was paffed upon the barren 
;fig-tree, and upon the flothful fervant that 
I hi
 his talent in the ground. 
1 3."- r 0 fet before our eyes the example5 of 
! Chrifl) and of his fai nts; 2nd often to read 
i and IJ1editate on their lives. 
· 'rc meditate alfo upon {ueh other fub... 
I 2 jeas 

19 6 Rtl1zedits agairfl Sloth. 
jeBs as may help to tTIove us to the love oil 
God) and to fervour in his fervice: fuch a:; 1 
f he confideratlons of the divine perfeétions ; I 
of the love of God to ùs, and of his bene-I 
fits; of the paffion of òur Redeemer; and 01; 
the glory of his hcaven1y kingdom, prepared; 
to reward our {hart labours here. : 
5- 'r'o reflcB: upon the pains that \vorld,'j 
1ings take, and the danger they go through 
for a little dirt of the earth; and {hall not \ve
do ITIuch n10re for a happy eterniey ? ! 
6. 1-'0 I elnember in aJI our aétions, that: 
our great In
f1:er's eye is ever upon us; and: 
therefore to Jabour to perform thcrn all with 
pcrfc{lion, in order to pleafe him. 
7. To prcîcrib
 to one's [elf a regula.' 
tion of one's tinle, and a variety in one

good exercifes, and fo, by the he]p of good f 
cufiom, to make that eafy and agreeable
which otherwi[e would be tedious and dif.., 
tí'lftefu1. i 
INs T Rue T ION sand D E V 0 T ION S fa}! 
Cc IN order to prepare yourfelf to make 
" good confefiion, endeavour in the firH 

, place to recommend the matter earnefil}I 
" to God; :lnd for fome days bcforchanc t 
" frequently and fervently" beg his divine: 
" gra.ce and affiftance: and this mor
" cially, if you have for a long time livec. 
" in a habit of fin: in which cafe it is moí1' I 
" proper to prepare yourfelf by a fpiritua' ! 

, retreat of íoItc days; during whi
ch timt 
" YOll 

}rýlruElions JOT CO'J}f1Jion. 197 
I s , YOU 111lty fcrioußy enter into yourfelf, and 
perform the ten o1editations (\vhich \ve 
I, have tranfcribed above from St. Fro;;,i; 
i' de Sales) or fueh like Jevotions, by whic}1 
" you Inay be fufficisntly difpofed for fo great 
I' a \vork; 'Nhich othervviie, 'tis to be feared, 
\, migh t b
 i 11. done, by being dane too hatlil} . 
" EX3111ine your confcience with care and 
, dihgence, yet \vithout too much anxiety 
.1 and fcrupulofity. Confult the table of fins 
i" to heJp your men1ory; and reRett ion par- 
' ticular on the evil inclinations you are 
., moil fubj
a to, on the places and coolpa- 
" 11 ies you. have be
n il1, on your ufual etTI- 
, ploy;ent
, CD the duties 
f your calling, 
t" and h?w you have difcharged thern,. f! c. 
., AnJ 1 n every fin, whether of comn11filon 
I " or omiffion, ftrive to call to your remem- 
" brance the number of times YOU' have been 
'" guilty. 
" When you have duly exall1ined your 
" con{cicnce, den"t think this is all you have 
I " to do in order to be right1 y prepared for 
" cO!1feflion: the greateft part of the work 
I" remains Hill to be done; and that is, to 
I " take proper time and care to procure a 
" hearty forro\\' and detefiation of all your 
" fins, by which you have offended fa good a 
{., God, \vith a full detern1ination, wìth the 
" grace of God, to avoid the like fins for 
" the future. and to fly the occafions that 
" ufual1y bring you to fin; and to t
ke pro- 
" per meafures to begin a new liÍe. 
" In order to obtaiD this hearty forrow
 " vour 

19 8 11!flrullions for Cor!ftJlion. 
&, your fins, and this firm purpofe of a'TIcnd., 
" roent, you tTIuH: earnefily beg it of (;od
(, whore gift it is; and you mufi make uft, 
" of fuch prayers, confiderations, and medi e ' 
" tatio
s, as may be moft proper to move you I 
" to it. Particularl y reReét on the four Iaß: 
" things, on the enormity of fin, on thti 
,,' goodnefs of God, and his benefits to you; 
" on the death and paffion of C hrijì, &c, I 
" And when you have obtained thi. hearty; 
&C forrow and refoJution, then you may hope I 
., that you are fufficient1y prepared for con..; 
&" feffion, and not tin then. ! 
" If you have any thing upon your con': 
..C fcience, which yo\.} have a particular diffi
4' cu]ty of confeffing, ceafe not with pray en , 
.., and tears to importune your heavenly fa
" ther to afiifi you in this regard, nIl h
" gives you the grace to overcome that diffi.! 
" cuJty: 2nd be fure never to go to confeffiot 
., with 3 defign of telling a lie to the Holy, 

'G-hofi. Ah I vvhat a con1fort it will be tc 
" you to eaf
 your confcience of its load! 
" 2.nd what a Tack and torture facrilegioufl) 
" to conceal it 
" Let your confeffion be hU1Jzble, withou1, 
" feeking excufes for your fins) or flinging the 
,,, fault on others: let it be entire as to the:: 
" kind and number of your fins, and [uch 
" circumfl-ances as quite change the nature 
,,, of the fin, or notoriou!1y aggravate it. Bc
" modefi in yoùr expreffions, and take care, 

, not to n
ny third perfon.') I 
If L.. ." . r Confiflion. 199 
I proJ'er to implore the divine affiflonce, in order' 
I 10 make a good (olifej}ioll. 
o Almighty and moil merciful God, who 
haft made me øut of nothing, and re- 
:deemed me by the precious blood of thy only 

Son; who haft, \vith fo tlluch patience, borne 
with me to thi.s day; notwithftanding all my 
!fins and ingratitude;, ever calling after me to 
Ireturn to thee from the ways of vanity and 
iniquity, in which I have been quite \vearied 
,out in the purfuit of empty toys and mere 
1hadows; feeking in vain to fatisfy my thir
I with muddy waters, and my hunger with 
hulks of [wine: behold, 0 moft grncious 
Lord, I now fincerely defire to leav
 aH thefe 
my evil ways, to forfake the regíon of death
\vhere I have fo IO!1g loft myfelf, and to' 
return to thee, the f'ountain of life. I de- 
fire, like the prodigal child, to enter feïioufiy 
into myfelf, and with the like refolution to 
arife withol't dclay, and go home to my 
f'ather, tho' I am infinitely unworthy to 
be cal1
d his chi!d, in hopes of meeting vvith 
the like receptiou f
om his mott tender Jl1er- 
cy. But, 0 P1Y (3-oa, tho' I can go afir3Y 
from thee f
dl enot 1 gh of rr} [elf, yet I canna:: 
n1ake one fiep towards rt:Lurn ing to thee, [.." 
lefs thy 
i\'ine grace í+ir me up and afhrt Int'. 
, r'his grace, then, ! TTIOft hurr 'Jly implore, 
proftrate in fpirit bèforc the th:-one of th y 

ercy ; I beg it for the f::ke of 7efus CSriJl, 
tny Son, who died upon the crofs for my 
fins: I kno\v thou defircfl: not the death of a 
I 4- finncr, 

200 Devolzons fir Cmý1Jion. II 
finner) but that he be converted and live; I 
kno\v th V lIlcrcies are above all thy works: 
and I m
ft cODfidentIy hope, that "as in thy 
mercy thou haft fpared me fo long, and haft 
no\v given nle this defire of returning to t 
thee; fo thou \vilr fini
 the \\York that thoú 
hafl begun, and bring me to a perfett recon- 
ciliation with thee. 
I dcfire novv to comply ,vith thy holy in.. \ 
fiitutÌon of the [acranlent of penance; I dc- , 
fire to confefs my fins \vith an fincerity to 
thee, 2nd to thy minifier ; and therefore I de- ! 
tire to know f11yfelf, and to call n1yfelf to an ' 
account by a diligent exanlinatÎon of OlY I 
confèicnce. But, 0 lIlY God, how nlifera" l 
1'.1)' {hall I deceive myfelf, if thou 
1ßìfi (TIe 
not in this great v/ork by thy heaven]y light. t 
()! refnovc thèn every veil that hides any of I 
nlY fins fro!n me, that I may fee them all in 
their true colours, and may fincerely deteft 
thcln. 0 let me not any longer be impofed 
upon by the enelny, or by my own [elf love, i 
fo as to miftake vice for virtue, to hide myfelf 
from myfelf, or any way to flatter myfelf in I 
111}' fins. I 
But, 0 Iny good God, .\Vhat will it avail 
me to know my fins, if thou daft not 
Jfo I 
gi vc me a he
rty forrow and repentance for 
them; without this my fins will be aU upon 
me fiill, and I înall be ftíll thy çnemy, and 
a child of hell. Thou infifi:efl: upon a change 
.of heart, without \vhich there can be no re- 
ciliatioD vvith thee; and this change of 
heart non
 but thou can give. 0 give it 

i DevotionsJòr C01ý1fiOn. 
:1e then. dear Lord, at this time. Give me 
; lively faith, and a firm hope in the paffion 
if tny Redeemer; teach me to fear thee, and 
9 love thee. Give me for thy mercy's fake 
I hearty forrow for having offended [0 good 
God. Teach me to deteft my evil ways; 
ID abhor all my paft ingratitudes; to hate 
byfelf now with a perfett hatred for IllY 
:oany trea[ons againí1: thee. () give me a full 
I,nd firm refolution of a new life foro-the fu- 
lure, and unite me to thee with an eternal 
:)and of-love, which n.othing- in life or de-ath 
jnay ever break. 
: Grant me alfo the grace to mak
 an en- 
'ire and -iincere confeffion of my fins, and to 
?céept of the confuJìon of it, as ,a p
lufily due to my tranfgreffions. I
et not the 
fnemy with ail his- artitîces prevail upon nl
FO pafs over any thing, through fear or 

 anle: rather let me die than -fa 
reat an evil. I
ct no felf-Iove deceive me, 
s I fear jt has done too often. 0 gran t 
hat this confefIion at lcafl: Inay be good, and 
r or th
 fake of 1 ifus Chriß;.thy Son, ,,,rho died-. 
for Ine and. for all finners, affift me in every 
ßXlrt of illY prep
ration for it, that I may go.. 
'thro' every pJrt of it v.-,ith the fame care 
a!1d diJi
ence, as I fhould be o-Lid to do at the' 
I hol
r of lny death; that fo bbein a _ perfeEtl y ' 
. b . 
ircconcdcd to thee, I m3Y. never offend thee: 
o blcfTed Virgin Mother of iuy Rcdeenlcr.. 
irror .of innocence and fanB:ity, 2nd "refuge 
tot penItent finners; intercede fur n1C thro' 

202 An ExauzinatioiL 
the paffion of thy Son, that I Inay ha\'e th 
grace to nlake a good confe1ñon. All y 
bleIred angels and faints of God, pray for me 
a poor miferable {inner, that I may now, fo 
good and all, turn from my evil ways, tha 
fo henèeforward my hea.t may be for eve 
united with yours in eternal Love, and neve 
nlore go afiray fron1 the Sovereign Good 
r;This, or" the like pra)'er, 1Jlay he frequently ri 
peated for jorne days before cúnjèjJìou, in ordc 
to ohtain of God the grOt:e of making Q gCQ, 

IENTS, &e. 
I. HAVE you been guilty of herefy, 0 
diíbelief of any article of faith, or 0 
vol untary doubting of any article of faith 
How often r and for how long a time? (j 
nave you raíhly expofed yourfelf to the dange 
of infidelity, by reading bad books, or keep 
ing wicked cOlnpany? How often? 
Have you by word or deed denied you 
religion, or gone to the churches or n1eeting 
of heretics, fo as to join any way \vith then 
in their woríhip? or to give [candal? Hov 
often ? 
Have you been ignorant of the articles 0 
your creed, of the comtnandments, or 0 
:any of thofe things which chrifiians in you. 
ifation are bound to know? for how long: 
t.ime ? 


on the C01n1nandl1zents, Bc. 20 3 
Have you been negligent in the woríhip of 
fod; feldom or never adoring and praiiìng 
Jm, or giving him thanks; praying but lit- 
1:, or with little attention; and neglecrin 6 
1 make atls of faith, hope, or love of God? 
.ow long has this negligence cO:1tinucd ? 
Have you defpaired of [alvation, or of the 
trgivenefs of your fins? Or have you raíhly 
refumed upon finding mercy; go
ng c:n in 
ur fins without any thoughts of amend- 
Ilent; or depended upon a death..bed re- 
ntance! Ho\v long have you been in this 
'ray ? 
I Have you been guilty of idolatry, or øf 
(iving divine honours to any thing created? 
Ir ured any witchcraft, or charms) or fpells, 
r fuch like diabolical inventions? How of- 
n? And wit,h what fcandal or ill example 
Haveyou employed prayers, or facrc=dnamcs, 
o fupcrftitious ufes? How often? 
Have you conful ted fortune-tellers, or made 
fe of any fupcrfiitious praétices:: to find out 
.hings to COlne, recover things loft, f.5t. 
v often ? 
Have you gi yen cr
dit to dreams, taken. 
'lJotice of omens, or made any other fuperfti- 
"ious obfervations! Ho\v often? 
Have you blafphemed God or his faints? - 

Iovv often? 
I-Iave you abufed the holy fcripture, or. 
fcoffed at holy things? How often? 
II. Have you [worn faBly, or what you did 

.ot certainly know, whether it was true or 
I 6 fJ1fe. 

20A1: An ExanzinatioJZ 
falfe! Or have you f\vorn to do any thin 
that was vlicked or un1a\\1ful? Or broke 
your lawful oaths? Ho\v often ! I 
I-Iave you had a cuftom of f wearing rafhJ I 
and inconfideratcly by the nan1e of God, b l 
your foul, or by the way of imprecation Uf, 
on yourfe1f? How Ieng have you had th 
cullom? How many times a day have yo 
f\vorn in this manner? Have you [\\Torn b 
the blood or wounds of God, or any oth{ 
blafphemous oath? How often! 
. Have you curfed yourfelf or others, and 
fo, was it from your heart? How often? 
Have you been aCGef1àry to others f"Fearing 
.curfing, or bJafpheming! How often r 
-d: Ha\e you broken any vow or folemn pro 
,.mife made to God? Ho\v often? 
III. Have you n
gIec1:ed to hear rnafs Upe': 
Sundays and ho1idays of obligation? Or hav 
you heard it with wilful difiraè1ions? Or no 
taken care that your children or fervant 
fhould hear it? I-lo,^p often. 
Have you fpent thofc days in idlenefs, 0 
in fin? Or been the o:cafion of others fDend 

ing them fo? I-Iow often? 
"'Ha\e you done any fLfvile \vork withou 
J1cccûity upon thofe days; or fet others OJ 
doing fo? Ho\v often? 
Have you broke the days of abfiincnce com 
manded by the church, or eaten rnore tha 
cne n-Jeal on falling days? ()r been 
to others fo doing? t
ow often? 
I-Iave you neg!eac:d to confefs your fin 
()!1CC a year; or to reccive the bleíf
d facra 
. _L "/7 

011 the ComnzandrJtcnts, é3c. 2(' 5 
Have you made a facrilegious confeInon or 
omn1union, by concealing fome mortal fin 
n confeffion, or what you doubted might be 
I p;..ortal; or for want of a hearty forrovV' for 
I 'our fins, and a finn purpo(è of amendment j 
or by being groíly neg1igent in the examina- 
,tion of your confcience? How often? 
I Have you recei \led any other facrament, for 
example, confirmation, or matrimony, in. 
mortal fin ? . 
Have you negleéted to perform the pen3nce 
, enjoined in confeffion ? Or faid it with \vilful 
diftraétions? Ho\v often? 
Have you prefumed to recei\'e the blelfed 
[lcrarnent after having broken your faft ? 
Have you, after falling into mortal fin, neg-- 
leètecf for a long time to return to God by 
repentance r- And for ho\v long a time! 
IV. I-Iave you been \vanting in your duty 
, to your parents, by not loving them, or net 
fhc\ving theln due refpeét; or by difobeying 
them? and was it in any Blatter of moment? 
()r have you been dif
bedient to a:1Y other 
]av.Tful fuperiors? How often? 
, Have you defired your parents death, or 
curfed then1?' Or given them injurious lan- 
guage? Or lifted up.your-hand againfi them? 
or threatened them? or provoked t 1 1em to 
[\v'car or other\vife to offend God? Or caL [
ed them an v confiderable trouble or u!1eJfi.- 
. nefs? I-Io\v ofte[
I-lave you fio1en from your parents, or 
othCf\vife \vronged them! Or fquandered a- 
\\7 a y 

006 An Exaininatiòn 
"vay their flow much, and ho,^ 
, Have you negleEted to fuccour your pat 
.ren ts in their n
cefiities, eithex: corporal OJ I 
fpiri tu
l !, I 
If God has bletied you \vith children, hav(1 
you been negligent in procuring that the) I 
1bould be fpe
dily baptized? Or that the}! 
:lbould be timely infiruéted in their prayen 
and the chrirtian doétrine! Or have you 
been fJ;anting in giving them early impref- 
:lions of the fear and love of God! Or in tak. 
ing care of their difchargipg their duty with 
regard to the facraments ? 

Have you neglcB:ed to correa them; or 
been exceffive in your correaions ? 
Have you I)egleaed to relnove from them 
the occafions of fin, fuca as wicked compa- 
nions, bad beoks, ron1ances, l.
 c. or fuffered 
them to lie in the fame bed with one another, 
with danger of their chafi:ity ? 
Have you flattered them in their paffions, 
or indulged them in their evil inclinations! 
Have you given them bad exalnp1
? How 
.often, and in what kind! 
V. Pave you defired anyone's death thro' 
hatred or malice? Or for your temporal inte- 
refl? How often? Have you revenged your- 
{elf of anyone by word or aétion; or defired 
revenge, or taken pleafure in the thoughts of 
it? Ho\v often ? ' 
Have you provoked, challenged, or ílruck 
others) or been guilty of quarrellil1g or fig


 on tlte C01n'1nand11tents, &c. 2!:J7 
r.: 0" with then1 ? How often? And what mif- 
, icf have you done them? , 
· , Have you borne n1aIice to others, or re- 
. fed to be reconciled to theln? For ho\v long 
time? And what fort of evil had you in. 
our heart againft them! 
Have you procured, or thought to procure 
mifcarriage? Or given any counCel, aid, or 
fiance thereunto? How often? 
, I Have you clone any thing to lhorten your 
; )\vn or any other's life, or to hafien qeath ! 
I r- r raíhly expofed yourfelf or others to clan.... 
'.. er? How often! 
Have you defired your ov{n death, t
paffion or impatience? Or entertail1ed any 
'thoughts of rn
king yourfelf away; or at
cmpted or defigncd any f\lch thing? How 
" often r . 
Ha\'e you negleEl:ed,to give alms according 
; to your condition and ability? Or to reclaitn 
finners when it lay in your povJer? How 
Have you been guilty of any fpiritual mur- 
der, by drawing others into mortal fin! Or 
have you been acceffary to th.e fins of others
by counfel or command,. or any other way? 
How often? And 1.vhat fins 
Have you given fcandal, or occafion of fin 
to others, by lewd or irreligious clifcourfe; bv- 
drunkennefs or {wearing; by in1modefiy of 
drc[s or behaviour, &c:. Where note, that 
the circumfiance of fcandal is generally found 
in all fins that are known to others
 by reafon 
of the force of ill example, which encourages 
Ðthers to fin. Have 


An E.xa1nination 

I-lave you coml!litted any thing that yo ,. 
judged or doubted to be a ITlortal fin, thou(T 
perhaps it ,vas not fo? Ho\v often? Or ha
you expofcd youríèlf to the evident danger el \ 
mortal fin! I--Iow often? And of vlhat fÌn? 
V I. Have you been guilty of fornication' 
or adultery, or incen, Qr any fin againfl: na\ 
ture, either with a perCon of the [atTIe fex 
or with any other creature? How often r O. 
)lave yòù de
gncd or attempt
d' any f uch fin,' 
or fought to Jnduce others to It? Ho,v often";\ 
Have you been gui]ty of [elf-pollution;' 
Or of immodeft touches of yourfelf? Ho'"v' 
often'? I 
Have you touched others, or permitt
yourfclf touched by others immodefily it 
Or givea or taken ,,{anton' kiiTes or em- 
braces, or any fuch like liberties? Ho\v 
often ? 
Have you Iooked'at ilnmodefi objeéts with 
p!eafure or danger? Read ilnmodeH: books or\ 
fangs to yourfelf or others? I(cpt indecent( 
pié1:ures? WilIing1y given ear to, or taken 
plcafure in heari ng loofe di fcourfe, & c. Or I 
fought to fee or hear any thing.that \\735 i01-, 
modefi: How often? I 
Ha\'e you expofed yourfelf to wanton com- I 
p2ny? Or played at any indeceÐt play? Or I 
frequented olafquerades, balls, comedies, & l. I 
\\"ith danger of-your ch3fiiry !,-I-Io\v often? 
Have YOll been guifty of any itllillodeft dif': I 
s, '1Vanton fiories, jefts, or fangs, or 
'\vords of double Ine
ning? Ho\v often? And 
before how olany? A f1d \verethc rerfons, be- 

on the ConZ1nandnz
n!s, &c. 209 
'Jf re \vhotn you [poke or fung, nlarried or fin.- 
e? For all this you are obliged to conf
 (reafon of the evil thoughts thefe things are 
)t to create in the hcarcr3. 
;::. , Have YOll abu[ed the Inarriage bed by any 

^ :Stiúns contrary to the order of nature? ()r 

." IY any pollutions? Or been guilty of any irt 
'"r I
gularitv, in order to hinder your haviI1g 
 'hildren -? Ho\
 often? . 
'r.' ! Hzve you vvtthout a Juít caufc refufcd the 

: narriage- debt! And vvhat fin luay have fol- 
,( lowed froin j t? How often? 
;:: Have you_debauched any I:crfon that was 
,G ,.nnoccnt before? Have you t
rced any per.. 
on, or deluded anyone by deceItful pron
c.? Or defigncd or defired fo to do? How 
")ften ? You arc obliged to make fatisfaB:ion 
:no for the injury you have done. 
)11 Have you taught anyone evil which he 
.L 'knew not before? Or carried anyone to lewd. 
\U houfes, & c.? Ho\v qften ! 
:: I VII. Have you been guilty of ftealing:, qr 
J. cheating, or any \-vay wronging your ncigh- 
n Ibour in buying and [el1ing, or any other bar- 
I: I gains or contraéts? Or have you been accef- 
.1 fary to another's conHnitting any fuch in- 
jufiice? How often? And to what value? 
, Have you unjufily retained \,-hat belonged 
to another! How ]ong? And to what pre- 
I judice? . 
I Have you contraéled debts without defig.n 
of paying them; or vlithout any profpeéè of 
being 3.ble to pay them! Or have you delayed 
or rcfutèd to pay your juft debts when you 

210 An Exarninaticn'. 
were able? Or have you by prodÍgaJ expenc( 
rendered yourfelf unable, and fo \;vrongcd YOt 
creditors, or your o\vn family? I-Iow often I 
Have you been guilty of ufury, in the loa! 
of money! How often! I:i 
Have you pu t off f
tlfe money? 1-10' 
much? How often? I 
Have you caufcd any damage to you j 
neighbour in his houfe, cattle, or othe'1 
goods? How oftcn ? \: 
Have you profcffed any art, or undertakeq 
any bufinefs without fufficÌellt !kin or know: 
}edge? And \lflhat prejudice has your neigh 
bour fufFered from it? i 
Have you bought or received fio1en goods I 
Or taken of thofe who could not give, & c. s: 
How often! I 
Have you negleéted your work or butinef:: 
to which you \\lCre hired, or by contra8 
obliged? Ho\v often! And to what preju. 
dice! Or have you broken your prolnifes ir 
matters of confequcnce ? 
N. B. That in all fins if injujlice where!Jj 
Dne has dlJne any wrong to one's lleighbour! 
either in his perfon, or in bis goodJ, 
,v in hi: 
charaE er, honour, or good nalne, one is ßriEtlj 
ohligtd to lnake full fatisfaEli()1-z and reflitution. 
_ if it lye in ()ne's pouler: Other'i.tvifi the fin wil. 
not be forgiven. 
Have you then negleB:ed or delayed with. 
out juft caufe to make fatisfaétion and reftitu
tion, vvhen it was i:l your power? l-low long! 
VIII. Haver you been guilty of lies? And 
whether in any confequcnce? or to the pre. 

__ _L _____ __
('..,....... U

oa the c01n'lnandlnents, &e. 211 
lave you been guilty of hypocrify or diffi- 
n ,ation r Ho\v often? 
'lave you entertained a bad opinion of 
'( r neighbour without grounds, or judged 
'ally of his aétions and intentions? How 
'1ave you been guilty of the fin of detrac- 
tin, which conú!ts in tt1.king a wayor leffening 
.If neighbour's reputation, either by faying 
o!hilTI what is falfe or uncertain, or by pub- 
1 '1ing what is fecret? I-Iow often have you 
ne fo? Before hovv many ? You are 
1iged to n1ake refiitution, 
Have you '<JVillingly given ear to detraétion? · 
}lve you taken pleafure in it? Or any "vay 
f couraged it? Or not hindered it \vhen you 
Jight? HO"t;v often? 
Have you pr
judiced your neighbour's ho... 
I ur by prej udices and 2ffronts, or r0bbed 
m of the peace of his nìind by fcoffs at\d 

rifion? HO
1 often! 
Have you, by carrying fiories back\ivards 
nd forwards, or any other \vay, caufed mif- 
:nderfianding or quarrels betwixt neigh- 
ours? Ho\v often? And to \vhat prejudice? 
 alJo judges, la'wyers, folicitors, &c. 
ugbt t, t:
alJline thenzjèf.ves what injujìi
e they 
OJ been guilty of in judging or managing 
nufes, &c. as wfll as act!ifcrs, witncJlès, &c. 
IX. Have you \\1illingly taken pleafure in 
1nchafic thoughts or irnaginations? Or en"

rtained unchaH:e dcfires? \Vere the objeéts 
)f YOll r defires n1aids or n1arricd perfons; or 


An Exal1unatioJ.'l, &c. 

.. \ H
kinsfolks , or P erfons con[ecrate\.! to Go d t - 
. 'J") 
110vI oftcn ? . ; 
Have you uken pleafure in the irregub 
motions of the P.efh? Or not erideavoured 1<\ ;/, 
ndlí1: them? l-Iow often? I , 
ve. you cntcrtaÌneJ with' .,pJcafure t1l(1 I 
thoughts of faying or doing any d1ing \vhicl;' :L', 
it \vould be a fin to íày or dð? How often! \ /
I-Iave you had the deúre or defign ot 
committing any fin? Of what fin? How
often ? 
X. Have yon defired your neighbour's 10[;\ ' 
or misfortune, or any public calamity, that;\ 
you Inight be the gainer by it? How often? \ \ 
Have you deCì, ed your neighbour's goods,- 

not caring whether you had them right or\! 
wrong? Or been in a difpoíìtion of ítealing, \ 
or oth
rwjfc wronging hin1) if it lay in your I 
power! J low often? 1 \ 
. XI. As to the capital fins: I-Iave you been 
guilty of pride, or cOJnplacency in yourfelf, 
or contempt of others? Or of vain glory, by! 
doing your good aétions for the procuring I 
eftcelTI? Or of avarice, in affeaing too lTIuch' 
the things of this world? How often? 
Have you been guilty of eating and drink- 
ing to cxcefs" fo far as confiderably to preju- 
òice or end"anger ei ther your health or reafon? 
HOVJ often rAnd '\.vith \vhat fc:andal? 
f-Iavc you n:ade others drunk? Or fought 
to l
Jke thern fo? or gloried in having made 
thcn1 fo? How often? 
Have you gloried in any other fin what[o- 
ever? Ho\\t often? And before v. 7 hat com- 
IH1? ^- nt1 uTh
í- {;t} ? Have 

DevotionsfiT C01ý1JìOn; 2 13 
lave you envied or repined at your neigh- 
b r's good? Or rejoiced at his harm? f-Io\v 
he rdJ oj the capital ßi15 bave been eyo1l1intd 
he1're. l-i ere alfo 1lzallers and Jervants, buj: 
be is and rz.vives, lawyers and phyfÙ-ians, eccle- 
ti 1 ics and 1nagiflrates, &c. cug ht to txonÛnc 
in the fins zvhÙ:b are particular to tlvt:r Jlo/e." 
.1 how far they 1J2ay bave lleglell
d the duties 
'htir reJpeElive callings. 
.A PR A YER for obtaining contrition. 
HÞt.. VE no\v here before me, 0 Lord, a 
fad profpeB: of tbe lnanifo}d offences by 
vlich I have difpleafed thy divine I\tlajc:ry, 
ad \vhich I am af1ùred will appear in j udg- 
r nt againfi me, if I repent not, and IllY foul 
1 not difpofed by a hca
ty fOrro\1V to receive 
t, pardon. But this forro\v, 0 Lord, this 
Ipentance muO: be by thy free gift') and if 
co!nes not from the h2.nd of thy mercy, an 
y endeavours wi)} be in vain, and 1 {haIl 
for ever miferable. Ha\'e mercy, there- 
re on Ine, 0 Father of Mercies, and pour 
. rth into nlY heart thy grace, whereby I 
ay fincerely repent of all my fins; give me 
true contrition, that l111ay bewail my pail: 
lifery and ingratitud
, and grieve fron} Iny for having offended thee 10 good a God: 
ermit me not to be ùeluded \vith a f:lIfe [or- 
\V, as, I fear, I have been too often, tbro' 
t 1Y own weaknefs and ne
Iea; but let it be 
low thy gift defcending from thee the f'ather 
f lights) that fo my repentance may be ac- 
. cOII1pani

2 I 4 Dtvetions.for Confiflion. 
companied with amendment and change c l 
1ife, and I may be fully acqu
tted fronl th ". 
guilt of 
llllny fins, and once more receive'..1 
into the number of thy fervants. Throug' J. 
'ie/us ChriJl OUf Lord. A,ntlz. .. 
 !VIEDITATION before Confeffion, in crde 
to flir up :n Jhe foul a htarty JoT'row for ba
 I I 
ing cffinded God. 
COnfider, fir/l, my foul, that God is thJt: 
firft beginning, from whom thou ha{J 
received thy \vhole being; that he hai mad(\ 
thee for hinlièlf, 2nd for a happy eternity 
.and fent thee into this \vorl
, that by loving 
2nd [erving him thou mightefi: merit thi
happy eternity. Ah! how little haft thov 
hitherto thought, either of thy firfi begin.. 
ning or laft end! How little haft thou cor. 
refponded to the only end for which tho
<:ameft into the world! How little haft thou 
d the Sovereign Good! Ah! what etnpt} 
toys and trifles have hitherto taken up thj 
thoughts! Ah ,! \vretched hulks of fwine. 
which thou haft loved more than God! Re- 
pent and alnend. 
Confider, jêcJndly, what a filthy nlonfiel 
,!in is, which thou haft hitherto carried aboul 
with thee, and cherííhed in thy breaft. lVlof' 
tal fin is fo great an evil, fo black, fo odiou 
and hideou;, that hen itfelf has nothini 
v/orfe. It is the greatefi of all evils, infinite): 
oppofite to the Sovereign C;ood. This dit 
mal poifon changed in a lTIOment innumerab
angels into ugly deyil
: the f..\me is th 

Devotions fir C01ý1Jì01Z. 2 1 5 
<If of the wholc \vorld; and daily cro\vds 
,d \\lith innumer
ble fouls. This curfed 
ca is the fuel wh i
h nouri1hes that ever- 
l{hg .fire, and \vhich endlefs ages will 
T be able to eflàce. Alas! my poor foul, 
.0 wretched then has thy cafe been; all this 
\THe thou haft been in fin! .[hou haft been 
,1Ithis while a very monfl:er of filth and 
nefs; odious and abominable to God and 
li Ange]s. 'rhe foulefi: creature upon earth 
5 ertainly a beauty, in comparifon with a 
01 in fin; and couldil: thou but fee thvfelf 
S' hou art in this Hate, the very fight \v

 ke thee dead. Ah ! deteR then fo great an 
., , and abhor it from thy heart; and fpare 
1 pains to get rid of it. 
:8onfiJer, thirdly, the mu]titcde of thy fins, 
l-l how from thy firH: conling to the ufe 
) reafon, till this very hour, thou haft not 
one day pars without many ways offending 
: God. And what had he done to de[erve 
s treatment at thy hands? A h! hovV' earl y 
1ft thou turn thy back upon him! How 
ickly didfi thou fall froo1 the fupren1e 
oed, into the bottomlefa pit or fin and 
ifery! Haft thou not defiled all the po\vers 
the [ouI, and all the [cnfes and members of 
e body, by manifolds fins? Haft thou not 

r\'erted ,
ll the gifts of God , b y abufinu' 

lem, and tu rning then1 to the offence of the 

iver? And yet 
ll this \vhile l1C has fpared 

ce, whi111 millions of others have been cut 
fF in their fins, yea, arc aétll
ìlv burnioo- i r\ 

ell for lef[er !:.!)s than thou hare cOG)111itted : 

2 1 6 Devotions [01" Conf
He has, \vith an adt11irable Jove, \vatched o\r( to 
-thee night and dav, or the devil \vould ha\J to 

]\)ng fìnc
 carried thee L\\vay. Alas r all th Ie 
\\,bile thou haft been in fin, there was bll J( 
a hair)s breadth betwixt thy foul and her l (( 
. th
 tender thread of life, VJhich th. 
, God held in his hand, \vhich thou haft { 
often pro\'oked hilTI to break; and if he ha f 
f-roken it, in that momcnt thou muíl ha\' 
been in hell. ()! Jove hinl then, and bId 
hin1 for ever
 for his forbearance and ]ong 
fuftèring. Heartily beg pardon for having 1
long a time, and fo very often, abuîed hi 
mercy, and affronted his jufiiée: refol ve t( 
return to hilTI now at leaf! vvith thy whoJI 
heart, and beg that thou mayefl: never an
more turn thy back upon hiIn. \ 
C()nfider, fourthly, that death ,viH be witl 
thce very quickly; 
.nd that a fudden and un. 
provided death is frequently the juft pun1íh. 
nìcnt of fin. Ah! rnake then thy peace \vid 
God in time; and remember that a deathí 
hed repentance is but a pour chance: alas 
they will certainly deccÌ\'e thenlfel ves, that 
defìgn to put upon God's jufiice, by livinf 
in fin, anù dying in grace. Confider alf( 
the dreadful account thou rl1uft give in1medi
dtC]y after death, of aU the fins of thy life; 
and ho\v wretched thy cafe "vi]] then be, ii 
thou doft not no\v 
7a{h avvay thy finful fiain
' 1 
by peeitentiaI tears. Ah! \vhat a diítna] 
eternity \vilt thou be condemned to, if thou 
art then found in mortal fin. Alas! can!!1 
thou bear c;verkiÍl-ing fire? Caníl thou endure l 

, DeL'olions fi1" C07ýqJion. 21 7 
I burn for C\Ter ? And \vhat a 10fs will it be 
thee LO lore for ever thy God, thy Sove- 
ign Good, the Fountain of an Good. Ah! 
.,Jthinr:r but fin can rob thee of heaven) or 
n thee to hell.. I{enounce then [0 an evil, and deteft it for ever. 
Confider..jifthly, ho\v good God is in him- 
If, and how good he has been to thee. He 
I an ocean every \-vay infinite of goodnefs and 
'crfcaion; a beauty fo charming as to ravilh 
III that fee him, and eternall y fi11 their fouls 
I'ith inconceivable joy, delight, and love. He 
It the inexhaufiiblc [ouree of all perfecrions t 
pd of all being; and every good that is in 
':-IY of his creatures is fiom him, by him, 
ind in him. He is eternal, without begin- 
ing, ending, or change; he is immenfe and 
ncomprehenfible, filling heaven and earth, 
ind all things therein; his power, \-viCdonlt. 

 ercy and j ufl:icc are an infinite. And who 
rt thou illY foul, that fo great a God íhould 
t his heart upon thee! Ah! he has thought 
I>f thee fr0l11 all eterni ty; he has loved thee 

rOlTl aU eternity; he has prepared a happy 
tel nity fC'r thee. And how Ettle haft thou 
hought of him! hovl litt1e hail thou loved 
im! ho\v frequently and ho\v grievoufiy hail: 
hou offended hio1! But, 0 my good and luv- 
ng God1. I 
lln no\v at leaf!: rcfolved, by thy 
race, to do fa 110 more. I have [aid, navY' 1 
egin; 0 ! let this be the change of the right- 
and of the MQil: Hio-h. 

Confider, fi.rthly, the innumerable benefits 
,..ind fayours thou haft receivcd from God. 
I K He 

2 18 r Confejfio1t. 
He has given thee thy very being; hcformcd n
.thy body in thy mother's womb, and created It' 
thy immortal foul to his own image. He f( 
.kept thee from perifhing by aHY one of thofe 2! 
.innumerable accidents to which thou waft tb 
expofed for the fpace of nine months, and 
brought thee fafe to the waters of baptifm ; 
where he waíhcd thee from fin, made thee' ill 
his child and heir to his kingdom. He pro." 
vidcd for thee during thy helplefs infanc y and 'v 
d cl 
chi1dhoo ; he gave thee an early kno\v.. 
ledge of himfelf, and of his heavenly truths; 
he has favoured thee with many caBs, infpira- 
tions amI graces, beyond thoufands of others; 
he has 1Dade thee a Ineo1bcr of his church" by 
a difiinguiíhed mercy ; he has admitted thee I 
to his f
craments, and given him{(:
lf to thee 
in the bletfed Eucharifi; he has borne with 
thy repeated treafons for a great many years, 

nd hath !till been thy conltant Benefaaor, 
notwithfianding all thy ingratitude. And is it 
pofiìb!e my foul, that thou fuouldß: fiill øf- 
fend him? Oh ! rather let me die, dear Lord, 
than offend the
 any more. 
Confider,je-ventbly, how much th<'lt Saviour 
1ef us Chrijl, the Son of God, has fuffered for 
thy fins. His whole life was a continual fuf- 
fcring: but what dreadful torments did he 
endure for thee in his paffion and death! 
What a bitter agony in the garden of Getb. 
ftmane! What a bloody fweat: 0 the 
guiih of his facred foul, which forced frolT 
his body this difmal fweat! 0 the heinouf. 
nefs of thy fius) my foul, which thy Savioul 

Devotions jor COlýijjzone 2 1 9 
as thus bewailed with tears of blood! Alas! 
"vas for the love of thee he fuffered all this. 
'or thee he permitted himfelf to be betrayed 
nd fold by one of his own difciples. For 
hee he gave himfelf up to the hands of fin- 
crs, to be apprehended as a malefaB:or 7 
.ound, beaten and abufed; falfely accufed, 
nd unjufHy condemned; muffled, fpit up
.nd loaded \vith all manner of reproaches .. 
,orfaken by all his friends, and denied by the 
hief of his apofHes; expofed all the night
nd all the day, to the infults and [coIfs of his 
nemi.::s, to the infolences of the mob arid 
f the fo1diers; cloathed in a foal's garnlent
udged to be worfe than a l]arabhas; rent and 
orn \vith \vhips and fcourges; cro'Nned 
vith thor.ns; derided as a nlock king; veiled 
\Jllith a purple garment, and a fceptre of a 
reed; condemned. to a difgraceful death; 
'loaded vvÍth a heavy crofs uþon his 
rounded íhoulders ; quenched with gall and 
finegar ; violently fl:ript of his c!oaths, which 
,nDVl c1ave fail to his vJounds; :ítretched on 
'the crofs as on a rack. and nailed to it \vÍtÌ1 
, grofs nails, driven through his hands and feet; 
hoified up into the air betwixt t\VO thieves, 
and there, in moft bitter tonnent and angui!h
he was pJeafc!l to hang for the fpace 6f three 
hours, bleeding and dying for the love of 
thee. Ab! how much then h
ve thy fins ,. 
coil this innocent Lamb of God! Ah! h

dearl y has he loved thee! fincc, in the midH: 
(;)f all hi
 tortures, he had thee in his heart. 
dJ1Q even thçn ,vas pleading thy caufe \vith 
K. 2 his 

 20 Devotions for Corfilfion 
:his eternal Father, ,",hen thy fins \-vere cru- 
cifying him: grieve then, 111Y fou 1, for ha\'- 
ing offended fo good a God; grieve th:lt thOll 
grieveH fo little for fo great an evil. Run in 
now at leafttothy crucified Saviour, embrace 
his feet like Magdalell, and firi ve to \vafh 
them with thy tears. 
MY J.Jord, and Illy AlJ, I am confoun(
at the multitude and enormity of my 
offences againll: fo good a God; I dare not 
prefuine even to lift up my eyes to heaven, 
tnuch lees to come I1e
r thy altar, after fa 
n1any treafons ag
1Ïnft thee. Alas! Wh3t {baH 
I now do, 0 L.ord? \Vhat fhall I fay? But, 
with the hutnble publican, firike my breafi, 
2nd cry out to thee, 0 Goel) be 1l1erL"Ïful to 1l1C 
a jinner. 
My fins exceed in nun1bcr the hairs of my 
bead, and the fands of the' fea: but thy mer- ! 
cies are mo:e inn umerable than my fins. () I 
ocean of mercy, have compaffion on a poor 
1ni[erable finI:cr, and make me no\v at leail: 
a true penitent. I 
Father, I have finned againfi heaven and in 
thy fight, and am not worthy to be called thy 
child: O! receive me as one of the leafi of ' 
thy fervants, and never fuflèr me to go afi:ray 
from thee any nlorc. 
It grieves me, 0 my God, that I have of- f 
fended thee; ! am heartily forry for all the 
fins I have committed ag2.infl: thy infinite 

I Dcvotionsfor ConftjJìon. 221 
()odntfs. 0 that I could \vort
ily l::ment 
I them, even \vi rh t
ars of b 1 Dad, 
I \Vho ,vill give -.vater to my head, and 
i fountains of tears to my eyes, that night 
nd day I may bewail Iny fins and ingrati- 
o that I never had offended my God! 0 
that I had never finned! l-tlPPY thofe íouls 
1Nho have never loft their baptifmal inno- 
cence! Ah! fweet'ie/us, that I had been fa 
happy ! 
Have mercy on me, 0 God, according to 
thy great mercy; and according to the mul- 
titude of thy tender mercies blot out all my 
iniquities. \Vaíh me yet more from my ini- 
q uities, and cleanfe me froln my fins; be- 
caufe 1 kno'vv my iniquities, and Iny fins are 
at ","avs beføre me. 
0" that 1 could now, like Mazda/en, pre- 
fent nlyfelf at the feet of my Saviour! O! that 
I could vv 7 aíh them with my tears! O! [uf- 
fer me, dc
r Lord, to lay down all my fins 
at thy feet, to be cancelled by thy precious 
IJord, thou haIt (aid there is joy in heaven 
upon O!H
 finner doing penance, n10re than 
upon ninety-nine jufi: 0 give me no\\' grace 
to be a true penitcnt indeed, that fo L
may rejoice at IDY converfion. 
'Thou cameft, 0 my dear Redeemer, not 
to call the juíl, but finners to re?entance ; 
look down upon IDe, a poor mi1èrable finner, 
an1 dravl me powerfull? to thee by thy grace. 
1 kno\v thou wil1eft not the death of the 
K 3 finner, 

 c., ... .5 0). C 
. 'Þ't. 

r, but th'lt he b
 cOl1\.erted _nd Ii\- e : 0 
1 I - ,.. - I 
.Act r 
o cnger rerr..l1n c__d 10 mv hns . 
let rle no\\- a; le..ft be::ir to Ji\ e tv" 
hee ! 
Cre te 3. cl
an he
;t in me 0 Go.:!; 
rere. 2 r 
ht f iri.. \,.ittin nl\ bo\\.els. 0 
r r
nt th t"1 013\ no\\- (
r\ e ,,
 .n (tovd 
'- . 
re :: 0 let this be the Ch2:1:e of th rÏ

3.nd cf the" mOl Hi!!:
. - .... 
'rhou h it rn:l e .
 e 0 ny G '""'J :!
d e- 
emed file by th, precious b!xd. 0 èefpi:' 
rot J
 -:a \\'or
 of th, r_nLs _ 0 
t not dr 
hI -....d be lpiL, for me in \ ...iî ! 
Too I..:te ha\ e I 
no\\.n thee 0 ancie .... 
Tru..h! Too late h \e Ilo\eC th
e 0 ancie I: 
Fe.;,ut). '00 !o
g h \- I gon... 
thee I From this morr:eGt, a m 

d, I èefire to b
 for e\ er 
hine. 0 let 
no " h - ln : nll - .3 0 - - 
 he . _r"",__.. 
- e ,......,."'" 
_.a _... _ 
 '-'"' ___ '. 
 I... l..

thee a;y more! 
a Ji\ ice L. \ er of peni:ent foul gi\ e 
hence 0.. t
 -nd h
r ble 
O! I d ire fron: tni
 &our to 0 :-er th;s f- 
Cflhce .:il to ..bee till t
e end 0 m\. 

O ,.. Lo h 1 -, h 1 
G.l ne \ e .a 0\ .ttAe a... ou :-:nOW:1 
in this \ icked \\ orll.. 
o\\" ]itde art trotJ 
1 ,.e ! C 
e PJ
"'\ to ."
 e ull ?Di- 
f...5:on C.- In, ,rol... h

r - j .0 I for time 
.....nd e':ernit). 
1',,- me c, h s b èn ir .. nite i b
 rir.; ,:) 
.ith uch ...0 un
rate -Ll unT'er 
 I h \" 
bee; - n
 in datI. he'- i in
. - \ ours U"'O.l 
me. A d thi
e :.\ :.:r" 0 I_ord to _II rh
r 't, t7-..t hen
\....- , by t!t,- ;,r::
e, I nl



Df':'lclicì:S or CÙll jfiC1Z. 2 
..vcr offend thee I!'ore. This one thing I 
Jrnefil\ beg of th
e, for th\ iniinite ll1erC\'''s 
. k
. 2!1d throu
h the òe,\th :-.nd pa11ì0i1 of 
. I Iy Son: hear this O:1
 prayer í be- 

ech thee, and in all things c=l[
 do \vith me 
vbat thou pleafefi. 
I am refol\"cd b" thy 
r:1cc, l1
yer more 
 return to mv fins j .0- rather let me die 
:raî offend the
 \vilfully any n1ore. 1 an1 
.e!"oh ed to 11 all e\ il comp3.'1V, and d

erous Occaf1ons; and to t2ke proper mea- 
- r"S .or a thorough amendment of ill}"' life 
"r the future. \11 this I refolve; but thou 
bowe l my irailt\. 0 ID} God' and if 
t:'Oll xuit me not by th grace atl my refo- 
lutiúDS v.-ill pro' e ine tte au:d 
nd I 1h:111 be 
for ever u1Ï er
ble. 0 look. to l1
e 0 Lord, 
th2t m:lV ne\<er betra, thee an . lTIOre. 

N B o. 1 7 
.. 0 t zt IS .J., "I)". tL'a- t,"t P '.,1 
j-' 1....1 t P
;'j,:: uJ.;n t.l '(1j:" J he. 1j; 1 .. It ,. 
t.: " ;.. I. . i of l;r f" r t l : l! t . 1 ; 
:... . g 'it: /l 
J; rt ï..' ù. b 
,;':a '""S 0 
r.." ;,Sj t h ! ,-:r; ]; Jet..,) t a !- h4 .. 
1 0 l . r . 
,. ,... I ,., . "" pr .. ,. .." 
 .. 1.'1.'1 
oJ .. ., i.,,,, · J to, 
1 \:.... 
'.5'" b - -'lIgers/" ' t ' ì t f' ; rc :;t piJ S 
. 7 I Of" ... r l.. 
À Co" i j 't . tl. L I i 
 ( C; i.."; 
,-. . . ... 
,,'i1", m :tad'"'Z" p r .L. .

r. I" , 
 · r .1:" " 1 " 
 I: . ' .'1. -1-. & .... 
u. ;"j _\..- ". , 
 ... . ... u .. J , c.; \... 

, \'
he:1 the penitent finds, hin1[elf he3rtil 
,.. forr} for having orl-ènd..:d God. and full
,. determined for the tin1
 to COl11e to amend 
t i
nd a\ oid all n1ort:J 1Ì
s 2nd the 
 :1!1n1edi:lte ccc:dions of them: he G1aV th
t..- " (:" 0 

- 24 DCt'otioJlSfiï C01ýtjJiOll. 
,,, go to confeffion, in 
'hich he may follo\v 
 th is Inethod." 


7.1be f\.lETHoD of COKFESSI ON. 
"I.Tl-1 E penitent kneeling down at the I 
" fide of his ghoi11y father, makes r 
" the fign of the crofs, and afks his bleffing j 
" Pray .(athtr gi
7t 1Jze your blejJìllg, for 1 have 
'c jiul1ed. Then he fays the Confiteor in Latin, 
" or in Engliß, as far as meâ culpa, &c. 
., tb ou
h 112Y fault, &c. 
" 2. ..A.fter this he accufes himfelf of hi
(, fins, either according to the order of God's 
" commandnlents, or fuch other order as he 
" finds molt heJpful to his l11en1ory; adding 
" after each fin the number of tin1CS that he 

, has been guilty of it, and fuch CirCUITI- 
" fiances as nlay very confiderably aggravate 
" the guilt; but carefully abfiaining from 
'Co fuch as are impertinent or unneceflàry, 
" and from excufes and long narrations. 
" 3. After he has confeJ1èd :all that he can 
 remember, he may conclude with this or 
" the like form: For theft, aud all other lilY 
., .fins, u'bich I c.7nnct at tbis prefent call ta 
" 1"lY relnenzbrcl1ce, 1 an; heartily forry ; PUI.- 
" poft amtnd1Jlcnt for tht'JfiltufR; mùjl hUlllb
" aJk pardon of God, and pcnance and abfo- 
" lutioll of )'Oll lilY gh0 1J ly father: and fo he 
" may finiíh his Conjiteor, and then give at- 
,," tentive ear to the inítruétions and advices 
" of his confefTor, and humbly accept of the 
" penance enjoined by him. 
" 4-" \VhiHl the priefi: gives him abfolu- 
" tion, 

Devotions for Co1ýiffion. !225 
tion, let him bo\v do\vn his head, and with 
great humility call upon God for mercy; 
· and beg of hilll that he would be pleafed 
to pronounce the fentence of abfo} utian in 
It heaven, \vhilft his minifi:er abfolves hiln 
· upon earth. 
" 5. After confeffiorl let the penitent rc- 
, turn to his prayers; and after having hear- 
, ti]y given God thanks for having admitted 
, him by the means of this facratnent to the 
, grace of reconciliation., and received hitn, 
, Jike the prodigal child, returning hotne't 
, let hill1 Inake an ofFering of hi3 confelIion 
;, tc? 1 efus Chrifl, begging pardon for lvhat- 
, ever defeéts he n1ay have been guilty of in 
," it; offering up his refolutions tJ his Sa- 
" viour, and begging grace that he nlay put 
," thenl in execution. 
, "6. Let him be careful to perform his 
" p
nance in due time, and in a penitential 
I" fpirit." 
o Allnighty and moil: merciful God, \vho, 
according to the multitude of thy tender 
mercies, haft vouchfafed once more to receive 
this pr
digal child, after fo many tirnes going 

firay trorn thee, and to adn1it hilTI to th is 
facratnent of reconci]iatjon, I give thee 
nks, with all the powers of n1Y foul, for 
t.h IS and all thy other n1ercies, vraces and 
"l.æ Jl. . b 
elJ1ngs benowed on rne, the mofl: uI1\vorthy 
ll finners: and proHratinc)" n1vfclf at thy 
facrcJ fçet, I offer myfelf no
 be hence_ 
K 6 fort;, 



26 lJ l.Ioti015 0 C07 1fiC7. 
forth for ever thine: 0 
 let nothing in 
life or death ever tèp:1r:;.te me more from thee. 
I once more re!1ounce \vith my \\-hole foul all 
my treafons againit thee, and aU the abomi- 
nations and fins of my pafi: life. I rene,,,, mv 
promifes made in baptifm, and f:om this mo.- 
!rent I dedic te myfelf eternally to thv )o\.e 
3nd fer\ ice. O! g:rant that for the time to 
come I m3. eyer fly and abhor fin more th
death it1
lf, and a\ oid all fuch occafions and 
companies as ha\ e unh
ppilv brought me ..() 
it: I rcfol\.e henceforth to ily them all, by 
thy dh ine gr.ce, \\yithout \vhich, of myfelf, I! 
C2n do notl:ing. I refoh e to perform 
Äl1d (uch de\'otions for obtaining this gr2ce. I, 
reîol\ e to fly id1enefs 2n1 to fet myfelf a: 
regu!ar order and mct
od of life, for tro l 
time I ha\ e yet to come. I beg thy bleffing! 
upon theCe m) refolutions that they nla"l 
Dot be ine!Îeaual like fo many others I ha\.e, 

formerlv m
: for 0 Lord \vithout thee! 
I am n
thing but mifery and 1Ìn. Supply: 
21fo, by thy mercy, ,ph
te\'er defe2s ba\ e I 
been in this my confefiÌon. I 2tn fenfibl
has been \ ery imperfe8 and that I was tar 
 avin 0" '"that true forro\v \\"h ich the h
nOt!fnefs (,f
y fins required; but Jet the pre-; 
cious blood of thy only Son make up this. 
deficienc:. ."-ccept of 1:1Y poor performanc
f ::s it is, 2nd gÏ\ e me gr 
ce to be no\\J' I 
d a1\\"2Y5 -- true penitent; thro' the fame 
Jf" ..s (1;':'}, tày S(.u. 
. . I 
p 1\ 0-1 

Devotions Jor ConJrj]ion. 227 

PROTEST A TION, recomtren1ed hy St. Fran- 
CÌs de Sales, to be 1nade by tbe penitent z"n 
nce of his direEfor, hy way of c;zgra:;ing 
i"z his foul a jirnz refoluti
n of Jiri1inl, God. 
L 1 N. N. placed in the prefence of th
eternal God, and of all the court or 
aven, having confidered the exceeding 
t.l1ercy of his divine goodnefs tov,,"ards me, a 
;L11oft unT..vo:thy and \Yfctched creature, \vhom 
,he has made out of nothinO", P referved, main- 
yt:lÏned, and deli'\'ered from fo many dangers, 
'and loaded }Vith fo many benefits; but, a- 

O\'e all, ha\ ing confidered the incomprehe:1- 
lfible (v,,"eetnefs and clemency \vith \vhich this 
'moil good God has fo gracioul1y fpared me in 
my iniquities, fo frequently called upon r11
in\ i:ing Ole to amendment, and f0 p
expe .:led my repent
nce and con vcrfion un 
this prefent tiole, not
Nithfianding all my in- 
gr3ti:ude, difloyalrv and infidelity, whereby, 
nO" mv cOl1verfion , and de{i p ÎtÌn'T his 

gr2ces, I have fa unadvifedl y oIÍènded hinl : 
having nl0reo\"-::r c0nfìderecl, that UpO:l ë::JC 
day or mv holy baptifm, 
 \vas fo h3p

d h01il)" vo\vcd a!1d dedicated to fLY God, 
to b
 his child; anJ t!1at, contr
ry to t!1e- 
, d . ' h 
protel.ilOn tÃl
n ma e Ul my name, 1 a\'e, fo 
maZlY times, fo execrab1y anJ detel1:ably pro- 

d \- :olated all the pO\\tcrs of my foul, 

nd fenCes of my boJy, appJying and ernploy- 
lng them again!t his di\,inL 
Iajeí1y : at length., 
urn;ng to myfelf, proi
te in heart and 
I1Ã:nd beÍo:e the thrO.ile of :h\: di\ ine jufiicc, 
lack no'vV- 

228 Devotions fit CûJÝ cJ!ion. 
I ackno\vledge, confers, and a\'o\v tnyftlfl:l\Y.. 
fully attainted and conviéted of high treafon 
:lgainft his di vine rvlajefiy, and guilty of the 
death and pa1uon of 'fe/us Cbriji, by reafon of 
the fins"l have comolitted, for \vhich he died, 
and fuffered the torrnents of the crofs; fo that 
confequent1y laIn \vorthy to be caft away, 
and damn'd for ever. 
2. But turning myfclf to\vards the throne 
Gf the infin ite mercy of the fame eternal 
GoJ, having dctctled "[roin the bottom of my 
heart, and with an my po\ver, the many 
tranfgreffions of my paft life; I OlOa hum- 
bly beg and crave l'Jrdon, grace, and mer- 
cy \vith an entire abfoJution from my of- 
fences, by virtue of the de
th and paffion 
of the ('une Saviour and Redeen1er of my 
foul: on ,vhich relying, as on the only foun- 
è.ltion of my hope, I confirm again and re- 
llC\V the f3cred profeffion of my al1egiance 
Inade in my behalf to God 2t my bJptifol ; 
renouncing the àevj], the world, and the flefb; 
abOI1lin:lting their horrib1c fuggefiions, vani- 
ties and concupifcences, for alI the time of 
this prcfent Jife, and for all eternity. An
converting myfelf unto Iny mofi gracious and 
n}erciíul God, I defiïe, dcliberate, purpofe, 
3nd rcfolve irrcvocabl y to ferve and 10\ e him 
110\V and for ever. And, to this end, I give 
and confecrate to him my fpirit, vlith all its 
faculties, my foul, \\7ith al1 its pO\\7crs, my 
heart, vlith all its affecrions, and my body, 
,vith all its fenfes: protefiing that I \viJ1 ne\'er 

bufe anv p;lrt of my being againft his 
J J : .. : ... ..... 

1 Devolionsfor CorifdJim. 22'9 
t vine will and fovereign majefty; to Wholn 
offer up and f:1crifice myielf in fpirit, to be 
rpetually a loyal, obedien
, aad fait?ful 
:reature, without ever unfaymg, revokll1g, 
:r repenting me of this reColution. 
3. But if, alas! by the fuggeftion of the 
mcmy, or through human frailty, I chance 
o tranfgrefs, in any thing wbatfoever, this 
iny purpofe and refolution, I protcft and de- 
I.ermine from this very hour, by the affifi:ance 
.)f the Holy Gho{t, to ri!è again as Coon as I 
Jhall perceive my fall, and to return anew 

to the divine 111ercy, \vithout any delay or 
,protraBion whatfoever. This is my wiIi, 

intention and refolution, inviolable and irre- 
,,\'ocable, \vhich I profcfs and confirm '^ ithout 
Irerervation or exccpî:;on, in the fame Ücred 
prefence of my God, and in the fight of the 
whole triumphant church, and in the face of 
 church militant my n1othcr, \vho hears 
this my declaration, in the pedon of him, 
,vho, as her officer, hears n1e in this aétion. 
May it pleafe thee, 0 my eternal God, 
almighty and gracious Father, Son, and 
Holy G hoft, to confirm me in this m}T re- 
[olution, and to accept this invJard facrific,c 
of my heart, in the odour of fweetncfs. And 
as it has p\eafed thee to give me the infpira- 
tion and ,vil1 to do this, [0 grant me po\ver 
and grace to peíforrn it. 0 IT1Y God, thou 
ar.t my God, the God of my heart, the God 
or my foul, and the God of my fpirit: So 
I ackno\vledge and adore thee, nO'N and for 
e\er. Live,OYcfus. 


30 Devotions hifòre COl1Z'YlZunion. 

INS T Rue T ION sand D E V 0 T ION S for 
COM 1\1 U N ION. I 
" r.L Er a man pro-vc (or try) himfclf, fays! 
" · St. Paul, I Cor. xi. 28. and fa eat; 
" of that bread, &c. This proving or tryrng 
" one's felf is the firfi and moil ,ncccffary 
" preparation-for the holy communion; and 

'- confifl:s in looking diligently into the fiate i 
" of one's foul in order ta difcover \vhat I 
" indifpo1Ìtions or fins may 1 ie there can'" 
" 'cealed; and to apply a proper remedy to 
" thein, by fin cere repenta
ce and confef.

, {ion: left otherwife approaching the Holy 
" of Holies with a foul defiled with the 

, guilt of mortal fin, v{e becolne guilty of I 
" t/,c body and blood of Chrift, and receive I 
" judgment to o l1rfel:Z-'ès, ?lot difi"erning tbe I 
" Lord's body, I Cor. xi. For this re?fon \ve 
" go to confeffion before communion, in I 
" order to clear our fouls from the filth of . 
" 2.. The perron that is to receive thé hler. 
" fed facrament muíl: be al[o fl/ìillg, at ]eaít 
" from midnight, by the command of the 
" church, ar
d by a lTIofi ancient and apoflo- 
" lical tradition, ordaining that, in reverence 
" to fa great a facrame
t, nothing {hould 
" enter into the body of 
 chrifiian h <"ore 
" the bady of Chr
(l. Hence, if thr
)' Ìn- 
" advertence, or other\vife, a perfJ:1 bas 
" taken any thing, tho' ever fo little, 2fter 
" twt;Ive o'c1ock at nibht he n
u{l by no 
" InC2ns rec<:!vc that day; excepting the 
"I"I r n. 

Devotions bifoie Communion. 23 t 
j cafe of danger of approaching death, when, 
! the bldfcd facrament is received by way of 
I .viatÏcUl1Z. 
I " 3, Bdìdes this preparation of confeffion 
i: and failing, the perron that propores to go , 
i' to communion mu{t endeavour to aim at 
I' the be{t devotion he i$ able, in order to 
I' difpo[e his foul for worthily receiving [0 . 
1" great a gue{t. To this end I recommend. 
., h . 
" to 1m. 
! "Firjl, To tbink well on the great work 
" he has in hand; to confider attentively 
i" who it is he is ,going to receive, and how 
" far he is from deferving fuch a favour; 
!" and to implore with fervour and humility 
" God's grace and mercy. And this fhould be: . 
!" the fubje& of bis meèitations and prayers, · 
" for forne days before hand, and more par- 
" ticu1ar1y th
 night before his communion, · 
" and the morning he receives. 
" SeconJly, '}"o propofe to hinlfelf a pure n 
" intention, tt.1Ìz. the honour of Gød, and the 
" bea1th of his own foul, and in particular, 
". that by worÒiìy receiving Chrijl in this 
" heavenly facrament, be may come to a 
" happy union, with him, according to that 
,. of St. :1 obn vi. 57' He that etlteth my fiefb, 
,. and drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and 1 . 
" in hillZ. 
" 'Third'y, To meditate on the [ufferings 
" and c\cath of his Redeemer: - this. facra- 
" mcnt bcing infiituteJ to this end, that we 
" íhould ]hew fortb the death of Chrifl: until 
" /h,' C01l1es, I Cor. xi. 20. 

 Fo urtbly., 

23 2 Devotions bifore Conzmunton. \ 
" Fourth!;', To prepare himfelf bv aéh ,I ;'" 
" virt

, more efpecially of faith, l
'i:Je, an\ :
" };ulnllzty; that fo he Inay approach to h;t I}' 
" Lord with a firm belief of his real prefenc , 
" in this Ülcrament, and of that great facri' :11 
" fice which he heretofore ofFered upon th l r" 
" crofs for Ollr redemption, of \vhich he hcr \ 
" Inakes us partakers; VJith an ardent atlec 
" tion cf love to him who has loved us f( , 
" much, and vvho, out of pure love give!
" himfelf to us; and with a great fentÌlnen I . 
" of his OVJn unworthinefs and fins, joinec \ 
" with a firm confidence in the tnercies 0; 
" his Redeenler." \ 
à MEDITl\TION brfire C01\1
1UNroN, di", 
vided into ftVCJ1 points, 1uhich !nay fer-vt! as ar 
jiven days preparation for the bfejJed jÙ{r.1-! 
J.e COnfider, 1ft. That 'ie/us ChrÌjl, our} 
l...ord, \vÌ1om we receive in this bleílèd! 
faCfament, is called in fcripturc the LaJJ1bwhich 
'i.vos flain fro1ll the heginninl oj' the world. 
Apocalypft xiii. 8. Becaufe, from the very 
beginning of the \vorld, there ,vas no V\
of coming at God's n1ercy or grace, but by 
faith in a Redeemer to come, and by the 
merits of his future dCJth and paffion. Ifence 
j' crucified was, from the beginning of 
the ,vorld, the great obje.3: of the devotion of 
the patriarchs and prophets; for hin1 they 
confiantly fighed; hirD. they regard
d in aU 
their facrinces; vvhich were indeed fo many 
res of hi:u, and of his d
ath. AU thcie 
L __.. _


Devotions hifor

 d h 
ores VJere to nave an cn , \VIJcn LdJr1jl 
lf, the very '1 
ruth, catne in perron in- 
) the \vorld, and offered hinlfelf upon the 
Jofs a facrifÌcc for the tìns of the \vorld. But 
ill his death and pamon is to be the pcr- 
etual objeét of the devotion of all his chil- 
I ren and fervants, even to the end of the 
Ivorld; not Ì1o\tv as prefigured in lhadows and 
/ypes, but as commemorated and celebrated 
In the eucharjfiic facrince and facramcnt, 
I:ontaining and exhibiting verily and indeed, 
,that is, in very truth, OUf great l-ligh-Prieft 
land V iétinl, lefus Chr
ll. F or the ancient 
 are IlO\V paffed, and the truth has fuc- 
iceeded in their Dlace: and that fatn
iof all fanétity,. vvho of old communicated 

hilnfe1f to hfs fcrvants fpiritual1y by faith, 
Ino"v gives hirnfclf to us verily and indeed in 
i there ht.
avenl y tllyfteries. JI'or th is manner 
I of communicating himfc]f was beft beconli
the new law; which is a law of love, a 
]a\v of grace, and a Ia\v of truth. i\h! 
my foul, adm ire and adore the riches of the 
bounty and goodncfs of thy God and Sa- 
viour, who gives thee in this facra01ent fo 
great a gift that heaven itfèlf has nothing 
lnbrace his love, but Jet it be \vÍth 
a fuitable return of love, and fee thou prepare 
thyíeIf "vorthil y to receive fo great a v iJìt
o take care to open wide thy heart, that it 
may be capable to hold thofe treaf ures w Ì1ich 
he brings with him, and vvhich he deíìres to 
im part to thee. 
Confider, þcolld6', the figures by which 

 34 DevotÙJ11-S liifore C01n1nunioíz. 
God was pleafed in the Old r eßalnCJl! to fan 
!hew this faCralTIent; efpecially there thrrt 0;' 
the Tree of Life, the }Þafchal Lamb, and th :.f. 
Manna ffonl Heaven. l""he tree of ]ife GI 
\vhich God planted in the 111idfi of the earth r l 
ly paradife, hzd that exce11ent property, thz i 
if fin had not baniilicd us fro!n that happ to 
:1bode, by feeding on the fruit of it, 'v . 
fhould have been n1aint
ined in a conft
n e 
vigour, firength and health, and have net:e r II 
died. 0 how well does the bJeffed Eucharii r: 
anf\ver this noble figure! in which vie feet 
u pan life itfelf in its very fountain, and b: r 
frequently and worthily approaching to it, reo [i 
ceive a copious and confiant fupply or hea. : 
venIy grace, for the maintaií}in
 of the vi.' [. 
gour, f1:rength, and health of the -foul; tha'\ 
fo we may never incur the [('cond death, bu,1 : 
may pars frool life to life; [ron) the life 0" : 
grace to the life of glory; from life con.: 
cea1ed under facramental veils, to life feen ant 
el1joýeJ. without íhadow or change, for al], 
eternity. The pafchallamb which 
7as firflj 
ofFered in facrifice to God on the evening 01:, 
,vhich the children of IJrael \vere delivered 
fr0l11 the bondage of Eg)'pt, and then was, by I 
God's conlmand, e:lten by' aU the faithful, 
Vlas alfo a figure of the b1efTed Eucharift, and 
of the true Lalnb of God, there communi- 
cated to us; even that Latnb \vhich was firf1:, 
offered in facrif1ce for our eternal redemption 
froIn the bondao-c of the infern
l Pbaraob, and, 
o I 
is now received hy all the faithful in thefe I 
heavenly myfieries) for a perpetual comme. 

Devotions before COm11Z21nion. 235 
r ration of this our redetnption, and a 
:lllication of the fruit of it to our fouls. () 
In foul, Jet us confidently run to this La!Tlb 
o 3od, who taketh away the fins of the 
rld }' Let us receive with all afFeétion this 
c ifiian pajJover! I.let us embrace this viétiln 
o our redemption, this new facrifice of the 
J1W covenant, the covenant of life and of 
lJ'e! Let us fprinkle our[elves with this blood 
. the Ne
'J r ifloln:nt, that fo the defiroyiag 
Ø' gel may have no po\vcr to hurt us. Ano-- 
ter figure of the ble{[ed Eucharifi: \vas the 
nna from heaven, with which the children 
/frael were wonderfully fed during their 
'.rty years fojourning in the \vildernefs, be- 
>re their coming to the land of p r oo1ife. 
his food was many ways miraculous, but 
lathing in comp:trifon of that living bread) 
aat bread of life, which is given us in the 
I ivine nlyfieries, which COllies dovwrn frOIn 
leaven in order to carry us thither, that true 
and of promife, the land of the living, and 
Nhich nourifhes our fouls to I ife eternal. O! 
1eZlvenly manna. O! bread of ð.ngels. Jet 
ny foul al\vays hunger after thee. 
lrt IllY true and only fupport, during this 
ny nlortal pilgrin1age. 0 
 give me a loath- 
ng for all the huíks of [wine, \vith which 
:his deluded world feeks to amufe n1C ! 0 let 

ne ever relilh thy hidden f\veetnefs ! 
Confider, tl'irdly, the myfterics \vh ich \V
:elebrate in this thrice bIefTed facnnent and 
racrifice. Here the wholc paffion and (
of G ' hriJl is folenlnl y aé1:ed, as a moil facred. 
. _ _ _ _ _ .1__ 

I f 
tragedy, by hinìfelf in perfon. Here th I
Lamb of God prefents hirnf
Jf as !1ain to hq/ 
eternal F athc.r; and h 
} ood moil po\ver I.'
fully pleads In our be;:alr. Here the deat,! ,- 
of our I-IQrd, the fountain of ail our good , 
plentifulI y flo\ys into our fouls, and eve \ 
1}es and brings forth in us the fruit of life , 
Here the triulllphs of our crucified King . 
his viétorious refurreétion and glorious afcen. \ 
ÍÌon, are difplayed. I-Ierc 'Vve receive an af. 
fl!ranCe of the !hare that \ve have in C'hriJ?
and in h;s redemption. Here vv"e partake 011 
his Body and of his Spirit. I-Iere we drink oi I 
the fountain of Jife. Here aU the 111embers 01 
C'hrifl are b3ppily united with one 
and \<vith their head, in a L1cranlcnt of union' 
and love. Here, in fine, we have a mo{l:! 
certain pledge of everlafiing 1ife, and of the 
eternal enjoyment of hiru in our ble{[cd 
country, who thus lovingly gives himfclf to 
us in this p1ace of bani{}11nent. 0 my foul, 
reverence with awe, and embrace with love, 
thefe myficries, fo full of majefiy and of 
Jove. '[he high-pricft of the Old Tejla1l1ent 
,vas bu once a ye
r to enter into the inw3rd 
ry of the temp]e caHed the Holy oj 
H?lies; and then not \\Tithot!t diverfe purifi- 
cations and facrifices, and a fùlernn faft of aH 
lfrael. See then ho\v pure, hO'llJ holy, thou 
ouO"hteft to be, \-vho fo often art admitted intc 

the fdné1uary of the NevJ T 1io1ìlent, that IS: 
to thefe divine myfieries fanélihed by the pre- 
fence of Jef"s CbriJZ himfelf) the true H
!y. 0 
j 1l.l0/1es 


De 1 Jotions bifore Coul1nunion. 

DEvotions before COJJZ1;zunz"O?l. 237 
res, of which that Je'luiJh fanétuary was 
bu a íhadovve 
Jnfider, therefore, fourthly, that what lTIofi: 
efl cially calls for our d
votion i 11 there lnoft 
h "nl)d1:erics, is the real prefl:nc
 of 'ie/us 
C Jfl hilnfelf true God and true Man, under 
t facramental veils. Bow thyfe1f do\vn, OlY 
fof, to adore this facred truth: Jet no 
plud thoughts of oppofition arife in thee 
,If infi this admirable iàcran1ent: c
d under!tandillg to the obedience of faith: 
b ld thyfelf upoa the ex prefs words or 11ruth 
i 'If, fa often repeated in hol y ,,,rit; and 
11)11 the exprefs declaration of the church 
'God.. againi1 \vhich the g
ttes of hell can 
rer prevail. The glory 
:1J Inerit of faith 
j to believe wh
t thou canH not fee; to ac- 
1: o'\vledge that th
 Altnighty can do infinite- 
] more than thou canfi ccnlprehend; and 
1 at no effort of n1ercy and love can be too 
cat for binl ,vho has died for love. See 
en v.rhat thy devction ought to be in con- 
qucnce of this belicf; \vhat ['rafound 1'e- 

 rence to fo grea
 a Lord, \vho lies concealed 
thefe treln
ndous Inyfieries; \vhJt purity 
f ccnfcieIlcc, in order to approach \vorthily 
b purity itfc!f! \Vhat bUJìlilit)', \vhat /I).ve,' 
when thou 
rt ad'1ìi
ted to his embraces! 
t Confider, .fifthly, how (nany ways thy 

ord and thy (lad, the fovereign Good, who 
jJelights to be '\yith the children of men, 
;Prov. viii. 3 I. comrrlunicates hilnfelf to thee. 
,[n his incarnation and birth he gave hiolfèlf 
lobe thy cOInpanÎon, and to take upon hio1 


23 t> lJe:;olzons btjore t.oì1Z1nuniol1. 
all thy nJÎ[eries. In his death he gave hir '. 
felf to be thy ranfom: in this hea\'enJy f .t 
crament he gives himfelf to be thy food, t 
comfort and fupport of thy exile: and I r 
his kjngdom above, he defigns to give hir 
f<.:lf for thy eternal reward. O! v"hat c. 
he do I1lore to té1tify his love to thee: 
""ife as he is, he cannot contrivè any thiI I 
better for thee; as povverful as he is, he cali 
not do.more for thee than give thee hin1Lè.! 
O! how true is that faying of the beJovci 
difciple, that God is Love! But what do. 
thou fee in Jne, dear Lord, that can mo'l 
thee to love [ueh a poor worm; fuch a VI rete}; 
cd finner 
s I am! There can be notbir! 
good in me, but what is thy gracious gifti 

lnd alas! I fcar I have hitherto abufed all tl: 1 
gifts: it is then thy o\-vn pure goodnefs alol 
that can make thee love me; and thy purl 
Jove alone that can make thee c01nmunica1 1 
thyfelf to n1e. 0 let file then be no Iong(i 
ungrateful to thy love! Let that divine fir< 
\vhich thou [0 nluch defirefi to enkind
upon ez.rth, take hold now of my heart, thí 
I 1l1ay return thee Jove for love. O! fen 
it no"v into nlY foul, that it may prepare the 
a [uitable Iod
ing there! O! 1et me hence 
for\vard give 
yfelf whoHy to thee, who f 
often given: thyLèlf to me. 
Confider, fixthly., \\,ho it is that thou art t 
receive in this bleffed facrament, &1nd wh I 
thou art that prefun1efl: to approach him. 1-1 , 
is the great I(ing and Maker of heaven ani, 
earth; and the whole creation is a Ulcrc no I 

,7. Devotions bifore Corn17<l1lnion. 239 
:;e t110" in his fight: what a little atom then 
 ar thou, cOlnpared to him! He is eternaJ, 
'''\ '1unenfe, and every way infinite in pO\\l'er
 i1 1 :11ajefiy, in beauty, in v/ifdom, in glory, 
 ti. and thou art a little diminutive \vorm, 
: n'de of earth, and full of miferies. He is 
'.1ee innitely pure and holy, in whofe fight the 
' vly heavens are not clean, and \vho cannot 
1 edure iniquity; anà thou art the very filth 
I fin, and a fink of unclcannefs and cor- 

,: t
tion. Hovv then, my foul, fhaJI \ve dare 

: 'tnture to enter into this inward [anétuary 
1 t draw near the throne of this infinite Ma- 
';e j'ly, and, unclean as we are, to touch and 
 Jiceive the Holy of Ho1ies! Oza was ftruck 
< ad for irreverently touching the 
rk of the 
') venant; the Bethjballlites for irreverently 
::. ..aking .on it; and Nadab and Abill for of- 
t lring incenfe before it, with unhallo\ved 
. "e: novi \vhat \vas this ark (in which \vcre 
Iy repofited the tables of the l:tw) in COlTI- 
1rifon with the Lord and giver of the la\v, 
hon1 we here approach to? \Vhen God \vas 
out to give the la,v, the chiIJren of lfrael 
ere cOlnmanded to be purified, and to keep 
emfelves chafte; and neverthelefs to keep 
eir difiance from the nlountain, vlhcre the 
...ord appeared in th under and 1 i gh tning : 
I nly 1'
1ofes vias permitted to afcend to the 
ountain's top, to converfe \vith the divine 
!ajefiy, or rather with an angel fpeaking in 
IS perfon. And ho\v {ban \ve with fo little 
urity dare approach this immenfe Deity
his confitlJlÍng fire! St. Pau! afi"'ur
s us,' 1 Co

-10 Devotions hifoTe C01JZ1nunion. 
xi. that the unworthy receiver is guilty oj tl I 
body and blr;()d of the Lord, and .receivet' 
jut!;;IlJent to billfelf, not difcerning tbe I h 
lhe L07"4.1. Ho\v' then íhall \ve, the moil lli . 

vorth)' of all finners, pre[un1e to receive th I ' 
I..I 0 r d 0 f g lor y? 1\ 1 u íl: \VC the n ita y a way ti I 
,ve have the prefUlnption to think ourfelv' l ' 
'/.1.;o,.tb)' f No, certainly; for one of the mo , 
neceHàrv difDn{ìtions for receivin g wrìrtbil i 
J .I. "\ 
 to ackno\v1eòge and believe OUf own url 
orthine[s: Or n1ufi ,,\:
, through awe an! 
fear of [ù great a l'v1ajefiy, abftain for eV( 1 1 
from partaking of there tremendous my{h 
ries? No; for it is no lefs certain de
th t: 
H:ay away from the foun
ain of life, than tl 
C0111C to it un\vorthilv. \;Vhat then nlurt \\1 
do, my foul? \\T e \vill flot run away froq 
our Sovereign Good: no; we will run tl 
hiln, but it {hall be like the humble publicar l 
like the poor prodigal returnir1g hon1e, lik: 
the penitent Jl,Jagdalen: ruch as thefe he ncv(' 
rcjcé1:s. It {hall be with a contrite and hurr 
.bìc heart., \vhich he ne\'er defpifes: it {hall tl 
\vith an entire confidence in his infinite gOO(1 
nefs Ind rnercy, for no one ever hoped i 
hitn, and was confounded. 0 grant ll,' 
ùear Lord, to approach thee \\7Íth thefc harF 
S! and fince thou art pleafed to ir 
vite thyfelf into fo peor, fo n1ean, fo \vretcl, 
cd a cottage, as this of my breaft, be p]eaft:i 
to [end in thither before-hand thofc grace 
there virtues, that devotion, which m
prepare the p)ace for thee; for thou knowe l ' 
that of olyfelf I can do nothing. 
r nn 

Devotions b,eJixre ConzìJzunion. 24 t 
"J Confider, fe vell thl;', the happy fruits \\yhich 
e:. I i
 divine facrament produces in thofe fou1s 
hich frequent it with due preparation. The 
.. ead that I zvill, fays our Lord, St John 
t 52. is my fteJh, _for th& lift 
f the world .- 

r: hd again, vcr. 55. He that !'atetb 1'/2Y ftefh, and 
.. .. I inketh IllY h/r;od, hath everltýling life, and I 
Jil' raife hÙn up in the lajl do),: And again
er.57. He tbat ea/etb lny ftejh, and dri17ketb 
 1)' blood, ßbidtth in tne, and I in hÙll: And 
\': er. 58. He that enteth lne fhall live b.y llze : 
/ \nd vera 59. He that eatetb Ihis bread ßJolt 
.... "<}e fir ever. Wherefoever our Lord conlcs
'2. e carries :lbout with hitn all the treafures of 
h. ife, that is, all grace, charity and fanétity; 
Lnd, on his part, is ever ready to open thefe 
.. reafur
s, and to comn1unicate then1 tnofl: 
lentifuI1y to thofe fouls which he comes to 
.. 'iut. Thefe treafurcs are infinite, and fo is 
he love he bears to us. \Vhat gifts then
'hat graces n
ay we not expeél:, if \ve comf: 
ith reverence and hutni1ity, with love and 
evotion to him, who is the fount,lin of life, 
!r.1ce, and fanétity! Here we recei ve the bread 
f life for the food and nouriíhnlent of our 
ouls! Here we nleet with a confiant fuppJy 
f fanB:ifying 
race to repair the daily decays 
caufed by our infinnity and corruption j to 

ivc us ne\-v flrength and vigo
r, to \\Talk on 
In our vvay through the \vildcrncf
 of th:s 
'\tvorld to the lTIountain of God; and to Blake 
us continually gro\v in virtue, till we co;nc to 
a perfea man, to the tncafure of the aa-e of 
I the íuJnefs of (
hriJl- !-Iere our Jeflèr fit
S ar
I 1-1 fo:


"24 2 Devotions 'bifore COln-nz'llnion. 
forgiven us, and we receive a fovereign anti..j 
dote again!l the greater. Here devout fouls I 
tafie the fweetllefs of heaven in its very foun-I 
tain. H
re, feated like M a gdelell, at the feet I 
of our Lord, they learn from hin1 heavenlYI 
Jeffons, and enjoy his del icious converfation./ 
Afpire after this happincfs, 0 chrifiian foul:1 
which in .fame l'leafure makes Vall enjoy hea.. 
ven upon earth. If you b/e 7efus éhrVf:! 
run to his embraces: if you love yourfelf, rUll! 
to your Sovereign Good. But fee it .be witri 
due preparation; and mofi efpecial1y wit
faith, with fear, and with love. I 
P P . . I 
the chief aéts of devotio"n proper be" , ' 
fore COl\1MUNION. . 

I. DireEl your intention. 
o Lord 'Jefus Chrifl, King of ever]aítinfi 
. glory, behold I defire to come to thee 
this day, and to receive thy body and bloo( I 
in this heavenly facrament,for thy honou 
and g1 ory, and the good of my foul: I defirl 
to receive thee, becaufc it is thy dcfire, ani 
thou haft fo ordained; ble{[ed be thy nam', 
for ever. I defire to come to thee, Ii ke Jt,1ag 
dalen, that I may be deli vercd from all m: 
evils, and embrace thee, my only good. 
defire to come to thee, that 1 may be h:lppiI I 
united to thee, that I 111ay henceforth abid, 
in thee, and thou in me: and that nothin ! 
in life or death may ever feparate Ine fror! 
thee. ! 

Devotions before Conrnzunzon. 243 

I '2. Gommtmoratø th
 paffion of Chrift. 
I I defire in thefe holy myfieries to comme- 
lorate, as thou haft commanded, all thy fuf- 

rings, thy agony and bloody fweat, thy 
icing betrayed and apprehended, all the re- 
Iroaches, and calumnies, all the fcoffs and 
iffrollts, all the b]ows and buffcts thou haft: 
Jndured fl)r me; thy being fcourged, crowned 

vith tho
'Rs, and loaded \7Vith a heavy crofs 
lor IllY fins, and for thofe of the whole \vorld; 
,hy crucifixion and death, together \vith thy 

1orious refurrettion, and tri urnphant afcel1- . 
Ìon. I adore thee, and grve thee thanks for 
II that thou haft done and fuffered for us i 
nd for giving us, in this bleH"'ed facrament, 
his pledge of our redemption, this viB:im of 
ur ranfom, this body and blood which was 
t1èred for us. 

3. Make an all of faith. 
1 mon !inTII y believe, that in this holy fa- 
crament thou art prefent veri1y and indeed; 
. that here is thy body and blood, thy foul and 
thy divinity: I be1ieve that thou my Savieur 
true God, and true Man.. art really here, 
with all thy treafures; that here thou com- 
municateß: thyfelf to us, makefi us partakers 
of the fruit of thy paffion, and giveft us a 
pledge of eternal life. I believe there cannot 
be a 
griater happinefs than to receive thee 
worthily, nor a greater mifery than to receive 
thee unworthily. An this I moLt ftedfafily 
L 2 believe, 

4 Devotions hefo1 4 e CO'ì1vnuni0n. 
believe, becaufe it is T\vhat thou haft tauo-l1t us 
by thy word, and by thy church. I 
f. C oncei. 
 a great fcar, and hUllzble yourfilJ. I 
But, 0 nlY God, ho\v {hal1 I dare ap- I 
proach to thee, fo wretched a ",YOfrn to fo 
infinite a majeí1:y, 10 filthy a {inner to fuch 
infinite purity and fanétity! AJas! my foul 
is covered with an univerfalleprofy, and ho\v I 
fhall I prcfumc to embrace thee! !VIy vvhole ! 
life has been nothing but mi[ery and fin ! I 
Jnd 'tis only thy lTICrcy that I have not been 
long fince in hen, which I have de[crved a I 
thoufand times; and how foall I Yenture fo I 
much as to lift up my eyes to thee, how; 
.much lefs to receive thee within my breafi ! I 
I tremble at the fentence of thy apofile, that i 
llt that receives u1t1.uorthily receives his O'lun dam- I 
1lotion; for I cannot but acknowledge myfelfl 
infinitely un\vorthy: Nor fhould I dare ever! 
to come to thee, were I not exci ted by thy 
n10fi loving and preffing invitation, and en- 
couraged by thy infinit
 goodne(s and mercy.. 
'Tis ill this mercy, which is above 
11 thy 
works, I put my whole trufi; and 'tis in this f 
confidence alone that I prefume to appíoach; 
to thee. 0 grant that it may be with a con- 
trite and humble heart; for this, I know, 
thou wilt .never defpife. 
5. Make an all oj contrition. I 
Lord, I detcft, with my whole heart, alii 
tbe fins by which I have ever offended thy 
rlivinc majefiy, from the firft moment that I

Devotions bifore 'Co1Junul1ion.. 2 -15 
vas cap:lble of finning, to this very hour. I 
lefire to lay thein aU down here at thy feet
o be cancelled by t!l Y precious blood. \Vhat 
þan I do for them, but hUlnbly confefs and 
tament thent aU tl1V life-time; and this I 

eartil y defìre to do, and from th is n101
1en t 
[ontinually to cry to thee for 111ercy. Hear 
me, 0 fJord, bv that infinite love, by which 
/ :thOU haft íhed thy blood for 111e; Ö let not 
that blood be {bed in vain. All nlY fins dif- 

 pleafe me no\v exceed!ngly, becaufe they have 
rofFended th y infinite goodnefs. By thy grace 
j I will never commit thetn anymore: 1 anI 
I forry for thetn, and will be forry for then1 as 
long as I live; and, according to the beI1: of 
my po\vcr, will do penance for them. For- 
I give, dear Lord, for thy mercy's fake; par- 
I , don ITIe all that is paft ; and be thou my 
keeper for the time to come, that I may never 
more offend thee. 

6. !vIole an aEi of divine love. 
a f\veet Jifus, the God of IllY heart, and 
the life of n1Y foul, as the hart pants after 
the fountains of "vater, fo does my fou} pant 
after thee, the fountain of life, and the ocean 
of an good. I aln overjoyed at the h
of thefe happy tidings, that I am to go into 
the houfe of our Lord; or rather, that our 
Lord is to come into lny haufe, and take up 
his abode \vith mc. 0 happy moments, 
\vhen I [hall be admitted to the en1braces of 
the living God, for whom my poor foul 
languiíhes with love! 0 COl11e, dear JeJus, 
L 3 and 

24 U L/CVU/,U.ill) vgvr e \JU/lUlLZlUlO7t. 
2nd take fu II po1Teffion of Iny heart for ever! I 
I offer it to thee v/ithout referve, 1 defirc 
to coníccrate it eternally to thee. I love 
 'Nith my \vhole foul above aH things; 
2t Jeafi, I tlefirc fo to Jove thee: 'tis nothing j . 
lefs than infinite Jove that brings thee to me ; 
O! teach me to l11ake a [uitable return of 

7. l/zilnbly heg God's grace. ; .. 
But, 0 n1Y God, thou knowefi: my great i . 
poverty and mifery, and that of myfeIfI can ! 
do nothing: thou kno\veft how un\vorthy I I . 
am of this infinite favour, and thou alone I 
canfi rnake n1e worthy. 0 I fince thou art fo 
good as to invite me thus to thyfeIf, add this I 
one bounty n10re to all the reft, to prepare me 
for thyfelf. Cleanfe my foul from its fiain5, I 
c10athe it vvith the nuptial garment of charity, I 

ldorn it with all virtues, and tnake it a fit I 

bodc for thee, Drive fin and the devil fJ.r! 
from this dwcI1illg, ,vhich thou art here' 
plcafèd to choofe for thyfelf, and make 111C 
one according to thy own heart; that this I 
:heavenly vifit, which thou defigneft f0r filY 
[alvation, tnay not, by my unwortbincfs, be 
perverted to my darnnation. O! never let 
me be guilty of thy body and blooà, by an' 
unworthy communion! for the fake of this 
fame precious blood, \vhich thou haft íhed 
for n1e, deliver me from fo great an evil: O! I 
ther let me die ten thoufand deaths, than I 
thus prefume to crucify thee again. I 
8. 1m. i 

Devotions hifore C01n1nunio1Z. 247 
11l1ploï'e tbe prayers if the b/dfed T/irgin, Qnd 
of the Saints. 
o aU ye ble{[ed angels and 
lints of God, 
ho fee him face to face, whorn I here re- 
. ....ive under thefe humble veils; and (hou 
oft efpeciaI1y, c\rer-bleffed Virgil:), fi10ther 
.. if th
s Ülmc God and Saviour" in \vhofe tàcrcd 
rvomb he \vas conceived and borne for nine 
honths; I mof!: humbly beg the affif!:ance 
.., )f your prayers and intcrceffion, that I may 
n fuch manner' receive him here, in this 
l. lace 'Of baniíhment, as to be brought one 
lay to enjoy him \vith you in our true coun- 
ry, and...there to praife him and love him for 
" At the time of communion go up to the 
, rail, and take up the to\\"el and hold it 
, before you. WhiH1: tbe clerk fays the Co:z- 
I" fiteor, humbly confefs your fins, and beg 
· I" God's pardon for theln. When the prieH: 
" turns about to give the abfolution, receive 
" it with your head bowed do\vn, as from 
" the hand of the invifible l-ligh - prieft, \VhOln 
" you are going to receive. 
" \Vhen the priefi holds up a particle of 
" the blefTed facrament, with thefe \vords, 
" Eeee .I1gnus Dei, &c. Bebold tbe Lalllb of 
" God, beh
'd hilll wh'J taketb away the fins c/. 
" the world, humbly beg, with a lively con- 
" fidence in the merits of his death and 
" paffion, that he would take away your 
" fins. 
" \Vhen the priefl: repeats three times, 
L + " DOJJÛl1C, 

 UY;.JIC vU/Jli7tllrllUIl. 
" DOl/zinc, non fU1l1 dignus, &c. Lord, I am nOl i t: 
" u;ortby tbou jhoulc!Jl enter under my l'OQ[, j})eah, II 
" 0110' the 7.vord and nlY foul fhall be healt.-d, fay: II 

, the fame \vith him in your heart, 8ndl l " 
" hUlnbte yourfclf exceedingly through thcl,_ 
" fenfe of your uIl\vorthinefs and fin; butl;1 
" kt this be joi
led \vith a ]ivcly confidence II 
" in hirn , ,-rho can raifc vou uo, and oer- 
J .. .. II 

, fc

 ly h
al your foul by his onI Y \\ford. \, 
" \'Alhen the prieft gives you the blefred; I, 
" faCranlC!lt, faying, 'l'lJe heely of cur Lordi, 
" J cfus Chrift preflrve thy fiul t!J life e7/cr- I I ' I 
,. la./:ing, Anzcn, receive it \virh a livcly , 
,\ faith, a profound hUlllility, and a heart I 
4' inflamed \vith love. At the time of your. 
" receiving, let your head be crecr, youri 
<, 1110Uth opened nloderatc]y wide, and your I 
<, tongue a little advanced, fo as to reft upon I 
<, your under lip, that the priefi may con-' 
" \lenient1 y convey the blelfed facrarnent in- I 
.., to your n)outh; \vhich being done, {hut: 
" your lTIouth, let the facred hoit lTIoifien a 
" litt1e upon your tongue, and then fvvallow 
" it down as foon as you can, and after-I 
" \vards abfiain a while from {pitting. If the 
" -haft fhould chanc
 to flick to the roof of: 
" your mouth, be not difiurbed; neither 
" mull you put your finger i;Jto your lnoutn ' 
" to remove it, but gent1y and quietly re- 
U move it with your tongue, and fo convey i 
,. it do\vn; and then return to your place, 
" and endeavour to eptertain, as ,veIl as you 
'" can, the guefl whonl you have received. 
" ::pelld at leaft a quarter of an 110ur after 
( ,. COffilTIU- 

Devotions bifore COlnmunion. 249 
, cOlnlTIunion. in devotions [uitable to that 
.. I' occafìon. It \voulJ be a great abufe to 
, turn your back itnmediately upon your 
Ii Saviour, by going away" as forne do, and 
, thinking no more of what you have been 
'doino-. Particularly I recommend to you 
b " T 
' three things after communIon; jÙjl, 0 
, caft yourfelf down in fpirit at the feet of 
., your Lord, whom you have received; to 
" adore him, praife him, and give hiln 
r.' thanks, for corning to fo un\vorthy a fin- 
," ner, and to invite all heaven and earth to 
J" join with you in praifing and magnifying 
'I;' his holy name. Secondly, To make an 
" offi

il1g of your heart and foul, and of 
.' " your ,,,hole being to hitn, that you may 
" henceforward love biln, and ferve hi(n for 
" ever" Thl."rdly, To prefent him your pe- 
" ti/ions for all the graces that you fiand i i1 
" need of, and to make a good ufe of this 
" favourab1e opportunity by praying heartily 
" for y?urfelf; and for your friends) and for 
" the \vhoIc.v
1orld. n 


 of the Paradi {è of the Soul, Seel. 5. 
I B EHOLI), 0 Lord, I have thee now
I who halt aU things, I pof1èfs thee, whf) 
pøílèflèrt all things; "and who canfi do all 
things: take ofr my heart then, 0 nlY 
(;ocl and my An, from aH other things but 
thee, i
l all \vhich there is noth
nO" but vanit y 
b . 
and aßìié1:ion of fpirit: let In'l heart be 
fixed on thee alone, let me cv
r repofe in 
L , thee. 

25 0 Devotions qfier COlnl1tUnion. 
thee, \vhere alone my treafure is, the fove 
reign truth, and true happine[s, and happ! 
rnity.. I 
Let my foul, a Lord, be fenfibIe of thl 
f weetnefs of th y prefence. l.Jet me tafie ho\ I 
fweet thou art, 0 Lord; that being allure I 
by thy Jove, I may never more hunt afté l 
worldly joys; for thou art the joy of my heart 
and Iny portion for ever. I 
Tl10u art the phyfici3n of 111Y foul, wh I 
nealefi: all our infirmities by thy facred blood I 
3nd I am that fick man, \ìvhom thou 
aIllcf I 
from heaven to heal: a heal my foul, for I 
nave finned an-ainfi thee. , 
Thou art the good íhepherd \vho haft Jai 
down thy life for thy {beep; behold I ar, 
that :Cheep that was loft, and yet thou vouch I 
fafefi to feed me with thy body and blood I 
take me no\v upon thy {houIders to carr
me home. What canft thou deny me, \Vh,i 
bail given me thyfelf? Govern Ine, and no 
thing \viII be wanting to me, in the pJace 0 
pafiure "vhere thou haft placed Ole, until tho,' 
bringelt me to the happy pafiures of lif 
eternal. I 
o true light, vvhich enlightencít every mal, 
that cometh into this world; enlighten m" 
eyes, that I nlay never fleep in death. 
o fire, ever burning, and never decaying 
'behold how tepid and cold I am; infl:lme In.' 
.reins and my lï1eart, that they may burn "viti , 
th y love; for thou c
uueft to caft fire UpOI 
earth; and what dofi: thou defire, but that i I 
be inkind]ed ? 


Devotions cýter COl1Z1nunion. 25 1 
o king of heaven and earth, rich in merc}', 
ehold I atn poor and needy, thou knoweft 
vhat I Hand Inofi: in need of, and thou alone 

anfi: affifl: me and enrich me. 0 help Ole, 
jny God, and out of the treafures of thy 
'ounty fuccour my needy foul. 
o my Lord and my God, behold I am thy 
ervant; give me underfi:anding, and excite 
ny afteél:ion, that I may henceforward in all 
-hings knoyvv and do thy \vill. 
'I'hou art the Lamb of God, the Lan1b 
vithout fpot, \vho takeft a\\ray the fins of the 
;\vor1d; 0 take away from me wh
te\rer is 
;hurtful to m
, and difpleafing to thee, and 
!give nlC \vhat thou knoweft to be pleafing to 
:thee, and profitable to me. 
i 'j'hou art Iny love, and all my joy; thou 
12ft my God and rny All; thou art the por- 
I 'tion of 01Y inheritance, and of my chalice; 
thou art he that will reftore lUY inheri tanee 
to me. 
o my God and my AU, may the f\vect 
flame of thy love conrume my foul, that fo r 
may die to the vvorld for the love of thee, who 
haft vouchfafed to die upon the crofs fOf the" 
love of Ine. 

GIVING after COl\;Il\.IUNION. 
My [,veet 'iefus, my Creator, and Iny 
H.edeemer, my God and nlY ÅlI, \vhence 
is this to me, that my Lord, 
nd fo great a 
Lord, \VhOnl heaven and earth cannot con- 
tain, íhou!d come into this p-oor-eottage, this 
L 6 houfe 

25 2 Devotions q[t[r C0l1zmunio1t. 
houfe of clay of my earthly habitation! e l j 
thJt I could give thee a hearty welcome! C 
that I could entertain thee as I ought 1 Th1! 
loving kIndncfs invites me to thyenlbrace;1 
and 1 would willir.gly fay with the fpouCe il! 
the Canticles, I have flZÛid hÙn 'lVh01n 1ny foul 
'etb, I have held hillz, and wit/never let hÙ/1 
go: but the an'e of fo great a majeHy check, 
Ine, and the fenCe of Iny great un\vorthinef:: 
and innunlerable fins keeps me back. No! 
nlY fau], 'tis the feet of thy Saviour onI)' 
t hat thou canfi pref ume to ctn brace; 'tis there I 
thou nluft prefent thyfelf, like j}fa:;dalen, an(! 
willi that, like her, thou couldfi waíh then! 
\vith thy tears; 0 that thou couldft be [c: 
happy 1 i 
But firfi bo\v down thyfelf. ,vith all th}1 
powers, to adore the Sovereign l\1ajcl1) I 
which has vouchfafcd to come to vifit thee! 
y hinl the befi hOlnage thou art zblc, as te i 
lY firil: beginning and thy laft end; and per- 
t1y annihilate thyfclf in the prcfence of thi
eterna), immcnfc, infinite Deity. Then POUI 
thyfelf forth in his prefence, in praife anè 
nl(gi\'ing, according to thy beft; and in.
vite all heaven and earth to join vlith thee in 
magnifying their Lord .
nd thine, for his mer' J 
cy and bounty to thee. 
a! \vhat return íhalI I nlake to thee, 0 1 
Lord, for 
dl that thou haft done for nle? Be.. 
hold, \vhen I had no bcing at aU, thou haG 
created me; and when I was gone afiray, and! 
101.1: in my fins, thou haft redeemed me, by! 
dying for me; all that I have, an that I am,1 
- . 

Devotions ofter C01n1nunion. 253 
thy gift; and now, after all thy other fa- 
:: ours, thou haft given me thyfelf: bleíTed be 
Ihy name for ever. Thou art great, 0 Lord, 

- od exceedingly to be praifed; great are thy 
arks, and of thy \vifJom there is no end: 
Jut thy tender Inercies, thy bounty and good- 
efs to me, 2re above all thy \vork
: thefe I 
refire to confefs and extol for ever. Blefs then 
thy Lord, 0 my foul, and let all that is ';\/tth- 
I lin thee praife 2nd magnify his name. BJers 
thy Lord, 0 nlY f0uI, and fee thou never 
forgettefi aU tha
 he h3S done for thee. 0 all 
ye works of the Lord, blcís the Lord) praife 
and glorify him for ever. 0 al1 ye angels of 
the Lord, blefs the Lord, praife and glorify 
his hlJ] Y nanle, Blefs the Lord aU ye faint!;, 
and let the \\' holc ch urch üf heaven and earth 
join in prai!ìng and gíving hilll thanks for all 
his mercies and graces to me; and fo, in 
forne nleafure, fupo'y for ,vhat is due from 
me, But as all this fiill fa1l3 {hort of what 
is ov,,
ing to thee fronl (TIC for thy infinite Jove, 
I offer to thee, 0 eternal F
j.ther, the fanle 
Son of thine whom thou haft e:iven me, and 
his tbankfgiving, I which is of Tnfìnite value; 
and this 1 am [ure thou wilt accept of. Look. 
not then upon my infenfibility and ingrati- 
tude, but upon the face of thy ChriJl, aiHI 
\\lith hirr), and throu'7h him, receive this 
oflèring of t11Y poor fèlf) vvhich I defire to 
make to thee. 
" N. B. Here alfo might be recited the 
" G"anticle of tbe three cbildrel1, Benedicite, &c. 
" the Te Ð,'uln, 
l[ì.d fome of the pfahns' of 
, , '" Y /1; 1:-:> 



!!54 DevotiOns týler Communion. \ 
" praife, which are found among the devo.., e\ 
" tions for Sunday Morning!' \ t: 
o Father of mercies, and God of all con.! : 
[alation, ho"v haft thou loved us, te l 
\vhom thou haft given thy only begotten Son, 
once for our raníom, and daily for the food, 
of our fou]s! \tV hat can I, a wretched crea- 
ture, return to thee for this infinite charity? \ 
V eril y nothing elfe but this fame beloved . , 
Son of thine, wholn thou haft gi\ren to me, 
and furely thou couldfi: give me nothing \ 
greater, or more worthy of thyfelf. Him: 
then I offer to thee, 0 heavenly Father, with I 
'\vhom thou art always well pleafed; him I 
whom thou haft lovingly delivered up to I 
death for me, and given me in this moft holy 
facr àment, which \ve freq uent for the ever- ! 
Iafiing illemorial of his death. He is our I 
high pricfi and vié1iln ; he is the propitiation 
fJr the fins of the ,;vhole vlorld ; he is our 
advocate and interceffor. Look down then 
upon hitn, and fer his fake Jook down upon 
mf\, and upon us all. Ren1elnber all his 
fufferings, which he endured here in his 
mortal life, his bitter an!!.uiíh, his mortal 
agony and bloody f\veat, tÎll the injuries and 
dfFronts, all the bJo"\Vs and ftripe
, all the 
bruife$ and wounds that he received for us. 
Remember his death \vhich thou waft plea[- 
cd lhouId be the fountain of our life; and for 
the f3ke of his facred pallian have mercy on 
115. l
eceive, 0 holy Father, aln}jßhtyand 
ever - 

Devolt.ons qfter Communion. 255 

rerlafiing God, this holy and unfpotted vic- 
i m , which I here offer thee, in union witb 
11at love, with which he offered hilnfelf to 
11ce upon the altar of the crofs; receive hioI 
?r the praife and glory of thy name; in 
jhankfgiving for all the benefits befto'Ncd on 
!ne, and on all mankind; in fatisfaétion alfo 
tor all my fins, and for the benefit of thy 
INhole church, and the refrethment and com- 
(ort of all thy faithful, living and dead; 
Ithrough.the fame Lord, Jefus.Chrijl, thy fon. 
t And turning 111yfelf to thee, a my dear 
/Lord and Saviour, who haft here given me 
Ithyfelf, I ,vould gladly make fame {uitab]e 
Ireturn to thee for this infinite love; I would 
! gladl Y Inake thee fome offering, in acknow... 
]edgement of this rich prefent thou haft made 
me. But alas! thou knovveft my poverty; 
i thou kno\veft I h:lve nothing worthy of thy 
acceptance; nothing but \vhar, upon a thou- 
fJnd titles, is already thine. But,O nlY God, 
fuch is thy goodnefs, thou wilt be contented 
\vith the little that I can give thee, though it 
be thy own already; thou aíketh nothing but 
nlY heart, and this I here mo1t wiUingly offer 
thee: O! be pleafcd to accept of it, and 
make it \vhoJIy thine for e;er. I offer thee 
here my whole being, my body, with all it's 
fenfes, and 111Y foul, vvith all its po\;vers; 
that as thou haft at prefen t honoured them 
both by thy prefence, fo they l11ay both be 
thy ten1ple for ever. 0 fanB:ify and con fe- 
crate eterna]ly to thvfelf this Inanfion, which 
lOU haft this day"cho[cn for thy abode. . I 


2...5 0 lJevotzons after Conzrnunion. 
give thee my mcrnory, that it may be ft 
ever recolleé1ed in thee; my underftandin:1 
that it may be always enlightened and direé: 
ed by thy truth; and my \vill, that it may 1 
ever conformable to thine, and ever butl 
with the Jove of thee. 0 take me entireJl l 
into thy hands, \vith al1 that I have, and a 
that I an1; and Jet nothing hencefor\vard, j I 
J ife or death, ever fepar ..tte me any more fcor 1 
lnen. , 

o Moí1: mercifL:! Saviour, behold I haY'1 
prefumed to rc:eive thee this day into In: 
houfe, relying on thy infinite goodnefs 
merc}', and hoping, like Zacchcus, to obtairl 
thy benediÐion. But alas! with how littl(! 
preparation I "rith ho\v little devotion! 
.From my heart I beg pardon for my great
unvvorthinefs, and for Iny innUtl1erable fins; 
which I d{>tefi: for the love of thee; and I de- 
Ii; e to detefi them for ever. a J vI/ail} them all I 
away \vith thy precious blood; for thou art 
the Ijarnb of God, that takcíi a'Nay tile fins 
of the \vorld; and one díOp of this blood, I 
,vhich thou hail íhcd for us, is more than i 
enough to cancel the fins of ten thoufànd 
rr"hou Ceeít, 0 Searcher of hearts, all my 
maladies, and alJ the \\"o
nds of my foul; I 
thou knoweR how prone I an1 to evil, and 
110\v back\vard and fluggi01 to good. Thou 
fecfi: this felf-Jove, that tyrannizes over Iny 
foul, which is [0 deeply rooted in 111Y corrupt 
nat ure.. 

Devotions after C01nnZZl1'iZon. 257 
,iure, and branches out into fo many vices, 
1'('much pride and vantty, fo much paffion 
al:l em'V, fo much covctoufnefs and worldly 
, to much fenfuality and concupif- 
J:1cc. O! who can hcd all thefc my evils, 
l:t thou, the true phyfician of my foul, who 
þefi: me thy body a::ld blood in this bleffeJ 
l:rament, as a fovereign medicine for all 
iy infirmities, and a fovereÌo-n balfam for all 
1. b 
iy wounds. Difpel the darknefs of igno- 
;lnce and error from my underilanding, by 

1Y heavenly light: drive away the corrup- 
Ion and malice of my will, by the fire of di- 
line love and charity; reH:rain all the motions 
r f concupifcence, and all the irregular fallies 
r f paHion, that they may no more prevail 0- 
reI' me: fhengthen my weaknefs with heaven- 
lY fortitude; defl:roy this helliíh monfi:er of 
(elf-love, with its many heads, or at leail: 
Fhain down this woril of all my enemies, that 
"t may no longer ufurp the empire of my foul, 
which belongs to thee, and vlhich thou haft 
taken poflèffion of this day; cut off the heads 
()f this beafi, and particularly that which an- 
noys me moO:, and which is my predomi- 
1iant paffion; {Tand by me henceforwa.d in 
'all n1Y temptations, that I may never 1110re 
be overcome; rcrnove from me all dangerous. 
occafions, and grant t11e this one favour, that 
J. may r1ther 
die a thoufand deaths, than 
live to offend thee mortal1 y. 
o my 7ef us , thou art infinitely rich, and 
all the treafures of divine grace are locked 
up in. thee; thciè treafures thou bringeJl with 

thee, \vhcn thou cornell to vifit us in t; 
bleßèd facranlent, and thou takeft an infin 
poverty. 'I'his gi ves 111e the confidence 
prefcru: thee no\v with tny petitions, and 
beg of thee thofe 

r Llces and virtues whi 
I very much fianù in need of, as thou kn0' 
eft. ()! increafe 2nd fl:rcnrrthen my bel. 
.:::> J 
()fthy heavenJy truths, and grant that henc, \ 
for\tvard I may ever Jive by faith, and 
guided by the maxirl1s of thy gofpeL 'I'eat I 
me to be poor in fpirit, and take off my heaj 
fron) the love of thefe tranfitory things, all 
nx it upon eternity; teach me by thy divil\ 
example, and by thy moil efficacious grac 
to be meek and humble of heart, and in rr l 
patience tø poffefs my foul. Grant that I me' } ' 
ever keep my body and foul chaf1:e and pUll 
from the corruption of Iuft; that I may eve 
bc\vail my p:d1: fins, and by a daily mortif1 
cation refirain all irregular inclinations an 
paffions for the future. Above all thing 
 me t
 10ve thee, teach Ole to be ev
recOl1e8:ed In thee, and tu walk al ways 1 . 
thy prefence; teach me to love my friends i ; 
thee, and my enemies for thee; grant me t I 
perfevere to the end in this love, and fo tl 
cOlne one day to that happy place, Vtyhere 
l11ay love and enjoy thee for ever. 
Have mercy alfo on my parents, friend 
and benefa
1ors, and on all thofe for vv hon 
I aln any \vays bound to pray, th:lt \ve Ina) 
all love thee and faithfu1Jy ferve thee. Hav
11lcrcyon thy whole church, and on all thl 

Dcvotzons flJter L01n1nunzo1Z. 259 

,c rrry, and religious men and \VOn1en, that 

:. 2' l
å}' live up ;0 their calìing, an3 fan8:ify 
. t I name. Give thy grace and bleffing to 
, r Drinees and mao-ifirates.. and to all chrif- 
Ie.::> '. 
::" n pcop]e ; convert all unbelIevers and fin- 
. ] r5, and bring an firay'd fncep back to thy 
ld; particul
r1y h:lvC mercy on l\T. and 
ç ",' . 

, . \...:...:... 
o blclled V irgin, 
Jìother of my God and 
'. lviour, r
commend all thefe my petitions to 
: þur Son. 0 angels and faints, citi- 
'. rns of heaven, join alfo your prayers ,vith 
. illC: you ever Hand before the thrùne, and 
, e hinI face to face, \vhom I here receive 
nder veils; be ever Inindful of me, and ob- 
in fro.n him', and thro' him, that \vith 
au I may bIefs him, and love him for ever. 
171 en. 
I ".LV. B. That upon the whole day after 
, your COITIlnUnion, you ought to be more 
.. than ordinarily retired, and p
rfonn n10re 
," dcvotions than ufual. Particular1y \vatch 
," over yourfelf, Jell by giving way to paf- 
" !ion, or any other fin, you fuflèr yourfelf 
 to be robbed of any part of that treafure 
,r. you have received; for "tis a common trick 
" of the devil, on the day that a perfon has 
"been at con11nunion, to fling fOlne ftum- ' 
" bJing-block in their v"ay to'" raife then1 to 
" paffion" or difl:urb their peace, or draw 
" them afide fron1 their devotions by \vorld- 
" Iy diß:raaions or diverfions; and there- 
" fore chrifiians Inufi be upon their guard 
" on 

260 hJIITu.Elioils..fòr Cor:}ir7naticn. 
"on thefe occafion
, and hy rctirC!11( uil 
"rccolleétion and prayer, Five tin1e to 
, h . 1 I ' j 
. d CLI 
, grace W IC 1 t ley t1
tve receIve , to f 
" into their fouls, and t.lke òeep root tho , .. 
" And let then1 remernber that they have. '" 
" ceived this frefh fupply of divine gr
lce, Þ )' 
" the end that they n1ay improve in ev r !' 
(, Chri{tian vir tue, and eíiJcciã1J y in the II f 
" of God, and may ferve his divine l\1aj(t 
" v/ith a new vigour anù fcrvour." 
J. COnþr111otioll is a facram
nt, by \vhich t. 
faithful, \vho have a] ready heen m" 
,hildrcn of God by their baptifin, recei ve t 
Ho]y Ghofi: by the prayer and ilnpofition 
the hands of the bifhOps, the fucce{fors of t 
:lpoflJes (p1(.
l:sviii. 14;&c. xix. 5,6.) inc 
der to their being made, jlroíZg and perfi' 
Chrijlians, and valiant foldierJ of lef us Chri 
It is called confirlnation from its effeét, \v
ic I 
is to confirlll or firengthcll thofc that recei ve i '. 
in the profcffion of the true faith; to gi' 
then1 fuch couraae and refolution as to ]. 
,\>iHing rather to die than to turn from it; ar; 
to arm then} in general againíl: all their fp 
l ene!nÍes. 
2. l"'his facrament was originally defignec. 
and infiituted by our Lcrd
 for all Chrifiian

nd confequent1y is a divine ordinance, '
all are obliged to comply with; and is fo nt 
ccífary for all, that the negleé1: of receiving : \ 

I Ir
flntélionsfoï ConjìnnatÏtm. 2M 
cYld be a great fm: more efpecia1J y in fuch 
r !mß:anc cs where perfons are expofed to 
cutions, on account of their religion, or 
) Ither temptations agailLJì: faith. 
.. The principal efFeEts of this facrament 
1'1 a fortif>in: grace, in order to Hrengthen 
H foul aaainß: all Òe vitible and invitible 
>Ijmies of the faith; and a certain dedica- 
.Îi 1 and .confecration of the foul by the Holy 

,on, the mark of which dedication and 
cl1fecration is \eft in the foul, as a charalfer 
,ich can never be effaced. 
;4.. Hence this facrament can be recei\'ed 
11t once; and it would be a facrileg e to at- 
tl1pt to recei..e it a fccond time: for whicl1 

afon alfo, the faithful are bound to t:lke an 
hreme care to come to this facrament duly 
Ifpofed; .leit, if they {hould be fo unhappy 

 to receive it in mortal [111, they woulli re- 
ive their own condemnation; and run the 
{k of being deprived for ever of the grace 
f it. 
5, Now the difpoÍ1tions which the Chriß:i- 
n muß: brin; along with him, to receive 
orthily the facrament of confirmation, muf1: 
e a purity oj con{cience, at leai1: from all mor- 
al [111 (for which rcafon he ought to go to 
onfeffion before he is CO'f'þnned) for the Holy 
hoft will not corr.e to a foul in which fatan 
reigns by mortal {in: 2. A {incere defHe of 
giving himfelf up to the HoJy Ghoß:, to fol- 
low the influence
 of his divine grace, to be 
his temple for ever; and, by his affiß:ance, 
to anfwer aU the obiigations of a foldier of 
Chrljl. 6. 

262 hýlruélionsJòr Confirmation. 
6. Hcncc
a Chrifiian ollght to prepare hi II: 
lf for this [acral.
ent by fervent prayer, \ :111 
we find the apofilcs prepared tbe;.nfelves ' \ :', 
the ret:ei\'ing the HoJy Ghoír. TLi')' continl 

'lvith one accord in prayer, fays St. Luke, Atl:
14-. fpeaking of the ten days that paired 1: 
tween the afcenfìon of our IJord and pent 
coH; and they were cOl"tinu{ in the tt?1!lp \ 
praifing"and bleJJing God, Luke xxiv. 53. Hel 
happy {hall they be, who, like theIn, prepal 
thenlfelves for the Ho]y Ghoft by tnefe fpit 
tual exercifes. 
7. '!"he obligJtions which accompany tl! 
ch,'!raB:er of COnfìr1rlation, and v"hich a Chrifi; 
an takes upon hin1felf, when he recei ves th I 
facrament, are, to beaï a true and perpetu I 
allegiance to the great King, in whole fe I 
vice he lifts himfe1f as a foldier, to fiand t 
his colours, the crofs of [;'IJr
lì, the m
rk (1 
which he receives on his forehead; to figl 
his battles againfl: his enemies, thé worl< 
the flefh, and the devil; to be faithful unt I 
death; and rather to die than to defert fror 
the fe .:vice, or to change fides, and go o\'{ I 
to the enemy, by wilful fin: in fine, to liv I 
up to the glorious charaB:er of a foltlier 
( hriJi; and to maintain that interior purit 
and fanB:ity which becomes the temple oftl. 
Holy Ghofl, by a life of prayer, and a life (I 
Jove. vVhere the cbaraEler of our conji r matio1í; 
when we fhall bring it \vith us before th 
judgment-feat of Chr
ll, fhall be found t 
}lave been accompanied '''lith fuch a life a 
this, it v;ilI !hiIJe moft 
Ioriouf1y in our foul: 

J ' };'!f! rué1ions for Corifirmation
 26 3 
{; :111 eternity: but if, inftead of living up 
 it, we íh311 be found to have been defe'r- 
s and rebels, and to have vio]ated this fa- 
ct d charaéler by a lif
 of fin, it wiìl c
rtainl y 
. If up in judgment againfi: us, it will con. 
Gml1 us at the bar of divine jufiice, it will 
<in: us deeper into the bottolnlefs pit; and 
1 a t11ark of eternal ignominy and reproach 
 our fouls amon gfi: the damned. 

 8. The manner of adminifiering the facra- 
ent of confirnlation is as foHows: Fïrfi, 
e biflop, turning to\vards thofe that are to 
confirmed, vlÏth his hands joined before 
s breafi fat
, " , 
BÍjh. " May the Holy Ghoft come do\vn 
upon you; and the power of the moft High 
. keep you fronl alJ fin. .l!nfw Amen. 
Then figning himfelf v{ith the fign of the 
rofs, he fays; 
Bijh. " Our help is in the naIne of the 
, Lord. 
Anfw. " Who made heaven and earth. 
Bijh. "0 Lord, hear my prayer! 
.Anfiv. "And Jet my cry come to thee. 
Bijh. "The Lord be \vith you; 
Anfw. " And \vith thy Spirit. 
Then. extending his hands to\vards thore - 
who are to be confirmed (which is \vhat the 
I ancients c211 the inlpojitio1Z of bands,) he ad... 
,dreí1ès this folcmn prayer to the eternal Fa- 
er, begging of him, through 'Jefus Chri/f 
his Son, that he would fend down his Holv 
Spirit) with all his gifts, into their fouls.. ., 
, ßiJh. 

26 4 IJýlruélions for Conjiy'/'natio2t. 
BLß. " Let us pray. 
" 0 Almighty .everJafiing "God, \vho h I 
" vouchfafed to regenerate th
fe thy fer van t LV 
" by,"r
lter and the Holv Ghoft, and who h I 
" given ..them the rc!niffion of all their fin I 
" fend forth upon them thy (even -fold H< 
" Spirit, the ParacIate froln heaven. 
.Ånfw. " Amen. I 
Bifl. "l
he Spir it of V\'ifdoln and of u 
'> derítanding. ./Infiu.
' Amen. 
Bijh. " The fpirit of coun[cJ and of for 1 1 
"tude. .Anfw" Arnen. 
Bifh. "l'hc fpirit of knowledge and I 
"pÌety. ./lnfîJ...'." Anlcn. 
Bijh. " I{eplenilh thcln with the fpirit 1 
" thy fear, and fign them with the fign of tll 
" + crofs of Chrijl, in thy mercy, unto Ji l 
"cvcrIafting, thro' the llme 
Tefus ChI': 
,- thy fan our Lord, \vho liveth and rcign
"\vith thee in the unity of the fame Ho I 
" Spirit,oneGod) world \vithout end. AJnen 
1 hen the bifhop takes the nanle of edc; 
perfon that is to be c,nftrmed, (\vhich In, 
cither be the fame they had in baptifm, or .tl 1 
name of any faint, vvhonl they chufe for the ' 
patron) and makes the fign of the crofs on d. 
forehead of each, ;.vith the holy chriþn, ( 
confecrated oil, faying: 
BiþJ, c;, N. I fign thee with the fign of th l 
" crofs, and I confinn thee with the chrifr 
" of {alv
tion, in the n;UT1C of + the F athe: ! 

'and of the + Son, and of the HOI I 
" + Ghofi." 
rl'hcn be O"ives the perron {I)rjil?ned a Ii tt1; 
, b bl I 

r lnflruéllons for Corýìrl1zation 265 
W on the cheek, faying Pax tewtn, Peace 
l with thee; to fignify that hen
eforth he is 
r be ready, like a true [oldier of Jefus Chrijl, 

 fuffer patiently all kinds of affronts and in- 
jries for his faith, and for the caufe of his 

:Jrd.; and to comfort hilnfelf, that the true 

ace of God v/hich furpaJ!èth all underjlalld- 
ig (Phil. iv. 7') will ever be with him in all 
s confliéts and fufièrings for fo good a caufe. 
r The chrifll, \\1ith vV'hich the facranlent of 
lnfirlnation is adminiítred in the catho1ic 
urch' is a compound of oil of olives, and 
"'/111 or balfan1, folelnnly confecrated by the 
iíhop on!V/aunday . Thurfday ; kept with great 
jeneration in the church, áncl made ute of 
'I111y in the confecration of fuch things as are 
In a particular manner fet aiïde for the fervÌce 
1)[ God, and dedicated and fanét.ified to hinl. 
rhus \ve confecrate, \vith this ho1 y untl:ion
iíhops, churches, altars, and chalices; and 
hatfoever is once anointed with this (acred 
hrifn, is in fllen a manner ,looked upon as 
(et apart for Go
, that it mufl: not,
on any ac- 
count, be perverted or turned to profane ufes : 
It would be no lefs.a crilne than facrilegc,. to 
iolate Oi profane any fuch thing as has been 
thus fancrified. Hence chrifiians 
fe to Ul1- 
derfiand, that, by this ullElio!t of the holy 
cbrifill, '\vhich they receive in their confir- 
mation, they are alfo fo1e,nnly dedicated and 
confecratcd to God to be his ten1ples.for e\Fcr; 
that this outward unEfion is the vifible fign of 
I an iJ7'i.uard unElio1Z and fanctification of their 
fouls by the Holy Ghoft; that the Inyfterious 
M C0111- 

200 1 JytrUCltOnS Jor L07lprnzatzon. 
compound of the oil and habn denotes the PI' 
perties, graces, and effeéts of this Holy 81 
rit in their fouls, by the jlrengtbening a I 
foftening of the oil, and the [weet odour of t I 
halm; and therefore that froln this time fe I 
ward, they nlufi confider themfelvcs as d
cated in fuch a man
1er to Gcd, both in fo 
and body, as that it \vould be a kind of a t 
crilege to profane either the one or the oth{I J 
ry mortal fin. 
After all have been confirmed, the bilhci 
waíhes his hands; and, in the mean tinlC, t: 1 
following an them is [aid or fung : 
" Confirm, 0 God, that which thou h
" ,vrought in us froIn thy holy telnp]c whi(, 
" is in Jerufalenl. Glory be to the f'athc' 
"tic. As it was in the beginning, &c. I 
1 h
n, after repeating .
gain t.hc anther I 
" Confirm, 0 God, t5c.' the bJihop fian' 
ing turned towards the altar, prays as fo 
10 ws : . 
Bijh. "5hew us, 0 Lord, thy mercy 
.An/'lv. "And grant us thy falvation. j 
Bifh. "0 Lord he2r my prayer! I 
.Anfw. " And let nlY cry come to thee. j 
Bifh. "The Lord be with you. I 
".Anfw. "And with thy fpirit. 
'Bijb. "Let us pray. I 

, 0 God, who gavefi the HoIy Ghoft t 
c, thy apofilcs, and haft been pleafed to 0] I 
". " dain, that by them, and by their fuccefTor. 
"" he íbøuld be given to the rcfi of the faitl: 
" fill; mercifully look down upon what \\ 
" thy poor f
rvants have done.i and gran t th. 
. . "tt. 

I 1I1flruélions fir Con:ftrmation. 26 7 
:" he hearts of thefe thy faithful, whofe fore'" 
"eads we h3ve anointed with the facrcd 
;'" hrifm, and figned \vÍth the fign of the 
"1101 y crofs, lna y, by the [anle Hal y G holt 
'h'oming do\vn into them; and by his vouc.h- 
, :1fìno- to dvvell in them, be made the tem- 
, , )le at. his glory. \tVho \vÎth the Father
., lnd the fame Holy Gho1t, livcfi and reign- 
: '
fi, God, world without cnd. Amen. 
, IThcn the bifhop gives his bcnediél:ion to 
a prelent in thefe vvords : 
, )" Behold thus lhall every man be b]eíred,. 
1 WhO feareth the Lord. May the Lord blefs 
. -to you out of Sion, that thou may fee the 
good things of 
lerurale1Jl all the days of 
your life; 
nd that you may live \vith hin1 
for all t'ternity. AlliIn." 
AYERS hefore al:d after CONFIRrvIA TION. 
Before confirmation, it would be proper:. 
during fOI!le dars, to prepare for it by 
frequent and fervent prayer; efpecially 
by frequent aéts of forrovv and contrition 
for all our kno
7n and unknown fins
reciting for that purpofc the Miflrere 
Pralm, or, the prayer of a penitent jinn(r 
(found at the end of this book:) as al fQ 
by repeated invocations of the Holy GhofI; 
by the hYITIllS and prayer fet dovvn pag
] 74, &c:. The follo\ving prayer olay 
alfo be maàe u!e of on this occa{ìon. 
C;od of infinite goodnefs and bounty, 
\vho haft been p!e:lfeJ at my baptifnl to 
M 2 Inake 

20Ö ./1 rra.,ver vfjore 
lnakc me a Chrifiian, to fanétify my foul wi 
thy grace, and to honour me \vith the gl. 
rious title of thy chiJd; which, alas! for n j : 
part, I..havc fo vvret(!hedly corrcfpanded wit:1 
and have even forfeited a thoufand tiIn
s 1: :' 
my fins: behold, notwithfianding alltny iJ i 
gratitude, and nl y repeated treafon s, \;vhi< I . 
thou hail: fo long aI}d fo patiently endure(
thou art {till pleafed nót only to inviteme 1: ' 
.return to thee., and to offer me thy mere: I 
but alfo to call upon Ule at this tilne to com! 
and to prefent myfelf, in order to receive d! 
greatefl: of all thy gifts, even thy o\vn mo: 
Holy Spirit, to be confecrated to thee by h j 
l.lnétion; to be Jnade a firong and perfct; 
Chrifiian, and a foldicr of thy Son. 0 m, 
.all heaven and earth praife thee, bIefs the: I 
and glorify thee for ever, for all thy n1erc:; 
goodneís and bounty to me ! And no\v, dea 
eft Lord, I defire to come, becaufe fuch : 
thy wil1, and my duty, to receive this gre; 
facrament of confirmation; that 1 may, lit 
thy apofl:les, be haptiztd with the Holy GhOj J 
.and endowed 'luith p01,ucr from on high; ar I 
like tÌ1em be changed, by divine grace, inti 
another man, in fuch tnanner as hencefo; 
ward to live up to the dignity, and to full' 
every part of the duty, of a foldier of Chri} 
2nd to preferve and maintain, even to dead' 
that purity and fanétity, which becomes t}' 
temple of the living God. But, 0 my GO(t 
bow får anl I from being worthy to approacl 
this heavenly facrament! How can I expe(1 
that thy Holy Spirit íhould COlne into my irl 

I .if Pr ayer qfta" Corýirmation. 26 9 
r,d haufe, to make it his temple, ""hieR 
h, been fo long poffeffed by unclean fpirits? 
, '1cre are the JifpoÍÌtivns in ITIC, ,vhich the 

rll!es brought, and \vhich all Chrifiians 
o rht to bring along ",,"ith thein, to the re- 
c'ving the Holy Ghofi? O! I ackno\v1edge 
n fèlf infinitely unworthy; I confefs and de- 
t:, from the botton1 of my heart, all my 

l: uncleannefs and abominéltions; I humbly 
,tve thy mercy :lnd p
rd9n, through Je/us 
;Iriji thy Son; and beg through him, that 
t.ou wilt be pleafed to cleanfe my foul frorn 

 its filth with.his precious blood, and to give 
 the grace to come to th is facrarnen t with 
at hun1ÍIity, faith, and devotion, which is 
10ft agreeable to thee. 0 Di vine Spirit, 
4) thou prepare my foul for th yfelf! Behold 
COlne, defiring to give myfelf up to thee 
I r all time and eternity; that thou mayeít 
'rer live and reign in my foul: and 0 1et my 
'hole foul henceforward be perpetually (ub- 
'8: to thee, and let nothing in me ever more 
. bel againft thee! /linen. 
My God, I no\v defire to adore thee, bIers 
thee, and glorify thee for ever) for all 
hou haft done for me, and for thy \vhole 
fhurch, both of heaven and earth. I would 
w gladly join both t
y heart and voice, 
th an thy angels aNd faInts in heaven, and 

lth all that fear thee and love thee on earth, 
in þiving perpetual praife to thee for thy in- 
finite goodne(s; and, i.n particular, for that 

 ? lovp 

70 A Preyer ifter Conjirrnation" 
love thou haft lhewed to me this day. J gi, : 
thee thanks ffOrTI the bottcnl of my heart, J: 
having :ent do\\:n t.he Iioly Spirit into 
I . 
fou J, \ 
lth aIJ his gl fts and graces. Ü Jet h1 I 
110\V take full pof1èffion of my foul: let tl l 
avcnl y unétion penetrate into the very ce ! 
fer of my interiour: let his divine 7.vifdl l 

ver prefide there: may it ever enlighten n
."vith his gift of und
nd difpel ,! 
d k r . d . t""'1 . h h - I 
y aT neJS; may It irect æe WIt IS COU i 
lei, firengthen me with his fl 1 'titude, infiru I 
roe ,vith his kl::J'lv!coge, make me ever fervcl , 
in all good "vÍth tis piefy and gadlinifs, and 1; 
his tlivÙ
 fear ever n
firain ITIe fronl aH eVi 
And now, dear L(ìrd
ce thou haft b
{ I 
plea(eù, by thi
 facrament, to confecra'i 
and fanétify n1Y foul for thyfeIf, and to ma
jt thy tcmple, be pleafed aHò to drive f,1 
.from it, by thy grace, 
ll that may violate <: 
profane it) or render it any \vays difJgre
.able in thy eyes. () keep it for ever for th} I 
felf, a ld refirain fata!1 from ever entering in' 
to it any more. 0 let it be a hcufe oj j)rayt' 
in wh:ch thou nlayfi be ever w01jhipptd inJp
rit find t Autb; and fuffer it not to be mad 
any more 11 den of thÙ'ves. Give me grac' 
a1[0 to fulfil, \\7ith perfeétion, every branc' 
of the duty of thy folditr, ,vhich gloriou I 
tide thou haft confirl.ed on me this day: arnl 
Ine compleatJy for the v/arfare in \vhich I an i ' 
h;tppi]y engaged, and do thou Hand by m, 
in an my confliét:s, to crown me with viè1or
o make me faithful zmt
 death, and bring mil 
fafe thro' aJl the dangers of my mortal pdgri-, 


Idfrz!Eîíon5foT the Si'ck. 

27 1 
" r' ge, to the cro\vn of ever1afiing life. Thro' 
'. , 
s ChrÌjÎ our Lord. .Anzen. 
S fl'" tht"SICK. 
I F you are att:lcked by any cûnfiderable 
ilJnefs, let your nrfi care be to lend 
for your fpiritual phyfician, and fettle the 
{tate of vour fou1. 'j'his is much better 
{ done in the beginning of fÌcknefs than af- 
,; terwards, \vnen the il:rength of the fever, 
;' or the quality of the remedies, n1ay ren- 
t' der a perf un abfolutely unfit for fo great a 
" work. Sickne[s is otten fent for a punilh- 
1,( ment of fin, and therefore a fÌncere repen- 
a tanee and confeffion of fins is often a more 
I " effeB.ual means of recovery than any other. 
2. " If you have not Tour \'Ji}] already 
I " made, dS in prudence you ought, let this 
" alfo be done in the beginning of yùur fick- 
hat fo having fettled your temporal 
" affairs, you may apply your [ou), without 
" difturbance, to the fpirituaI. 
3 "Engage your beft frienès to give you 
" timely notice) if your dificmper be danger- 
,.. ous, and not to Ratter you with hopes of 
" life, ",-hen there are little or no grounds 
" for hopes. Make the beft ufe you can of 
u; that tillle, which perhaps is to be your Jafr
" l
dmit but of few vifits, nor of any other 
" difcourfe, but fuch as may be for your foul's 
" profit. , 
4- "Take proper care for the difcharge of 
" your debts, and all other obligations in- 
" cunlbent upon you; and this as much as 
1\1 4 may 

27 2 lriflruélionsfir t.
e SiCi
" nlay be in the beginning aJfo of your lick 
.. nets: forgive all thofe who have any wa;! 
" ÏJ1jurcd you, and ark pardon of tho[e YOt! 
." h:lVe ÏJljurcd. I 
5' " Receive your /icknefs from tbe hanc 
" of God with a perEra refignation to hi: 
., hojy wi1l, as a juft puniihment of your of"! 
4< fences; frequently offer yourfelf up to him 'l 
" and beg that he ""ould give you patience
.. and fanéJ:ify your fufferings, and that he! 
 \vould accept of aJ] your pains 3nd uncafi 4l1 1 
" nefies, in union with the fuR-èrings of your 
" Saviour Jefus L1Jrijl, in dedutiion of the' j 
., puniíhmcnt due to your fins. 
6. ,,, Often procure [orne friend to read tOI 
c, you fuch prayers as are moll affeétive, and i 
c, '110ft proper for your prefent condition; I 
., efpeciaJ1y the Penitential Pfalms, the Lita-I 
" Dies, AB:s of the love of God, of Patience I 
" and reíignation, & c. ! 
7. " I-favc the 
rucifix, Qr a piéture of 
H L,?rijl c_rucifieJ, al
ays before'your eyes; I 
., thInk often upon hIS paffion, hIde yourfclf 
., in fpirit in his wounds, and einbrace his 

, feet, ith all the alfeél:ion of your foul. I 
8. ,: Aim, as much ai you can, at a peni- 
Cl tentia] fpirit, during your ficknefs; often 
" cry to God for Inercy, and :nak.e fJ eq uen t 
H aéls of contrition for your fins. St. .//uguf- I 
4' tine ufed to fav, that no Chriftian, however I 
" innocent his Îjfe might have been, ought I 
" to ven ture to die in an yother ílate titan I 
" that of a tenitent." 

Devotions for the Sick. !>-73 
j PRAYER proper to be daily repëated in timt 
: of jicknefs. .. 
r ORD 1eJus Lhrijl, behold I recelVe this 
'-J ficknefs, with which thou art pleafed 
vi{ìt tne, as con1Íng fron1 thy fatherly hand. 
fis thy will it íhould be thus with trte, and 
'lereforc I fublnit: thy \vill be done on 
/ lfth, as it is in heaven. May this ficknefs 
e to the honour of thy holy name, and for 
be good of my foul. For this end I here 
:flèr myfelf with an entire fubmifiion to all 
thy appointments; to fufFer whatever thou 
I>leafeft, as long as thou ple:lfeft, and in what · 

nanner thóu pleafefi:: for I am thy creature, 
'J Lord, vlho have tnofl: ungratefully ofFended 

hee; and fince Iny fins have a long time 
/cried aloud to heaven for jufiice, \vhy 1hould 
!l now complain if I feel thy hand upon me? 
INo, my God.. thou art juft in all thy_ ways; 
jJ have truly deferved thy puniiliment, and 
,therefore I have no reafon_ to complain of; 
thee, but only of Iny own wickednefs. 
But rebuke me not, 0 Lord, in thy fltry
nor chJfiife me in thy wrath; but have re- 
gard to my weaknc{s. 'fhou kJ!oweß: how 
frail I am; that I 
m nothing but duft and; 
c;íhes: deal not with me, therefore, accord
ing to my fins, neither punifh me according 
t? my iniquities; but, according to the mul- ø 
tltude o( thy lTIOft tender 111ercies, have com- 
paf{ion on mc. O! let thy jufiice be tetnpered 

vith mercy, and let thy heavenly grace come 
JO to my affiftanccto fupport me under this<tny 
illnefs. Confirm my foul \vith ftreI1gth from 

5! 7 4 Devotions fir the ficÆ. \ 
above; that I may bear, \vith a true chrifi:iå I 
patience, all the uneafineIfes, pain
, difquiet l 
and difficulties. of my ficknefs, and that I 
IT1ay chearfully accept them :is the j uft puniili l 
rnent of my offences; preferve me from a \ 
temptations, and be thou nìY defence again: 
aU the affaults of the cncn1Y, that in this ill I 
J1efs I may no way offend thee; and if this i, 
to be my lafi, I beg of thee fo to dirccr me b:\ 
thy grace, that I n1ay no ways negleét or b t 
deprived of thofe helps, which thou haft, j! 
thy mercy, ord:lined for the good of my foul \ 
to prepare it for its palfage into eternity, tha \ 
being perfeélly cleanfed from all my fins, 
l!1ay believe in thee, put my whole tru{! ir i 
thee, love thee above aJl things, and, thro I 
the merits of thy death and paffion, be ad. 
rnÎttçd into the coo1pany of the bleffed, where 
I may praife thee for ever. Amen. 
Shorl aEls 
f the m?fll1cctffiry virtues, proper 
tQ he Ùlcultated in the tÙlle of þcÆncfs. 
L ORD, I accept this ficknefs from thy 
hands, and entirely refign nly[elf to thy 
blefTed will, whether it be for life or death. 
Not nlY win, but thine be done; thy will be 
done on earth, as it is in heaven. 
Lord, I fubmit to aU the pains and uneafi- 
J1eíIès of this my illnefs; my fins have de- 
1erved infinitcly mere. Thou art jufi, 0 
Lord, and thy judgment is right. 
Lord, I offer up to thee all that I now fuf- 
f, or may have yet to fuffer, to be united 

I Devotions.for the Sick. 
 7 5- 
1> 'the fufFerings of my Redeemer, and fanéli- 
ed by his paffion. 
I adore thee, 0 my God and my An, as 
v firft beginnino- and Jail: end; and I defire 
J -' b 
pay thee the beft homage I am able, and 
'0 bow do\vn all the po\vers of my foul to thee. 
, Lord, I defire to praife thee for ever, in 
:icknefs as \vell as in health; I defire to join 
Iny heart and voice with the whole church of 
Ibeaven and earth, in bleffing thee for ever. 
I give thee thanks froin the bottom of my 
Iheart, for all thy mercies and bleffings befi:ow- 
.ed upon me and thy whole church, thro' ]e- 
'[us C'hriJl thy Son; and, above all, for thy 
jhaving loved me from all eternity, and I:e- 
! deemed me \vith his precious blood. O! let 
Lot that blood be {bed for Ine in vaia. 
I..Iord, [beiieve all thofe heavenly tïuths 
which thou hafl: revealed, and which thy holy 
Catholic Church believes and teaches. Thou 

rt the fovereign Truth, who neither canft 
dcceivè nor be deceived: and thou haft pro- 

ifed the Spirit of truth to guide thy church 
Into all truth. I believe in God, the Father 
./Ilrnighty,. &c. In this faith I refol\ic, thro' . 
thy grace, both to live and die. 0 Lord 
:Ltrengthen and encrca!e this my faith. 
OnlY God, alllny hopes are in thec; and 
thro' 'ie/us CbriJI, my Redeen1er and thro' 
his paHion and death, I hope for n1crcy.. 
grace, and fal vatioa from thee. In th
e, () 
1,,01 d, have I put my truft,. 0 let me never 
be confounded. 
o f\veet ]efus, receive me into thy-arms in 
. 1\1 6 this 

27 6 Devotio1is for the Sick. 
this day of my diftrefs; hide me in thy wounds, . 
bathe n1Y foul in thy precious blood. I : 
I love thee, 0 my God, with my \vhole . 
heart and" foul, above all things; at ]eaft I de-! 
:fire fo to love thee. 0 come now and take \ 
fun poffeffion of my whole foul, and teach 
J11C to love thee for ever. 
I defire to be diffolved, and to be with I 
Chrifl. ! 
O! \vhcn will thy kingdom come? 0 j 
Lord, when \viJt thou perfeétly reign in all 
hearts? When 1hall fin be no more? 
I defire to embrace every neighbour with 
perfcét charity for the love of thee. I for- 
give, from my heart, all that have any ways 
offended or injured me, and aík pardon of alII 
whom I have any ways offended. I 
Have mercy on me, 0 God, according to 1 
thy great mercy; and, according to the olul- ! 
titude of thy tender nlercies, blot out all my t 
O! who will give water to my head, and 
fountains of tears to my eyes, that night and I 
day I me y bewail all Iny fins! 
o J that I had never offended (0 good a I 
God' O! that I had never finned! Happy 
thofe fouls that have always preferved their 
baptifmal innocence. 
Lord, be merciful to me a !inner; f\veet 
Jefl/S, Son of the living God, have mercy 
on me. 
I commend my foul to God my Creator, 
who made me out of nothing; to 1efus G'hriJl 
l.viour, who redeemed me with his .pre- 

Devolions..ft r th
 SicR. 277 
(ous b1ood; to the Holy Ghofi, \vho fJnB:i. 

:d Ine in baptifm. Into thy hands, 0 Lord, 
commend my fpirit. 
I renounce, from this moment, and for all 
.ernÍtv, the devil and all his works; and I 
;bhor all his fuggefiions and tctnptations. 
)! fuffer not, 0 J.Jord , this mortal enemy 
If my foul, to have an y power over me, 
:ither now, or at my lafl: hour. 0 let thy 
I . 
'Ioly angels defend Ine fron1 all the pov/ers of 
I 0 ho]y Mary, IV10ther of God, pray for 
,1S finners, nOVl, and at the hour of Ður àeath, 
JO all you blelTed angels and faints of God, 
pray for me a poor finner. 
" It may be proper alfo in time of ficknefs 
" to read to the fick perfon leifurely, and as 
" he is able to bear it, the paffion of ChriJi, 
" or forne meditations on his paffion; and al- 
" fo the paraphrafe on the Lord'
 prayer, the 
,( lVliferere, and the other penitential píàJrns ; 
" devout aéts of contrition, <5c. but not too 
" much at once; for that Inight fatigue him
" and do him harm." 

Á jb
rt EXERCISE in preparation for death, 
tubÙ:b 111a)' be uftd every day. 
I. MY heart is ready, 0 God, my heart 
. is ready; not my will, but thine be 
done. 0 my Lord, I refìgn myfelf entirely 
to thee, to recei ve death at the time, and in 
the m
nner it fnall pleafe thee to fend it. 
2. I Inofi humbly aík pardon for aH my 
fins committed againft thy fovereign goad. 
n efs) 

. 2; 78 Devotions jòr the Sick. 
Ilefs, and repent me of them all from the bot I ti 
tom of lny heart. e 
3. I finnly believe \vhatfoever the he]), t 
church believes and teaches; and b,; 
thy grace I \vill die in this belief. : : 
 I hope to panèfs eternJllife by thy infi. ' . 
nite mercy, and by thc merits of illY Saviow! 
Je(us Chrijl. 1 
5. 0 Iny God, I defire to love thee as my! 
fovereign good, above all things, and to de.. 
(pife this miferable world: I deÍÌre to love myi 
ncighbour as myfelf, for the love of thee, and; 
to forgive. all inj uries from my heart. i 
6. 0 nlY divine 'JefllS, ho\v great is my dc-; 
:fire to receive thy facred body! 0 come no\v I 
into my foul, at leaft by a fpiritual commu-I 
llÌon! 0 grant that I may worthily receive, 
thee before IUY death! I defire to unite myfelf I 
to aU the vlorthy cOlnmunions which /hall be; 
Inade in thy holy church) even to the end of 
the \vorld. 
7. Gra
1t me the grace, 0 my divine Sa-l 
viour, perfeéHy to efFace all the fins I have I 
committed by any of my fenies, by app]ying I 
daily to my foul thy bleiTcd merits, and the! 
holy unétion of thy precious blood. 
8. Holy Virgin, Mother of my God, de- 
fend me from my enemies in my lall: hour, 
and prefent me to thy divine Son. Glorious 
St. MichaeJ, prince of the heavenly haft, and 
thou Inyangel guardian, and you my blc{[ed 
patrons, intercede for me, and affift Ine) in 
this Iail and dreadful paflàge. 
9. 0 nl}" God, I renounce all the tenlpta- 

PTa)'erS for-the Dead. 279 
t>ns of the enemy, and, in general, wh:ltfo- 
ler may difpleafe thee. I adore and accept of 
y divine appointlnents \vith regard to lne, 
4 1d entirely abandon myfelf to then1 as nlofl: 
1ft and eq uitable. 
.. 10. 0 'fe/Ùs, my divine Saviour, be thou 
'Jefus to me, and fave me. 0 my God, hid- 
,tg myfelf with an hUtnb]e confidence in thy 
'ear \i\'ounds, I give up my foul into thy di- 
ine hands; 0 receive it into the bofom of 
,1Y mercy. .Anlen. 
: PRAYERS for the DEAD. 
I The p[alm Miferel'e, Have ml!rcy ell me, 0 

 ad, &c. as p. 146; and the Pfalm De pro- 

l]{lis, Out of the depths, &c. as p. ] 49. At 
,he end of each, infiead of Gloria Patri, Ge. 

J.y, Eternal rejl give tJ then!, 0 Lord: And 
'It perpetualligb: j'hine unto theln. 
.A prayer fir all tbe faithful departed. 
o GOD, the Creator and Redeerner of an 
the faithful, grant to the fouls of thy fer- 
vants departed, the remiffion of all their fins; 
that thro' pious fupplications they n1ay ob- 
tain that pardon which they have always de- 
fired: who liveft and reignefi ,vith God the 
Father, in the unity of the. Holy Ghoft, God, 
world \vithout end. Ålnen. 
;J Prayer upon the day of a peyJ'ôn" j decenfi or 
o GOD, whofe property is always to have 
mercy and to fpare, we humbly beft:cch 

230 Pmyers for the Dead. \ 
thee for the foul of thy fervant N. '
lhich th<i 
hafl this day called out of the world, that the 
wouldfi not deliver it up into the hands of till 
 nor forget it unto the end: but con! 
mand it to be received by thy holy angel. 
and to be carried to Paradife, its true courl 
try; that as in thee it had faith and hope, I 
may not fuffer the pains of hell, but may tak: 
pofTeHìon of everlafiing joys: through au' 
Lord 'ie/us Chriji) tic. 
WE befeech thee, 0 Lord, admit the fou 
of thy lèrvant N. which this day ha. 
depzrted out of this world, into the fcHow. 
1hip of the faints, and pour forth upon it thf! 
dew of thy eternal mercy; through our Lore 
JcJus ChriJl, ES,.. 
On the .Anni-verfary-Day. 
o LORD, the God of mercy and pardon, 
grant to the foul of thy fervant N. \vhofe 
:lnni\rerfary \ve COll1memorate, the feat of re- 
freíhment, the happinefs of reit, and the 
brightnefs of light. thro' our Lord, &c. 
.A Prayer for one lately deccafid. 
ABfo]ve, we befcech thee, 0 Lord, the 
foul of thy fcrvant J.l. that being dead 
to the world, he 111ay live to thee: and 
whatever he has comnlitted in this life thro' 
human frailty, do thou of thy mofi merciful 
goodncfs forgive: thro' our Lord, t5 c. 

A . 

Prayers for the Dead. 28 [ 
A prayer Jot' a hijhop or a p., Ùjl. 
GOD, \vho amongft thy apoftolic 
priefis haft raifed thy fervant .LV. to the 

 nity of a biiliop [or of a priefi:] grant, '\ve 
) cech thee, that he Inay be 2.1[0 admitted in 
':Lven to their ever1aHing fe!lo\vfnip: thro' 
('-fits Chrifl our Lord, EJjc. 
For fathe1. and Inother. 
" GOD, who haft comn1anded us to ho- 
nour our father and mother, have C1ercy 
the fouls of my father and mother; and 
1 ant that I may fee them In the glory of 
rnity: thro' our Lord 1efus Chrifl, fSt. 
I For brethI'm. relations. and benefaéìors. 
:) GOD, the giver of pardon, and lover 
of the falvation of men, we befeech thy 
emency in bchalf of our brethren, kinsfolks 
d bencfacrors, \vho are departed this life, 
at by the interceffion of the blefTed Virgin 
ary, and of all thy faints; thou \vouldfi re- 
rcive theln into the joys of thy eternal king- 
lOIn: thro' our Lord 'iefus G
br!jì, &c. 
Far all that lie in the church or cburch-yard. 
o GOD, by whofe mercy the foul3 of 
the faithful find reft, grant to all thy fèr- 
'ants here or eltcwhere, that have fiept in 

b"iJl, the full pardon of their fins; that be- 
n þ difch3.rged from all guilt, they may rejoice 

:Vlth thee for all eternitv: thro' our Lerd. 


282 Pra.;'c1"S for the Dead. 
For a 111an deccnfid. 
HEAR, we hefcech thee, 0 Lord, OUI 
prayers) which \Vc hU1nbIy add refs to thy 
mercy, that the foul of thy fervanr, \vhich 
thou haft caHed out of thi't 
vor1d, may be 
reccived into the region of light and peace, 
and be nUll1bered amongít the blclTed: thro' 
our 1.,ord 7efus G
hrifi, & c. 
For a 'lVOlnan decc(lfed. 
WE beíeech thee, a LorJ, according to 
thy great goodnefs, to !hew mercy to 
the foul of th y fervant; that being no\v de- 
livered from the corruptions of this marta] 
life, the Jl1ay be received into the inheritance 
of eternal Dlifs : thro' our Lord 1efus, & c. 
For llzany deceafed. 
GOD, ,vhofe property is always to have 
mercy and to fpare, be favourably pro 4 
pitious to the fouls of thy fervants, and grant 
them the remiffion of all their fins; that be- 
ing delivered from the bonds of this marta] 
life, they may be admitted to life everlafiing: 
thro' our Lord 'Jefus Chrifl thy Son, &c. 
Á proJcf' t
at ma)' be daily laid hy a 'i.V

O LORD God Ahnighty, Crea
or oj 
heaven and earth, who haft nlade us aU 
out of nothing, and redeemed us by the pre- 
cious blood of thy only Son; look down up. 
on thy poor handmaid here proílrate before 
thee, hun1bly imploring thy mercy, and 
},PO"O'I n 0 

A Prcryer Jar a fVomanwith Child. 283 
legging thy bJeffing for herfelf and her child, 
vhich thou haft given her to conceive. Pre- 
erve, I befeech thèc, the work of thy hands, 
find defend both me and the tender fruit of my 
INonlb frOOl all perils and aH evils: grant me 
In due tinle a happy delivery, and bring my 
i:hild fafe to the font of baptifm, that it may 
,he there happily dedicated to thee, to love and 
ferve thee faithfully for ever. But, 0 æy 
God, J have too {linch reafon to fear, left my 
,great and n1anifold fins ihould hinder thee 
I from hearing my prayers, and dra\v down thy 
,judgments upon n1e and mine, inítead of the 
; mercies \tvhich I fue for: and therefore I am 
fenfible the hrH: thing I ought to do is, to re- 
: pent frOITI the bottom of my heart for all my 
i uffences, humbly confefs them, and continu- 
t1y cry to thee for mercy. I detefi: then all 
my fins \vith nlY whole heart, and defÌre to lay 
thenl here aU do\vn at thy feet, to be effaced 
and defiroyed for ever. I renounce and ab- 
hor them '\vith my \,,"hole foul, becaufe they 
are infinitely odious to thee; and I willi that 
I could expiate them with tears of blood: I 
humbJy beg thy pardon for them all, and I 
\villi with alltny he3rt that I had n
ver com- 
Initted thetn: 1 here offer Inyfelf to nlake 
V/hat fatisfaé1ion I a01 able for then1 ; and I 
lTIofi \villing]y accept of whatever I may have 
to go through in child-bearing, and offer it up 
no\v before-hand to thee for my fins; firrnly 
refolving by thy grace never \v'ilful1 y to offend 
thee more. See here my poor heart, 0 Lord, 
and if it be no: fuch as I here exprefs. at lcaft 
I defire 

284 A II;Yl1ln to our Saviour Jefus. \ r 
I defire it fhouIJ be : I defirc it {hou1d be 4' 
that contrite an.d huolble heart which thou l 
never deiþifcft. In this difpo1Ìtion of foul, \ 
and VJith a lively confidence in thy nlcrcies, 
élnd in the merits of the death and palnon of 
]t./us CbriJ1 thy 
on, I renc\v the petition I \ 
111=.1dc before, and L once lTIOre beg of thee, 
for myfelf, thy grace and proteEtion, and' a 
h&ìPPY delivery; and for my child, that thou 
wouldfi be plea"[ed to prefervc it for baptifm, 
1ànétify it for thyfelf, and make it thine for 
ever: thro' the fame Jifus Cbrijì thy Son, 
our Lord. .Ii,lien. 

A 1-1x
MN to our Saviour J efus, ahridged froln 
St. Bernard, rOe I I . 

.71u dulcis lnernoria. 

.E S U S, the on1y thought of thee 
J \Vitb f\vcetnefs fiUs my breaft; 
But [v:eeter fdr it is to fcc, 
And on thy beauty feafi. 
No found, no harmony fo gay, 
Can art or mufic frame; 
No thou.5hts can reach" no words can fay 
rfhe [weets of thy bleft nanle. 
J eJus, our hope, when \ve repent, 
Sweet fource of all our grace; 
Sole comfort in our banilhment, 
O! ""hat \vhen face to face! 
JeJus -' that name infpires my mind 
vVith fprings of life and light; 
More than I afk in thee I finà, 
And t:vifu in delight. 


A I-lj'lll1Z to our Saviour J e[us. 285 
.0 art, or eloq uence of Inan, 
Can tell the joys 'of love; 
)nly the faints can undcrftand 
vVhat they in :lifus prove. 
"hee then I'll feek r
tir;d apart, 
.From vvor1d and bufincfs free.: 
\Then thefe {hall knock, I'll íhut my heart, 
And keep it all for thee. 

cfore the l110rning light I'll come, 
With Magdalen, to find, 
n fighs and tears, my 'Jefu's tomb, 
And there refrcfh my mind. 

1 y tears upon his grave {hall flovt, 
My fighs the garden fi]l ; 
rhen at his Teet mvfelf I'll throw, 
And there I'll fc
k his will. 
It/us, in thy blefs'd fieps I'll tread, 
And walk in all thy ways; 
['11 never ceafe to weep and plead, 
'1"ill I'm reftor'd to grace. 
D King of love, thy blefTed Sire 
Does Cuch [\\Tcet Barnes excite, 
That fìrfi it raifes the defire, 
rrhen fills it vlith delight. 
Thy lovely prefence íhines fa clear 
Thro' every fenCe and way, 
That fou1s which once have feen thee near, 
See all things elfe decay. 
Come then, dear Lord, poIrefs my heart
Chace then the íhades of night; 
Come pierce it with thy flaming dart, 
And ever íhining light. 



286 17ze Lztany 
 J elus. 
Then 1'11 for ever 7efus fing, 
And \vith the faints rejoice; 
And both my heart and tongue {haIl bring 
'rheir tribute to 111)" Jeareft King, I I 
In ne,,'er-ending joys. ÅiJ1ell_ 
LORD, have mercy on us. Chriß, have 
Inercy on us. Lord, -have n1ercy on us. 
ChriJl, hear us. Chrijl, gracioufly hear us'\ 
God the Father of heaven" I 
od the Son, Redeelner of the world, I 
God the Holy Ghofi:. 
I-loIy Trinity, one God, 
'ltfu, Son of the living God, 
Jefu, Splendor of the f'ather 
"ye!u, Brightnefs of eternal L;ght, 
t.lefu, King of Glory, 
"'ll!fu, the Su
 of J, 
-"refu, Son of the V IrglIl ]'.,1ary, 
""/cjù, whofe nalne is called \\londerful, 
:tejÌI, the mighty God, 
....,efu, the Father of the world to come, 
-"reft!, the Angel of the gre2.t council, 
'":., efu, moIl: po\verful, · 
"f ft r; ll. . 
ll, mou patIent, 
";.lefu, mofi: obedient, 

lefll, meek and hUlnble of heart, 
:7 :Îu, iover of chafiity, 
Jefu, our lover, 
Jefu, the (
od of peace, 
:' efu, the author of lifc, _ 
"lifu, the example of all vIrtues, 
'lefll, the zealous lover of fou)s, 







C'-, r 

.6. It f." I...-J "" (A. , r;,l ':J J '"".......
 *' ..., ':;J 

,û, our God, 

'ù, the Father of the poor, 
.,0, the treafure of the faithful, 
'j(u, the good 5 hepherd, 
JI;t, the true Light, 

 (ii, the eternal Wifdorn, 
fiu infinite Goodnr>fs , 

.'it!, the \V ay, the 
r ruth, and the Life, 
(fit, the Joy of angels, 
i1u, the King of p
:eJu, the Infpirer of prophets, :: 
,eJu, the 
V12fier of the apo!tlcs, S 
(ejù, the Teacher of the evangelifts, 
,-eJu, the Strength of martyrs, 
i!efìl, the light of confeffors, 
eJu, the Spoufe of virgins 
IreJU, the Cro\\'n of all faints, 
i3e merciful unto us. Spare us, 0 Lord Jcfu. 
e merciful unto us. Hear us, 0 Lord Jcfu. 
?rom all evil, I 
From all fin, 
[-"'rom thy 'ì\ 7 rath, 
From the 1Ìlares of the clevi1, N 
From the íi p irit of uncleannefs , 

From everlafiino- death. '---i 
.:> tI.. fb 
tronl the negle61: of thy hoJy inlpira- 2 
Through the myflery of thy moft hoJy 
incarnation, · 
Through thy nativity, 
Through thy divine infancy, 
Through thy facred life, 
Through thy labours and travels, 
Through thy agony "nd bloody fweat, 


 l/ze Lztany cj Je{us. 
"T'hrough thy crofs and paffion, 
rrhrough thy pains and torments, 
'J'hrough thy death and burial, 2 
rrhrough thy glorious re[urrettion, f) 
rI'hrough thy admirable afcenfion, ...2 
Through thy joys and glory, GC 
In the day of judgment, 
Lamb of God, who takefi: away the fins 
of the world, Spare us, 0 Lord JeCus. 
,Lamb of God, \\lho takefi away the fins of 
the world, Hear us, () Lord Jefus. 
Lamb of God, who takefi a\vay the fins 0 
the ,vorld, Have nlere] upon UJ, 0 Lord Je(us. 
Chri;l J efus he(]f us, ChriJ! ]fjUS graciou!ly 
hear us. 

Let UI pray. 
o Lord Jefus ChriJ1, who haft faid, a1k, 
and you fhall receive, feek, and you 
fnaI1 find, knock, and it íhall be opened un- 
to you; grant, we bcfeech thee, to our moG: 
hutnble fupplicat!ons, the gift of thy divine 
Jove, that we may ever Jove thee \vith our 
whole hearts, and never ceafe froln praifing 
and glorifying thy name. 
o Divine Redeemer, gi\'e us a perpetual 
fear and love of thy holy name, for 
thou never ceafeft to dire8: and govern by 
thy grace thofe whon1 thou infiru
efi in the 
folidity of thy love, who livefi: and reigneft, 
\vorld without end. Amen. 
God, who hall appointed thy onJy be- 
. gotten Son, the Saviour of mankind, 
.:nd haft commanded that he íhould be caII
C':f p Ii If :. 

A Hy1nn to "the BldJèd Virgin. 28 9 

ifus; mercifully grant that we may enjoy 
is happy vifion in heaven, whofe holy namç 
ive venerate upon earth; who, \vith thee 
,nd the Holy Gbo11, liveth and reigneth, 
!,,'orld \vjthout end. ÅI/lCn. 4 

A H Y ÞtI N to the Bleffcd Virgi!l.. . 
.Ave Mari$ SItl/a. 
I-I A I L .thou rcfplendent fiar
Whiçh {hineR o'er the main; 
Bleít Mother of our. God, 
And ever \Tirgin 
Hail happy gate of bl ifs, 
Greeted by Gabriel's tongue; 
N ègotiate our peace, 
And cancel E'va's wrong. 
Loefen the finners þands) 
All evils drive away; 
Bring 1ight unto the blind, 
And for all graces pr 
Exert the Mother's care, 
And us thy children o\vn; 
To him convey our prayer, 
Who chofe to be thy Son. 
D pure, 0 fpotlefs lVlaid, 
Whofe meeknefs all furpafs'd
Our lufts and paffions quell, 
And make us mild and chafte. 
Preferve our lives unfl:ain'd, 
And guard us in our way; 
Until we come with thee, 
To joys that ne'er decay,. 

L ... 




! 9 0 . . ,,:1 ne Lzta1Z)' 0/ Loretto. 
Praife to the Father be, 
"7ith ('hr
/i his on]y Son, 
And to the Holy Ghoít, 
hrice bleffed three in onc. A,ntn. 
P. ,r ouchfafe that I may praifc thee, 0 
bl(1Ted Virgin. 
R. Give me firength againfi thy enemies. 
Let us pray. 
G RhNT, we be[eech thee, 0 Lord God, 
that we thy fervants may be 
]e[[ed \vith 
continual health of foul and body ; and that 
by the glorious interceffion of bl
{fed Mary, 
evcr V irgin, we may both be delivered from 
prefcnt forrows, and be brought to eternal joys. 
ï"hrough J1 us Chrij}, our Lord. Amtn. 
T"he LIT ANY of our Lady of Loretto. 
WE fly to thy patronage, 0 holy Mother 
of God, defpife not our petitions in 
ou r neceffities, but dei i ver us from all dan- 
,;ers, 0 ever glorious and b1efTed Virgin. 
Lord, have mercy on us. Chrijl, have 
n1ercy on us. Lord, have mercy on us. 
, Chrij/, hear us. Chrifl, gracioufly near us. 
God, the Father of heaven, Have mercy an 
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Havt 
11ltre)' on us. 
God the Holy Ghoft, Have 1nercy on s. 
Holy Trinity, one God, Baeve nierey on us. 
1-101y M"ry, 1 Pra)'f Qr 
Holy mother of God, S us. 
T_T _ '-_ 

The Litany 0/ Loretto. 
floly Virgin of \Tjrgins, 
110ther of ChriJl, 
'l\,1other of divine grace, 
Ivlother-1TIoft pure
1vlother Inoll chafie, 
110ther undefiled, 
1,.1other untoucheJ, 
I 110ther moft amiable, 
I Mother moft admirabJe, 
Mother of our Creator, 
Mother of our Redeemer. 
\Tirgin mofl: prudent, , 
Virgin moft venerable, 
Virgin moft renowned, 
'Tirgin moR po\vcrful, 
Virgin moil mercif
Virgin mofi faithful 
Mirror of J ufiice, 
Seat of wifdom, 
Caufe of our joy, 
Spiritual veflel, 
Vefièl of hønour, 
Velrel of fingular devotion, 
IV1 yíl:ical rofe, 
l'ower of David, 
Tower of ivory, 
Haufe of gold, 
Ark of the covenant, 
G.ate of heaven, · 
Morning flar, 
Hea1th of the weak, 
Refuge of finners, 
Co!nforter of th(>> affii8:ed, 
Help of 










29 2 T
le Litany 0/ Loretta. 

Qleen of angels, 
Qyeen of patriarchs, 
Q!Jeen of prophets, 

een of apoft]es, 
Qyeen of mal tyr
QIeen of confeffors, 
<2geen of \1 irgi ns, 
QIeen of all faints, 
Lamb of God, \vho takefl .a\vay the fins of 
the world, Spare us, 0 Lord. 
Lamb of God, who takeft away the fins of 
the world, Gracioußy htar us, 0 Lord. 
Lamb of God, who takeft away the :tìns vf 
the world, Have mercy on us. 
Chrijl, hear us. 
 G'hrijl, graciouíly near us. 
Lord, have mercy on us. (Thrijl, have mercy 
()n us. Lord, have. mercy 011 us. OUf ,F'a- 
ther, &c 
.An/h. VV e fly to thy patronage, 0 hoIy 
Mother of God, defpife not our petitions in 
()ut neceffities, hut deliver us froln all dan- 
gers, 0 ever glorious and bleIred Virgin. 
P. Pray for us, 0 holy Mother of .God. 
R. Th
t we may be made worthy of the 
promifes of Chrifl. 






Let us proy. 
p OUR forth, we befeech thee, 0 Lord, 
thy grace into our hearts, that we, to 
whom the incarnation of Chrijl thy Son has 
been made known, by the meffage of an an- 
gel, may, by his paffion and crcfs, be brought 
to the glory of his refurreétion. l'hrough 
the fame Chrijl, our Lord. Amln. 


The fiftttn 1vI}fleTÎc'!', &c. 29l 
?\;fav the divine affiftance relnain alwaV3 
s. .Anl
{l; J 
I And may the fouls of the faithful, thro' 
 lncrcy of God, refi in peace. ../!Jnen. 
I The F 1FT E EN My S T E R I E S to be 'lnedi.. 
taird 'lpon in filJ,ií7g !fie Ro!à.r)T. 
THE five jc;ful rnyfieries. I, The an- 
nunciation of the angel Gabriel, and the 
incarnation of the Son of God in the womb 
of the Bleífed Virgin. 2. The vifitation of 
St. Elizabeth. 3' The nativity or birth of 
our Lord. 4. 1'he prefentation of our Lord 
in: the tenlple, and the purification of his 
d l\1other. 5. l-lis being found in the 
temple in the midft of the doaors
having been loft three days, by his rVlother 
anJ her chafie fpoufe St. Jofeph. 
The five dolorous or forrowfuJ myfieriès
I. r[he prayer of Qur Lord in the gGlrden
with his agony and f\.veat of blood. 2. His 
being fcourged at the piJIar. 3- His being 
crowned with thorns, and abufed by the [01- 
diers. +. His carriage of the crofs. 5. I-lis 
crucifixion anù death. 
l"he five f!/orious mvfteries. I. The re- 
<.,j J 
furreétion of our Lord. 2. His afcenfion 
into h
aveu. 3. l'he coming dovvl1 of the 
Holy Ghoít. 4- The a{funlptÌon of the 
Blcffed Virgin. 5- Her eternal felicity, and . 
that of all the bleffed in the kingdOln of 
tIeaven. . 



-94 Devotions p"oper or 
S proþer ,for tIle tz"J1Zl 0/ Juhi- 
l(es, or other Indulgences. 
T';c fit.'.. il1g prayers 
vere PIJi publijhed up- 
en Dt'.n.f:)11 ... the juhilt'i ill I í 5 I; and 111ay 
lJ&/ h itnproper fo,- all)' other tÙnt, of indt /gt11C . 
The _fo!'llltr I;ay b 1ft far [ollIe days bifore th
(C-:fi1J. c "z all. 
-CJ1l1n: ;;;"C1!., b.' waJ of; ill 
ire f:i thllt p
í1itfntial jp:rit: 
(}hjc:h is tbe ,,
otcej!:1r. co 1 ,'i/ion if all, fa e f civil1g tbe b 1ZC- 
.pt ()
 ti)... illdu!CfJ:t."e. T e la/fLl" !!lay be proþ..r 
to l fai. an tbe ray of the (CnlJJ::llli
J1, OJ it is 
dirtfled fir tb lIJùal in/entions, fcr 'i.,-'hich the 
Jàithf:i! cugh: t
 úffir 1 p tbeir prûJirs, in. rder 
tf) the ga:ning OJ'the in Ulglllf.-'''. 
PRA YER, of t1 Pi' of /:t SI
'';KER fir the 
lISSIO:\ of his SI
o Almighty and cver1afiing God, who h311: 
created me to thy o\vn inlage and like- 
nefs, a:1d redeeIned me by the precious bJood 
of thy only SO:1: ....vho hafl: thought on 01e, 
and loved me Fronl all eternit,\T; and out of 
pure love prepar
d d heaven fo
 me, \vith all 
the neceír ry Ineans to bring me thither: who 
.baa borne \vith me, for fa long a time, in illY 
repea:ed offences and treafons againft thee; 
haft fiill continued, v;ith infinite goodnefsand 
mercy, to call, to invite, to prefs me to returil 
to thee; not\\'ithfianding all my monfirous in- 
de to thee" and my contem;>t of aU thy 
graces. Behold I no\v de1îre, witn mv \",hole 
heart, to quit thefe huíks of î\vine \vhich have 
kept me fo tong at a diHance from thy houfe 
my true home j and to come b
(k to thee: 

Juhilees or indulgencts. 295 
to obey the fummons \vhich thou haft now 
'been olcafed to fend me; and to confers, and 

dcteft all my fins, in thy prefence ; in hopc
of finding nlercy at this titne of Inercy. 
I defire now to come before thee, though 
infinitely unworthy, in the fpirit of humility, 
and with a con trite heart; and to make at th y 
feet a general confcffion of all my fins. I ac- 
know1edge that from nlY firfl cOIning to the 
u'"e of reafon, to this very hour, nlY whole 
life has been nothino- but fin anJ 111ifcrv. 
ð - 
Alas! I loR: thee, I turned my back upon. 
thee, I iliamefully preferred worthlefs toys be- 
fore thee, even from the very time I \\"as firft 
capable of knowing and loving thee! T have 
very feIdom thought of thee: I ha\'e daily and 
hour1y many ways broken thy command- 
ments. Good God! what muft then become 
of this poor wretch in the day of thy judg- 
, ment: this wretch, whofe known and un
I known fins are without number; and who 
has done fo very little good, to put in the 
I fcales to counterbalance fo much evil? 
Mufi I then defpair of thy mercy? mutt I 
give up the caufe, and abandon myfelf to fa- 
tan, fin, and hell? No, rny God; may thy 
infinite goodnefs forbid I fhould fan into that 
bottomlefs pit, where nc:ne fhall ever confefs 
thee. My iniquities ;1re great,: it is true: 
but thy goodnefs, thy mercy, thy power is 
fiill greater. Thou haft declared, it is not 
thy wiI1 the finner íhould periíh; but that he 
íhould be converted and live: thou haft de- 
clared, there is more joy in thy heavenly 
N 4- court 

2g0 JJevotzons prOJ.ber jor 
court over one penitent finner, than O\er 
ninety-nine jufi: thy 
on has fhed his blood 
for I11C, to purchafe for me a full forgivenefs 
of aU my fins. Here is my hope: this mercy 
1 lay hold on; and nothing {hall make me 
quit Iny hold.. I kno\v the vverfi- of finners 
.have been cleanfcd frorn 211 their filth, in this 
fovereign bath, íhould my cafe be e\'en \vor[c 
than the \vorft of theirs, the mercy 
nd grace 
of my God, and the virtue of the precious 
blood of nlY Redeemer, is 
hundant1y fum- 
cient., and \vill a;)pear the more il1u{trious in 
nlY cure. 1 
o infinite goodnefs, \vho haft endured me 
for fo n1any y'ëars, fince I firfi fell frem thee 
by Ii:1: \vho haft kept me all this \vhile from 
fcJlifig iato heJl; apd haft continua1Jy ch
riíhed :ne ,vith innumerable favours 2nd 
traces: behold. m
 no\v profirate at thy feet, 
g nlyfe!f of my criffies, and ilnplor
y mercy. I am that prodigal child, that 
have gone a\vay into a far country from thee, 
and h-a\'e [quandered away all the fub1l:ance 
tJ.)ou gavefi p"'e; I have m2de myfe]f a Ûave to 

hc devil, who has fet G;-e to tt?ed his (wine, 
e\ en n,y own bruti1h paffions, and feI:fua} in- 
clinatious; 1 have fOl1ght, òut fought, "!as I 
in vain, to fatisf} my craving appetite with 
their hufJ..:s : but .:10\\1 being nlade fenfible of 
my mifer)) and being \\.eary of my own evil 
\vays, I come back to thee, I ackno\tvledge 
myfèlf un\vorthy to be received in the quality 
of thy child; aU I crave is thy merc} in the 
forgivene"s of my manifold treafons: I Gale 

Jubilees or ind'UIgenc
Jt lift up aiy eyes to thee: I dare not aík for 
'le mcaneí1 place in thy family. I find Iny- 
If quite loaded and opprefTed, \vith the enor- 
10US weight of my fins. If I confider my own 
eferts, 1 can look for nothing but hell; 
hich I have deferved a thoufand and a thou- 
and tin1es. I no\v hate and detefi lTIY evil 
vays, I abhor Inyfelf for having been fo wick- 
d and ungratefal to thee. I have even cruci- 
!ñed thy Son, n1Y divine lover, over and over 
:again by Iny fins. But 0 thou fountain of 

mercy, have pity and compaffion on this nli- 
ferabJe \vretch. Look not upon nlY fins, but 
lupon the bO\'Jels of thy tender mercy, and the 
I11erits of my Redeemer. Look upon the face 
of thy ChriH ; and upon all he has done and 
ed for poor finners. 0 mercy, l11ercy, 
mtrcv, throu2'h that b]ood \vhich he {bed for 
J Q 
L'1e'Ìn his agony in the garden of Getbfclnani; 
through that b!ood he {bed for me, when he 
\vas rent and torn "\-vith [courges, and crQwned 
'\-vith thorns; through that blood he {bed for 
me upon the cro[
. Grant this mercy, \vhich 
he then aíked for me, when he was bleeding 
and dying for Ine; and \tvhic
 he now im- 
plores iìtting at thy right hanò
 where he is 
fliH the advocate of finners. He
r al[o the 
prayers of thy holy church, fpread throughout 
the whole eart...b, v/hich the now offers in his 
nåme, and through his merits, imp]Óring:thy . 
,mercy at this ti{ne, for aU her children, of . 
which I am the ITloil ul1'},yorthy. Hear the 
prayers of the bleffed Virgin, and of the whole 
church of heaven, Vlhom I h
Bnbly Þ
feccb to 

!g8 Devotions proþer fir 
be joint petitioners with the church upon 
earth to obtain mercy for me and all poor 
finners: through the fame 7efus Chrifl thy 
And turning myfelf to thee, my deareft 1
Jus, my Redeemer 
and my Advocate, the great 
High-Prieft of God and man, the Pallor and 
Bilhop of our fouls, I beg of thee, to ,vholn 
all power is given in heaven and earth, par- 
don, abfolution, and full remiHion of allrny 
fins. I am heartily torry for all n1Y offences: 
I de1Ìre to lay thelll an down at thy feet, to 
be cancel1ed by thy precious blood: I willi 
with all my foul I had never offended thy Înfi- 
J1ite goodnefs: I willi I could waíh thy feet, 
like Magda/ill, with penitential tears. 0 that 
I could worthily bewail my fins even with 
tears of blood. I refolve by thy grace rather 
to die, than to commit the like any more. I 
refoIve to make the beft fatÍsfaé1:ion [ am able
by bringing forth worthy fruits of penance. 
o difchargt: me this once from the difmalload 
of the guilt of my crilnes! 0 releafe all the 
bands that may keep my foul froln thee, and 
thy heavenly kingdotn: and then as to this 
life, do with n1C what thou pIeafefi. I wil- 
lingly accept from thy hands whatever cro{[es 
or fuffcrings thou {halt (end: I will dedicate 
the remainder of my days to thee: daily to 
bewail nlY fins, and d3i1y to prefent my heart 
to thee. r win snake what amends I can for 
an my paIl ofl
nces, by a life of penance, and 
a life of love. I renounce from this moment, 
'Ula-l for ev
r _ the worlfL the fIclh _ and the 

J'ltbilees and Indulgences. 299 
vil, :'and all their fuggeftions, vanities and 
;Jncupifcences: and 1 fuHy determine to be 
i)r ever thine. 0 cIeanfe my foul frOOI all 
.1Y pall abominations; and let nothing hence
rward, either in life or death, evermore 
parate me from thee; who \vith the Father, 
:nd the Holy Ghofi, livefi: and reigneft, one 
:}od, world without end. Å,nen. 
rhe penitent maJ' alfo here recite Jor the fa1Jle 
intention the P Jaltn 
1iferere: or other de.. 
vout prayers and aEls of contrition, with 
which they find thelnfe/ves m,!/J ajfeEfed. 

For the whole ../late of Chriít' s church upon earth 
and all the intentions of the Indulgence. 
O Eternal Father of our I..Iord 1ef UJ Chrifl, 
Creator of al1 things, viiìb]e and invi- 
fible, [ouree of al1 our good; infinitely good 
in thyfeIf) and infinitely gracious, bountiful 
and good to us: behold we thy poor fervants, 
the work of thy hands, redeemed by the blood 
of thy on]y Son, Caine, in anfwer to his fum- 
mons by his vicegerent, to prefent- ourfetves, 
as humble petitioners, before the throne of 
thy mercy: we come all in a body at this 
time, even an thy people upon earth; and \V'e 
come in communion with all thy church in 
heaven hoping to be affified by their prayers 
and tl1erits; and with 'Jefus Chrifl at our head, 
our High-Prieft and Mediator, in whofe pre- 
cious blood 
ve put all our truft. We pro- 
tc ourfcl yes here before thee, and mofl h u rn- 
'tIo.T /" t... 1 _ 

goo 'Dtvotions prøper for 
bly beCeech thee to janElify thy o\
n moO: holy 
n0111e, by fantlifying and exalting thy holy 
èatholic church throughout the whole \vorld. 
o eternal King, who haft rent thy only Son 
down from thy throne above, into this earth 
of ours, to efiabliíh a kingdom here amongíl I 
, from whence \ve Inight hereafter be tranf- I 
lated to thy eternal kingdorn : look down, we 
befeech thee upon this kingdom of thy Son, 
and propagate it through all nations, and 
through aJl hearts. Sanétify it in aJI truth; I 
ß1aintain it in peJce, unity, and hol ine[s. ! 
Give to it faints for its rulers, its chief paftor, 
2nd all its other pre]ates ; enlighten them an 
with heavenly wifdom, anà nlake them all 
men according to thy own heart. Give thy 
grace and b]effiJ1g to all the c]ergy ; and fend 
amongft them that heavenly fire, which thy 
Son came to caft on the cartb, and \tvhich he 
fa earnefily deÍìred lhould be enkindled. Affift 
and proteél all apofiolical n1iffiooaries, that 
they may zealou{}y and effeétually protnote thy 
glory, aT1d the falvation of fouls redeemed by 
the blood of thy Son. SanB:ify all religiou
men and women of all orders: give them the 
grace to fe:rve thee with all perfeB:ion, accord- 
ing to the fpirit of thèir infi:itute.. and to íhine 
like lights to the reil of the faithful. Hav
mercy on all chrifiian princes; grant them 
thofe lights and graces that are neceffary for 
the perfecr difcharge of their duty to thee and 
to their fubjeéts; that they mJY be truc fer'" 
vants to thee, the King of kings, true fathers 
to their people. and nurfinf! fathers to thy 

:]'fLlbilees Dr lndulgtnces. 3 01 
1urch. Have mercy on all magifirates and 
len in power; that they may all fear thee, 
>ve thee) and ferve thee; and ever remember 
,oat they are th y deputies, and nlinifl:ers of 
hy jufiice. Have mercy on all thy people 
throughout the \\7orld ; and give thy bleffing 
.0 thy inheritance: remember thy congrega- 
.ion, which thou hatt poIreffed from the beAt 
iginning ;- and give that grace to all thy chi!- 
,dren here upon earth, that they may do thy 
;holy will in all things, even as the bleffed do 
'in heaven. 
{ Extend thy mercy alfo to an poor infidels, 
, that fit in darknefs and in the fuadowof death: 
to an thofe nations that know not thee, and 
that have not yet received the f:1Îth and law 
of thy Son their: Saviour; to a1l Pagans, Ma- 
hometans and Jews. Remernber, 0 Lord, 
that all there poor fouls are made after thy 
o\vn image and likenefs, and redeemed by the 
blood of thy Son. 0 let not fatan any longer 
exercife his tyranr.y over thefe thy creatures
to the great d iíhonour of thy name. Let not 
the precious blood of thy Son be fhcd for 
them in vain. SeD9 a:-nong them zealous 
preachers and apofiolic Ja
ourers, endued 
with the like graces and gifts as thy apo!tles 
were, and b1efs them with the like fuccefs, 
for the glory of thy nam
; th
t all thefe poor 
fouls 111ay be brought to knov: the
, love 
thee, and fe.rve thee here in thy church; and 
bIers thee hereafter for all eternity.. 
Look down alfo vlith an eye of pity and 
cornpaffion on all thofe deluded fouls, v/ho 
11 n rln.... 

3 02 DerJotions proþer,fir 
under the name of chriltians, have gone away 
froln the paths of truth and unity, and from 
the one fold of the one Shepherd, thy only Son 
:, eJ1II C'hriJl, into the by-paths of error and 
fchifrn. 0 bring th
n1 back to thee arid to 
y church. Dirpeì their darkne{s by thy 
hea\ren]y ]ight, take off the veil from before 
their eyes, with which the common enemy 
has blindfolded them: let them fee how they 
have been milled by lnifapprehenfions and 
n1ifreprefentations. Remove the prejudices 
of their education: take away from them the 
fpirit of obfiinacy, pride, and felf-conceit. 
Give them an hUlnb]e and docible heart. 
Give them a {!rong ddire of finding out thy 
truth, and a firong grace to enabJe them to 
emb:ace it, in fpite of aU the oppofition of 
the world, the Refh, and the devil. For why 
fhould there poor {ouls pcrifh, for which 
Chr;fl died? why fhouJd fatan any longer 
pofiè(s there fouls, which by their b3ptiiÌ11 
\vcre dedicated to thee, to be thy eternal 
tcmp]e r 
o J.'ather of li!!.hts, and God of aU 
tíuth, purge the whcJe \vorld (roln all errors, 
abufes, corruptions and 
jces. Beat down the 
fiand2rd of fatan, and fet up every where the 
itandard of Chrifi. Aboli{h the reign of fin, 
and efi:ablilh the kingdom of grace in aJI 
hearts. Let humility triumph over pride and 
alnbition: Charity over hatred, envy and 
nlalice: Purity and tetnp
rance over lu1t and 
exce(s: meeknefs over paffion: and difinte- 
reítednefs and poverty of fpirit ever covetouf- 

 or Ind
dgences. 3 0 3 
rfs and love of this perithabl e world. Let 
e Gofpel of 'Jefus lbriJl, both in its belief 

Id praétice, prevail throughout all the 
Grant to us thy pe:Lce, 0 Lord, in the d3!Ys 
:f our tnortality, even that peace which thy 
Ion bequeathed as a legacy to his difciples: a 
'erpetual peace with thee; a perpetual peace 
'vith one another; and a perpetual peace with- 
h ourfelves. Grant that all chr-iftian princes 
:md ftates may love, cherilh and maintain an 
inviolable peace among themfclve
. Give 
them a right knfe of the dreadful evils that 
attend on Give thenl an everlaíti-ng 
,horror of all that blodí11ed, of the devafta- 
Ition s and ruin of fo many territories; of the 
I innumerable facri1eges; and the eternal lofs 
, of fo many thoufand fouls, as are the difmal 
I confequences of war. T urn their hearts to 
another kind of \varfare: teach them to fight 
for a heaven! y kingdom. 
Remove, 0 Lord, thy vlrath, which we 
have reafon to apprehend aé1ually hanging 
over our heads for our fins. Deliver aU 
chrifiian people from the dreadful evil of 
mortal fin: make all finners fenfible of their 
mifery; give them the grace of a fincere con- 
verfion to thee, and a truly penitential fpirit; 
and òifchaq
e them fron1 all their bonds. Pre- 
feeve all Chrijlendom, and in particu1ar this 
nation, from all the evils that threaten impe- 
nitent finners, fuch as plagues, famines, earth- 
quakes, fires, inundations, mortality of cattle, 
fudden and unprovided death, and thy many 

8 0 4- :fllë 1eJus PJaller. 
other judgments here, and etern
l damnationl 
hereafter. CÖmfort all that are under 3ny
afHiétion ficknefs, or violence of pain: fup-I 
port all that are under temptation: reconcile
all that are at variance: deliver aJI that are in; 
{lavery or captivitv; defend all that are in 
dan g
r: gran t a reI i
ef to all in thei r ref petli ve 
neceffities: give a happy paffage to all that! 
are in their agony- Grant thy bJeffing to our 
friends and benefaðors, and to all thofe for 
whom we are particular1y bound to pray; 
and have mercy on all our enemies. Give 
eternal refi: to all the faithful departed; and 
 us all to everJafiing life, through 1ifus 
Chrijì thy Son ðllzell. 
Tht J E S U S P S A L T E R. 
There is no other name under heaven given 

o 11len, whereby we mua be faved Alls 
1 V. 12. 
THIS PJa/ter lonfifls of fifteen .petitiú11S, 
nd the gloridus Name of J efus beÏ1/g repeated 
ten times btfore tach of theln, the 1
epetition is 
l1zaJe thrice .fifty tÍ1nes. It 1nay he jlid either 
oIl at once, or at thrice, according to a per/òn' $ 
devotion unci leifut"e ; as this Jacred N atTIC is not 
1-'1 be repeated boJlily over, but wiib grctll reve. 
rence and de'votioll. 

 R T I. 
õu ml!,/l begin hy a devout 
'lng, or how2ng, at the aJorable nalne of Jefus 
faying : ' 
IN the name of 'ie/us let every knee bow, ô'f 
things in hCJven, of tbings on earth, an9... 

The JiltS Pfa lfer . 

'3 0 5 

;" thioo-s under the eart},; and let E\'erv 
n". I b I fi C ' h " - J. 

' ngue confers, that our Jord ]e tt:' .: T?/I. 
. in the g lor } i o( God the Father. P bzl. 11. 10, 
: ( 
'0:, The ftrß Petitioll. 
, 'J
rus, JeJus, 'JeJus, 
lefus..:' eJlIS, :leJus, have lnercy on me. 
: I Jefus, 1ef us , JtfUS; 
tr ESUS, have mercy on me, 0 God Ot 
,: 1- compaffion, and forgive the many and 
. 'sreat offences I have committed in thy fight. 

 I Many have b:en. the follies of my life, and 

 great are the lTIlferles I have deferved for my 
. lingratitudc. · I 
I Have nlercy on me, dear 1eJus, for I am 
\ve2k; 0 I",òrd heal me, who am unable to 
I help myfelf. 
])eli ver Ole from fetting my heart upon 
:?:ny of thy creatures, which may divert my 
eyes from a continual looking up to thee. 
I Grant me grace henceforth, for the love 
of thee, to hate fin; and out of a j uft ef1eem 
, of thee, to defpife a\1 \vor1dly vanities. 
Haye lTICrcy on an fi n ners, "1 tiltS I befeec h 
thee; turn their vices into virtues, and mak- 
ing then1 true obfervers of thy'law, and fin- 
cere lovers of thee, brino- them to blifs in 
evedafiing glory. 0 
Have Inercy alfo on the fouls in purgatory, 
for thy bitter paffion, I befeech thee, and for 
thy glorious name ]eJus. 
Q bleffed rrrinity, one eternal G_od, have 
mercy on me. Our Father. Hailltlar)'- 


- ,,,'" J 
jU.) F jtl

The fècond P etitiolt. 
'it/us, .refus, .1e/

leflls, "re/us, J'ltj, help mc. 
'l1 i u, j ejiu, .ïefus, i 
Y 'ESUS, help me to overcome aU tcmpt: \ 
tions to fin, and the malice of my ghof 
ly enemy. I 
Help me to {pend my time in virtual l 
aétiom.. and ill Cuch 1.lbours as are acc('ptabJ; 
to thet:. i 
To rcfiít :1l1d repel the motions of my Ref 
to floth, gl utt(ln y, and carnality. 
'f'o -render my heart enalTIoured of virtue 
and inflamed with dlfires of thy gloriou I 
pr{ fence. 
Help me to deferve and keep a good name I 
by à peaceful and pious living, to thy honour 
o .Iifus, to my own comfort) and the bcncfi1 
of Others. 
Have mercy on an finners, &c. as /;eft,.,. 
OUf father, &c. Hail Múry, &c. 
The th!.rd Petition. 
jefus, .lefus, :fefus, 
'it/us, .lefus, :lefus, llrcngthen me. 
J efUJ, ,Iefus, J efus, 
........ T 'E S US, ihengthen me in foul and b<Jdy, 
.. to pteafe thee in doing fuch works of 
virtue, as may bring me to thy everlafting i 
joy and felicity. 
Grant me a firm purpofe, moll merciful: 
S;:viour, to amend my lite, and recompenfe, 
for the years paft. 
 I have mifpcnt to thy difpIea- 

tILe 1
/Ù5 Pfalter. 3(:7 
1'1 in vain or wicked thoughts, words, 
;0 s, and evil cu-flon15, 
lake my heart obedient to thy wili. and 

h, for thy lovc, to perform all the works 
f 1ercy. 
i}rant me the gifts of the Holy' Gho[t, 

ich, by a virtuuus life, and devout fre- 
i!'min; , th Y mo{\: 1101 Y [acrament.s. may at 
gt:1 \JfllIg me to thy heavenly kll1gdo m . 111ercv on a\l 1Ìnners, &c. as be.:'ore. 
ur fJ.thCl, &c. I-t.lil .
..'"r}, &c. 
I cí7
. .r l 'r.J l ) P -,
;I l .r."" 

 IJe. J lJ to /,l t;.í.1, 1,//.. 

s) :7 eJid, 
' 'l4 ùs , fefus, Jfj
JS, comfort m::. 
, ] ejus, .le/us, ; ijUS, 
j'"'ESUS, comfort me, aod give me grace to 
if pla;::e my chid, my only joy and felicity 
In thee. 
I Send me heavenly meditations, fpiritua1 
Cweeme[s, and fervent defncs of thy glory: 
ray iih my foul with the contemplation of 
heaven, where 1 [.'1a11 e\'crlafiinbl Y dwell with 
Bring often to my remembrance thy un- 
fpcabble gooJnefs, thy gifts, and the great 
kindnefs thou baa 1he\vn Ine. 
And when thou bringeH: to l11Y t11ind the 
fat! ren1ell1brancc of tny tins, \vhcreby 1 have 
fo unkind! y oft'enùt:d thee) comfort me with 
the atlurance of obtaining th Y grace, by tae 
fpirit of perfett repentance, which may purge 
away my guilt, and rrepare me for thy 
kingdom. Have 

 .., J '} '.J.L U"Lf. I 
l-Iave melCY on 
.ll fìnners
 &c. as hefti 
Cur father, &c. f-lail i'vJarv, &c. I 

The fifth Petiti!;lI. I , 
7e/us, 7 tfus, .'lefus, 
IS, !e!us, Z
, maKe me conlhnt \ 
./ ifus, .lefus, .TCju.;, 
' "- T Tn, f1.. f: ., h ì 
_ .L:" ULl..
, rnat<.e me conn-ant- In a!tn, or \ 
and charity, gi\'ing n
e perfeverance I 
;ill virtues, and a refolutÌon never to offeI' 
thc p \ 
t the memory of thy paffion, and I 
thofe bitter pains th-w fufferedll for 111 i 
1trengthen my patience, 'and recreate me:! 
all tribulation and adverfity. 
Let me al\vays hold faft the doél:rines ( 
thy catholic church, and render me a diligeI1 
frequenter of an holy duties. 
Let no faIfe delight of this deceitful Vlor1. 
blind T'ile, no fleíhly temptation, or fraud 0 
the devil, !bake my heart. 
My heart \\'hich has for ever fet up it 
reft in thee, and refolved to under- val ue al 
tor th ,. eternal re
e mercy on all finners, 7efus, I befeecl 
thee; turn their vices into ,'irtues, and mak 
ing them true obfer\/ers of thy law, and fin 
cere lovers (#f thee, bring them to blifs iJ 
ever1aftinp" glory. 
;rcy alfo on the fouls in pur
tory, for thy bitter paffion, I befeec:h thee 
and for thy glorious name Jefus. 
o bJeí[ed Trinity, one eternal God, haVt 
mercy on me. . 


I :The Jifus Pfalter. 3 0 9 
I ur Lord J efus Chrif1: hUlnbled hitnJelJ, be- 

ade obedient unto àeath, and unto the deatb 
(jbe croft. Phil. ii. 8. 
'lear thefe my petitions, a Iny mofi mer- 
ill Saviour, and grant me grace fo fre- 
lqntly,to repeat and confider them, tbat 
11fT olay prove eafy fieps, \vhereby Iny foul 
o,l climb up to the kno\yledge, love, and 
)Jformance of Iny duty to thee, and 01Y 
1fghbour, through the whole cour[e of l11Y 
I;, ÅtJ1en. Our father, &c. Hail i'Wary. 

. I believe in God, &c. 
R T II. Begin as before, Jaying: In the 
:name of'iefus, let every knee, &c. 
The fixth Petition. 
US, Y, J !t(:.s, 
 enlighten me with fpi- 
:) US., t.J us, e.J us, . I . r ..J 

t; J "r. C'j,J; fltua Wl1uorn. 
JUs, t.J US , J t.J US , 
'rESUS, enlighten me with {piritual 
; dam to kno\v thy goodnefs, and all tho[e 

ings \vhich are moil: acceptable to thee. 
Grant me a clear apprehenfion of tny only 

od, and difcretion to order my life accord- 
19 to it. 
Grant that I may wifely proceed from vir- 
le to virtue, till at length I arrive at the 
lear vifion of thy glorious majeíty. 
Pennit me not. dear Lord, to return to 
:lofe fins for which I have been forry, and 
f which I have purged myfelf by repen- 
ance and confeffionÞ Grant me grace to 
lenefit the fouls of others by my good cx- 
mple, and to reduce thofe by good counfel, 
vho miíbehave towardi me. Have 

3 10 Th
 .71usPfalter. fl 
I{avp 111ercy on 211 finners", &c. as af fi: 
Our father, &c. Hail M01:Y, &c. ) 
. The fevenih Petition. 
1if us , 1if us , .11 ' 1.':, 
1' . J ar. ""':f or gr:lnt me grace to ft 
è llJ, f./l/J, l'J us , h 

:;;;; .', rI
 :';f I
 l t ec. 
.J t.Jus, .1 e.JlIS, JflllS, ) 
:J ESUS, grant me grace in\\Tard]y to f(: 
thee.. and to a\'oid aH oecaúons of <' 
 thee. ! 

Let thy threats of the tC'rments which 
to faIJ on finners, the fear of lofing t I 
lo\'e and thy heaven]y inheritance, aJw
keep m
 in a\ve. 
Let Ole not dare to remain in fin, 11 1 
(001'1 return to rep{>ntance, Jefi through tÎ 
anger\ the dreadful fentence of endleis dea l l 
2nd damnation fall upon me. 
Let the po\verful interceffion of thy bltfi , 
mother, and all thy faints; but above t! I 
thy own merits and nlercy, 0 my Saviol 
be ever betvveen thy avenging jufiicc and n 
poor foul. . 
Erable me, 0 my God__ to work out n 
fal\ration with fear and 
rembli!1g; and) 
the 3pprehenfion of thy [acred judgnlent re 
der Ole a more humble and diligent fuitor 
the to rone of thy grace. 
Have mercy on al1 finners, &c. as bpI 
Our father, &c. HaiJ .iv/ar)', &c. 
The eighth Petition. 
C'l T I''i'J, 
fr,I.r, C'./e'i,(J., ') 1 
. J' JIJI .J'Jl' ((Trant tTIe orace to O' 
'leftS, 1ef llS , 
7efUJ, $ t' h t) 
..'./- oJ (, "t: J rI r. t ee · 
I f.jus, ) '!.JUS, f;US., 
· 'l ESL 

TIle JejÙs' Plalter. 311 
J?SUS, grant n)
 grace tru]y to 1ú\'e thee, 
for thy infinite goodnefs, anù thofe ex- 
[. ve bounties I h2\'e 1 eceived, and hope 
Ifcver to rc:eivc froB1 thee. 
let the rcolernbrance uf th v kindnefs and 
Jt"nce, conquer tnc= maJice and \-vretched 
1 ination
 of mv perver[e natu:--e. 
ct the confideration of my many de]iver-, thy frequent cal]s, and continua] af- 
ance in the \vays of life, make Ule a{hamed 
In y ingratitud'c. 
I 0- 
!And what daft thou require of me for all 
mercies, or by them, but to 10\ e thee? 
Id Vv.hy
 doi1 th
u r('qulre it, but becaufe 
)U 3rt rny only good! 
() my dear l.lord" my whole Jife íhall be 
,thing but a defire of thee; and becaufe I 
leed love thee, I \vill moil diligently keep 
y commandmer'ts. 
Have mercy on all finners, &c. ,!S bifo' e. 
ur father, &c. HaillWary, &c. 
The nintb Petition. 
"r UJ 'e r us ,e'iu 
J' ': 1" '",1" grant me o-race to rc- 
 Jefus" refitS, 
r; J 
r. .. J - t1
 meInber my death. 
JUs, t./ us , E./us, 

 ESUS, grant me grace alV\rays to remem- 
, ber !ny deat
, and the great account I 
n then to give; that fa my foul being always 
ell difpofed, it may depart out of this world 
thy gr
'I' hen by the h01y interceffion of thy blef- 
d mot her, and the affifiance of tr.e glorious 
:. l
lichat/, de:iver IIle from the enemy of 

3 1 2 crhe J1 Ù S 
nlY foul: and thou nlY good angel I befee< 
thee to help me at that moft important hou 
'I"hen, dea.r JefllS, ren1ember thy merc' 

nd tùrn not thy Incft amiable face aw
from Ine, becaufe of Iny offences. Secu.j 
me againfl: the terrors of that day, by cau 
ing me now to die daily to all earthly thing 1 
and to have I11Y converfation continually i; 
IJet the reme1nbrance of my death teac 
Jne hO\\1 to efi:cem my Jife; and the melTIor l 
of thy refurreétion encourage me to defce.n
chearfully into the grave. \ 
{-:J ave merc)' on all finncrs, &c. as heft,. I 
OUf father, &c. Hail iWary, &c. 
The tenth Petition. 
ie/us, !1 Ùr , 7ef us , 
 fend me here my pur 
Jefns, 1if us , 1ef us , t 
lefus, Jefus, ga ory. 

ESUS, fend Ine here my purgatory, an 
fo prevent the torments of that cleanfin 
fire \vhich attends thofe fouls in the nc) 
,"'"odd, that have not been fufficiently purge 
in this. 
\' ouchfafe to grant Ine thofe mercifu 
croffes and affiiéliollS, which thou feeft ne 
ceffary for the taking off my affcétions fron 
all things here below. 
Since none can fee thee that loves an 
thing which is not for thy fake, fuffer no 
ply heart to find any reft here, but in figh 
ing dfter thee. 
Too bitter, alas, will be the .anguilh of 

The JefllS Pfatler. 3 1 3 
fut that is feparated from thee, that defires, 
ht cannot con:e to thee, being clogged "vith 
.e heavy chains of fin. 
, Here then, 0 nlY Saviour, keep me con- 

nualIy mortified to this \vor1d: that being 
IJrged thorough]y with the fire of thy love
inlay immediate) y pafs from hence into thy 
,{er1afl:ing pofTellion. 
I Have mercy on aU finners, &c. as in the 
:fih Petition. OUf father. Haill\1ary. I 
II AR T III. Begin as hefore, fa)Iing: In the 
name of Je[us, let every knee, &c. 
The eleventh Pctiticn. 

eji lì us, %1;,s, 'It?:s, 
 grant me grace to avoid 
I e us, I t.Jus, I t./ us , \. -U 
';fus, 1 efus, Jefus, J 1 comp:;iny. 
n:{ESUS, grant me grac
 to avoid ill (.'om- 
J pany; or if I chance to come among 
"uch, I befeeeh thee, by the merits of th}' un- 
:orrupt converfation among fÌnners, preferve 
ne from being overcome by any temptations 
to mortal fin. 
Caufe me, a ble!fed Lord, to remelnber 
11\vays \.vith dread, that thou art prefent, and 
hearefi, who wilt take an account of all our 
words and aétions, and wilt judge \IS accord- 
lug to them. 
Hal'l dare I then converfe with {1anderers.,. 
liars, drunkards, or [wearers; or with fuch 
\vhofe difcourfc Ís either quarrelfolnc, dif[o- 
lute, or vain. 
Rcprefs in me, dear 1efus, all inordin
o affections; 

3 14 The ]ejÙs PJàlter. 
affcEtions to carn:!1 pleafure, and to the dC
light of tafie; grz.nt me grace to avo;d fuchj 
company as would blo.\'v the .fire of thofe un- 
ru] y appetites. 
Thy power defend, thy \vifdom direét, t!JY 
fatherly pity challife me, and make me live 
fo here among men, that I may be fit for the 
converfation of angels hereafter. I 
Have Inercy on all finners, as at ftdl.. OUfl 
father, &c. Hail Mary, &c. · 
The t'Lve/fth Petition. 
j efus ,erus 1e r us 
-. J. , J " J
 JL, g rant me crrace to caU 
f efus erus 7 trUS 0 
: :It, J",:1" on thee for help. 
7ef us , 7ef us , 7ef us , 
+ESUS, grant me grace in all my necef- 
J fities to call on thee for help, faithfu1Jyl 
remembering thy death and refurreétion fori 
me. I 
\Vilt thou be deaf to my cries, th-Ät wou]dß: 
)a-y down thy life for my ranfom? or canft. 
thou not rave me, that couldfi take it up 
again fC'r my cro\\rn ? 
Whom have I in heaven but thee, 0 my I 
Je[us, whore bleffed mouth has pronounced, 
Call to me in the day of trouble, and 1 will de- 
liver thee. 
Thou art my Cure rock of defence againft 
311 forts of enemies; thou art my ready grace, I 
a.ble to ftrengthen me to every good \vork. I 
Therefore in all nlY fufferings, weakneífes, 
and temptations, I will confidently call to I 
thee; hear me, a my Jefus, and when thou 
beareft, have mercy. u..,u_f 

I TAe Jefus .Pfalttr. 3 1 5 
, Have mercy on all finners, &c. as lEforc. 
fur _ father, &c. Hail JJlat)', 'i.c. 
Tbe tl-irtefntb Pitition. 
1fiJç ] ft: IS , c'uS 
y" . J;' , :j
' make me perfc\'erc In 
f{ils, J
!!S, jejus, . t 
:{; . 1 
'-';{, Vlr ue. 
CJUS) . ejus, J t.JUS, 
I ESUS, make rne pcrfevere in virtue and 
I good life, and never give over thy fer- 
;ice, tin thou bringeft l11e to 11lY re\vard ia 
'}Y kingdom. 
In all pious cu{l0l11S and hol y duties, in 
iY honefi and neccffary em ploYlnel1ts, COl1- 
i nue and ftrcngthen, 0 Lord, D1Y foul and 
Is IllY life any thing but a pi]
rimage OIl 
arth, tovJards the new 7 
rufaleln'J to \vhich 
e that fits down, or turns out of the \vay, 
an never arri ve ? 
o .'7 efus, l11ake me always confider thy 
IefTed example; through ho\v much pains, 
nd ho\v little pleafure, thou didfi: pr 
fs 011 
D a bitter death; that being the way to a 
lorious refurreB:ion. 
rv1ake Ille, 0 my Rcdeemer, íeriouf1y 
wTeigh thofè fevere words of thine, he 011/'1 
bat pe1feveres to tbe end, fiJall he Javed. 
Ha ve Inercy on all finners, &c. as hefore 
)ur father, &c. Hail Mary, &c. 
The fourteenth Petition. 
., r; 
 "t:. ""' ,,(, 

t.Jus, }e.Jus, ..!,t.J us , O"rant me o-race to fix. 
ejus 'Jefus TcJuS b b 
'f..r ' .. 1 '(.: ' 
......,(, ) my nlind on thee. 
US, eJZlS) JeJus, 

3 1 Ô 'I he J'
Jûs }-jàller. 
J ESUS, grant tne grace to fix t}lY mind 0' 
thee, efpecially in tÎnle of prayer, whe 
I dircét
 y converfc with theca 
Stop the ITIotions of illY vvandcring heac 
· and thc delìres of I;Iy unftable heart; alli 
 the po\ver of my fpiritual cnemie
who endeavour at that tilne to dravJ Iny min 
from heavenly thoughts, to many vain inld 
ginations. I 
So {hall I, with joy and gratitude, Joe! 
on thee as In y del i vercr fron1 all the evils I 
have efcaped; anJ as my bcncfaé1or, for a 
the goods I have ever received, or can hOJ
I {ball fee that thou 
rt my onI y good, 
J j 
that all other things are but means ordainc l ' 
by thee, to make me fix nlY n1Ïnd on the 
to make Ine love thee rnore and nlore, al 
by loving thee to be eternally happy. 
o be]cved cf my foul, take up all n 
thoughts here, that my eyes abfiaining fro, 
211 vdin and hurtful fights, may becor 
wortl.y to hehold thee face to face in t1 
glory for ever. 
Have Tncrcy on all Goners, &c. as bej01 j 
OUf Father, &c. HaillvJar)') &c. 
The fifteenth Petition_ 
1efus, Jifus, 
 give me grace to oré
JeJlls, 7ef us , 7 efus, my life to\vards r 
2Yefus, Jefus, 7 ejùs, eteruJ.l welfare. 

 ESUS, give me grac
 to order my] 
towards nlY eternal \tveJfare, heartily j, 
tending, and ,viCel y defigning, all the Op
f-1 r t! 

The 1
JÙ5 Pfalter. 2. 1 7 
t1!1S of my body and foul to obtain the re- 
jard of thy infli1Íte blifs, and eternal fdicity. 
For what elfe is this \Vorld, but a fehool 
) bre
d up fouls, and fit them for the other; 
ad how are they fitted, but by an eager de- of enjoying God, their only end? 
Break my froward fpirit, 0 Jefus, make 
It humble and obedient: grant me grace to 
depart hence with con
empt of this world, 
land a heart filled with joy at my going to 
I Let the memory of thy paffio n make me 
Ichearfull Y undergo all temptations or fuffer- 
s here for thy love, whiH
 my foul breathes 
after that blifsful life, and immortal glory, 
which thou hail: prepared in heaven for thy 
I fervan ts. . 
o J efus, let me frequently and attentively 
. confider, that whatever 1 gain, if llofe thee, 
an is loil:: and whatever llofe, if 1 gain thee, 
all is gained. 
Have mw.y, Sec. as in the fifth P etitian. 


, .......... -----... T1::c... ."'C











1ia11 doE/rÙle: or, a }U1JZJJla:y of chrif- 
tÌtln faith and 1Izora/Ùy. - ----4 
SelL I. if/hat eVe1Y chriJlian mujl belie-v!, 
. Seél. 2. lrhat ec-L'f1Y chrißian ?/tuft do, in or- 
der to life e,verlafling, t- 
Sea. 3. GoJ}el IdJon.s to be p011dèr
d at lei- 
fire by., eVf1Y cbrißian:fòill, __ 
A table ojjècfls and fafls, é:Jc. _ 
.A 7JZcrJ/ÌJlg eXtTcijè, _ 
A firm of llJorning pra)'er, contaiJling alls 
of adc'ration, é5 c. 
At?s of faith. h"ope, and cha1"ifJ', 
CYhe Angelus Domini, ___ 
Injlrut7iolls for lJ:editation, or lnental þrtlJcr" 
r:Te,'1?JlfditatiolZS 01.!t of St.,Francis de Sales. 
Iljlr1téliol1S flJzd devotions for hearÙlg lItofi, 
.A 11letbod of hearÙlg ldafs for the ahjènt, 
'.The lnaí21zer of jÙ"vÙzg at A1?fi, 
Other d,.;votioJ/s fir SlInda)'s tUu! Holida.Js, 
Cfhe Hr";l!, 'fc DeuIH, __ 
qZ'e c';nticle of tbe tl:'ree clild/"eíl, __ 
P jall!:s of adr;rrticJ1, praiJè, & c 
crl7e Benediétus, or canticle if Zacharias. 
.ABs of fait)." hOle, loeve, and contritiùl1, 
A,l if jIi
uerjñl p rrt)'er, 
.A þaraphrc'.ß' (17 tle LCd-d's þrayer, 
lJhe l're:d 0/' St. PÁthan3{ìus, 
,Tfjþers f
undays, _ 
s.- he C()llzplÙI, 111'..... 


. I 

I] ! 

3 1 
-l I 
5 8 1 
10 3 
10 9 
I I I 
I 18 


'3 0 

TIle Contents. 


 benediEficn of tbe B 
 Sacrament, - 
) )'ers for the King, - 
r jé:ven penitfntial pfa/JJlS, 
î'''lzÌllg .d&votÙJllS for faJJJ.ilies. CJhe T. i taJ!Y, 
'exaJJzinatioll oj cmz)èience fit" e-very night, 
, . 
J -'J.?1. evenIng prayers, - 
.. 'the ordinary a.:liollS of the da.,v; of'llJork, 
'''leals, - 
ace hefore, and after 1Jlfals, -- 
 1 A ecrea!Ìons, - 

 cOll-verJàtion, - - 
('reading, or hearing the q.uord of Cod .- 
v1nl1S to ÙZ:-Joke t,be Holy Chell, - 
,ecfffary rvirtucs to he exercijèd e
e1J' day, 
J/þi'rations a7zd ijaculations, 
:refir-"vaticves a;lld renzedt'es again./l fin, 
gainft pride, - - 
!'gahIþ cvain-g1or..v, 
gaillJl ccrvetoufllefi, 
'1gaill./1 Lufl, 
t!gail1Jl angel", 
11gail1fl i mP6!tience, 
19ain/1 gluttony and dr
r1gaingft fJlrvy, & 
I1gainjl floth, .- 
;ll1Jb A 1tllions and de:votions .f or conft.flion, 
,,11: exa1JJination of cOlifiience VPOJZ the ttll 
cOll11Jtand1Jlenfs, é5 c. 
A for 9l!ainiJZg contrition, 
A meditation heflre co,ifi'flion, 
.AffeBíOltS and t'
cfhc method of confdJion, 
.A prayer after confi.flion, 
.A protijlation out oj St. Francis de Sales, 
1 1J fl r .Jflìons and Je'votio1lS for ,ollzmu,nion, 













1) a ge. 
14- 1 
15 1 
17 0 
17 2 
17 6 
17 8 
18 7 
19 0 
19 2 
19 6 

21 3 
21 4 

23 0 
. .4 R1Cili- 


The Contents. 


.A meditation hrfòre COl11JJIUl1ion, dirvidcd into 
en points, q,.vhich 1l10)'.(er:ve as a jèrvf1l 
day'! preparationjòr the hifJfedjåcralnellt J 
A preparatory' fra..yer, cONtai1ling the chief aéls 
of dervot1ol1 propl'r hfjòre c01ílJnullion, 
Ajpirt2l ions after CfJnl.lllUnion, ' 
'/lc7s oj
prniJe, é.5 c. after CO',Z1JZllniol1, 
A,l oblation after C01l11l1UnifJn, 
Petiticrs after COllillllt1ziol1, 
Ir:ftrullíons and dervotiolZJ for COl1jirlllotioll, 
A pra)'er hifol.C conjirJJZatiolZ, 
.A pro)'e.' nJier cOl1jirll:c:tiollw 
IiI)l ruéliúJJs alld t/c'Votions fil" the fick, 
.A praJer to he daily repeated in tÙl1e of jiCÆ1:ejj, 
Short alls of the 1nrfl necejJàry rvirllles, pro.. 
per to he inculcated in ti1Jze of jîcluzefi, · 
à fhart ext!lY
/è ill preparatioll for (It:alh, 
P"{":)fr.r flY tbe Dead, 
A dai
v pra..,verjòr a Qt-'oman rruith child, 
.A HJ'il
1Z to o:/r Saviour Tefus, 
q he
L;tt'll)' cj'l)ur Lord Je[us Chrifl, - 
.A hymn to the h/tj"èd þ'irgint 
'-rhe Litaf1Y of our Lady of Loretto, 
Vbe þfttell m)'fltries if the Rofal:V, 
Ðt'V()tÎtJl1S proper fer rhe tÙNf' of7ubiÜES, 
other Jlldu/gelleel, - 
q-:bc Jejù; Pj(l!t(r, - 



, I 

.., / I 
28 1 

3 0 

( ,1 ) 

 . r 4- 
F ... 
. .
. #- 
Our Bleffed LAD Y. 

nve [.1iLl [rem t 11 e Dlty after the Purification; ti!J th

'Vèn-scng of tbe Saturday before the firft sun

d yen t; excèpt tIJJt on the Day of the Ann unclatfon 
'"be Office is .{aid, as in Ad yen t. . 


Ail lrfary., full of Graèe, our Lord 
is with thee; blelfed art thou a- 

 1110ng Wornell; and bleiTed is the 

ruit of thy \Vomb, 'jefus. Holy J.lary, 
1[other of God, pray for us Sinners, now, 
l Id at the Hour of our Death. Arnen.. 
If/bic h is alway! [aid in the Beginning of all HourI () 
01lr BleJfèd Lady. .. r 
( L Ord, o-pen Iny Lips. 
I " .$" And my Mouth ihall declare thy 
I v. Inc1 ine ro 111Y Aid, 0 God. 
I R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help me. 
, ,. B Glorf 

z The Office of our B. Lady, 
G lory be to the F'ather, and_ to the,. SQt, 
and to the Holy Ghoft. 
As it \vas Ì11 the Beginning, is no.w, an, 

ver íhall be', World without End. Alnel 
rAlleluja is [aid 4t all Hours, from the Evening of Th 
ftèr-Eve, to the COlnp/in of tlJe Saturday hefore Septuø 
gefima-Sunday. Fronl tfJfn till tbe 
ven-fþng of EafieJ I 
Eve is [aid, Praife, be to thee, 0 Lord, KiÙg of etern
Glory'. I 
The Inv;t.ttary. 
Hail Ma:y, full of Grace, our Lord il 
with thee. Again. repeat, Hail J.\far ) fuJ 
of Grace, our Lord is with thee.. I 
Int!lne of Eafter is added J
l1eluja, botb bere, an1 .n t1.1 
End of tbe Anthems, Yerficler, ún.l Refponfories. I 
Pþllnz 94. Venite exultenlUS. 
Tfûs Pfa/Ill without doubt w.zs tl1Jde by. David, fince 51 
l}aul cites it as his in tbe EpiJtle to the Hebrews. SO(1;1 
'think it w.iS tnade at tbe Ût1Je n.,ben he carried tbe Arl( J I 
Mount Sian. It contJins a /i'l./ely Exhortation to prai. 
God wit" our Heart, Oll)4 l
oice, and our Wor
s, and ' 1 
fÙb:nit to his holy Laws. · 
C OIne let us rejoice to our Lord, let u 
l11ake Joy to .God our Saviour; let l
approach llis Prefence in Confeffion, and ÎI 
P[alms make Joy before him. . I 
Hail Mary, full of Grace, Q
r Lord i 
,\vith thee. 
For God is a great Lord, "and a

King above all Gods; becauie' our Lorel 
repels not his Peqple-; in his Hand are ?IJ 
the Bounds öf tl1e Earth, and he behold 
tI1e I-Iei,ghts of the Mountai1)


:at .J.Vattins. 3 
Our Lord is with thee
Ithe Sea is his, he tnade it, and bis Hands 
lnded the dry Land; come let us adore, 
ail fall down before God; let us lalnent 
bfüre our Lord, that tnade us) becaufe he 
'he Lord our God; we are his People, and 
 Sheep of his Pafture. 
;Hail Mûry, full of Grace, our Lord .is 
" th thee. .. 
,To Day..if ye iliall hear his Voice, harden 
nit your Hearts, as in the 
rovocation, ac- 
ck 4 ding to the Day of 'Telllptation in the 
fart, where your Fathers telnpted me, 

oved, and faw my Works. . 
: Our Lord is \\rith tI1ee. j 
IForty Years w
s I nigh to this Genera- 

)n; and faid, they al\vays err in their 
eart, and have not knovvn my Ways, to 
horn I fware in Iny Wrath, if' they 111all 
ter into Iny Reft. 
Hail Mary, full of Grace, our Lord is 
i th 
Glory be to the Father, f5"c. 
As it Was in the Beginning, ê5'c. 
Our Lord is \vith thee. 
Hail Mary, full of Grace, our Lord ís 
rith thee. _ 
j7Je HY M. N.. !Quem terra, Pontus, fyderl . 
He Sov'ralgn God, whofe I-Iands fuftain 
TheGlobe ofHeav'n,the Eartll & Main, 
dor'd and prais'd by each Degree, 
'Iies hid, 0 facrcd Maid, in thee.. ...". 
I B 2 He 

4 Tbe Offic

 qf our B. Lady, 
He \VhOlD the Sun anc\ Moon obey,; 
To whom all Creatures; 
The Judge of l\1en and Angels DOOlll 
Refides witl
in thy Womb. 
o hapPYjPa1
ent chofe to bear 

hy Maker God's eternal Heir.; 
Whofe Fingers fpa,n this earthly Round, 
"lhofe Arms the w-hole Creation bound. 
. . :Blefr
Maid,. whom Gabriel's Voice aVQW
The facred Spirit
s fruitful Spou1è: 
Thou gav'ft "the World, by hUlllan Birtq, 
The lTIOft de1Ìr'd of Heav'11 and.Eartb. . 
May Age to Age for ever 1ìng 
Tl1e V irgin 
s Son and Angels King, 
nd praife with the Celeflial Hoft 
'"(he.Fatper, Son, and Holy Ghoft. A;n 11.; 
Theft thrte. P{.l/t1íS fo/lowjng are [aid on Sundays, Men- I 
days and Thurfdays, at the Noé1urn. 
']Jhe Anth. BletTed a-rt thou. 1 ! 
. . I 
..Pfalm 8. D0111ine DOJnÎnus nofier. 
.Açconling to the opinion of the tnoft learned InterpreterS, whi I 
tbe Scripture. feetns to coY/firm, tbis Pralln principuJIy reg.1'f; 
the perron of ;fefus Cbrilt ri[en froln the dead, in whom G I 
did tn,lnifeJt his greatejt glory and power. Tbo:J it In
J o. J , 
bE apply:J d to other J.fen. 
Lord our Lord, lhow wonderful I 

. thy NaJne in the Vi/hole Earth? , 
For thy Magnificence is lifted up .aba," 
the I-Ieavens. 
.Out of the Mouths of Infants and Sue- 
lings thou haft perfctted Fraire, ,becaufe. d 
thy Enelnies, that thou may'{t 
deftroy Itl
Enemy a11d Revenger. r 
. ]ti<r 

f At Mattins. 5". 
J For I lhall behold the Heavens, the Works 
.f thy Fingers; the Moon and the Stars, 
!,hich thou haft founded. 
I What is Man, that thou art mindful of 
im, or the-Son of Man,- that thou doft vi- 
t "l1Îtn'? - 
Thou haft dilninifh'd him a little lefs tha.n ' 
ith Gloryån
 'Hon?1!r thou haft 
irovvn'd hun, and appoInted hIm over the 
;Vorks of thy Hands. 

 Thou haft fubjetted all things under his 
eet, Sheep and Oxen; and alfo the Cattel 
)f the Field. 
: Th"e Bi.rds .of,'the Air; and Fiílies of the 
!;ea, that walks thro' the Paths of the Sea. 
, 0 Lord our Lord, ho,,, wonderful is thy 

alne in the whole Earth! 
Glory be to the Father, t
The Afith. BlcHed art thou among 'Va- 
en, and bleffed is the Fruit of thy V/orrb. 
Thc'Antb. Even as choice Mvrrh. 
Pia/In 12. Cæli enarrant gloriam. 
bis Pfl/m confifts of two p.trts: In t!Je firft 'We are taugbt; 
that tlJe power an
 glory of Gcd may be known by contempl
ting tbe cele{lial bodies, and efpecially the Sun. In tbe fe- 
conl part is :defêribed tlìe perfeélion an
{ efficar.,v of the Di- 
'Vine Law. The Pfaltn concludes wit/} a prayer for the pay- 
don of hidden fins. 
HE Heavens thew forth the Glory of 
 God, and the Firmament declares the 
iWorks of his Hands. 
The Day publiíhes his'Vord to the-Day, 
B 3 a

6 Tile Office of our B. Lady, 
and Night difcovers t11e Knowledge of hi 
to the Night. 
Tl1ere is no Language, nor Speech; whc 
Voices may Il0t be l1eard. 
Their Sound has gone forth into all t: 
Earth, and their \Vords to the Ends of f 
I-Ie has put his Tabernacle in the Sun, a) 
s a Bridegrooln coming.,forth 
his Chamber. 
He has rejoic'd as a Giant to rUl1 the wa 
1 lis coming forth is from the higheft H( 
And his Conrfe even to the top there( 
neither is there any that can hide himfi 
frolll his I-Ieat. 
The lavV of our Lord is.\vithout Spot,.cc 
'\Terting Souls; the teftiInony of our La 
is faithful, giving Wifäom to little Ones 
. The J ufiice of our Lord is right, maki 
l-Iearts joyful : the Precept of our Lord 
full of light, enlightning the Eyes. 
The Fear of our Lord is Holy, abidi. 
for ever and ever: the Judgments of 0 
Lord are true, juftified in themfelves. 
To be defired above Gold, and precic 
Stone; and more fweet than Honey, d l 
the Honey..Comb. 'I 
For thy Servant keeps thelTI;
rheIn is great Rew. ard ; 
... - 
Sins who uÌ1derfiands? From my fee1 
Sins clean1e Ìl1e-, éÍl1d from other Men's-Sj 
It'\-:1'.ß fohn '-:.Pt"\l'.u'\1- r 

t Jÿfattins. 7 
t they íhàl1 not have Dominion over me, 
n lhalll be without Spot, and be cleans'd 
.. m the greateft Sin. 
,f"lnd the Words .of my Mouth iliall be 
afing to thee, and the Meditation of my 
1eart be always in thy Sight. 
[0 Lc)rd my Helper and Redeelner. 
, iGlory be to the 
"ather, &c. 
t The Ålltb. Even as choice Myrrh, thou 

,veft the ()dour of S,veetnefs, 0 Holy 1Vlo- 
-fer of God. . 
Tbe Alltb. Before the Bed. 
Pfalnl 23. Domini eft terra
oft believe that David tnaJe this Pfalm to be fung hy the 
'people wben the Ark was carry'd to Mount Sion: But 
cii imerprerr:Ts agree, rhái t:J
 hoiy Prophet had princi. 
pally in bis 'View ibe A[cenflon of OIlr saviour :ferus Cbrift 
into Heaven. 
rr H E Eartl1 is our Lord's) and the Ful- 
l.l nefs thereof;' -the whole World, and 
III that d\vell therein. . 
Becaufe he has. founded it on the Seas, 
nd on the Flood
 has prepar'd it. 9 
Who ihall afcend into the Mount of 
)ur Lord? Or who iliall ftand in his Holy 
 The Innocent of Hands, and ,,-lean 
)f Heart, that has not taken his Soul in 
"ain, nor deceitfully fworn to l1is Neigll- 
He !hall receive a Rlefling of our Lord, 
,nd Mercy of God his Saviour. I 
This is the Generation of them that feek 
B 4 hin1 

 TlJe Ofice-of our.B. Lady, 
11im, of them, that feek tIle Face, of-t 
God of Jacob. I 
Lift up your Gates, ye Princes, and I 
ye lifted u-p, 0 Et.ernal Gates; and tIle Ki I 
of Glory íhall enter in. ' '1 I 
Who is the King of Glory? . Our Lo
firong and mighty, our Lord mighty I 
Lift. up your Gates, ye Princes, and 
ye lifted up, O.Eternal Gates, and the.}{j 
of Glory tllall enter in. 
Who is the King of Glory? T-he Lc
of Power, he is the King of Glory. I 
Glory be to the Father, e
c. i 
The AJlth. Before the Bed of this V. 
gin repeat to us f\veet Songs of Meafure. 
r. Grace is pour'd forth on thy Lips. 
R. Therefore God has blelfed thee for evr. 
Our Father, e5c. r 
The Abfolutio12. By tl1e Prayers and 1\ I- 
tits, e5c. as fòlloweth Page 17. with the refi'l 
7befé . three P fal
s following, are {aid on TuefdaJ, 
and Jiriday, at the. Noéturn. ; 
r. I 
The Anth. In thy Beauty.. 
Pfa/ln 44. Eruttavit cor Ineum. · 
s. Chrylo!ì:om, s. Auftin, and almoft all the Interprf'S 

gree, tbat this P[al,n is a kind of a fpirituaJ Epith ," 
,nilltn, repre{enting tbe {acred union between J ef us Ch II 
tfnd his SPOllfe ,be Chure/}. .s: l:>aul li
ewifë in his Ep Ie 
to the He bre,vs, tna/ u{e of this Pfaltn to jhew r e 
tverlaftîTJg Reign of the only Son of the F
Elea. Some have tbollgbt thJt Solomon IS tiJe-!Aut , 
and tbJt it was made upon tbe occafion of bis Marriage 
she Daughter of- Pharaoh, tho
 others attribute it to ]:.. 
, I. 

at MattI'!l!. 
/. d. But allaf,'tee in this, tb,tt the true Senfi Df it, inten- 
I'd by the Holy Gboft, reglrds tbe Myftery of the Incarnatio'll, 
'JLI the union of tbe Word with bltman Nature. 
,{ Y Heart has fpoke a good Word; I 
:'.1. tell my Works to the King. 
tVly Tongue ,is the Pen of a Writer, that 
.ites fwifrly. 
Moft beautiful amongft. the Sons of Men, 

ace is pour'd out on thy Lips, therefore 
ns ad ble1Ted thee for ever. 
IBe girded with, thy Sword upon thy 
"'1igh, 0 moft Mighty, 
In thy Beauty and Comelinefs go on, ad- 
nee profperouí1y, and reign. 
Becaufe of thy 'truth, Mildnefs, and J n- 
ee; and the ConduEI. of thy Right Hand 
all be \iVonderful. . . 
Thy {harp Arrows into the Hearts of the 
ing's Enemies; the People {hall fall.' under 
f Thy Seat, 0 God, is for-ever and ever; the 

od of thy Kingdom is a Rod of Equity. 
/.. Thou haft lov'd Juftice, and hated Iniqui- 
tY: therefore God, thy God, has anointed 
!hee with the Oil of Gladnefs above thy 
b ellows. .. 
Myrrh 'and Aloes, and Caffia from thy 
luarments, from Raufes of Ivory, where 

he Daughters of Kings have delighted thee 
fln thy Honour. 
II The Queen ftood on thy Right Hand in 
Golden Robes, fet round "rith Variety. 
B 5 Hear, 

10 Tbe Office of our B. Lady, 
Hear, Daughter, and fee, encline thy 1 , 
and forget thy People, and the 
oufe of IY 
ather. I 
And th King will be enamour'd w
thy Beauty, becaufe l1e is the Lord Iy 
God, and they iliall adore l1iln. 
And the Daughters of Tyre, all the R h 
of the People, with Offerings iliall pra}o [ 
All the Glory of the King's DaughteJ 5 
from within; in Borders of Gold, cloat 
about with Varieties. 
. Virgins filail be brougllt to the K' 
after her, 11er Neighbours !hall be brou!
to thee. 
They íIlal1 be brought in Joy and j 
joicing; they íhaU be brought into 1 f 
Ten1ple of the King. 
Int1ead of thy Fathers, there are bc
Sons to t.hee; thou fhalt tnake them Pr, 
ces over al1 the Earth. , I 
They fhai1 be mindful of. thy Nâme fr(

Generation to Generation. . I 
Therefore thall People praife thee, i 

ver, World \vithout End. 
G lory be to the Father, fJce. 
Tbe .flntb. III thy Be4uty aIld,Comelinf 
60 or1, advance profperouily and reign. 
Tbe Antb. God win help .11er. . 
Pfa/ln 4). Deus nofter refugium. I 
since altnolt all the F.lthers tltre
 that this Pfalm, accordinJ 
tbe IÙ
ral Benfe, r
be çbur
b per[ecJlted PJ ,h, Ii 
. ' d 

at Mattzns. I I 
tlI, and cle!i'Uer
d from Per{ecutions by the affiflance of our 
Lord, we ought ratTler to adhere to this opinion, tban to that 
'of fo,ne otber Interpreters, wbo apply this P [aIm only to Da
vid 'iJié1orious over his enemies. 

U R God is. a Refuge and Strength,' 
and Helper in Tribulations, which 
r 'ave fa\l'n upon us in great N'ulnber. 
! Therefore we will not fear, when the 
.:arth fhan be troubled, and Mountains be 
'ranfported itto the "lnidft. of the Sea. 
I The Waters made a Noife,. a.nd were 
IroublecÏ; the. Mountains were troubled in 

is Strength. 
1 . The firong Current of a River rejoices, 
he City of God; tIle I-lighefi: has fanttifi.. 
d his Tabernacle. 
I God is in the midft thereof, it íhaU not 

 e nlov'd, God win help it in the Morn- 
t1g earl y . 
Nations are trQubled, aI1d 'Kingdoms are' 
ade to noop : he rais'd his Voice, and 
the Earth was mov'd. 
The Lord of Hafts is with us, the God 
of Jacob is our Defender.". 
Come, and fee the W'orks'- of our Lord, 
what 'Vonders he has done in the Earth, I 
-making Wars to ceafe, even to the End of 
the Earth. 
He fhail deftroy the Bow, and break 
Weapons, and Shields he filall burn witll 
Attend and fee that I aln God; I fhall 

11 The Offtce of ou B. Lady, 
be exalted among the Gentiles, I {hall be e 
aited in the Earth. .. I 
The Lord of Ho,fts is with us, the G(t 
of 'Jacob is.our Defender. I 
Glory be to the Father, fie. . 
Tbe Alith. God ,viII help her with 
COllntenan<:e: God is in the midft of hfl 
the iliall not be mov'd. 
The Anth. A HabitatiOl11is,in thee., 

pfalm 86. Fundamenta ejus. 
David in thi! PfJ.l,n celebrates the Prai[eJ of the City of 
ru falem, 'Which in tbe Prophetick Senfe nlay very well I 
appl!/'d to tbe CtJurçh of Cbrift, of wbicli that City was j I 
T HE Foundatio{t thereof in the hò I 
I\Jountains; pur Lord loves the Gat, 
of'Sion above all the Tabernacles of Jacoh
Glorious Things are,faid of thee, 0 Ci' j 
of God. 
I ,viII be mindful' of-. Rajab and Bäbylo 
1 · I 
t<.nowing me.o . 
Bchold the Strangers and Tyre, and tlj 
People of ,the .uEthiopians: theíè were therl 
Shall a Man fay to Sian, that a. Man: 
born i
1 l1er, \vho being tl
e bigheft found,' 
her? I 
Our Lord \vill.declare. it in the Regiflc 1 
of thofe People, anq of, P.rinces
 tl1at ha' 
been in her. I 
A Habitation is, in thee, as it were of a 
thofe \vho rejoice. 
Glory be to tIle Father, éft. 


 at Mattins. , 13 
! hè AntlJ. A Habitation is in tI1ee,"a
,"=re of all us, who rejoice, 0 holy Mother 
o God. 1 
 .' , ' 
"V. Grace is pour'd fort11 on thy LIps.- 
tR. ThereforeGod has blelIèd thee for ever. 
(lr Father, &c. 1 
,The Abjòlution. By the Prayers âE.d Merits; 

 follows Page 17. with tbe refl. 
:rhefé three pfalms are to b
. [aid ()n "T ednefday and 
I Saturday, at tbeNoéturn. 
r The..A.rith. Rejoice) 0 Virgin Mary, 
I pfalm 95. Can tate DominO'. 
11der the liter:al senfe uf this Pfalm, wIJich expreßès tbe grc,1t:' 
nefs of God, rais:t d infi1li
e/y above the Gods of the Nations; 
. nd viétorious over aU tbe Enemies of his people, all Interpre- 
ters 4gree, that in the PropheticJt Senft it contains tbe 

yJtery õf the cOIning of the Meffias, and of tbe eftab/iþJ- 
I ment of t!Je Kint,rlom !J Jefus Chrift, wbicb is his 
t -churcl1 upon tbe EartfJ. 
;-' log to our Lord a new Song, fing to our 
Lord all the Earth. 
Sing,;to'.our Lord, and blefs his Name: 
I\eclare his Salvation fro In , day- to day.. 
Declare his
Glory- among the Gentiles, 
:jÍs wonderful Works in all Nations. 
Becaufe our Lord "is great, and mott ,vor- 
thy of Praife; he is terrible above all Gods. 
Becaufe all the Gods of the Gentiles are 
Devils; b11t Ollr Lord Inade the Heavens. 
Frai1è and. Beauty ill his Sight, Holine1S 
and Magnifice.nce in his Sanfiification. 
Bring tù our Lord ye- Countries. of Gen- 
tiles) brirlg to our Lord Glory alw f-Ionour; 

14 The Office-of our B. Lady,' 
bring to our Lord the Glory of his Nat 
Take Sacrifices, and enter into his Cour 
Adore our Lord in 11is holy Courts. 
Let aU the Earth be lTIov'd before 
Face : 
 fay an10ng the Gelltiles,. onr Lc 
hath reign'd. · 
For he has correaed the whole. Wo: 
which f11all not be- mov'd;. he. wiI1 jUt 
:People with Equity
Let tIle Heavens. he glad, and' the Eat 
rejoice.; let the Sea be movJd, and the F 
nefs thereof 
 TIle Fields than be glad, a 
aU things. that are in them. 
Then fhaU al1 the Trees of the Woe 
1.ejoice before ,the' Face of our Lord, 
caufe l1e CaInes, beca.ufe he comes to jud 
I the Earth. 
I He will judge: the Earth in Eq.uity, a. 
People in his Truth. 
Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
The Antb. Rejoice, 0 Virgin .Mary, th. ' 

lone baft deftroy'd all HereÍÌes in t 
whole World. The Antb. V.ouchfafe. I 
pfi'llm. 96. Dominus-: regnavit. J 
It is probable tbat David 1 ade this Pralm after f(ìtne fig 
'lJiélory gain=-d upon his enemies, for which he magnifies I 
power and ,nercy of God. At tbe fame time be does v 
Elainly fortte/ the eftab/ißJment of the fpirituat Kingdom 
T efùs Chrift. And he exhorts aU 
[en to prepare tbetnfel- 
for it, by hatred to Sin, and IDve to 1uftice., 
O UR Lord has reign"d; let the Ear
. rejoice, let Inany lí1ands be glad. 

, t MattilJS. I) 
j A Cloud and Darknefs is r
und abou Juftice. and Judgment IS the Cor- 
aion of his, Seat. 
Fire {ban go before hiln
. and filalI. burn 
is Enemies round about. 
I His Ligh tning fhin'd to the w 110le Earth; 
I ne Earth favv, and was mov'd. 
The Mountains melted as Wax before 
he F.ace of our Lord: before the Face of 
/ur Lord an the Earth.. 
r The Heavens have declar'd his J uftice, 
/nd all People have feen his Glory. 
I Let thein an be confounded, that adore 
r raven Tllings_; alld tllat glory ill their 
Adore hi-In aU ye his J.t\ngels: SiOll. heard 
'lnd was glad. 
I And the Daughters of Juda rejoic
Jecaufe of, thy J.udgments, 0 Lord. 
Becaufe thou, Lord, art mof! higI1 over 
aU the Earth: thou .art highly exalted a- 
bove aU Gods. 
You, who love our Lord, hate Evil: our. 
Lord keeps the Souls of.his Saints; out 
of- the Hand of the Sinner he will deliver 
Ligh t is rifën to the J uft, and Joy to the 
right of Heart. 
Be glad ye j,uft in our Lord; and con- 
fefs to, the Memory of his San[tificationG 
Glory be to the Father, t1c. 
Tbe A/it!;. Vouchfate t11at I may praire 

10 "1lJe ulþce "'oj our B. Lady, I 
thee, 0 facred Virgin.: gi ve ,ine Force agaj[ 
. thy Enell1ies. 
The Anth. Thou didft remain.. 
Pfll'lm 97. Canta'tè Domino. 
This' P faltn feems to IJ.tve been m
 upon the fal11e occafion 
"pon tbe fame [ubjefl with the laft, and bJS the fame fpi 
'tual and prophetic 
 tneaning. :' 
S Ing to oUi-Lord a ne\v Song,: ,becaufe ] 
has done wonderful Thing-s.s 
His Right Hand and. his Holy Arm ha' 
\vroughr Salvation to himfelf. -\p 
Our Lord has made kl10wn his Salvati ! 
in. the flg11t.of the Gentiles, 11ehas.reveal 
l1is J uftice. 
I-Ie has relnenlbred his Mercy, and h 
Truth, to the Haufe of [[rael. ., 
All the Ends of the Earth have:" f
en tJ 
Salvation of our God
Make ye Joy to God, all the Earth; fin 
and rejoice, and fing PfallTIs. 
Sing to our Lord on the Harp; on t] 
I Harp, and with Voice of FfaIm, on t] 
Trumpet of. Metal; an(\ with the Voice t 
the Trumpet of Hor.n. 
 f . 
r Make Joy in the fight of the King 01 
Lord; let the Sea be lllOV'd, and the Fl 
t}efs thereof, ,the Earth, and tl1ey that d\v( 
The Riv-ers {ball applaud.; the Mountai. 
likewife fhall rejoice .at the Sight .,of 01 
Lord, becaufe he C0111eS to judge the Eart 
T-Ic will judge :the Earth in jijftice, 3r 
tl1cø People in Equi ty._ G 10J 

lattinI.\ ) 1 
lory be to the Father, f5 c. . t 
' rbe Anth. Tholl didft rClnain an Immacù- 
2e Virgin after thy Child-bearing: 0 Mo- 
r of God, pray for U5
i . Grace is pour'd forth on thy Lips. . 
R. Therefore God 11as bleíred thee forev'e

\lr Father, 
"c. · 
r v. And lead us not into 
IR. But deliver us froln Evil. . 
, 'J1]e .Abhlution. 
;) Y the 'Prayers and Merits of the Ever- 
:.J blel1èd Virgin ],fary, and of all the 
laints, may our Lord condud us to the King- 
:om of Heaven. R. Amen. 
fI:. Father, vouchfafe us a Bleffing
[ The BleJlÌizg. Maÿ the V^irgin :Uary) with 
,Ier pious Son, blefs us. R. Amen. 
, TfJe Firft LeJ1òn. Eccle( 2.4. .. . 
N all things I fought Reft, and I iliall a. 
hide in the Inheritance of our Lord
rhen the Creator of all, commanded and 
raid to Ine, and he that' created me, refted 
in my Tabernacle: And he faid to me, In- 
habit, in 'J-ilcob, and inherit in lJr a e!, and ! 
take Root. in iny Eleéì. But thou, Lord, 
have mel.CY upon us.. 
v. Thanks be to God. R. 0 Holy and 
Immaculate 'Tirginity, I. know not witll 
\vhat Praifes to extol thee: Becaufe whom 
the Heavens could not contain thou baft 
born in thy Womb. v. Blellèd art thou a- 
mong WOlnen, and bleffed- is the _Fruit of 

I ð IJe uJPce OJ our 15. L'd-aJ, I 
thy Womb. Becaufe whom 'the Hea'
could not conta-- n, t ou' haft born in, J) 
WOlnb. t ' 
r. - Fa ther vouchfafe us a Bleffing. ,. 
Tbe Bleffing. May the Virgil1 of Vir
ì1ake lntercefiion for us to our Lord. 
R. Alnen. 
'I1Jé Seconl Leffon. 
A N D fo in Si'JÎl was I efiablilh'd, é d 
in the fal1ttified ..City likevrife I 1 '. 
ed, and my Power "vas- in Je !f lenL; . d 
I tool{ Root ill an Ilonourable People, (I
in the Portion of my God his Inheritan
and Iny abiding is. in t.he fun Atfembly
Saints: But tll0U, Lord, have mercy Ul r 
.'''' n"-.J.,,, _ ,,.
 t.... '" .. - "'" - .J · 
. .Á."t:.!\.,
 uc; tU \:rOUe.. 
r. Bleífed art thou, 0 Virgin Mary, W 
haft born the Lord; Creator of the Wor · 
Thou haft brought fortll.J1im, that mC'f 
thee, and ever remaineft a Virgin. r. H' 
Mary, fun of Grace, our Lord is with the: 
Thou Ilafi brought forth him, that m, 
tl1ee, and ever lllaineft a Virgin. 
When Tc Deum is [aid: In the end of t 
Refpol1jary .is [aid. V. Glory be to tl1e ]\. 
ther, and to the Son, al1d to the Holy GI1.e 
Tl10u haft brougl1t forth, 11im, that m, 
thee, and ever relnaineft a Virgin. 
r. Father vouchfafe us a Bleffmg. 
The B/ejJìng. May our Lord, througI1 1 
Virgin-Mather's lnterceffion, grant us S < 
\ration a.nd Peace. R. Alnen. 

lrfattÎJlS. 19 
 'rhe 'I1JirJ LeJ1ò

 Am - exalted. as a Cedar' in Libdl11fS, and 
as a Cy.prefs-tree in Mount Sion. As a 

, l11m-tree in Cades alTI I exalted. And a a 
/' Jfe"plant in Jericho, as_ a fair Olive-tree 
;, i the Fields, and as a Plane-tree by the Wa... 
ir, in the Streets am I. exalted. I gave an 
Idour as Cinnalnon and Arolnatical Balm, 
J. chofen Myrrh have I given the Sweetnefs, 
I Jf Odour; but thou, 0 Lord, have Inercy- 
nus. R. Thanks be to God. 
TfJe Refpon[ory fol/owing is to be omitted when Te D
is [aid. 
if R. 'thou art truly happy, .0 facred Vir
:,in }rIary., ançltDofi: ,v.orthy. all Praife; .be- 

llfc out of thee is rifen the S,un of J uftice, 
hrift our God. r. Pray for the Peop]e; - 
lead in Behalf of the Clergy; lnake Inter- 
eftìon for the devout Female Sex.: Let alJ 
, eople perceive thy Affiftance, who cele- 
Jrate thy Holy Commellloration: Becaufe 
Jut of thee is riièn the Sun of J ufiice, Chrift 
Dur God. A 
. 'Glory be to -the Father, and to the. 
Son, f1c. Becaufe 9ut of tllee is rifen, .f;'c. 

'If1e Hymn, Te Denm; following, 'nay be [Jid, if yot/. 
1 ea fe, from Chri1l:mas, to Septuagefima Sunday, and 
"YO!l'J Eafier-Day, to Advent.; .And when it is {aid, tbe. 

lrd Ref
onfory is omitted, and in tbe Second Refpon- 
lory, Glöry be to the Father, is f.tid as above. But;lt 

dvent, and from Septuagefima to Eafter, it is not faid
'xce/t on Ihe Fe,zfts of tbe B. Virgin Mary., 


20 Tbe Office of 'our B: Lådy, 
The Hypm of S. Ambrofe and S. Altguj 
Te DeUln L:'aitdämllj. 
THee, So
'raign God, our grateful Accents pJ 
'" e own thee,Lord,& bIefs thy wondrous v ! 
To Thee, Eternal Father, Eàrth'''s whole Frame 
With loudeft Trumpets founds immortal Fame I 
l.ord, God of Holls! for Thee the hea\""nly Pov 
With founding Ambefns fin thy vaulted Tow"rs; 
Thy Cherubill1s thrice Holy, holy,. holy, cry: !... 
Thrice Holy an the.Seraphims reply: (pI; 
And thrice. returning Ecchoss endlefs Songs fu : 
Both Heav"n and Earth thy Majefiy difplay: . f l 
They own their Beau ty to thy glorious Ray. 
Thy Praifes fill the loud A"ponles Quire: 
The Train of Prophets in the Song confpire.:- I' 
legions of Martyrs in the Chorl!s fhine : 
· 1 .f:. k e. 1ft 
And vocal Blood "11th voca MUIIC JOIn. 
By thefe thy Church infpir
d with heav"nly Art;, 
Around the "?lorld maintains a Second Part; 
And tunes her fweetefi: Notes, 0 God, for Thee, 
The Fath
r of unbounded- Majeffy, 
The Son ador
d Co.partner of thy Seat, . 
And eq ual everlafii ng Paraclete. k 
Thou Kin
of Glory Chrift: of the li10ft hig . 
Thou co-eternal filial Deity. 
Thou, who to fave the W orldss Í1l1pending Doo , 
ft to d\vel1 within a Virgin
s W ornb. 
Old" Tyrant Death difãrm
d ; before Thee flew 
The Bolts ofHeav
n, an-d back the Foldings dret 
"Tò give accefs and make the Faithful way: 
s' Riß.ht Hand thy filial Be'amsidifplay

f at Lauâs. 21 

1.1 art to judge the Livi ng and the Dead: 
.hlt fpare thofe Souls for whom thy Veins have 
tee us up amongfi: the Blefi above (bled

hare \\'ith them thy everlafiing Love. 
'Ir erve, 0 Lord, thy People, and inhance 
" Bleffing qn thy own Inheritance. 
oever raife their Hearts and rule their ways.: 
:a)-:"Day we blets T'hee, and proclaim thy Praife. 
VAge fnaU fail to celenrate thy Name: 
'. Hour negleét thy everla{Hng Fame. 
) ferve our Souls, ..0 Lord, this Day from IlL: 
.r te mercy on us, Lord, have mercy Hill. 

,we have hop
dJ do thou reward our pain; 

ve hop'd in thee, let not our hope be vain


At L A U D S. 
Ncline unto my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help me. ç_ 
Glory be to the Father., and to the 
n, e5c. 
The. Alltb. Mary is taken rip. T 
Pfalm 92. Dominus regnavir. ...-rt 

 Author of this Pfa/m repre{enu God's everlafti,n,g Kingdom; 
Jets forth his Power, and tbe Trutb of his PromiJes. 
) UR Lord has reign'd, he has put o'n 
Beauty: our Lord has put on.Strength, 
ld .girded hhnfelf. 
For he has efiablith'd the' Globe of tIle.. 
arth, which than 110t be mov'd. 
From that Time was thy Seat prepar'd, 
IOU art from Everlafting" t. 
- . Tne 


22 The Office of ou B. Lady, 
The Rivers, 0 Lord, have lifted t 

.the Rivers have lifted up their Voice. 
The Rivers have lifted up their Wa,l, 
from the oice of lnany Waters. 
'Marvel1ous are the Rifin"gs of the 5,: 

 marvellous .is our Lord - on high. 
Thy TeftiITIOnies are made very credib . 
Holinefs becomes th.y Houfe, 0 Lord, 1 
lengtll of. days-. 
Glory be to the.-Father, t!
. I 
The Antb. Mary IS taken up Into Heave: 
::the Angels re.oice, and with ..-Praifes bi 
',our Lord. 
The A1Jth. The Virgin MtlY'. . 
Pflzlm 99. J ubHate Deo. I 
tm! is a FraIm of Praifê and Than
fgiving, which invites 
the People of tbe Earth to enter into the holy Telnple; wI. 
tnyftica!ly nd truly is the Church of '''rift. 
Ake ye Joy to God all the Earth, rCl > 
. . our Lord in G ladnefs. 
Enter i11 before his Sight with Joy. 
Kno\v, that th
 Lord is God, he made 1 
and not we our [elves. , 
His People, and the Sheep of his Pafiu; 
enter into 11is Ga tes in Confeffion, his Caul:' 
with HYlnns, confefs ye to hiln. 
Praife his NalTIe, becaufe our .Lord 
f\veet, his Mercy for ever, and his Trut 
even frOlTI Generation to Generation. 
Glory bè to the Father, tic. 
The Anth. The Virgin Mary is taken -., 
into' the Heavenly Challlûcr, where t] 

a "Lauds. 2 3 

 i;g of Kings 
fits on his fiarry 'Throne. 

be Allth. We run after. tIle Odour. 
; aIel 62. .Deus Deus .mens, ad te de 
, . luce vigilo. 
noft, pdrt cf the InterpreterS .apply 'rbi) PJjlm to the 

ne_'()f Saul, a J be:ieve that David made it wht1J 
fled ,into the Defirt of siph, 'to avoid Saurs Fllry. 
 (onle are of opinion it may' h.z1.le blen ,nade in the 
j'l1e of Abfalom) Revolt, when he WJS /ikewife forceJ*' 
2 retire into a Defèrt. He deplores bis Exile, and his 
fence [roln the Tabernacle and the Ark: At the f..ln:e 
Ime confiders in a higher Senft his Ab{ence from bis true 
l)Untry, wbich is Heaven: And therefore the Prayer which 
makes is very proper for aU the 3'uft, wbo JOf)
is Life but as a BaniflJment. 
God Iny God: to thee I watch from 
the Morning Light. 
\1y Soul has thirí1ed after thee: my Flea) 
IJ very many \vays. 
{ls in a Defart Land, and i nacceffible, and 
Ithout'Vater: fo in the Holv Place have 
ppear)d to thee, that I might behold thy 

ength and thy Glory. 
Becaufe thy Mercy is better that1 Life, my 
ps f11alJ prai fe thee. 
50 výil1 I ble(
 thee in my Life, and in thy 
me I \vil11ift .up my Hands. . 
t\.s f\vith Marrow and Fatnefs let my Soul 
fil1'd, qnd, Iny Mouth1hal
 praife with Lips 
If I have',been mindful of thee on my 
1; in the Morning I will meditate on 
e;' bccaufe thou haft been I1!.Y Helper. 

24 TlJe Office oj .our B. Lady, l 
And under the Cov,er of thy Wings :, 
will r
joice, my Soul has cleav'
fter. the
,thy RIght Halld 11as "taken me unaer 11 
Proteð:ion (, 
.But they in va-in have fought my,So\:J ( 
they íhall enter 'into the lower Parts of tl l 
,Earth: they fhall be deliver'd into the PO
of the Sword; rhey thall be the }JortlOl' ' 
"of .IFoxes. I 
.But the King.thall rejoice in God, aU ill:; 
be prais'd that [wear on him; becaufe tl; 
Mouth of thofe that [peak wicked thinr 
is ftopp'd. 
. - , " 
Pf1lm 66. Dell
 Inlfereatur noftri. 
tfJi! Pralln feemJ to have been tnade "",hen the If raelites 21'4! 
going, but not gone out of Ba bylon. All the Interpret' 
agree, tb.'lt it repreftnts, in 'the fpiritual Sen[e, the ardl , 
defire which the Propbet had to the cOIning of" the Meffiê, 
anJ tlJe Redemption of Manljt!d, "according to what Jef 
Ch rift [aiel to his Difcip/es, that lnJYlJ Prophets and 111
Kir:gs had defired to fie wbjt they raw, but bad not [een I 
G 'O D have -mercy on us, ånd blets [ 
 l1is Countenance to íhine upc. 
tIs, and have Inercy on tIS. 
hat \ve lTIay know thy way, on Eart I 
thy Salvatio'11, in all Nations. 
Let People, 0 God) confers to tllee, l 
aU People praife thee. I 
Let Natiol1S be glad, and rejoice, becau , 
tll0U judgeíl: People with Equity, and è " 
rcftefi: the Nations on the Earth. 
Let People, 0 Gqd, confefs to thée l 

ar LaUaS. 2
all People praife thee: the Earth has 
I)lded her Fruit. 
day God, our God, blefs us; may God 
fs us, and may all the Ends of the Earth 
f r hiln. 
Glory be to the Father, f
c. .. 
The Álltb. \Ve run after the Odour of thy 
intments, young Virgins have lov'd thee 
eceedingl y . 
The Antb. Thou, Daughter, art bleiTed. 
The Song of the Three Cbildren, Da.n. 3. 
LL the Works of our Lord blefs our 
Lord; praife and extol hilll for ever., 
Blefs our Lord ye Angels of our Lord; 
, Heavens bIers our Lord. 
I All Waters, that are above the Heavens,' 
efs ye our Lord; blefs our Lord all ye 
owers of our Lord. 
Sun and Moon blefs our Lord: Stars of 
leaven bIers our Lord. 
I Showers and Dew bJefs our Lord : all 
pirits of God blefs our Lord. 
Fire and Heat blefs our Lord: Cold and 
;tUmlner blefs ()ur Lord. 
l Dews and Hoary Froft bIers our Lord: 
roft and Cold blefs our IJord. 
1 Ice and Snow blefs our Lord: Nights and 
)ays blefs our Lord. 
: Light and Darknefs blefs our Lord: Light- 
1ings and Clouds bIers cur Lord. 
Let the Earth blefs our Lord; let it praife 
lnd extol hitn for ever. 
C 1\101111'" 

26 The Office of our B. LaJ.y, 
Mountains and I-lills bIefs our Lord: al 
things that fpring in the Earth blefs oU: 
Blefs out Lord ye Fountains: Seas an< 
Rivers blefs our Lord. 
Whales, and all that rTIove in the Water
blefs our Lord: bIefs our Lord all ye Fo"vl 
of the Air. 
All BeaIts and Cattel ble(
 our.. Lord : Son 
of Ivlel1 bIers our Lord. 
Let [[rael bIers our Lord; praife and ex 
tol hin1 for ever. 
Priefts of our Lord blefs our Lord: Set 
vants of our Lord blefs our Lord. 
Spiri ts . and Souls of the J uft bIers ou 
Lord: ye Holy and HUlnble of Heart bIe! 
our Lord. 
Ananias, Azarias, Mifael, blefs our-Lord 
praife and extol hilll for ever. I 
Let us Glels the Father, and the Son, wit' 
the I-fply Ghofi: let us prailè and magnjfi.
Ilill1 tor e 7er. I 
Ble11ed at::-t thCtu, Lord, in the Firmamen I 
of l-Ieaven, and prai
'd; and glorified, and ex, 
toll'd for ever. 
The Antb. Thou, 02ughtcr, art blctTed 0 1 
our Lord: Fo; Ly thee w(:. have partaker 
of the }'ruit of Life. 
Tl'f Jillt b. T 4 hou 2rt- fair. 
fl/ I J' '+8. T...a Udd te Dorni n un1 de 'ælisf\ 

/rr: -'-tP"aIlCret.fu1", t)leJ'e fa thr:p}aJt:s 

OJ (;. 

1-'\ 1-"'- i r 

! .LunUJ. 
'Raife our Lord from the Heavens, praife 
hiln in the high Places. 
Praife hilD an his Angels, praife him all 
l powers. 
:rraife him, Sun and Moon, praife him all 
iStars and Light. 
:Praiiè hiln, 0 Heavens of Heavens, and 
the Waters, that are above the Heavens, 
IjlÎfe the Name of our Lord. 
IBecaufe he fpake, and they were made; 
commanded, and t11ey were created. 
He eftabli1h'd them for ever, World with- 
tEnd: He made a Precept, and it ihal1 not 
Praffe our Lord frolll the Earth, ye Dra- 
>ns, and all Depths. 
I Fire, Hail, S110W, Ice, tempeftuous Winds, 
ihich obey his Word. 
; Mountains and aU Hil1s, Trees that bear 
Iruit, and all Cedars. 
Beaíts and all Cattle: Serpents and '\ling- 
1 Fowls. 
Kings of the Earth, and all People, 

S, and an Judges of the Earth. 
Young Men and Virgins, the Old \vith 
1e Young; let them praife the NalTIt,'of 
ur Lord, becaufe his Nalne alo11e is exal- 


The Confefficn of hilTI is above Heaven 
nd Earth, and he has exalted the Horn of 
is People. 
A Hymrl to all his Saill
s) to the Sons 
C 3 of 

 Tbe Office of our B. Lady, 
of IJrael, a' People that approaches to hil1 
Pfa/'ll 149- 
tbis Pralln a/[o invites tlJe I{rae/ites to fing the Prai{es of G( I I 
nJ foretels, that tbey jball prevail O1;er their Enetn;es. 
S IN G to our Lord a new Song, let h! 
Praife be in the Church of Saints. I 
Let Ifrael be joyful in hitn that Inade hit t 
and tIle Children of Sio}} rejoice ill thei 
King. I 
Let thenl praife his Nanlc in Quire: c 
Timbrel and Pfalter let rheIn fing to hil l ' 
Becaufe our Lord is ,vel) pleas'd \vith h i 
Feople, and lIe \\liB exalt the Meek to S, 
vation. I 
The Saints ihall rejoice il1'Glory, th, 
fhaU be joyful in their Beds. 
The Praife of God í11al1 the 
Mouths, and t\VO - edg'd Swords in thE: 
I-lands.' I 
To execute Revenge on the Natiol 
Chafiifemcnts aillong the Peop]e. I 
To bind their ICings in Fetters, and th,. 
N abIes it Chains of Iron. J 
That they Inay execute on them the J uc
ment that is written: this Glory is to ;1 
Ilis Saints. 
Pfa/ln 150. Laudate Dominuin in Santti 
'If,is Pfa/ln is upon the fame Subjeél witb tbe fortner 
ai{:a o
: Lord in his S
ints, praife h 
In the ];'lrlnament qf hIS Strength. l 
Pr3 1 

 .LanaI. '29 
 Praife hìn1 in þis Powers, praife hilTI ac- 

rding. to the Multitude of his Greatnefs. 
I Praife hiln in the Sound of TrUlnpet,praife 
, }In on Pfalter and Harp. 
: Praife him on Tin1brel,and in Quire,praifc 

 m on Strings and Organs. 
. Praife hitn on ,vell- founding Cymbals, 
. .aife hitn on CYlnbals of Joy, let every 
,pirit praiíè our Lord. 
I Glory be to the Father, f1c. 
I The Antb. Thou art faÌr and cOlnely, 0 
)aughter of Jerufalem, terrible as an Arn1Y 
;at in order of Ba ttel. 
The Chapter, Cant. I. 
IT HE Daughters of Sion beheld her, and 
declared her moil Ble1fed, and Queens 
la ve pra i fed her. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
t The H Y M N. 0 gloriofa Virginufn. 
. 0 Mary.' whilft thy Maker bleft 
/ Is nourifh'd at thy Virgin Breafl, 
ISuch Glory {hines, that Stars lefs bright 
iBehold thy Face, and loie their Light. 
r The Lois that Man in Eve deplores 
/ Th y Fruitful Womb in Chrift refiores, _ 
And makes the 'Yay to Heaven free 
,Iì'or thofe that n10urn, to fol1o\v thee. 
By thee the Heavenly Gates difplay 
And íhew the Light of endlefs Dav: 
Sing ranfoln'd Nations, fing and o\vn, 
Your Ranfom was a VirgiIl's Son. 
e 3 1vlay 

30 The Office of our B. LadJ
1\ ay Age to Age for ever fing 
The Virgin's Son and Angels King; 
And praife with the Celeitial Hoft I 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. Al11cn l 
JI". Ble1fed art thou among Women. 
.R. And bletrcd is the Fruit of thy Worn 
The AlltlJ. 0 blefièd Mathel- of God. 

In t!Je riffle of rafter, Anth. Triumph 0 Q!teen. 
T/;e SViig of acl1. Luke I, 
t Lcffcd be our Lord God of Ifr cl, b 
 cauie he has vi1ited and wrought tl 
Redclnption of his People. I 
And rais'd up a KingdoITI of Sa]vation 1 
us, in the Houfe of David; his Servant. 
As he fpoke by the Mouth of his Ho1 
Prophets that are from the Beginning. I 
Salvation from our Enelnies, and froJ
the Hand' of an that hate us. I 
To work Mercy with our Fathers, ani 
to reIl1ember his I-Ioly Covena11t. I 
The Olth, which he ['\Tore to Avrahad 
our Father, that he would grant himfe:
to us, f 
That without Fear, being deliver'd fror 
the Hand of our Enemies, we may ferv 
hi In, , 
In Holinefs and J uftice before him aU au 
And thou, Child, {halt be call'd the Pre 
phet of the Highe11:: for thou filait go b(1 
ç{'\ t e 


/re the Face of our Lord to prepare his 
1T ays, 
To give Kno'\Tledge of Salvation to his 
icople, for Remiffion of their Sins. 
Through the Bowels of the Mercy of our 
i;.od; in which the Rifing SUll from on 
!dg h has vi fi red us. 
I To enlighten them that fit in Darknefs, 
Ind in the Shadow of Death: to direEt our 
eet in the Way of Peace. 
; Glory be to the Father, t
j The Antb. 0 blef1ed Mother of God, MtZ- 
/7, perpetual Virgin, Temple ('f our Lord, 
the Sanftuary of the Holy Ghoft, thou alone 
iwithout Example didft pleafe our Lord Je- 
:fus Chri11: : pray for the People, plead in 
ibehalf of the Clergy, make IntercefiìOl1 for 
Ithe devou t FClnale Sex. 
The Anth. in Ti,ne of Eafier. 
T Riumph, 0 Queen of Heav
n, to fee Alleluj.:. 
The iacred Infant born of thee, AUeluja.. 
Return in Glory fron1 the Tomb, Alieluja. 
And with thy Prayers prevent our Doom. Alle/uj4 ø 
Lord have nlercyon us. ChI ift l1ave mercy 
on us. Lord have 111ercy on us. v. Lord 
hear 111Y Prayer. R. And let my Cry COl1le 
to thee. 
Let us Pray. 
o God, who wouldft have thy '\Tord take 
Fle111 in the \Volnb of the Bieffed Virgill I 
J.lary, according to the Declaration of the I 
Angel; grant us thy Suppliants) that we, 
C 4 who j 

32 The Office of
 our B. Lady, 
who truly believe her to be the Mother ( 
God, may find Favour with thee, by her IL 
terceffion : Thro' the faine Chriftour Lor(' 
- For tbe 
aints. I 
The Af2th. AU ye SaInts of God, vOlle]' 
fafe to Inake Interceffion for the Salvatio 
of us, and of an. J7. Ye J uft rejoice it1 ot: 
Lord, alld be exceeding glad. R. And gl(' 
ry aU ye right of J-Ieart. 
Let us pray. 
Pr.oteét, 0 Lord, thy people, and If 
the Confidence ,ve have in the Interceffio \ 
of thy Bleffed Apoftles, Peter al1d Paul, an 
of thy other Apofiles, prevail witll thee, t, 
preferve and defend tIS for ever. I 
Mayan thy Saints, 0 Lord, we befeec 
thee, every where affift us, that \vhilft wi 
celebrate their Merits, we may be fenfibI' 
of their Protetlion: Grant us thy Peac' 
in - our Tilnes, and repel all WickedneJ' 
froll1 thy Church, profþeroufly guide th; 
Steps, At1:ions and Defires of us and aU th,: 
Serval1ts in the way of Salvation: Giv, 
eternal Bleffings to thofe who have don I 
good to us, and everlafting Refi. to th, 
Faithful departed: 'rhro' our Lord Jefu 
Chrift thy Son, 
R. Amen. 
]/. Lord hear my Prayer. 
.R. And let Iny Cry come to thee
. Blefs we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 

. MaVI 

t.. V .L.J U,.,'- '-"'.J . " , 
:e: P. May the Souls of the Faithful, thro' 

:. e Mercy of God, reft in Peace. R. Amen. 
. If here tfJe Office be ended) tbat which follows is [aid; otber.. 
4., "'Jfê, if any otber Hour follow!, in tlJe end of tbe 'aft Hour, fay, 
'lr Father, wlJolly in fécret. 
.. r. May our Lord give us his Peace. R. 
nd Life everlafiing. Alnen. 
Here (M olIo at tbe en! ofComplin) one of the Anth
j'lowin,g is {.Ûd 
nee/ing, exctpt on Sundays and in Eafier 
jl1e, wlJen they are {aid ftandjr;g, in Memory of chrift:J s Re-. 
, Froln tbe Purification to tbe Complin olEafier Eve. 
I The Anthem. Ave Regina Cælorum. 
fJ I Äi1 fhining Queen of the Celefiial Train, 
[ 03er Angel-Pow 3 rs extend thy brighter Reign. 

ail fruitful Root of Life: Hail Orient Gate: 
f. !
rom whom Earth:J s better Light derives its Date. 
1) glorious Maid rejoice: alone po1fefs 
.The highefi Seat of Creatures Happinefs. 
And crown'd \\lith Beauty, thence, implore thy Son 
To grant our Prayers from his indulgent Throne. 
P. Vouchfafc that I Inay praife thee, 0 
racred Virgin. Ii. Give 111e Force againft 
thy Enenlies. 
Let us Pray. 
Trengthen us, 0 God of Mercy, againft 
all our 'Veaknefs, and grant that \Vc who 
:élebrate the Memory of the Bleffcd '7 irgin 
"Alary, Mother of our Lord, may by the 11f. 
[inance of her Prayers, for(qke ail our Ini- 
:juities: Thro> the [aIDe Chrift our Lord. 
R. Amen. 
May the Divine Help always relnain V\Tith 
llS.. R. Amen" C 5 Fran 

34 Tbe Office of our B. Lady, 
Froln tbe Com plin of Eafier Eve to fhe Ninth Hotlf of 
Trinity Eve. 
The Antbem. 
T Riumph 0 Queen of Heav'n, to fee AUe!uj
The Sacred Infant born of thee, AUeluja. 
Return in Glory from the Tomb, AUe/llja. 
,jth thy Prayers prevent our Doom. A1Jeltlj
v. Rejoice arId be glad, 0 Virgin Ma
AUeluja. R. Becaufe our Lord is truly rife: ! 
AUeluja. 4 
Let us Pray. 
O God, who has vouchfafed to rejoic 
the World by the Refurrcttion of ü,! 
S011, our Lord J efus Chrift: Grant we b! 
feech thee, that by the Interceffion of h I 
J\1other the Virgin Mary, we may obtai I 
the Joys of eternal Life: Thro' the faIr 
Chria our Lord. R. Amell. 
I: May the Divine Help, es"c.
Fronz tbe COl'nplin on Trinity Eve, to Advent. 
The Antheln. Sal'ZJ3 Regina Mater, &c. 
J Ail happy Q!1een: Thou Mercy's Parent, har 
Life, IIope, and Comfort of this earthly Val' 
To theè Eve's wretched Children raife their Cry, 
1 n Sighs and Tears to thee ,we Su ppliants fly. 
.Rife glorious Ad vocate exert thy Love, 
And let our Vow.s thofe Eyes of Pity move.. 
o StAFeet, 0 Pious Maid! For us obtain, 
For us who long have in our Exile lain, ; 
To fee thy Infant Jefus, and with him to reign. _ 
JT. Pray for us, 0 Holy Mother of Goe 
R. That we 111ay be made worthy of th 
'P'9ntn j ft

 ()f C'h,.i It - r 


I Let us PrllJ. 
I}\ Lmigllty, Eternal God, who, by the 

 Co-operation of the I-laly Ghoft, didft 
:' I prepare the Body and Soul of the Glori
J, 15 Virgin Mary, that file Ini6ht deCerve to 
t made the worthy Habitatiol1 of thy Sc 1 : 
rrant, that we, who rejoice if} her COIn- 
lelTIOration, 111ay, by her pious I:1terceffi()!l, 
e deliver'd frOITI prefent Evils, and ever- 
fting Death: Thro) the fame Chrift our 
l...ìord. R. Amen. J 
I fT. May the Divine Help, e5c. 
1 - 



At P R I }'1 E. 
Hail MarYa 
Ncline unto my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, Inake 11afte to help me. 
I Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
i As it "vas in the Beginning, f1c. 
The H Y M N. MeJJzento rerttrn COizditor. 
Enlelnber, You, 0 gracious Lord, 
Th' eternal God's Co-equal Word) 
In Virgin's Womb a Creature Inade 
Our Nature ,vore for Nature's l\id. 
q happy Mary cho1è to be 
Mot11er of Grace and Clemency! 
Prote[t us at the Hour of Death, 
And bear to I-Ieaven our parting Breath. 
1vlay Age to Age for ever fing 
'The Virgin's Son and }\.ngcl
And praife with the Celel1ial I-Iol! 
The Father, 5011) an<11101y G hoit. A,Í7elt. 

36 Tile OjJlre OJ our B. Lady, 
The Anth.. Mary is taken up. 
pfalrn 53. Deus in nomine tuo. 
David feeing himfelf furrounded by tbe TroopI of Saul, .)t 
w.zs advertiftd by tbe InlJabitants of ziph, tbar David h 
made bi! retreat in their Country, offered his Prayer to G 
ín [0 extretne danger, out of wbicfiJthe Divine Power COli 
only refèue !Jim. 
O God, fave Ine by thy Name, aQd-by tt 
Strength judge me. I 
o God, hear IllY Ptayer; with thy Ea:1 
receive the Words of my Mouth. 
Becaufe St
angers have rifen up again 
" me, alld the Strong have fought IllY Sou] 
and they have not fet God before their Eye l l 
For behold, GÇ>d helps Ine, and our Lor 
is the Proteaor of my Soul. 
Tyrn a\vay the Evils to my E-nell1ies, an 
in thy Truth deftroy them. 
I \vill freely facrifice to thee, and wï: 1 
confefs to thy NalTIe, o ,Lord, becau[e it ji 
good. - I 
Becaufe thou haft de]iver'd me out. of a 
Tribulation: and my Eyes have.1ook'd dow1i 
Up011 Inine Enelnies.. I 
Glory be to the Father, f5'c. . 
PIal;;; 84. Benedixiili DOlnine. 
This P{d!tn tnay be [.lid to cOY'tain a double PreJiélion, viz. 0 
. tl-:e return troln tbe Captivity of Ba by Ion; an

 of tbe ge 
nera'redelrJption of Mank;nd, wlJ.icb WM to proceed fron 
the inc .lrnltion of the Word.. 
Lord, thou llaft blciTed thy Land 
\: thatl l1afi tl
rn'd away the Captivit\ 
ç CJ. I 
OJ. -J ä,C OlJ o 


{, r I tfltr;. , I 
Thõu haft forgiven the Iniquity of thy 
'eòple, thou haft cover'd an their Sins. 
I Thou ha1t moderated aU thy Wrath, thot! 
J fft. turn:d away. from the Wrath of thy 
, Convert us, 0 God our Saviour,".and turn 
'\vay thy Anger froIn us. 
Wilt thou 
 be angry with us for ever 
I)r wilt thou" extend thy Wrath froll1 Ge- 
leration to Generation? 
o God, thou being reconciled, ihalt 
!luicken us, and thy People íhaU rejoice in- 
She\\! us, 0 Lord, thy :rdercy, and gi\r.'e 
lIS thy S31vation. 
I will hear \vhat our Lord God 111al1 fpeak 
'in Ine, becaufe he, will fpeak. Peace to his 
t People. 
And to his S:tint3 t and to thein that are 
I converted to the Heart. 
But his Salvation is near to them that 
fear him, that. Glory may inhabit our 
Mercy and Trutll h3ve lnet eacl1 other, 
J"uH:ice and Peace have kiffed. _ 
Tru th is rifen out of the Earth, and J u- 
ftice has look'd do\\rn froin Heaven. 
For our LGrd will give Plenty, and our 
Land íhal1 yield its Fl:uit. 
J uftice filall ,valk before hiln, and fet her 
St.eps in,. t le way. 
GJory be to the,F.a!tþe.r, f$'.cQ 


:> v .L fJt; UJJJ,L
 VJ OM. .Ii. Laay, 
PIa/rll I 16. Laudate Dominum. 
rbk P(alm û to he underftood of tb
 vocation of the Gentil. 
and tbe uniting aU the People of "'he Earlh, 
ews and Ge 
tilef, in one Society, viz. The Cburcb of cbrift. 
. Raife our Lord al1 Gentiles, praife hir 
all People. ' 
Becaufe his Mercy is confirm'd on us; an 
l1is Truth relnains for ever. 
Glory be to the Father, t1c. 
The Alltb. Mary is takel1 up into Heaven 
tIle Angels rejoice, and: \vith Praifès ble1 
our Lordø 
The Chapter. Cant. 6. 
W HO is [he, that comes forth as thl 
Morning }
ifing, fair as. the Moon l 
a as the Sun, terrible as the Front of ar 
Arlny fet in order of Battel? R. Thank: 
be to God. 
f/. Vouchfafe that I may"praife thee, C\ 
Sacred Virgin. 
R. Give Ine Force againft thy Enemies. 
Lord have .mercy on us. Chrit1: 11aVt 
mercy 011 LS. Lord have n1ercy on us. 
. Lord hear my Prayer. 
R.. And let my Cry come to thee. 
Let us Pra". 
God, WI10 waft pleas'd to make choice 
- of the" chaft WOlnb of the BleíTed Vir- 
gi11 ß-lary, for thy Abóde: Grant we beíèech 
thee, that being p
otetted by the ,,-r\JTIHance 
of her Intercel1ìon, We Inay celebrate her 
Memory with a Spiritual Joy: \Vho liveft 
and reigneft) f!;"c. . 

if" ",Jf; .I. II J, f U .I.
 vn, . 


. Lord, .hear my Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
:-. BIers we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
v. May the Souls of !he F aithful, thro
1e Mercy of God,. rea In Peace. 
R. Amen. 
At the THIRD HOUR... 
Hail Mary. 
Ncline to my Aid, 0 Godo 
R. 0 Lord 111ake hafie to help me." 
Glory be to the Father, f.:fc. 
The H Y M N. Memento rerunz Condiror. 
t- Emember, Y Oil, 0 Gracious Lord, 
. Th' eternal God's'Co-equal Word, 
In Virgin's WOlnb a Creature l11ade 
Our Nature 'v ore for Nature's Aid. 
a happy Mary chofe to be 
Mother of Grace and Clemency! 
Prote[t us at the Hour of Death, 
And bear to Heaven our parting Breatho, 
I\fay Age to Age for ever fing 
The Virgin's Son and Angels King, 
And prai1è \vith the Celefiial Haft 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. A,nen. 
The Al1tb. The Virgin Mary. 
pfallll 119- Ad DominUln cum tribularer. 
This Pfall1l and fourteen more taat foUo'VI are called by tbe Title 
of Gr.tdllal, t
o> tbe reJ,fon does not appear wby they are [0 
calle1. I?:l vld feetns to bave t17ade this. P{al1n in tbe ti,ne 
CJf hIS banißJment j be begs of God to åelriJcr him from t 

 .J. fJ
 uJf1l.e OJ our ß. Laay, 
treachery of bis ene/nies, and deplores his exile at11or:gß-I>, 
b.lrous people. 
HEN I ,vas in Tribulation, I crif 
to our Lord, and he heard me. 
Lord, deliver Iny SOl1l from 'unjufi Lip 
and froIn a deceitful Tongue. 
What win be given, or what Recompen( 
can be made for a deceitful Tongue? 
The !harp Arro\vs of thc..migqty, \V
Coals of Defolation. 
"Toe is me,. that my'. Bàniihment is pr<1 
long'd; 111a-vc d\velt with the Inhabitant, 
of Cedar, Iny Soul has been long a Strange! 
'Vith thein that hated Peace, I ,vas pea
ablè: w hen I [poke to them, rIley OPPQs'! 
n1C Vvrithout. Cau.fe. 
Glory be .to the Father, 
As it was in-' the Beginning, ê;:'c. 
pIalrll 120. Levavi oC11105 Incas. 
The. Author of tbis P falln teachetlJ, tbat help is only to be ex. 
peéted fr()tn God, wbo always taf{es care 
f tbe safety of h; 
,Have lifted up my Eyes to the Moun 
a tains, from ..V\F hence Help fhall COln( 
to me. 
My Help is from our Lord, \vho madt 
Heaven alld Earth. 
Let hilTI not fuffer thy Foot to be mov'd 
nor let him fluinber that keeps thee. 
Lo, he iliall not f1ulnber nor fleep, tha1 
keeps Ifrael. 

 Our Lòrd keeps thee, our. Lord is thJ 
1>rotettion, on tllY Right Hand. 


ac J,f)tf .J. IJ/,ru nun,. '+'" 
'By Day the Sun filall not burn tI1ee) 1Ior 
 Moon by Night. 
Our Lord keeps thee from all Evil, Inay 
r Lord keep thy Soul. 
Let our Lord keep thy cOining in, and 
.y going out; fro In, henceforth) 110\V . 
ld for ever. 
Glory be to the Father, e$c. 
Pfalnl 121.. Lætatus futn
.is Pþltn in the literal [enfe, expre/ßi tfJe joy of the People 
I of Ifrael, wben tbey went to ójfer tbeir S.lcrifices Î1 
, Jerufalem; an.I in tbe fpiritual fènfe, it ought to he 
I apply)d to the defire tbe faitbful ßJould have, of entering 
into the heavenly Jerufale,m.._ 
I Rejoic'd at- thore things) which were 
faid to me; we thaIl go into the Houfè 
)f the Lord.- 
Our Feet were fianding in thy Courts". 
D 'Jerufalem. 
Jerufalenl, which is built as a City, 
wnofe Inhabitants are united together. 
For thither did the Tribes afcend, the 
Tribes of our Lord, the Tefiimonv of If 
rael; to praife the Name of Ollr Lård. 
Becaufe. Seats fat there in J udg.tnents, 
Seats upon the Houfe of Da'llid. 
Ask the-things that are for the Peace of 
1erufalem, and abundanc
 to them tha t 
love thee. 
Let Peace be tnade in thy Strength,.-and 
lbundance, in thy Towers. 
-. For 

42 TlJe Office oj our- B. Lady, 
For my Brethren, al1d my Neighbour 
fpoke Peace of thee, 
For the Haufe of the Lord our Goe 
have fought good things for thee. 
Glory be to the Father, f,5c. 
The Antb. The Virgin Mary is taken 
to ,the Heavenly Chaillber, ill which 1 
I{ing of Kings fits -on his Starry Throne 
ItJe cbJpter. EccIef: 2.4. 
A N D fo ill Sian was I Efl:ablifll'd, a' 
in the 110ly City likewife I refted, a, 
my Power ,vas in Jerufalen. I 
R. Thanks be to God. 
r. Grace is pour'd out on thy Lips. 
R. Therefore God has bleífed thee f 
ever. Lord 11ave mercy on us. Chrifi: ha 
mercy on us. Lord have mercy on us. 
. 0 Lord hear my Prayer.. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
Let us Pray. 
God, w.ho by the Fruitful Virgini 
of the Bleired Virgin Mary, haft give 
to l\'lankind, the Rewards of Etern 
Salvation: Grant, we befeech thee, th 
we may be fenfible of the Benefit of hi 
lnterceffion, by \\Thorn \ve have receiv 
the Author of Life, our Lord J efus Chri 
thy Son, who liveth and reigneth, t.!c. 
R. Amen. 
'. Lord, hear Iny Frayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
f: .BIcfs we our Lord. 

l?. ThanI

At tbe Sixt
} Hour. 'T3 
. 'thanks be to God. 
,May the Souls of the Faithful, thro' the 
;rercy of God, reft in Peace. Amen. 


fit the SIXTH HOUR. 
Hail J.fary. 
, [ Ncline unto my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help me.' 
Glory be to the Father) t1c. .A.Ueluj · 
'The H Y M N. ' Memento rerum Conditor. 
Emember, You, 0 gracious Lord, 
'1"h' eternal God's Co-equal W ord

n Virgin's womb a Creature made 
, '
ur Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
a happy Mar.'Y chofe to be, 
iMother of Grace and Clemency! 
,ProteEt us at the Hour of Death, 
And bear to Heav'n our parting Breath. 
May Age to Age for ever fing, 
The Virgin's Son, and Angels King, 
And praife with the Celeftial Hoft 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. 
The Anth. We run after. 
pfalm 122. Ad te Levavt 

i! pralm contains an exceUent Prayer made to God 1;) 
tbe juft, when tbey are oppreJ1ècl by tbeir Ent..lies. 
T o thee have I lifted up my Eyes; who 
. dwelleft in the Heaven3. . 
. Behold, as the Eyes of Servants, are on 
the Hands of their Mafters ; 
As the Eyes of the Handomaid, on the 
Hands of her Miftrefs: fo are our Eyes to 

44 be OJftce of our B..,Lady, 
our Lord God, until he have mercy on..l 
Have mercy on us, o Lord, have melf 
on us, becau1è we are overwhelln:ìd wj 
Becau1è our Soul is over\vhelm'd; . 
iug an Objetr of Reproach to fneh 
AboUIld, and of Contelnpt to the Proud
Glory be to the Father, f1c. 
Pfalm ] 23. Nifi quia DOlninus. 
'This Pf.1/m appe.trI to be a Tban
(2Jving, which the E 
phet put into the Þ[olttb of the Yews, after their reti 
from Babylon. 
B ll T that our Lord was with us, ] 
Ifrael now fay, but that our Lo 
was with us, 
When Mel1 rofe up again!ì: 
 us, perha 
they had fwallow'd us alive. 
When their Fury was rais'd againft t
perhaps the Waters had fwalIow'd us up. 
Our Soul has pa[s'd thro' a Torre
t, pfr 
haps our Soul had pafs'd thro
 an Into]' 
rabJe W'a ere 
Riefled be our Lord, who has not givf 
us for a Prey to their Teeth. 
Our Soul, as a Sparrow, is deliver 
frOlTI the Snare of the Fowlers. 
The Snare is broken, and \ve are' de] 
Our help is in the Name of the Lore 
who made Heaven and Earth. 
Glory .be. to the, Father) tSc. 


UJ, J, IJr; 1J'r/CJ ",J ß..J.vnf. 't) 
:.. ,Pfall1l 124. Qui confi:Iunt in Domino. . 
", itbi5 P[J/m, God declares hltn{e/f tbe Proteélor of [T,s 

I Peop'e -of Ifrael, and promiJèth to [upport theln againft 
II /zll tbeir Enelnier, w 1 JicIJ chiefly if to be underftood of 
'tl'e church, which comprehenis tbe true People .of GO'd, 
; and which out Lord bai prolni{ed to preftrve to the enJ 
;J of the Wórld. 
I Hey that .truft in our Lord, are as 
Mount Sio"1l; he fhal1 not be lllOV'd for 
fer that dwells in 1 eru fa!enz. 
!dountains round about it, and our Lord 
fra.und about his People, from henceforth, 
I.O'\', and for ever. 
I Becaufe OUi Lord \vil1 not leave the Rod 

 ))f Sinners on the Lot of the J uft; that the 
L,J uft extend not their Hands to Iniquity. 
I Do well, 0 Lord, to the good arid rjght 
øf Heart. 
, But our Lord will bring thofe that de.. 
tline to perverfe Ways, with them that 
'\vork Iniquity, that Peace may be upon 
Glory be to the Father, 'e;;'c. 
The Afltb. We run after the Odour of 
thy Ointments, young Virgins have lov'd 
thee exceedingly. 
The Chapter. Ecclef: 14- 
I Have take11 root in an honourable Peo- 
ple, and in the Portion of my God his 
Inheritance, and my Abode is in the full 
Aífembly of Saints. R. Thanks be to God. 
v. Bletfed art thou all10ng Women. 
R. And ble1fed is the Fruit of thy Womb. 

.f.tO .1 111: UJJI{,tf OJ OU D. Laay, 
Lord have mercy on us. Chrift have rn 
cyan us. Lord have Inercy on us. 
v. Lord hear Iny Prayer. R. And 
my Cry CQlne to thee. 
Let U.f Pray. 
S Trengthen us, 0 God of Mercy, agaí: 
all our Weaknefs, and grant that " 
,vho celebr
te the Memory of the bleßI 
Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord, m 
by the Affil1ance of her Prayers, forfake : 
our Iniquities: Thro'the fame Jefus Chr 
our Lord, e5c. 
r. Lord, hear my Prayer. 
R. And let Iny Cry come to thee. 
17. BIefs we our Lord. .R. Thanks i 
to God. 
l\fay tI1e Souls of the 
Faithful, thro' tI 
Mercy of God, reft i11 Peace. R. Amen. 

- .. p . 

Ha i 1 .1.\1 ary. 
Ncline unto my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help Ine. 
Glory be to the Father, 
'c. AUeluja. 
The H Y M N. Melnento rerunz Conditor. 
Elne!l1bcr, Yau, 0 "gracious Lord, 

h' eternal God's Co-equal Word, 
In '"'Ïrgin's WOlnb a. Creature made 
Our Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
a happy Mary chofe to be 
Mother of Grace and Clelnency ! 


þ; tbe 1Vznrv L1unl. 
) Jtet:Ì us at the Hour of Death, 
ld bear to Heav'n our parting Breath. 
,,,lay Age to Age for ever flng 
r.e Virgin's Son and Angels King, 
'd praire with the Ce1eftial Hoft 
Ie Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. 
The Ant-h. Thou art Fair. 
!Pfalm 12). In convertendo Dominus.. 
i p[J/m {eemi to relate to tbe time, when the Jews 
ere broug,bt ba
1{ from the jirft Captivity of Babylon, 
lid therejore the Author congratularei tbe People ttporJ 
,tbe greatnefi of {o ttnexpeéfec! a felicity; after which he 
iprays Gd to jinîfh the Wor/{ he hai begun, and foretels 
Itbat hapty Days are at laft to [ucceed. 
T Hen our Lord turn'd back the 
Captivity of Sian, we were made 
, Men cornforted. 
Then was our Mouth repleniíh'd with 
oy, and our Tongue with joyfulnefs. 
Then thall they fay am01.g the Ge1ltiles, 
he Lord has done great things for them. 
Our Lord has done great things for us, 
Ne are ffi3de joyful. 
'rurn our Captivity, 0 Lord, as a 'I'or- 

ent in the South. 
They that fow in Tears, {hall reap in 
Goil'g out they went, and wept: caft. 
ing their Seed. . 
But returning. they {ball come with 
Joyfulnefs carryipg their Sheaves. 
Glo"y be to the Father, 


pI /nz 

o :J. lJe ulJlce OJ oUrb. Laay. 
Pfalm 12'6. 'Nifi Dominus. 
Tbis Pfaltn declares, thl,t vain dre tbe labours of 
unleft God give fllccefs to tbe11'1. t 
I F our Lord builds not the Haufe, t] 
have labour'd in vain that built it. , 
If our Lord keeps not the City, Ie 
,"'"atches in vain that keeps it. 
It is in vain for you to rife before Lig: : 
rife after ye have fat, _you who eat 1 e 
Bread of Sorro\v. 

\V11en he i11all give Sleep to his Belov , 
behold Children are an -Inheritance fr( 1 
our Lord: and the Fruit 'of the Womt s 
a Reward. 
.liS Arrows in the Hand of the Migh 
fo are the Children of theI11 that are ., 
Bleífed is the Man that has filled ] 
Defire of them: he iliall not be can four. 
ed, when he thall fþeak to his EnelTI 
in the Gate. 
Glory be to the Father, tti'c. 
pIa/Tn 127. Beati omnes. 
In this Pfalm tfJe Prophet flews that by fearing God, 
hBCOtne happy even in tbis Life. Figuratively is me 
tile IJappineft of tbe c!Jurcb of Jefus Cbrift. 
B Leifed are all that fear our LQrd, th 
walk' in his ways. 
Becaufe thou f11alt eat the Labours oft' 
l-lands: blel1ed art thou, and it iliall 
well with thee. 
Thy Wife, as a plentiful Vine on t 
Sides of thy Houfe. 't) 

! at tlJ8 Nlnt/J Hou · 4 
I Thy Children, as Y01Jng Plants of Olive... 
lees, round about thy Table. . 
I Behold, fo f11all the M<ln be bleífed, 
.at fears our Lord. 
Let our Lord biefs thee out of Sion, and 
ay'ft thou fee the good things of Jerttfa- 
',YJ2 all the Days Ç>f thy Life. 
1 May'ft _;
11011 alfo fee ,thy ,Children's 
hildren, Peace on lfrael. 
Glory be to the Father, effc. 
The Anth. _Thou art fair and comely, 0 
,)aughter of Jerufalem; terrible as the 
ront of an Arlny fet in order of Battel. 
. The Chapter. Eccle( %4- 

I [ Gave an Odour as Cinau1on, and as Aro- 
matick Baltn in the Streets: as chofen 
:lyrrh have I given the Sweetnefs of 
R. Thanks be to God. 
r. Tl10u didft ren1ain an Inviolate Vir- 
'in after th y Child-bearing. 
I R. 0 Mother of God, Inake Interceffioll 
or us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Chrift have Inercy on uso 
Lord have mercy on us. 
l V. Lord hear Iny Prayer. 
R. And let Iny Cry CaIne to thee. 
.Let us Pr
Lord, we befeecl1 thee, forgive the Of- 
f . fences of thy Servants, that we, who 

re not able to pleafe thee, by our own 
D A[ts, 

50 The Office of our B. Lady, 
ls, Inay be fav'd by the Interceffion ( 
the l\10ther of t11Y Son our Lord; Thrt l ' 
the fame J efus Chrift thy Son our Lore 
WIlD liveth" and reigL
eth one God \\Tit 
thee, and the Holy Ghoft, 'Vorld withol 
end. A1nen. 
v. Lord hear my Prayer. 
-R. And let 111Y Cry COlne to "thee. 
Y. Blefs we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
R. May the Souls of the Faithful, thr 
the Mercy of God, reft in Peace. A,Jlell. 

At :El/,E1V-SONG. 
Hail M/zry. . 
I Ncline unto nlY Aid, 0 God; 
R. 0 Lord Blake hafte to help lne. 
Glory be to the Father, 

'Ic. .AUeluja
'The Antb. whilft the King was. . I 
rfa/Tll 109. Dixit Domintls. · 
Tf}is propbeticl\ Pralln hot!) by the Title, an.l by wflat , 
S.lviour 11; q;felf [.lid of it, is certainly of Da vid
s 11-- 
king. It cvnt Ûns a Prop/Jeey concerning tbe M
tbe Jews tbenlfe/ves di.l o
-rn, w!JEn our S.lviol!r con). 
ted tbeln out of it. It declJres, t/;,tt tlJe M
OiJ.s Jbl 
fit at tbe rigbt HanI of God, anI jh.all reign ,zmonJ 
tbe N.ttions; bis Prie;t-IJoo.l pJJIl be eternal.. TJ 
lúngs j7J'a1l fall before hÍ111, anl tbar all 'fhaU he ov 
COlne by bi,n. 
O .U R Lord [aid to IllY Lord, fit 01111 
, Right Hand. 
1111til I make thy Enemies thy Foe 


at, L ur;{I.-&.JlJUS. 
Our Lord will fend forth the Scepter of 
y power from SiOll; rule thou in the 
ridft of thy Enelnics. 
I The beginning with thee in the Day of 
jiY Strength, in the Brightnefs of the 
,tints: from the "\VOlnb, before the Day" 
'ir, I begat thee. 
Our Lord fwore, and l1e wil1 not repe11t: 
1011 art a Prieft for ever, according to 
Ie Order of Melchifedec. 
. Our Lord on thy Right Hand, l1ath bro- 

n Kings in the Day of his Wrath. 
, He {hall judge in Nations, he ilial! fill 
uins, he Ulall crufu the Heads in the 
"and of many. 
: Of the Torrent in the way he ßlall 
'rink, therefore thall he lift up his Head. 
Glory be to the Father, f5c. 

 The Anth. While the King ,vas on his 
ed, Iny S\veet OÎl1ttnent did give an 
;Jdour of SVveetnefs. 
Tbe Alltb. His Left H1nd. 
Pfaim I 12. Laudate pueri Dominum. 
1}is P[altn contains an ExlJoytation, to prai[e Go.l for !Jis 
 and glory, an
l above all for bis goodnefi towards 
tlJe Sons of frfen, in takirtg care even of the Ineaneft 
amon2Ji tbetn.. and raiþng tbenJ {olne ti,nes to tbé de- 

ree of Princes, as it luppen-d in tf}e Perfòn of David 
bifnfètf. oJ 
P Raife our Lord ye Children, praife the 
NalTIe of our Lord. 
The NatTIe of our Lord be bleffed froln 
henceforth, no,v, and for ever. 
D 2 FrOID 

, Z, .I. Ill: VJJHd: OJ oltr -.D. LJaay, I 
From the rifing of the Sun, to it's goin
down, the 'Name of our_ Lord is worth)j 
of Praife. I 
Our Lord j,s high above all "Nations, -an( 
11is Glory above- the Heavens. 
_Who ",is ,like the Lord our. God, tha' 
dwells on high, and beholds the hU-lnbl
things in l-Ieaven and Earth. 
Raifing up the needy frOlTI the Eartbi 
and lifting up the poor out of the Dung. 
. To place hilll with Princes, \vith th 
,Princes of his People. 
Who makes the Barren WOlllan t( 
vell in her I-Ioùfe, a joyful Mother 0' 
, G lory be to the Fatl1er, f;f c. 
The Anth.I-lis Left Hand is under my'Heac 
and his Right Hand !hall en1brace lne. 
The Antb. I am Black. 
Pjà//JI 12 I . - Læta tus fume 
- Rejoic'd at thofe things, which wer 
fàid to lne -; we (hall go into the Hou! 
of the Lord. 
Our Feet \\rere fianding, in thy Court
o 'JeruJaleln. I 
JerujàIe rn, which .is built as a Cit), 
'\vllofe Inhabitants are united together. 
For thither did the Tribes afcend, th' 
Tribes of our Lord, the TefiilTIOny of 1.. 
rael; to praife the NalTIe of our Lord. 
Becaufe Seats fat there in ]udglnen1 

eats upo
 the Houfe of Da'llid. 


At Even-So"ng. 53 
_ Ask the things that are for thel'eace of 
:erufalem, and abundance to them that ( 
)ve thee. . 
Let Fe"ace be Inade in thy Strength, ,and 
bundance in thy Towers. . 
For my Brethren and my Neighbours: I 
poke Peace of thee. , . 
For the Houfe of the Lord our God: I 
lave fóught good things for thee. 
Glory be tò the Father, rjc. - 
The Anth" I am Black, but Beautiful, 
) Daughters of :Jerufalem: therefore the 
Hng has lov'd me, and brought me into 
.1is Chalnber. 
Tbe ./1.11th. \Vinter is now paft. 
pjìll,n 126. Nifi Dominus. 
I F our Lord builds not the Haufe, they 
- have lábour'd in vai11 that build it. 
If our Lord keeps -not the City, he 
watches in vail1 that keeps it. 
It is in vain for you to rife before Light-: 
rife after ye have fat, you that eat the 
Bread of SQrrow. . 
'V-hen he ilIall give Sleep to his Beloved, 
behold Children are al1 lnheritance from 
our Lord: and the Fruit .of the Womb is 
a --Reward. 
As Arrows in the Hand of the Mighty., 
f(} are ,the Children of thein that are re- 
BlelTed is the .Mall that 11as filled his 
defire of them: he filall not be confounded, 
D 3 \V l1etl 

54 Tbe Office of our B. Lady, 
\vl1cn l1e {hall fpeak to his Enelnies in t] 
G lory be to the Father, e#c. . 
Tbe A.1ztb. 'VÎnter is no,\' paft, the Ra. 
is gone and departed: Arife my LO\ 
and come. 
TIJe Antb. Thou art made fair. 
pfal,n 147- Lauda Jerufaleln. 
71;is P{.Z/ll1 W,1S maJe -rr17en the '3e-ar bad rebuilt tbe 

of Jerufalem, in praifê of God:t s ProviLfence over 
his Cre lturer, /:1 of hi! particuhtr Mercy towards i 
Jeru[a/ern, praife our Lord: prai 
thy God, 0 Sion. 
Becaufe he has firengrhned the Locks 
thy Gates, he has blelIèd thy Children 
t 11 ee. 
who has fet thy Borders in Peace: aJ 
:fills thee with the Fat of Corn. 
Who fends forth his Speech to the Eart · 
'his Word runs fwiftlv. 
Who gives Snow as Wool; [catters M 
as Allies. 
He cafts his Cryftal as Morfels: befo
the Face of his Cold who fhail abide? 
He iliall fend forth his Word, and ih,J 
Jnelr them: his Spirit iliall breath, aJ 
the Waters thall flow. 
Who declares his Word to Jacob, t 
J uftice and Judgments to [[rael. 
He has not done fo to any Natio: 
and' his J"udglnents he has not made mar 
.fp{f. for, t h pm _ C; 1 () 

Glory be to the Father, 
The AJ'Jth. 'rhouart made fair and [weet 
1 thy Del ica!:enefs, 0 Holy Mother of 
The chapter. Eeeler. 2.4-- 
C _ ROM the Beginning, and before the 
[' World was 1 created, and unto the 
world to come I 111al1 not ceaf
: and in the 
lOly- Habitation have I miniftred before 
lÌlll. R
 T11anks be to God. 
'rhe H Y M No' Ave Maris SteUa. 
I B Right Mother of our Maker, hail 
: Thou \T-irgÍ11 e,er blefi, 
The Ocean's Star, by which we fail 
And gain the Port of Rill. 
'"\V,hilft we this Æl:e thus to thee 
From GAbriel's Mouth rehear[e; 
Il'revail that l'eace our Lot may be 
And Eva's Name rever[e. 
I Releafe our long entangled Mind 
From all the Snares of Ill; 
With heav'nly Light inftruÐ: the Blind, 
And aU our V O\VS fulfil. 
E-xert for us a Mother)s Care, 
And us thy Children own: 
"Prevail with him to hear our Pray'r 
Who c110tè to be thy S011. 
o fpotleis Mai
! whofe Virtues thine 
With brighteit Purity: 
Each Afiion of our Lives refine, 
And make us pure like Thee. 
D 4 Fr

) fJt: VJJI

 OJ our .D. L/:a
I:referve our Lives unftaÌ11'd with Ill- 
In this infeétious W
ay ; 
That Heav'n alone our- .Souls may- fill. 
With Joys t11at ne'er d

o God,.t.h
 Father endlefs Praife; 
To God the- Son the faine; 
.i\nd Holy Ghoft whofe equal Rays 
One equal Glory claim. Anlen. 
.., . GraCe is pour'd forth on thy Lips. 
11.. Therefore. God has bletTed tl1ee fc 
Tìjê Ant/;. 0 BletTed Mother. 

In tbe time of Eafier, Anth. Triumph 0 Queen. 

Tbe Sallg oj. the B. Virgin Mary. Luke I. 
M y $oul does lnagnifie our Lord. 
And my Spirit has rejoic'd in Go 
my Saviour. . 
Becaufè he has regarded the Meanne 
of his Handmaid: for behold, from henc 
fortI1 all Generations fhan call me Ble 
Becaufe he that i
 Mighty has done greé 
Things to me: and Holy is his Name. 
And. his Mercy froln Ge11eration to GI 
nerations, is on them that fear him. 
He has ihew'd Strength. in his Arln, h 
has difpers'd the Proud in the Imaginatio. 
of their Hearts. 
He 11as depof
d the Mighty froln thei 
Sear, a11d exalted the HUlnble. ' 


I The Hungry he has fined with good things, 
.ld the Rich he has fent away empty. 
He has receiv'd lfrael his Child, being 
;indful of his Mercy, 
(As he fpoke to our Fathers;) to Abta. 
!1.rn, and his Seed for ever. 
! Glory be to the Father, e#c. 
! 'The Anth. 0 Blel1ed Mother, and Ever 
!Tirgin, Glorious Queen of the World, make 
'nterceffion for us to our Lord. ' 
In the Time of Eafter, Anth. Triumph 0 Queen; 
 Page 34- 11 
Lord have mercy on us. 
, Chri[t hav
e-' mercy on us. 
Lord have n1ercy on us. 
I v. Lord hear my Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to th
Let us I J ray. . 
L Ord God, we befeech thee, grant that 
. we thy Servants may enjoy perpetual 
'Health of Mind and Body: and that by the 
I glorious Interceffion of the ever-blellèd V ir- 
. gin Mary, we may pafs from this prefent 
1 Sorrow to the En;Jyment of everlafting 
Gladnefs: 1:'h1'o' our Lord, t1c. Amen. 
For tbe Saints. . 
The Anth. An ye Saints of God, vouchfafe 
to make Interceffion for the Salvation of 
us, and of us all. V. Ye J uft rej:)ice in our 
Lord, and be exceeding glad. ]{. .And glory 
al \ ye rigllt in I-Ieart. 
D 5 I

"".....- - f...I 


5 ð 7. /Je uJ1zce OJ our B. LlJay, l 
Let us Pray. 
P Rotett, 0 Lord, thy People, and let t 
Confidence we have in the Interceffi4
of thy Bleffed Apoftles, Peter and Paul, a 
of thy other ApollJes, prevail witll thee, 
preferve and clefend us for ever. 
Mayan thy Saints, 0 Lord, we be[ee 
tl1ce, every ,vhere affift us, that whilfl: ,b 
celebrate their Merits, we may be fenfil
of their Protet1:ion : Grant us thy Peace 
our Times; and repel an Wickednefs frc
thy Church, profperoufly guide the Ste]j' 
Attions and Defires of us, and of all t.y 
Servants, ill the \vay of Salvation: GiÞ 
eternal Bleffings to thofe who have do 
good to us, and everlafting Reft to the Fait 
ful departed: Thro' our Lord J efus ChI" 
thy Son, t:/c. R. Alnen. 
J7. Lord hear Iny Prayer. . 
R. And let my Cry. (orne to thee" 
v. Blcfs we our LordQ . 
R. Thanks be to Gqd. 
v. May the Souls of the F
ithful, thr 
the 1vlcrcy of God, reft ill Pe
R. Atntn" 

. . 

At C 0 ;M P L I N:., 
Hail Mary. 
C Onvert 'us, 0 God our Saviour. 
. R. And turn a\vay thy Anger fro 

, . Incline unto my Aid, 0 God. 
 0 Lord make hafte to help Ine. 
! Glory be to the Father, f5c. AUeluja. 
Ffalm 128. Sæpe expugnaverunt. 
'.u pr alm foretell the Punifhmenu wlJicb fball faU upon tbo{e 
, wbo per{ecute the :fllft. 

Ften have they affaulted me from my 
,J Youth; let Ifrûel noW fay. 
Often have they affaulted me from my 
.louth, but they have not prevail'd againl1 
,nee ' 
Sinners have beaten on my Back, as on an 
..nvil; they have prolong'd their Iniquity. 
Our jult Lord will cut the Necks of Sin- 
ners: let an be confounded, and turn'd back- 
\vard that hate Sian. 
Let them be made as Hay on the 'Tops 
of Houfes : which is wither'd before it be 
pluck'd up. 
Whereof the Reaper íhal1 not fin his Hand, 
nor he that gathers the Sheaves, his Bofom. 
And they who pais'd by, faid not, 'The 
Bleffing of the Lord be upon you: we have 
bleffed you itl the Name of our Lord. 
Glory be to the Father, e;fc. 
FraIm 129. De profLmdis. 
rlJis PfiJm 
 an e,.;ceUent Model for finners that implore the 
Mercy of the Lor,!: And it is particularly aPfly'd by th- 
Church to beg his Mtrcy for the De
d M weU M for tIle 
F Rom the Deep I have cried to thee, a 
Lord; Lord hear my V oicc. 
o Let 

uV _V"
I - . - 


vV' .J. fJt1 UJJ""C OJ -our D. Laay, \ 
Let thy Ears be attentive to the Voic{' 
of my Petition. 1 1 
If thou regardeft Iniquities, 0 Lord 
Lord, who fhal1 bear it? t 
Becaufe '\lith thee there is Mercy: an{ 
becaufe of thy Law, I have waited for thee! 
o Lord. 
My Soul has trufted in his Word, rny Sou 
has hop'(l in our Lord. I 
FrOlTI the Morning Watch even tin Night, 
let Ifrael hope in our Lord. I 
Becaufe with our Lord there is MercY I 
and with him plentiful Redemption. 
And he !hall redeelTI Ifrael -from. all hi 
Iniquities. I to the Father, t:J'c.,. 
Pfalm 130. Domine non eft exaltatum. 
It is generally he/iev:ld tbat David made tbi; P{altn wbei 
be was aecufed by Saul and bk Courtiers of ambitiou! 
Defigrzs to m4ke bil11 {elf King: He appeals to God, thJ 
be wM IlnjuJtly accu{ed, and that his Heart WM free frol} , 
any [ueb Atnbition. 
J J ürd , my Heart is not..exalt
d, nor arc 
my Eyes lofty. 
Nor have I walk'd in great Matters, nOJ 
in nlarvcllous things above Inc. 
If I \vas Ilot humbJe"lni11ded, but exaltcc 
my- Soul; 
As the wean'd Child is for his Mother 
fo let it be with lny 
Let Ifrael110pe in our Lord, from hence, 
 nø\v, and for ever. 
Glory bt: to the Father) 


a'C LV'lflf l t ft. . 
,'he H Y M N. Memento rerum Co'nditor. 
l : l Emember, You, 0 gracious Lord, 
'I'h' eternal God's, Co-equal Word" 
Virgin's womb a Creature made 
ur Nature wore for Nature's Aid. J 
'0 happy Mary chole to be 
:ùther bf Grace and Clemency! · 
'rote8: us at' the Hour of Death, 
Ind bear to Heaven our parting Breath. 
I May Age to Age for ever flng 
"he Virgin's Son and Angels King,. 
'..nd praire.with the Ce1eftial Hoil: 
Che Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. - 
TV! Chapter. Ecclef. 24- . 
[ Am the Mother, of beautiful Love, and 
of Fear;: and of Knqwledge, and of hO' 
y Hope. I 
R. Thanks be to God. 
r. Pray for us, Mother of God. 
R. That 'rve Inay,:be U1ade worthy the 
Promifes of Chrift. 
Tbe Antb. Under thy Aid. 
IntbeTtme of Eafiar, Anth. Triumph 0 Q!leen. 
The Song of Silneon. Luke 2. 
. .QW, LQrd, let thy Servant depart in 
.. Peac
, according to thy Word. 
Becauíè IllY Eyes have fcen th)l Salvation .. 
Which thou .haft prepar'd before the Fac
of aU P.cople,_ 
A Light to enlighten the Gentiles: and 
for the Glory of thy People Ijrael. 
Glory be to the Father, t,1c. , 


.I. f./t- VJJJ;
r, uJ un, .JJ. .Ltf,U./, 
The Anth. Under thy ProteftÎon \ve take 
our Refuge, 0 .hol y Mother of God: defpiH 
not our Fetitions in o,ur Neceffitics, but evel 
deliver us f .om al1..Dangers, 0 glorious anè 
bleHèd Virgin. 
The Anthem in Eafler Time. 
T ' Riumph,O Queen of Heav"n, to fee Alleluja.. 
: The facred Infant born of thee, Allelu.a. 
Return in Glory from the Tomb, Alleluja. 
And with thy Prayers prevent our DOOln. AUeluja. 
Lord have Inercy 011 us. Chrjft have mere} 
on us. Lord have mercy on us. 
Y. Lord hear lny Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
Let us Pray. 
lE bcfcech thee, 0 Lord, that the 
glorious Interceffion of the ever. 
bleifed and glorious Virgin Mary, may pro. 
tea us, and bring us to Li fe ever lailing: 
Thro' our Lord J 
lùs Chrift, thy Son, who

c. R. .Ll1men. 
v. 0 Lord hear my -Pray
R. And let Iny Cry come to thee
1/. Biers we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
Tbe BlejJìng. May the Almighty -.and Mer- 
ciful Lord; Father, Son, and 
loly Ghoft, 
biefs and keep us. R


This being åone, one of ths refpeél
ve Anthems after Lauds 
ü to be flid kneeling, with the Verf1cle arzJ Prayer, in p. 33. 
nJ the Verficle, May the Divine Help being þÛJ., Our 
Father, I-Iail Milr]) and the Creed are to be faid in fecret. 


z n ./iíl/Vtí It", u" 
r.&....."'''''.- - - 


; The. Office of our B. Lady. 

I'e {aiel from the Evei1-Song of the Satu rday before 
be firft ' 
';unday in Advent, tiU the Even-Song of Chnfimas.. ' 
;Eve; and on the Day of the Annunciation of our B. ' 
: Lady. 1 
At MAT 7' IN s. 
Ha i 1 14ary.. 
-. L ord,
 open my Lips. 
. R. And my Mouth íhall dedare thy 
1/. Inc1ine to Iny Aid, O:'God.
R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help me. 
Glory be to the Father, e5c. Alleluja. 
The I nvitat ,ry. 
HaiLMary, full of Grace; our Lord is' 
with thee. Again repeat, Hail Mary,. full 
of Grace, our Lord is with thee. ..,. 
PJaim 94. Venite exultelTIU5..: 
C Ome let us rejoice to our Lord, let us · 
Inakc Joy to God our Saviour; let us. 
approach his Prefence in Confeffion, and in 
"Pfallns Inake Joy before hi In. 
l-Iail Mary,. full of .Grace, our Lurd is 4
with thee. ' 
For God is-- a great Lord, and a great 
King above all Gods; becaufe our Lord 
repels not his People; in his Hand are all 
the Bounds of the Earth, and he beholds 
the l-Ieights .of ,tile Mountains. 


.oL ,.,,, "'))""1.; vJ un, P. .l.JUuJ,' 
Our Lord is with thee. H. 
The Sea is his, he made it, .and his Hàn v' 
founded the dry Land; COIne let us ado! 
an,l fall down before God ; 
 .,let us laIne, : 
before our Lord, that tnade us, becaufe 1 0 

s the Lord our God; \ve are his People, al 
the Sheep of his Pafture. 
Hail J.{a;&:.J., - full of Grace, 
ur Lord 
with thee. t 
To Day if ye [hall hear his Voice, hardt 
not your Hearts, tIle Provoeation, a . 
cording..t0 the
 Day of TeInptation in t) 
Defart, 'v here your Fathers tetnpted 111 
proved, al1d ià\'l.111Y Works. 
Our Lord is with thee. . 
Forty Years -was I nigh to this Generl 
tion; and faid, they al\vays err in the 
Heart, and have .not known my Ways, 1 
hom I [wore'in my Wrath, if they .,_íha
enter into my Reft. 
Hail ,,-Vary, full of
Graçe, our Lord 
\vith thee. 
Glory Je to the Father, fs'c. 
As it \\'"as in the Beginning, 
Our Lord is with thee. 
H.ail ..7f,lary, full of G.race, 
 our Lord 
with thee. 
Tbe HY".J.."-{ N.' ß2uem terr&, Pontus, fyder. 
T He Sov'raign.God, whofe IIands fuftai 
, The !obeofI-Ieav'n,theEarth<'XMaÎJ 
Ador'd ar:d prais'd by each Degree, 
Lies hid, O. iåcred M,aid, in thee. 



1ft ./1U'U'ft/', Uf, .J.Y.J.UJ,f,J,fl.J. L1J 

e whom the Sun and Moon obey;. 

J I whom all Creatures honlage pay; 
1\. le Judge of Men and Angels Dooln 
,:' fides ,\\rithin thy Virgin Womb. 

 0 happy Parent chafe to bear 

 1Y Maker God's eternal Heir; 
hofe'Fingers fpan this earthly Round, 
: hofe Arms the whole Creation bound. 
Bleft Maid, whom Gabriel's "oice avow
 he facred Spirit's fruitful Spoufe: 
: hall gav'ft the World, by.,hulnan Birth,. 
I he moft deiìr'd of Heav'n and.Earth. 
May Age to Age for ever flng 
the Virgin's.Son and Angels King, 

nd praife with the Celefiial Hoft 

he Father, Son) and Holy Ghoft. Amen
I '11Jefé three P{J/t11S fol/owing are fåid on Sundays, Mon- 
days and Thurfàays, at the Notturn. 
Tbe AJJtb. Bleffed art tho,uo 
Pfa/Ill 8. D'OlnÌne Dominus nofier. 
Lord our Lord, how wonderful is 
. thy Name in
 the whole Earth! 
For-..tllY Magnificence is lifted up above 
he Heavens. . 
Out of the. Mouths or Infants and. Suck- 
ings thQu haft perfetted Fraife, becaufe of 
hy Enemies,- that thou .ma;y'ft deftroy the 

nemy and }\evenger. . 
For I thall behold the Heavens, the Works 

f thy Fingers;. the Moon anc}&.. he Stars, 
v hiell thou haft founded. 
What is Man, that thou att Inindfùl oi 

VV .I. fJt: UJJI-Lt: uf our .D. .Laay, 
hiln, or the Son of Man) that thou doft , 
fit hilll? 
Thou haft'diminifh
d him a little léfs the 
Angels; \\ ith Glory and Honour thou hE 
cro"\vn'd him, and appointed hilll over tl 
Works of thy Hands. 
Tll0U haft fubjetted all't11ings under b 
Feet; all Sheep, and Oxen; and alfo tl 
Ca ttel of the Field. . 
The Birds of- the Air, and Fifiles of tl 
Sea, that walks thro', the Pathsûf the Se 
o Lord our Lord, how wonderful is tt 
NatTIe in the whole Earth! 
Glory be to the Father, fJc.-' 
The Anth. Bletfed art thou among W 
men, and bleffed is the Fruit of thy Worn- 
The Anth. Even as choice Myrrh. 
PJa/Pl- 18. Cæli enarrant gloriam. 
T HE Heavens fer forth the Glory ( 
God, and the FirmameJ1t declares tl
Works of his Hands. 
The Day publiihes his Word to the Da: 
and Nigllt difcovers tIle Knowledge of hil 
to the Night. 
It is not La.nguage, nor Speech, \\rh01 
Voices 111 a y II0t be beard. 
Their Sound has gone forth into all th l 
Earth, and tl1eir Words to the Ends of th 
He has put his Tabernacle in the Sun, an 
hirnfelf as a Bridegroom coming forth 0 1 
his Chamber 0- _. 


in Advent, at Mattlns. '" I 
He has rejoic'd as a Giant to run the way: 
. s coming forth is from the highdl Hea. 
lAnd his Cour[e even to the top thereof, 
"r is there any that can hide himfelf. 
)m .his Heat... 
The law of our Lord is.without Spot,con. 
rting Souls; the teftimony of our Lord ' 
j faithful, giving Wifdom to little Ones. 
'The J uftice of our Lord is righ t, making 
:Iearts joyful : the Precept of our Lord is 
.111 of light, enlightning the Eyes. 
'{'he Fear of our Lord is Holy, abiding 
or ever and ever: the Judgments of our: 
::'ord are true, juftified in themfelves. 
'1'0 be defired above Gold, and precious 
,tone; rod more fweet than Honey, and 
the Honey-Comb. · ' 
, For thy Servant keeps them; in keeping 
,them there is great Reward. 
, Sins who undcrftands 
 From my [eeret 
:Sins clean[e me, and from other Men's Sins 

fpare thy Servant. 
I If they {ball not have Dominion over me, 
then {ball I be without Spot, and be c1eans'd 
from the greateft Sin. 
And the words of my Mouth ihall be 
pleafing to thee, and the Meditation of my. 
Heart be always in thy Sight. - . 
o Lord my Helper and Redeemer. 
Glory be to the Father, 
The Anth. Even as. choieeMyrrh, thou 

U .J. (Jtj UJJHd
 OJ our D. Laay, I 
gavefi: the Odour of Sweetnefs, 0 Holy l'r l 
ther of God. . 
The Anth. Before the Bed. t 
PIa/Ill '23. DOlnini eft terra. I 
T HE. Eartl1 -is our Lord's, and the F 
nefs thereof; th
 whole World, a 
all tha t d well therein. 
Becaufè he has founded it on the Se 
and on the Ji'loods has prepaF'd it.- 
Wl10 filall afèend into the Mount 
our Lord? Or WllO iliall ftand in his He 
Place? The Innocent of Hands, and cIe 
of Heart) that has not tal<en his Soul 
vain, nor deceitfully f\vorn to his Neig
hour. - 
He iliall receive a Bleffing :of
 our Lor 
and Mercy of God his Saviour. 
This is the Generation of them that fef r 
him, of them, that feek the Face of tf. 
God of Jacob. 
Lift up ,your Gates, ye Princes, and II 
ye lifted up, 0 Eternal Gates; and the Kin' 
of Glory {hall enter in. 
Who is the King of Glory? O:ur,Lor( 
firong and Inighty, our Lord Inighty i' 
Lift, up your Gates, ye Princes, and t
ye.lifted up, 0 Eternal Gates, and tl1e Kin 
of Glory 111all enter. in. 
Who is the King of Glory? The Lori 
of Power, he is the King of G lory. ' 
Glory. be to the Father, fie.. . 


t,.,1. ..f
'I-V'"," ..

he A12tb. . Before the Bed of this 'Vir- 
:ri repeat to us fweet Songs of Meafùre. 
, ". Grace is pour'd forth on thy.Lips. 
l. Therefore God has hlefièd t11ee'for ever. 
'r Father, e5c. J.. 
rbe Abfolutiol1. By the Prayers and Mea 
ritt j f5c. as followetb Page 76. with tbe reft. 
Jere three pfalms fo
",ing, are {aid on Tuefday 
J nd Friday, at tbe Nocturn. 
'The Âl1tb. In thy lBeau
Pfalnl 44. Eruétavit cor Ineum" 
Y Heart has fpokç a goo.d Word ;
tell my Works to the King. 
My Tongue is the Pen of a Writer, that 
'rites fwiftly. 
1oft beautiful amongft the Sons of Men; 
race is pour'd out on thy Lips, therefore 
,lS God bleiTed thee for ever. 
'Be girded ,vith thy Sword upon thy 
',"high, 0 iDOft ?vlighty, 
,111 thy Beauty and Comelinefs go on, ad.. 
ance profperoul1y, .and reign. 
Becaufe of thy Truth, Mildnefs, and J u
:ice; and the Condutt of thy Right Hand 
l1211 be \V"onderful. 
Thy íharp Arrows into the Hearts of the 
ting's Eneluies; the People fhall fàll under 
Thy Seat, 0 God, is for ever and ever; the 
tod of thy Kingdom is a Rod of Equity. 
Thou haft lo\,'d J uftice, and hated.Iniqui.. 
'Y: therefore God, thy God, has anointed 

- .- - -- JJ - - .'" J .., 
.-. -. -.....- J , I 
thee with the Oil of Gladnefs above ttl 
Myrrl1 and Aloes, and Caffia from tt 
,nGarlllents, from Houfes of Ivory, whe.1 
the Daughters of Kings have delighted thl 
in thy Honour. 
The Queen ftood on.thy Right Hand j 
'Golden Robes, fet round with Variety. 
Hear, Da11ghter, and fee, encline thy Ea 
and forget thy People, and the Houfe of tt 
And the King will be enatnour'd "","it 
,thy Beauty, becaufe he is the .Lord tl1 
,God, alld they filall adore hiln. 
And the Daughters of Tyre, all the Ric 
of the People, with Oftè ,iliall pray t 
All the Glory of the King's Daughter: 
fro In within; in Borders of Gold, cloatll' 
about with Varieties. 
'Tirgins iliall be brought to the Kin 
after her, her Ncighbours thall be brough 
to thee. 
They ihan be brought "in .Joy and Rt 
joicing; they fhalJ be brought into th! 
"Temple of the King. 
Inftead of thy Fathers, there are bor] 
Sons to thce; thou ,fl1alt Inake them Prir 
ces over all the Earth. 
f-.rl1ey f11al1 be mindful of thy NatTIe fron 
Generation to Generation. 
Therefore ihall People praife thee fo: 
, -e-v..c.rt_World without End. Glor: 

"lit AUVCfJf" at, ..iY.J..U/rf,tftJ. . A. 
,;lory be to the Father, e5c. 
-'he Anth. In thy Beanty and Comelinefs, 
g< on, ad vance profperoufly and reign. 
:he Allt-h. God win. help her. 
Pjillrn 45. Deus nofter refugium. 
II R God is a Refuge and Strellgth; 
_ a Helper in the Tribulations, which 
Jre fall'n upon us in great NU111ber. 
;Therefore Vvre vvil1 not fear, when the 
rth fhan bè troubled, and ?dountains be 

lnfported into the midft of the Sea. 
'The Waters Inade a Noife, and were 
)ubled; the Mountains \vere .troubled in 
s Strength. 
The firong Current of ,a River rejoices 
'le City of God; the Higheft has fanaifi.. 
1 his Tabernacle. . 
God is in the midft thereof, it '1bal1 not 
· nlov'd, God \vill help it ill the Morn- 
19 early. 
Nations are troubled, and Kingdoms are 
ade to 1loop : he rais'd his Voice, and 
le Earth ,vas mov'd. 
The Lord of Hofts is ,vitI1 l1S, the God 

 Jacob is our Defender. 
CaIne, and fee the Works of our Lord
hat Wonders he ha'" one in the Earth, 
aking Wars to -ceafe, even to the End of 
,e Earth. . 
He thaIl defiroy the Bow, and break 
-eapons, and Shields he iliall burn with 


I Attend 

v tha;"í ;

d; I fh i 
be exalted among t11e.Gentiles,.I ihall be e:, 
a]ted in the -Earth. 
TIlc Lord of Hofts is with us, the Gel 
 Jacob is OUf' Defender. I I 
"Glory be to the Father, fjc. 
.The A1'ith. -God ,viII help her With h 
Countenance: God is, in the midft öf he, 
,the iliall not be mov'd. 
The Antb. A Habitation' is in thee. 
Pralln 86. Fundalnenta ejus. 
- T I-I E Foundation thereof in the ho: 
Mountains; our Lord lov
s the Gat( 
of .Sion above all the Tabernacles of 'Jacoh. \ 
Glorious T.hings are [aid of thee, 0 Cit 
of God. 
I will be mindful of Rahab and Babylo, 
ki10wing 1TIe. ( 
Behold the,Strangers and -7ý r e, and tr, 
People of the d
thiopians: thefe were ther. 
Shall a Man fay to SioJl, that a Man: 
bbrn in l1er, WI10 being the 11igheft founde 
Our Lord 
rill deèlare it in the Regiflc 
of thofe People, and of Princes, that haV' 
been in her. 
A Habitation is ill thee, as it were of a' 
thore who rejoice. 
Glory be to the Father, tt?c. 
The Antb. A Habitation is in thee, as i 

tere of all us, who rejoice, 0 -holy Mothe 
of God. 
r. Grac 

ill Advent, at }lattt11S. 73 
. Grace is pour'd forth on thy Lips. 
R. Therefore God has blelfed t11ee for ever. 
Glr Father, f5c. 
;Tbe AbjòlU:tioJ2. By the Prayers and Merits, 
vs ]Jagc 76. 1vitb tbe reft. 
.1Jefe three pfalms are to be {aid on \Vednefday an!. 
Saturday, at tbe Noéturn. 
The Alltb. Rejoice, 0 ,r
rgin Mary. 
PIa/In 95. Cantate DOlnino. r 
, Ing to our Lord a ne\v Song, fiog to our 
, Lord all the Earth. 
Sing to our Lord, and bIers his Name: 
lare his Salvation frolll day to day.. 
Declare his Glory alTIOng the Gentiles, 
. S \V011derful \Vorl{s in all Nations. ... 
Becaufe our Lord is great, and lTIol1 ,var- 
y of Praifè; he is terrible above all Gods. 
Becaufe all the Gods of the Gentiles are 
,evils; but our Lord Inade the Heavens. 
. Praife and Beauty ill his Sigllt, Holinefs 
1d f\1agnificence Ìn his Sanaifica tion. 
., Bring to our Lord yc Countries of Gen.. 
]es, br
ng to our Lord G lory and Honour; 
":ring to our Lord the Glory of his Nan1e. 
Take Sacrifices, and enter into his Courts: 
ldore our Lord in his holy Courts. ., 
1 Let ail the E3rth be lTIov'd before his 

ace : fay an10ng the Gentiles, -out .Lord 
lath reign'd. I . 
For he has correéted the "Thole 'VorId ) 
vhicl1 fhan not be lllOV'd; he '\vilJ judge 
People v/ith Equity. 
E J 4 C't 

74 Tbe Office of our B. Lady, 
Let the Heavens be glad, and the Eartl 
rejoice; let the Sea be mov'd, and thc lì'u
nefs thereof: The Fields fhal1 be glad, anI 
aU things that are in theine 
Then ihall all the Trees of the 'Vood 
rejoìce before the Face of our Lord, b( 
caufe he con1CS; becaufe he C0111eS to jUdg l 
the Eårth.' I 
l-Ie ,vin judge the Earth in Equity, an 
People ill his Truth. 
Glory be to the Father, é5'c. 
Tbe Antb. Itcjoice, 0 Virgin Mtlry, tho l 
alone" haft de11roy'd all lferefies in th 
\vhole "\Vorld. TIle .Aíltb. Vouchfafe. 
Pþl!1Jl 96. })oITIinus regnavit. 
l11t Lord has rcign'd; let the Eart 
rejoice, let 111any If11nds be glad. 
:\. Cloud and Darknefs is round abot 
nitn: ] ufiice and J udgnlent is the Co 
1ion of his Seat. 
Fire í1lan go before him, and í11al1 but 
his Enenlies round about. 
I-lis Ligh tning fhin'd to the '\Tholr Eartl 
t.Ì1e E:lrth iàvv, and 'V\TâS mov'd. 
· The i\lountains melted as Wax befo: 
the Face of our L0ïd: before the Face { 
Ól1ï Lord an the Earth. 
The l-Ieavcns have dcclar'd his J uftic 
and all People have [een his Glory. 
Let rhèl11 an pe confounded, that ado 
Gravel1 Things; a11d that glorý ill the 

 'jll Advent, at Mattins. 75 
l.ppre him aUt ye his Angels: Si011 heard 
a i was glad. r 1 I _ j '. 
And the Daughters of ']ud/t rejoic'd; 
aure òf thy Judgnlents, 0 Lord. 
Becaufe thou, Lord, art lTIOft high over 
the Earth: thou art highly -exalt
d a- 
ve I an Gods. ,. t I 
You, \vho love our I..ord, l1ate.Evil: out 
)rd keepst the SDuls of his 'SaÎllts; out 
the Hand of the Sinl1er he "rin deliver 

Light 'is rifen to the J uft, and Joy to the 
19hr of Heart. 
Be glad ye J uft in our Lord; and con- 
fs to the Memory of his Santrification. 
Glory be to the Father, f5'c. 
The Alltb. Vouchfafe that I Inay praife 
lee, 0 facred Virgin: give tne Force againlt 
1Y Enelnies. 
The Alltb. The Angel of our Lord. 
Pfalm 97. Cantate IJClnino. 
"log to our Lord a ne'\v Song, becaufe he 
.) has done \vonderful Things. 
His Right Hand and his Holy Arn1 have 
I/rought Salvation to hiInièlf. 
Our Lord h1S made known his Salvation 
1 the fight of the Gentiles, he has rcveal'd 
is J ufiice. , 
He has relnembred his I\Iercy, and his 
rruth, to the Houfe of IJrael. 
All the Ends of the Earth have fccn the 

alvation of our Gcd. 
 1\ T
 k ("I 

í6 The, ,Qfjice of our B.' Latfy, 
I\1ake ye Joy to God, all the Earth; fine 
and rejoice
 and fìng Pfalnls. .t.! . (v '- 
. I Sing to o.ur Lord "on the Harp; on th 
Harp, a.nd \vith the Voice of PalIn, 0: 1 
cts of Metal, al1d with the V . oice'c , 1 
the Trulnpet of Horn.r : 
Make Joy in the fight of the King au, 
Lord; h
t. the Sea be 1110V'd, and the It'u 
t1cfs tllereof"the Earth, and they that àwe l 
therein. .' I 
The Rivers (hall applaud, the Mountair l 
like\vife thall rejoice at the Sight of Ot 
Lord, becaufe he COtTICS to judge the EartJ 
He vvill judge the Earth in J uftice, a.r 
the People in Equ
ity. ' 
Glory be to the Father, &c. 
7-be Alltb. The .L-\ngel of our Lord c1 
clar'd unto lrftlry, a11d the cOl1ceiv'd by tJt 
Holy Ghat!. .AUeluj.ll. 
1/. Grace is pour'd forth on thy Lips. 
R. Therefore God has bleffed thee for eVf 
Our Father, 

1-9". .L'1.nd lead ns not in to TeITIPtatioll. 
,-q. But deliver us froln Evil..... 
Tbe Alfo!ution. 
B . Y tilt Pra.yers and M-erits of the Ev(" 
.' _ ble1fed:)7 Ìtgin .Jl,1ry, and of all t b 

aints) may our Lord condutt us to the Kin- 
l of H
aven. ,.l
. Amen. 
,.,.. Father,. vou
11íàfe us a Bleffing. 
The -BlefJing. lVlay the i\
.irgin Mary 

her pious Son, bleís us. R. Alnen. 

""' I 

III Aav.ent, at .1\J:lttlJlS.. 77 
" . Tbe Firft Leffon. luke I. 
...... H E- Angel Gûbrlel ,Vas rent of God, 
L. ,into a-
City of Galilee, cal1ed Nazaretb, 
t a Virgin e1pous'd to a Man, \i\rhofe Nanle 
'IS Jofepb, of the I-Iou1è of David; Jand 
te Virgin's Nan1e "\i\ras lrllzr}: .l\..nd the 
1ge1 being entred in, [aid to her, Hail full 
E Grace, our Lord is V\rith. thee BleiTed art 
au an10ng Wonlen. But thou, 0 Lord, 
1 ve Ivlercy on us. R. Thanks be to God. 
R.'. The Angel Gflbriel.4was fent to l1!iry, 
VirginT) elpous'd to Joftpb, 111cvving to 

r the Vford.: And the Virgin is fnrpriz'd 
: the Light.: Fear 110t, }ðary, thou h1ft 
)tìnd Grace \vith our Lord; behold, thou 
.aIt Conceive, and bring Forth, and he 
tall be call'd the Son of the moa High. 
V. Our Lord ,villi give him the Seat of 
)llvid his F'athcl, anct.lir.e fhall rreign in the 
-Ioufe cf'jacob for ever
. Behold, thou {halt 
onceive, and bring Forth, and he !hall be 
,all'd the Son of, tIle mort High. J J 
IT. Fathér ,
htàfe lIS a Bleffing. . 
The BlejJiJlg. í 
1ày the '
irgin of 'Tirgins 
naRc Int
rcellion .for' us to our Lord: . 
R. AlDen. .1 v 1 t... J ).- 1 #)1 ,,a II J' 
ThE; Secoi2J' I eßón. 
,..- H 0 'having heard, \vas troubl'd at 
his Saying, and thought \\'"hat man- 
1eri of Saluta
ion ,this íhou1d be. And the 
I. .... 
\ngel faid.,to her, Fear not ]
far:Y'- for tbou 
1aft found Grace with, ,God) behold thou 
E 3 fhalt 

 TlJe Office of' our B. Lady, 
{halt conceive in thy Womb, and !halt bea 
a Son, a11d th011 a
aIt, c,all his Natne 'jeft!. 
He 111al1 be Great, and thail be called tn 
Son of thè mofi High: And our Lor 
God \vili give hÌln tIle Seat of DÙvid h 
Father, Slnd he {hall reign in the Houfe ( 
Jâcob for ever; and of his KingdolTI thet 
íhail be no End. f But thou, 0 Lord, hav 
lllercy,. on us. 
R. Thanks be to God. ) , 
R. IIail .."ilary, full of GJ;ace, our Lor 
is vvith thee. The Holy Ghofi thall COLT 
UpOl1 thee, and the Po\\"er of: th
 IDoft Hig 
{ban Gveríhadow thee: For that, which ( 
thee than be born Holy, {hal1 be c.al1ed .tt 
Son of God. V. I-Iow iliall this be don 
becaufe I know not Man? Anti the Ang l 
Cl11f\vering, íàid to ther, The Holy Gho 
fha]l con1e UpOfl thee, apd the Bower ( 
the 1110ft High illall overfhadow, thee: Fe 
that, \vhiçh of thee 111 a 1 1 b
 born Hal. t 
[hall be call'd the 5011 of God. t' ,'I 
V. Father vouchfàfe us a Bleffing. 
The Bleffing. May our Lord, thrQugh h 
Virgin-Mather's lntercefiìon, grallt,l1s.Sa 
va t'ion and Peace. R.. Alnen. 
The TfJird LefJon. 
" A N D Mary låid to the Angel, Ho, 
iliall this be done;- becaule I kno,I 
not Man? And. the Angel anfwcring, fai 
to her, The Holy Ghoft 111all conic upo 
thee, and the Power of the lTIoft.High Iha 

r{hadow thee; and therefore alfo that, 

lich of thee {hall be born Holy, {hall be 
"led the Son of God. And, behold Eli- 
Jctb thy Coufin, {he alfo has conceiv'd 
n in her Old Age; and this Month is 
 fixth to her, tha t is called Barren, be- 
'lie there {han not be any word impoffiJ1e 
God. And },f/1ry raid, Behold the Hand- 
rlid of our Lord, he it done to l11e accor.. 

ng to thy \Vord. But thou, 0 Lord, have 
tercy on us. 
hanks be to God. 
R. Receive, 0 Virgin lvfary, the \Vord, 
'hich is brought to thee from our Lord, 
, the Angel: 'rhou {halt conceive and 
'ing forth, both God, and likewife Man. 
Iat thou may'1ì: be cal:ed Bletred among aU 
V. Thou' {halt bring forth a Son, and 
ffcr no Detriment of thy Virginity; them 
lalt become with Child. and be a Mother 
vel' untouch'd, that thou may'ft be called 

le1red among a\l 'VOlnen. 
r. Glory be to the Father, and to the 
;011, and to the Holv Ghoft. That thou 
l1ay'ft be called Blellèd among all \Vomen. 

t II, J J.
" "\0"" .. - - 

At L A U D S. 
Ncline unto 111V Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, lTIakc hafte to 11elp n1C. 
Glory be to tre Father, t!fc. 
As it was in the Beginning, f5'c. Alleluja. 
F 4 The 

(;0 :L JJt uJllce OJ our li. Laay, 
The A/lth. he Angel. 
Pfa/ln 92. Dominus regnavit. 

 ,Ull Lord has reign'd, he has put 0: 
Beauty: our Lord has put on Strengtl 
and girded hinlfelf. 
For he has eftabli01'd the Globe of th 
Earth) ,vhich 111al1 110t be mov)d. 
Froln. that Tin1c ,vas thy Seat prepar'c 
thou art ti.Ol11 Eternity. 
T11c Rivers, 0 Lord, have lifted uf 
the Rivers have lifted up their Voice. 
The Rivers have lifted up their W
fr0111 the Voice of many Waters. 
Marvel10us are t11e Rifings of tIle Se" 
n1drvellous is our Lord on high. I 
Thy TeftiJnonies are made very crediblf 
I"Iolìnefs becolues thy rloufe, 0 Lord) fe l 
length of days 
Glorv be to the Father, rie. 
ç he.Ár t/J. The Angel Gabriel was rent t l 
Þ ayy, a Virgin efpous)d to Jofepb. I 
be Ant J. Hail Mary. 
pfalm 99. Jubilate Deo. 
Ake ye Joy to God a 11 the Earth, fer' 
our Lord in Gladnefs. 
Enter in before his Sight with Joy. 
Kno\v, that the Lord is God) l1e made u 
and 110t we our IèI Yes. 
.flis People, and the Sheep of his Paftur, 
enter into ,his Gates in Contèfiìon, hisCour1 
,vith I-Iymns, .confefs ye to hiln. 

P ra i j 

ifl Advent, at La;t:l s. 
Praife his NatTIe, becaufe our Lord is 
freet, his Mercy for ever, and his Truth, 
n fr0111 Genera ion to Generation. 
Glory be to tht1 Fath
r,' &c. ,-. 
Tbe Al1tb. I-Iail lrfflrj fun of Grace, our 
lord is with thee; Bleífe
 art thou alTIOng 
I"ornerl. AUeluja. . t 
, The Antb. Fear not .i\lfl1 y. I 
J Pfal!ll 62. Deus Deus meus, a
 te de 
1 uce v igì 10. 
) "GOd my God: to thee I ,vateI1 fr0l11 
,. -the Morning Light. 
My Soul has thirfied after thee: Iny Flea1 
I,fo very ll1any ways. 
As in a Defart Land, and inacceffible, and 
lithout \Vater: fo in the Holv Place have 
appear'd to the, that I 111jght behold thy 
trength and thy Glory. 1 
Becaufe thy I\'lercy is better tha11 Life, y 
..lips íhal1 prai {è thee. 
So win I blefs thee in my Life, and in thy 

alne I will lift up I11Y l-Iands. 
As with Marrow and Fatnefs let my Soul 
>e fil1'd, and Iny Meuth f1lan praife witll Lips 
)f Joy. 
If I have been mindful of thee on 111Y 
Bcd; in the Morning I will meditate 011 
thee; becaufe thou halt"bcen iny l-Ielper. 
And under the C0ver of thy \Vings I 

vill rejoice, my .Soul has cleav'd after thee; 
thy Right l-land has taken Ine under its 
Protcc.tion. . 

E 5 


82 The Office oj'o
r B. Lady, 
But they in vain' h:ave fought my Soul 
they ilia11 enter into the lower Parts of th, 
Earth: they iliall be deliver'd into the Po\ve. 
of the S\vord; they thall be the Portion 
o.f Foxes. l - 
But the King iliall rejoice i11 God, an ilia 
be praÌs"d that [wear on hiIn; becaufe rh 
Mouth of thofe that fpeak \vicked thing 
is fiopp'd. .' · 
J . J 
. P!al,n 66.. Deus lnifereatur nofiri. 
G O D have nlercy on us, and blefs- u, 
caufe his Countenance to. 111ine upo 
us, and have Inercy on us.. 
That 'Are may l{now thy vvay, on Eart] 
thy Salvatiülì, in all Nations. . 
Let People, 0 God, confefs to thee, It 
aU People praife thee., I 
Let. Nations be glad, and rejoice, becau.1 
thou ju<.1geft Peop!e \vi th. Equi ty) and d: 
rcttclt the Nations on the Earth.'a 
Let Pl:ople, 0 God, confcf
 .to thee, 
let all Pe0ple praiJè theG,;. the. Earth h; 
1dcd her Fruit. 
l\Iay God, our God, bIefs us; may Gc 
bIers us, and ll1ay an the Ends of the Earr 
fear hiIn. 
Glory be tp the Father, e:rc. 
The .A.ntb. Fear not Mary, thou haft fOUl 
Grace \"\rith our Lord; behold, thou fila 
cçnceive and bring forth a Son.. AUeluja 
The Ai1tb. Our Lord. 


I fl .f,..J' v\. fI'V, .. or -- 

. be Song of tbe T1Jree Cbi ldren, Dan. ;. 
LL the works of our Lord bIe1"ß our 
.. Lord; praife and extol him for ever. 
BIéfs our Lord ye Angels of our Lord · 
Heavens blefs our Lord. 
AU Waters. that are above the Heavens 
lcfs ye our Lord; blefs our Lord all ye 
Jwers of our Lord. 
: Sun anJ Moon blefs our Lord: Stars of 
"[eave11 biefs our Lord. 
: Showers and Dew bIers our Lord: all 
pirits of God bIds our Lord. . 
I Fire and Heat bIers our Lord: Cold and 
'UI11111er biers our Lord. 
Dews and Hoary Froíi blefs our Lord:' 
iroft and Cold bìefs our IJord. 
Ice and SnoW biefs our Lord: Nights and 
Jays blefs our Lord. 
Light and Darkncrs h1ers our Lord :Light- 
HOgs and Clouds blef
 our Lord. r 
Let the Earth blef.o.; our Lord; let it prai fe 
,1nd extol hitn for ever. 
I Mountains and Hills bIers our Lord: all 
things that fpring in the Earth bIds our 
) Lord.. 
; 'BIers our Lord ye Fountains: Seas and 

 Rivers blefs our Lord. 
Vlhalcs, and all that Incve in thc \Vaters, 
blefs our Lord: bIers our Lord all yc Fow Is 
n c J A . 

 (Ji t lC ,lr. 
· All BeaRs aed Cattel biers our Lord: Sons 
cf Ivlea biers ou
. Lord. 


84 The Office of our B. Ltldy, 
Let I[rael blefs our Lord; praife and- .ex 
tol him for ever. . 
Priefts of our Lord blefs our Lord: Ser 
vallts of our Lord blefs our Lord. 
Spirits and Souls of the J uft blefs ou 
Lord _
 ye Holy and I-Iumble of Heart blef 
our Lord. 
, Azarias, Mifael, bIefs our Lord 
praife and" extol hilll for ever. 
Let us bIers the Father, and the Son, wit) 
tIle Holy Gho11:: let us prai1è and lnagnifi 
hin1 for ever. 
Ble1Ted art tllOU, Lord, in the Firmamen 
of Heaven; and prais'd, and glorified, and e
toll'd for ever. 
Tbe Antb. Our Lord will give l1Ï1n th 
Seat of David his Father, and l1e íhaU reigJ 
far ever. 
The Allth. BehQld the Handlnaid of ou 
Pfalm.148. Laudate Dorninum- de Cælis. 
pRaiíè our Lord from the Heavens, praif 
.ll.. hilTI in the high Places. 
Praiíè hinl an his Angels, praife hin1 a: 
his Powers., 
Praife hilTI Sun and M_oon, praife him a: 
ye Stars and Light. 
. Praife hÌln 0 Heavens of 
Heavens, an( 
let the Waters, that are above the l-feavel)
eraife the NalTIe of our Lord. 
. Be.caufe he fpoke, and they v/ere made 
llC COlni11ande
1, alld tlley were created. 
1-1 ( 

zn Aa'l.Ient" at LtlUtlS. ð)' 
He eftabliíh'd theIn for ever, "\Vorld with:. 
(It End: He Inade a Precept, and it !hall not 
t ann ull'd. 
Praife our Lord from the Earth, yc Dra.. . 
pns, and 
11 I?epths. . 
Fire, Hall, Snow, Ice, telnpeftuous "\Vlnds, 
hieI1 obey his Vlord. 
l\1ountains and aU Hil1s, Trees that bear 
ruit, and all Cedars. 
B'eafts and ail Cattle: Serpents and \ving: 
Ii Fowls. 
I Kings of the Earth, and alt.-People, Prin.. 
s, and an J tldg
s of the Earth. 
Young Men and Virgins, the Old with 
he Young; let them praifè the Name. of 
,)ur Lord) beeaufe. his Nan1e alone is exal- 
The Confeffion of hilll is above Heavell 
!lnd Earth, and he has exalted the Horn of . 
'lis Peop
I A HYlnn to all his Saints," to the Sons 
Jf Ifr.ael, a People that approaches to him. 
Pfa/llz ]49. 
S I N"G to our Lord a nevI Soog, let his 
Praife be Ì-11 the Church of Saints. 
Let I[rael.bc.joyful in him that Inadc him, 
dnd the Childre11 of SiOll rejoice in thei
King. . 
Let. theIn praifè his Name in Quire: on 
Timbrel aGd Pfalter let th"ClTI fing to hinl. 
Becaufe our Lord is ',veIl-Ficas d \vith his 
0!? 1 e,. 

ðO :J. De uJllce OJ our ß. Lally, 
People, and he \vill exalt the Meek to Sdl 
va tiOi1. , 
TIle Saints f11all rejoice in Glory, thc
thalI he joyfl11 in their Beds. · 4 . 
The Praife of God f11alI be in thei' 
MOll ths, and two - edg'd S\V"ords in thei 
To execute Revenge on the Nation
Chafiifelllents alTIong the Peop]c. 
To bind their Kings in Fe, and thei 
Nobles in Chains of Iron. . 
That they may execute on thelTI the J ud
ment that is \vritten: this Glory is tq al 
Ilis Saints. . 
pjàlm I 50. _ Laudate DOI
inum in sanais.1 
P Raire our Lord in his Saints, praife hin 
in the Firlnament of his Strength. 
Praife hitn in his Powers, prai1è hinl a< 
cording to the Multitude of his -Grea1 , ' 
nefS. · 
, Praife hiln in the Sound of Trulnpet,pra"if l 
11Îm on Ptàlter and Harp. - 
Praife hirll onTimbrel, and in Quire,praif 
hirll on Strings and Organs
Praife hÌ1n on \vell- founding Cymbal
prdife him on C:yn1ba]s of Joy, let ever 
Spirit praife our Lord. I 
Glory be to the Father, e;"c. 
The .I1Jltb. Beho]d t
le I-Ianàmaid c 
our Lord; be it to Ine, according to rh 


111 ..Iia'Oell
, ac LllttUJ. Ö7 
 Chapter.. Ifai. I I. 
Rod filall CGIne forth of the Root of 
JcJfe, alld a Flo\-\"er 1l1al1 rife up out " 
. his Root; and.the Spirit of our. Lord thall 
1ft UpOll him.', 
R. T11anks be to God. 
The H
Y M. N. 0 gloriofa Virginuila 
' ) Mar y !. whilfi: thy Maker bleft 
Is nourifu'd at thy Virgin Breaft, 
liell Glory fhines,1 that Stars lefs bright 
.ehold thy Face, and loíè their Light
, The Lois that Man in E?"e.deplores 
thy Fruitful WOlnb in Chrift reftores, 

nd Inakes the "\Vay' to Heaven free 
,2'or them that mourn, to fol1ow thee. 
, By thee the Heavenly Gates difþlay 
\nd ihew the L-ight of endlefs Day: 

ing ranfom'd Nations, fing and own, 
Your Ranfol11 ,vas a Virgin's SOIl. 
1\-lay Age to Age for ever fing 
Tl1e Virgin's Son and Angels King; 
t\nd prai1è with the Celettial I--Ioft 
The Father, Son, and ,Holy Ghoft. A1l1cn. 
r. Ble1Ted art thou among'Vornen. 
R. And bleffed is the Fruit of thy ,'l0I11b. 
The Antb. The Holy Ghoft. 
Tbe Song of- Zach. Luke I. 
B Leffed be our Lord God of Ifrael, be- 
cJure he. has vifited and wrought the 
Redemption of his Peop]e
, And rais'd up a l{ingdolll of Salvation to 
us) in the I-Ioufe of David, his Servant.. 

ðð Tn? OfJlce of
 our B: Laay, 
As l1e fpoke by the Mouth 4 0 f his 1-101' 
Prophets, that are frOlTI the Beginning. . 
Salvation from our Enelnies, and fl.Ol1 
the Halld of an that hate u.s. f
To vvork Mercy witl1 our Fat rs, an! 
to relnelnber his Holy Covenal1t. _ 
Oath, which he f\vore to Avrab 1. 
()ur Fat11er, that he would grant to us, 
That ,vithout Fear, being deliver'd fron 
the Hand of our Enelnies, v.le. tnay ièr 
hiIn,. po.;..t 
In I-Iolinefs and J Ù[tice before hirll all ou 
And thou, Child, íhalt be call'd the Pre 
phet of the I-lighcl1:: for thou í11alt go bf 
fore the. Face of our Lord to prepa "e hi 
To give Knowled-ge of SalvatioQ tô hi 
People, for Remit1ì011 of their Sins. 
Through the Bowels of the lVlercy of au 
(;od; in which the RilÌng Sun frOITI 01 
high has v 
fi ted us. ) I 
To .enlighten them that fit in I)arkneß 
and in the Shadow of Death: to direét ou. 
Feet i11 the Way of Peace. 
Glory be to the Father, t;'c.. 
Tbe AJltb. The I-Ioly Ghoft fhal1 defcen{ 
upon thee, 0 Mary; fear not, thou iliaJ;" 
have' in thy "\Volnb the Son of God. Ali
luj a. 4. 1 
Lord have mercy on us. Chrifi have mcrc
on us. Lord l1ave mercy on us. T. Lore 
.. heaJ 

I,/J,. fJ..'-"Vtlf/,,,, ..... ,,&....#'"

:: bar IllY Prayer. R. And let IllY Cry COlne 
_, t thee. 
Let us Pray. 
God, WI10 wouldft have thy 'VorJ take 
Flet11 Íl1 the WOlnb of the Bleffèd Vir.... 
In Mûry, according- to the Declaration of 
: le Angel; grant us thy Suppliants, that we, 
; 'ho truly believe her to be the Mother of 
_ pod, may find Favour with thee, by her In- 
:: :rceffion :. Tl1ro) the fame Chrift our Lordo 
fOr thë s
ints at Lauds and at Even.Song Qnly. 
1 The Antb. Behold our Lord thall come;

 nd an his Saints with him, and tl1ere fi1all 

. e in that Day a great Light. AUe/llja. 
I,' P. Behold our Lord iliall appear on a 
fl vhite Cloud

, ... .
R. And 'with hJm Thotlfands of SaInts, 
.., Let us Pray. 
I Urify, 0 Lord, we befeech thee, our 
Confciences by thy. Vifit; that at the 
Arrival of our Lord Jefus Chrift with an 
u,pis Saints, 11e may find in us a Dwelling 
ready for his Reception: Vlho liveth and 
teigneth one God \vith thee, and the I-Ioly 
\ Ghoft, World witl10Ut E11d. 
, R. Amen. 
Y. Lord hear Iny Prayer. 
R. And let - my Cry come to thee. 
Y. Ble(s we our Lord. 
11. T.hal1ks be to God.. 

r:. May 

, v .L _IJr VJJIL r;. U UHf JJ.. tlll.Y" 
J7. May the Souls of the Faithful, thrt 
the Ivlercy of God, reLt. ill Peace. R. An1eJ 

If tbe office erds bere, tbe Anthem, Verficle an! Pra Vt 
fotlowing are to be {aid; elfe, if an()t
4 Hour follow!, in t 
end of tbe taft Hour, fay, Our Father, wbolly in Jeerer. 
V. May our Lord give us his Peace. j 
An<i Life Everlat1:ing. A1Jlcn. 
ThJt done,' the An then1 following is to be [aid 
The Anthem. Allna Redclnptoris Mater. 
B '
ightParent of our Lord,
7hofe Pray
rs difph 
T,he heav
nly Gates: whofe light direéts our wa
Bright Ocean
s Star, \\Tith facred Influence guide 
Our firaggling Courfe in fpite of Nature
s Tide. 
Thou in whom Nature flood amaz
d to fee 
Both God and 
Ian, thy Maker born of
In whom alone the Maid and ivtother meet, 
Remelnber Sinners at thy Infant 3 s Feet. 
17. . The .Angel 
of the Lord. dec-lar'd t 
R. And l11e conceiv
d by, the Holy GI101 
Let us JYilY. 
Lord, we be[ee 'h thee, pour forth it: 
to our l-íearts thy Grace; that w' 
,,"ho by the- lVleffage of the Angel, ha\ 
ln the Incarnation of thy Son Chrit 

11ay, by his Pamon and Crofs, be brougl- 
to the G lory of his Refurreétion: Thr , 
the fàme Chrift our Lord. R. Alnen. 
v. May the Divine Help always relnai 
\vith us.. R. Alnen. 


In fiaVt:l 
I, at, 1.' I "n,. 
At p R I 1.1 E. 
l-lail Mary. I 

c1ine unto my' Aid, a God. 
R. a Lord, make hafie to help mc. ' 
Glory be to the)Fathcr, ftt'c. 
,As it was in the Beginning, es'c. 
the H Y M N. Memento rerum COf1ditor. 

 l Emember, You, 0 gracious Lord, 

. "I'h' eternal God's Co-equal \Vord, 
], Virgin's womb a Creature made 
'ur Nature v,ore for Nature's Aid. 
a -happy Mary chofe to be I 
:[other of Grace and Clemency! 
rotet't us àt the Hour of Death, 
:ml bear to Heaven our parting Breath: 
May Age to Age for ever fing' 
 Virgin's Son and Angels King, 
Lnd praife with the Celefiial Haft: 

he Father, Son" and Holy Ghoít. Amm. 
The Anth. The Angel Gabriel. 
pfalm 53. Deus in nomine tuo. 
God, fave lile by thy Name, and by thy 
Strength judge ine. 
I 0 God, hear my Prayer; with thy,Ears 
-eceive the W,ords of Iny Mouth. 
\ Becaufe Strangers have rife11 up againft 
(, ne, and the Strong have fought my Soul: 
Dmd they have not lèt God before their Eyes. 
:. For behold, God helps me, and our Lord 
,is,the Protetìor of my Soul
J. Turn away the Evils to my Enemies, and 
l thy Truth deítroy them. . - 
1 \,riU 

... J. fJCí VjJJ,L
 VJ UUl D. .J..."dlll-.J, ! 
I \vill freely fàcrifice to thee, and ,vi, 
confefs to thy Name, 0 Lord, becaufe it I 
Becaufe t'hoi.1 haft deliver'd me out of ' 1 
TribulatiOl1: and my Eyes have look
d do\\' 
UpOl1 my Enemies. . 
Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
Pfa/rn 84. Benedixifti DOlnine. 
 Lord, thou haft bleffed thy Lane 
. . thou 11aft turn'd a\vay the Captivi 
of J/lcob. 
Thou haft forgiven the J.l1iquity of, tl 
People, thou haft cover'd aU their Sins. 
Thou haft moderated all thy,Wrath, the 
haft turn'd away from the Wrath of tl 
COl1vert us; 0 God our Saviour, ?nd tÚ] 
away thy Angert from us. · t .I! 
Wilt thou be angry """ith us for.evel 
Or wilt thou 'extend thy W-rath fr91TI G. 
neration to Generation? \ 
o God, thou being reconciled" íha lr 
quicke11 us, and thy Peopl
 .í11all _r
t l1ee. . 
 , } 
Shew us, 0: 
ordj thy Mçrcy, and. gi 
us thy S3lvation. &.. 
I will hear 'v hat our Lord God fhaU fpe; 
in tne, becaufc. he. \vill fpeak Peace to l
Peopìe. . 
And to his Saints, and to: t11fln tha,
ted to the l-Ieart. 
But his Salv,atiol1 is l1Cat to tl1em th 
fe: e 

zn ./ia1.lenr, ar: rrzrne. 93 
r hin1, that Glory may inhabit our 
Mercy and 'truth have Inet each other, 
ftice and Peace have kiflèd. 
f-oruth is rifc110ut of the Earth, â11d J u- 
fl:e has look'd down :.frOlTI Heaven. 
For our Lord \viU"give Plenty, and our 
Iud fuaU yield its Fruit. r 
J uftice filall walk before him, and fet her 
.eps in the vvay. 
Glory be to tl1e Father, fie. 
Pfalnl 116. Laudate DominUln. 
Raife our Lord an Gentiles, praife him 

Becaufe his Mercy'fs'confirlTI'd on us; .al1 
is 'Truth relnains for ev
Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
Tbe Antb. The Angel-Gabriel was fent to 
'rfary, a V"irgin efpous'd to J'ofepb. 
The CbJpter. Ifai. 7. 
Ehold a V'Ì"i.gil1 filall conceive -and bring 
forth a Son, and his Name [hall 'be call'd 
JJJunanuel; he thall -eat Butter and Ho'iley, 
;:hat he 11lay kno,v to rcfufe Evil, and chutè 
,G-ood. t R. Thanks be to God. f 
I J7. VO"Jchfafe that I 111ay praife thee, 0 
Sacred '
R. Give me Force againft thy Enemies. 
Lord have mercy on us. Chrift have 
mercy on us. Lord have mercy 011 us. 
v. Lord hear lny Prayer. l 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 

94- :L De Ujflce OJ OUf' ß. Lad' , 
Let us Pray. 
O God, who would'fi have thy Wo 
take Flcfh in the Won1þ of the BIen 
Virgin .ldary, aceo .ding to the Declarati< 
of the Angel:, thy Suppliants, th 
we, who truly 
believe her to be the M 
ther of God, may find Favour with th( 
by her Interceffion: T11ro' the faIne Chr 
ður Lord. 
R. Amen. 
v. Lord, hear Illy Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
V. Blefs we Ollr Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
v. MâY the Souls of the Faithful, tIlt 
the Mercy of God, rea in Peace. 
R. Amen. 

At tbe T H I R D H 0 U R. 
Hail Mary. 
I Ncline to my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 lord make hafie to help mc. 
Glory b
 to the Father, fSc. 
The 1-1 Y M N. Melnento rerUl1 Conditor 
t Etl1Cmber, You, 0 Gracious Lord, 
. T11' eternal God's Co-equal Word, 
In Virgin's "\Volnb a Creature made 
Our Nature ,,vore for Nature's Aid. 
. 0 happy Mary chafe to be 
Motller of Grace and Clemency! 
Protetr us at the Hour of Deatl1, 
And bear to Heaven our parting Breatb. 
. M'1 

in Ad1.1ellt, a"& "llJe .J.. fJ/, Ur .LAV"U. 
.May Age to Age for ever flng 
e Virgin's Son and Angels King, 
,d praife with the Ce1eftial Haft 
le Father
Son, and Holy Ghoft. Amm. 
iTbe Antb. Hail Mary. 
"aIm 119. Ad Dominum cum tribularer. 
X THEN.I was in 'Tribulation, I cried 
if V to our Lord, <'Ind. he heard me. r 
'Lord, deliver my Soul from unjuft.Lips, 
Id from a deceitful 'Tongue. 
'What wi11 be given, or what Recompence 
'ß be lnade for a deceitful Tongue? 
'The {harp Arrows of the mighty, with 
)als of Defolation. 
\Voe is me, that my Banifhment is pro- 
ng'd; I have dwelt with the Inhabitants 
: Cedar, my Soul has been long a Strànger. 
"\Vith t11cm that hated Peace, I ,vas peace- 
'lIe: W hen I fpoke to them, they oppos'd 
e \\"ithout Caufe. 
Glory be to the Father, fic. 
pfalm 120. Levavi oculos meos. 
: I 
 Have lifted up my Eyes to the Mann- 
i. tains, froln whence Help fhall come 
) me. 
My He1 P is from our Lord, who made 
leaven and Earth. 
Let him not fuffer thy Foot to be mov'd: 
lor let him f1ulnber that keeps thee. 
Lo, he thall not number nor nee.p, that 

eeps lfrael. 

9 0 .11Je ujpce OJ our Þ. Laay, 
Our Lord keeps thee, our Lord is t] 
Protet1:ion, 011 thy right Hand. 
By Day the Sun thall not burl1 tI1ce, n( 
the Moon by Night. 
Our Lord keeps thee from all -Evil, m: 
our Lord keep thy Soul. 
Let our Lord keep thy coming in, at 
thy going out"j frolll henceforth) no, 
.and for ever. 
Glory be to tI1e Father, e.
pfalm 121. Lí
tatus fume 
I RejoÌc'd at thofe things, ,vhich vV'e 
faid to me; we filall go i11tO the Hou' 
of the Lord. I 
Our Feet \vere ftanding 111 thy COllr' 
km. ! 
:Jerufalenl, \\Thich is built as a City, whc i 
Inhabitants are tlnited together. : 
For thither did the Tribes afcend, t 
Tribes of our Lord, the Tefiilllony of. 
rael; to praifè the NatTIe of our Lord. 
Becauf' Seats fat there in J udglller 
Seats tlpOn the Houfe of David. 
Ask the things that are for the Peace 
Jerufaleln, a11d abundance to them tll 
love thee. 
, Let Peace be Inade il1 tllY Strength, at 
abundance in tl1Y Tovvers. 
For lIlY Brethren, and Iny Neighbours: 
fpoke Peace of thee, 
Fpr the l-Ioufe of the Lor(l our God, 
have .fought good things for thee. 
t::.10f4U hp t'l'\ thp Ji'1tnpr. P
"Î_ '7 

In Advent, at tIle 7/Jzra .Hour. 97 
The Anth. Hail }'-ftzry, full of Grace, our 
}rd is with thee, Blcifed art thou aillong 
'omen. AUeluja. I ' 

, 'rhe cl}d,pt. I fai. I I. · 
\ Rod iliall CaIne forth of the Root of 
ì Jeffe, and a Flo,ver, fþall rife IIp out 
( his R00t, and the SpIrIt of our Lord 
(Ill reít upon hhn. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
1/'. Grace is pour'd out on thy Lips. 
R. T11erefore God has bleflèd thee for 
ord have mercy on us. Chrift have mercy 
n us. Lord have mercy on us. 
P. 0 Lord hear my Prayer. 
R. And Jet Iny Cry come to thee. 
Let us PrflY. 
) God, who \\Tould'(t have thy \Vord 
take Fle111 in the WOlnb of the Bleflèd 
irg-in Mllry, accolding to the De..claration 
f the Angel: grant us, thy Suppliants, that 
'fe, \vho truly believe her to be the Mo.. 
ller of God, lnay find Favour \\tÎth thee, 
] y her Interceffion: Thro' the fanle Chrift 
ur Lord. }l. Amen. 
. 1 r . Lord, hear Iny Prayer.. _ 
R. And let my Cry come to th-ec. 
. Blefs \ve our Lord. 
. Thanks be to God
I V. May the Souls of the FaithfuT, thro" 
, he Mercy of God, rell in Peace. An:eil. 
r F At 

9 8 The Office of our B. Laay, 
At tbe S [ X7' H H 0 U R. 
Hail Mary. 
I Ncline unto iny Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help me. 
Glory be to the Father, 
c. Al1eluja. 
· 'The H Y M N. Memento reru.m Condit r. 
R E lneU1ber, You, 0 gracious Lord, 
Th' eternal God's Co-equal Word, 
In Virgin's womb a Creature made 
Our Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
a happy Mûry chafe to be 
Mother of Grace and Clemency! 
"Protett: us at the l-Iour of Death, 
.And bear to Heaven our parting Breath. 
May Age to Age for ever flog 

he Virgill's 5011 and 1-\ngels King, 
And prai1è with the Ce1eftial Haft, 
The }'ather, Son, and flaly Ghot1:. 
The ..Antb. Fear 110t 
pJa/,n 122. Ad te Levari. 
T o thee have I lifted u,p my Eyes; \v] 
dwelleít in the Heavens. 
Behold, as the Eyes of Servants are (I 
the Hands of their Ma{ters ; 
As the Eyes of the l-Iandmaid on t 
Hands of her Miftre1s: fo are our E) 
to our Lord God) Ul1til he have iner 
on U 5.. 
l-lave tncrcy on 'us, 0 Lord, have iller 
on us, beèaule \ve are overwhelm'd wi 
,_Con t eL11 pt. 
 our Soul is overwhelm'd; 

ig an ObjeEt of Reproach to fnch as 
')ound, and of Contempt to the Proud. 
: Glory be to the Father, tic. 
I pfalm 123. Nifi quia Dominus. 
.) U 1:' that our Lord was with us, let 
.J Ifrael now fay, but that our Lord 
" I "as with us, 
When Men rofe up againíl us, perhaps 
J 1ey had fwallow'd us alive. 
: When their Fury was rais'd a.gainft us, 
rhaps the Waters had fwallow'd us up. 
, Our Soul has pafs'd thro' a Torrent, per- 
'aps our Soul had pafs'd thro' an intole-- 
Ible Water. 
Blefled be our Lord, who has not given 
'S for a Prey to theit Teeth. 
Our Soul, as a Sparrow, is deliver'd the Snare of the Fo,vlers. 
, The Snare is broken, and we are deli- 
ler'd. - 
lOur help is in the Name of the Lord, 
'vho made .Heave!1 and Earth.. 
I Glory be'.to the Father, t5
I PIIlI,n 124. Qui confidul1t in DOlnÏno. 
' T Hey that truít in our Lord, ar(: as 
. Mount Sion; he iliall not be lllOV'd for 

ver that dwells in Jcrufale1l1. 
Mountains round about it, and our Lord 
"ound about his l'cQple, from henceforth, 
.lO\V, and for ever. 
Becaulè our Lord ,vill not leave the Rod 
F 2 of 

lUU .J. IJft ufflce OJ our D. Laay., 
of Sinners on the Lot of the J uft; that tb, 
J u{t extend not their I-lands to Iniquity 
Do "vel], 0 Lord, to the good and righ' 
of Heart. .. . I 
But our Lord win bring thofe that d( 
cline to perver[e Ways, \vith theln that war 
Iniquity, that Peace lnay be upon Ifrael. 
Glory be to the I
ather, &.c. 
Tbe Antb. Fear not Mary, thou baft faun 
Grace with our IJord : Behold, thou ll1a 
c011ceive) al1d bring forth a Son. AUeluja. 
The ChJpter. luke I. · 
UR Lo.rd God \viII give hirn the Se
of David his Father, and he ihan reigt 
in the Haufe of Jdcob ft)r ever) and of h 
Kingdoll1 iliall be no End. 
R. Thanks be to (:;'od. 
]/. Bleffed art thou alTIOng ,,\\Tomen. , 
R.. And ble1fed is the Fruit of thy WOIll 
Lord have mercy 011 us. (:hrift have In(" 
cy on us. Lord have Incrcy on us. 
. Lord hear 111Y Prayer. R. And ]'" 
Iny Cry COlne tt) th
.?et UJ Pray. 
God, \\,rho \
lould'it have thy V10 
take Flet11 in th,e Wonlb of the Blell 
rgin ].{.ny, accordÍ11g to the Declarati c ,l 
of the Angel: grant us, thy 
.uppliants, th 
,ve, \vho truly believe her to be the N 
ther ()f God, Inay find Favour with th, 
by her Intercel1ìan : Thro' tl1c fame Chtt 
our Lord. ]{. Alnen. 

v. La , 

in AdveJlt, at the Ninth Hour. 101 
f F. Lord, ,hear lIlY Prayer. 
Ill. .A.
nd let Iny Cry COllIe to thee. 
: . Blefs Vi/e our Lord. R. Thanks be to 
. Þ.1ay the Souls of the Faithful, thro'the 
' fercy of God, rea in P eace. R . Anlen.. 
At the N I NT If H 0 U R. 

dry. · 
, ! -Ncline unto my Aid, OGod. 
110. fl. U Lord, rnake haíte to help t11e. 
'G lory be to the E
ather, e
-' c. AUeluj:1. 
:The H Y M N. lrfemento rerurn Conditor. 
D Emelnbcr, You, 0 Gracious LOid, 
 Th' eternal God's Co-equal'Vard, 
In Virgilfs WOlnb a Creature Blade 
)ur Nature wore for Nature's P.lid. 
. a happy Mtlry chofe to be 
itlother of Grace and Clclllency ! 
i)roteét us at the Hour of Death, 
,Lnd bear to Heaven our parting Breath. 
, May Age to Age for ever fing 
;rhe Virgin's Son and _t\.ngels King, 
nd prai1è with t11e Celeítiall-ìort 
rhe Father, Son, and I-Ioly G hort. Aiìzeìl. 
Antb. Behold the Handlnaid. 
Pfa/Tn 125. In convertendo Dominus. 
W Hen our Lord turn'd back the Cap- 
I tivity of SioJl, \ve vvere Inade as l\1en 
1:0111 forted. 
I 'Then was our 
louth replenifh'd \\rith 
IJOY, and our Tongue with Joyfulncfs. 
 3 Then 

102 Tbe office of our B. Lady, I 
Then !hall they fay among the Gentile.1 
the Lord has done great things for therr l 
Our LoM has done great things for u:1 
\ve arc lnade joyful. 
Turn our Captivity, 0 Lord, as a To 
rent in tIle South. 
They that fow in Tears, {hall reap i l l 
J oyfullle1s. 
Going out they went, and wept; ca] 
ing their Seed. 
But returning they íhal1 come with JOI 
fu lncis, carrying their Sheaves, 
Glory be to the Father, 
pfalm 12.6. Nifi Dominus. 
F our Lord builds not the Houfe, th 
have labour'd in vain that build it. 
If our Lord keeps not the City, )1 
watches in vain that keeps it. I 
It is in vain for you to rife before Ligh 
rife after ye have fat, you that cat the Bre: 
of Sorro\v. 
"\V hen he {ban give Sleep to his Belove 
behold Children are an Inheritance frc 
our Lord: and the Fruit of the womb 
a Reward. 
As ArroWs in the Hand of the Might 
fo are the Children of them that are I 
Bletred is tþe Man that has filled his De1ì 
of tnem: he thall not be confounded, wh, 
he fha111þeak to his Enemies in the Gate 
Glory be to the Father, t5'c. 
1) r/1 J 

III. Jj.UV(,f,.V, ....... - - - - 

PIa/rll 12 7. Beati omnes. 
) Le1fed are all that fear our Lord, that 
 walk in his ways. 
Beca,ufe thou ihalt eat the Labours of thy 
'lands: bleHèd art thou, and it {hall be 
ell with thee. 
, Thy Wife, as a plentiful Vine on the 
ides of thy l-loufe. 
, Thy Children, as young 'Plants of Olive- 
rees, round about thy Table. 
I Behold, fa filall the Man be b1eifed, 
'hat fea s our Lord. 
I Let our Lord blefs thee out of Sion, and 
nay'íì: thou fèe the good things of 'Jcrttfa- 
em all the Days of thy Life. 
I May'íì: thou alfo fee thy Children's 
,:hildren, Peace 011 Ifr
Glory be to the Father, etc. 
The A11th. Behold the Hand-maid of our 
Lord: Be it to me according to thy Word. 
: Tbe c1Japtvr. lfai. 1. 
I . Ehold, a Virgin lhall Conceive, and 
bring forth a Son, an.d h
s Name {hall 
:be called Emmanuel: He [:Ian eat Butter 
;and Honey, that he may know to leÚ& 
IEvil,. and chufe Good. 
R. 1;hanks be to God. 
v. The Angel of our Lord declar'd to 
R. And fl1e Conceiv'd by the Holy 
Lord have mercy on us. 
F .+ Chrift 

10+ :J JJe u1pce OJ our 1>. Lllay, 
Chri1l: have mercy on us. 
LorJ bave nlercy on us. 
J7. Lord, hear 111Y Prayer. 
R. .LL\nd et my Cry come to thee. 
Let us Prtry. 
God, "vho wouldfì: have thy War 
· take Flea1 in the W'olnb of the Ele 
fed Virgin Mary, according -to the Dedi 
ratio11 of the Angel: grant us thy SUPP]i 
ânts, that \ve, \vho truly believe her to {' 
the l\lother of'Gcil, tnay find 
'avour wit 
thee, by her Intercefilon. Thro' the tàul 
Chrji1 our Lord. R. Alnen. 
J/. Lord hear l11Y Prayer. 
R. ...?\nd let my Cry COIne to thee. I 
J7. Blefs we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. I 
R. May the Souls of the Faithful, thr j 
the Mercy of God, reft ì n Peace. R. A1Jle ' 
Hail lt1ary. 
I Ncline unto my Aid, 0 God; 
R. 0 Lord l1lake haíte to help me. 
Glory be to the Father, (5'-(. AUe/uja. 
Tbe .Antb. The Angel Gabriel. 
Pj:tllìl 109. Dixit DOlninus. 
U R Lord fàid to Iny Lord, fit on n 
Righ t I-Iand. 
llntil I n1ake thy EneI11ies thy Foe 
Our Lord \viII fend forth tl1e Scepter. 

111 An VI: Ii f", u" ..I.J V""'" ...... 
'ìY Power from Sian; rule thou in the 
J.idft of thy Enelnies. 
I The beginning with thee in the Day of 
1Y . Strength, in the Brightnefs of the 

aints: frolll the WOlnb, before the Day- 
ar, I begat thee. 
lOur Lord [wore, and he will not repent: 
,hou art a Prien: for ever, according to 
;he Order of Melcbifedec. 
Our Lord on thy Right Hand, l1atl1 bro- 
en Kings in the ])ay of his Wrath. 

 He !hall in Nations, he thaIl fill 
,[tuins, he fila I 1 crufh the Heads Íl1 the 
Land of many. 
Of the Torrent in the way he t11all 
drink, therefore iliall he lift up his Head. 
I Glory be to the Father, r1c. 
I The AntI]. The Ange1 Gabriel was fent to 
,Nary, a Virgin e1þous'd to 'Ja/epb. 
I !he Antb. Hail MarJ. 
pflllril l12
 Laudate puerî Dominuln. 
P Raire our Lord ye Cllildren, praife the 
NatTIe of our Lord. ", 
The Name of our Lord be blc1Tcd from 
henceforth, no\v, and for ever. 
From the rifing of the Sun, to it's going 
 the NalTIe of our Lord is worthy 
.of Praife. 
Our Lord is high above all Nations, and 
his'Glory above the !-Ieavers. 
Who is like the Lord our Gcd, that 
F 5 d\vel1s 

1 UV .1. fJ
 Ujjt"t: OJ our D. .l..Jt/'UY, r 
d\vells on high, and beholds the humbI 
things in Heaven and Earth. 
Raifing up the needy from the Eartl; 
and lifting up the poor out of the DHng. i 
To place hhn with Princes, witll tl
Princes of his People. 
'Vho l11akes the Barren Woman t 
d,vell in 11er Houfè, a joyful Mother ( 
Children. - 
Glory be to the Father, t;rc. 
The Antb. Hail J.l1ary, full of Grace, Ot 
140rd is ,vith thee, Bletfed art thou amon 
\V Olnen. AI/eluj a. 
Tbe Antb. Fear not Milry. 
Pfûlltl 121. Lætatus furn. 
I Rejoic'd at thofe things, which we1 
fàid to 111C; vve {hall go into the HOU" I 
of the Lord. ( 
Our Feet were ftanding in thy Court' 
o JerltJàleln. 
Jerufa/elll, ,vhicll is built as a Cit 
,vhoíè Inhabitants are llnited together. 
For thither did the Tribes, afcend, tl 
Tribes of our. Lord, the Tcfl:inlony of oJ' 
rllel; to praife the NatTIe ,of our Lord. 
Becaufe Seats fàt, there in Judgmen 
Seats npùn the I-Iqufe of Da7Jid. 
Ask the things that are for the Peace ( 
Jt?yufalenl) and abundance to theln th
love thec. 
Let Peace be Blade in thy Strength, ar 
abundance in thy To\v"ers. 


For my Brethren and my Neighbours: I 
'Joke Peace of thee. 
I' For the Haufe of the Lord'our God: I 
aye fought good things for thee. 
I Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
7'he Antb. Fear not Mary, for thou haft 
,Qund Grace with our Lord: Behold, tho
,halt Conceive and bring forth a Son. AUe- 
,It} a. 
The Antb. Our Lord ,viII give. 
PIalrn 126. .Nifi Dominus. 
' I F our Lord builds not the Haufe, they 
have labour'd in vain that build it. 
, If our Lord keeps not the City, he 
\vatches in vain that keeps it. 
It is in vain for you to rilè before Light: 
i rife after ye have fat, you that eat the 
,Bread of Sorrow. 
I \Vhen he {hall give Sleep to his Beloved, 
'bellold Children are an Inheritance froln 
our Lord: and the Fruit of the womb is 
a Reward. 
J.l\s Arro\vs in the Hand of the Mighty, 
fo are the Children of them that are rco. 
BleiTed is the Man that has filled his 
.de1ìre of tllcm : he {ball not be confounded., 
,vhen lIe filall fpeak to his Enemies in the 
Glo'y be to the Father, e1c. 
The Antb. Our Lord will give him the 
Seat of his Father ])avid) aIld he {hall 
t..igI\ for ever. Tbf: 

II J,L(-"
'\I'''''''. - - 

_..., '"'JJ""" VJ vn
 ,IJ. .L.JUU.I, 
The Anth. Behold the Hand-maid. 
Pfalnl 147. Lauda J erufaleln. 
O Jerufa/ern, praife our Lord: prai
thy God, 0 Sion. 
Becaufe he has ftrengthned the Locks ( 
thy Gates, he has bleifed thy Children i 
Who has fet tI1Y Borders in Peace: an 
tills thee with the Fat of Corn. 
Wl10 fends forth his Speech to the Eartl 
11is Word runs fwiftly. 
'Vho gives Snow as Wool; fcatters Mi l 
as AllIes. 
He cafts 11is Cryftal as I\forfels: befOl1 
the Face of his Cold whofhall abide? I 
He ll1all fend forth his Word, an-d ilia I 
ìnelt tneIn: his 'Spirit HIall breath, ani 
the Waters iliall flow. 1 
Who declares his Word to Jacob, h 
}uftice and iT udglnc11ts to [[rael. I 
I:Ie has not done fo to any Natior I 
ând his Jnqgments he l1as not made lnan 
'feft to them. 
Glory be to the Father, E,1c. 
Tbe Antb. Behold the Handlnaid of ou 
Lord, be it to ITIe acçor.ding to thy \Vord. 
The Chaptet. Ifai. "I I. 
i" R:od fnali come 'forth of the. Root ( 
__ 1- fe.lfe, an.d a .Flowe
lall rife up ot 
<>f his Root, 8113 the_ fSp1rlt of our Lor 

íþall refi l
pGn .hitn. 

hanks t)e to {;od


It. .I1UU
/t'" .u" .L!/t;It-':'UII Ò . AV\ 
The H Y M N. Ave-Maris SteUa. 
Right Mother of our Maker, hail 
Thou Virgin' ever blett, 
rhe Ocean's Star, by which we fail 
. And gain the Fort of Reft. 
I Nhilft \ve this A'lJe thus to thee 
From Gabriel's Mouth rehearíè; 
..Prevail that Peace oUf'Lot may .be 
And Eva's NalTIe reverfe. 
,'Releafe our long entangled Mi11d 
From all the Snares of Ill; 
I With heav'nly Light inHrua the Blind 
And an our ,r ows fulfil. 
Exert for- us a I\-!other's Care, 
And us- thy Children own: 
Prevail, with him to hear our Pray'r 
Who chofe to be thy Son. 
iD [potlefs Maid! ,vhate Virtues fi1ine 
With brighteft Purity: 
Each Aaion of our- Lives refine,:. 
And Inake us pure like Thee. 
Preierve our Lives unfiain'd ,;vi th III ( 
In this infeétiQus 'Va.y; 
That Heav'n alone our Souls n1ay fill
With Joys that ne'èr decay. 
To God the Father endlefs Praife; 
To God the Son the f
And I-IolYJGhoft vvbofc equal Rays 
One ,.equaJ Glory claim. Allzell. 
Y. Grace Îs .pour'd .forth on thy Lips
R>o Tht:rcfor
 G-:od has bleffed thee for 4 . 

Zb r 

- ....... --JJw....
 VJ VII'" .AJ. ,/I,J LJ1W .I' 

The Antb. The Holy Ghoft. 
Tbe S011g of. tbe B. Virgin Mary. Luke I. 
M y Soul does magnifie our Lord. 
. And iUY Spirit has rejoic'd ,in Go, 
my Saviour. 
Becaufe he l1as regardeli the lVleanne: 
of his Handlnaid: for behold, froln henel 
fortI1 all Generations fl1al1 call me Ele 
Becaufe he that is Migllty has done grea 
Things to tne: and Holy is his NarTIe. 
And his Mercy froin GeneratioI1 to G, 
neratio11s, is on them that fear hilTI. I 
He has f11ew'd Strength in his Arm, 1)/ 
has difpers>d the Proud in the Imaginatio I 
of their Hearts. 
lIe. has depofed the Mighty from thej 
Seat, and exalted the Humble. 
The Hungry he has fil1ed with good thing 
and the Rich he :has fent away elnpty. 
He has receiv'd [[rael his Child, bein 
mindful of his Mercy, 
(As 11e fpoke to our Fa thers ;) to Ahr, 
lJ/lln, and his Seed for ever. 
Glory be to the Father, e1c. 
The Anth. The Holy Ghoft {ban coni 
upon thee; Mary, fear not, t110U 1l1alt hav 
in thy W'Olnb the Son of God. .AI/e/uja. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Chrift have Inercy on us. 
Lord have 111erey o

r. Lor 

Ilt,., tlt,. .L U
 ".JU"õ. J. 
I . Lord hear my Prayer. 
; R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
Let us Pray. · 
) God, who would'ft have thy Word 
t take Flefh in tIle Womb of the BleiTed 
jTirgin Mary, according to the .Declaration 
.f the Angel; grant us, thy Suppliants, that 
.ve, who truly believe her to be the Mo- 
,her of God, may find Fav.our \vith thee, 
,y her Interceffion: Thro' the fame Cl1rift. 
)ur Lord." R. Alnen. 
For tbe SaÎnn. 
The Autb. Behold, our Lord .filall corne, 
lnd all his Saints with him, and there filaU 
)e in that Day -a great- L-ight. AUeluja. 
, J7. Behold, our Lord [hall appear 011 a 
vvhite Cloud. 
R. And with hÎln Thoufands of Saintso _ 
Let us PraYe 
I )Urif y , 0 Lord, \ve bcfecch thee, our 
Confciences by thy Vifit: that at the 
Arrival of our Lord ]efus Chritt \vith all 
his Saints, he lnay find in us a D\velling 
ready for his Reception.: Who livetl1 and 
reignet11 one God, E.5'c. R. An1en. 
v. Lord hear my Prayer. 
R. _
nd let my Cry C0111e to thee. 
v. Blefs we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
v. May the Souls of the Faithful, thro' 
the Mercy of God) rea ill Peace. 
R. Alnen. 


JrI -- J -........- þ-''' 

IIail ltlary. 
Onvert_us, 0 God our Saviour. 
R. And turn away. thy Anger. from u 
v. Incline unto my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord make hafte to help Ine. 
. Glory be to the Father, f5c. AUeluja. 
Pfa/'ll 128. Sæpe expugnaverunt., 
O Ften have they atfaulted me frOlTI 111 1 1 
Youth; let I!raeI11o"\v fay, 
Often have they aífaulred lne froln ITI 
Youth, but they have not prevail'd again/ 
Sinner-s have beaten on my Back, -as on a 
Anvil; they have prolong'd their Iniquit 
Our jut! Lord will cut the Necks of Si I 
-ners:' let all be confounded, and turn'd bac 
'\-vard, that hate Sion. 
Let them be Inade as Hay on the To: 
of Houfes : \vhich is. \v-Íther'd before it J 
pluck?d up. . 
Wh'ereof the Reaper f11aU not fin his Ran 
nor he that gathers the Sheaves., his BofoI
And they who pafs'd by, faid not, TJ
Bleffin-g of the Lord be "upon you: \v.e.-ha' 
bleffed you in the Name of our Lord. 
y be to the Father, f.!fc. 
PJa/ln 129- De profundis., 
F , Rom the. Deep I have cried to thee, 
, Lord; Lord hear my Voice. 

zn .I1.avenr, ac LVII/.pltfl. 
Let thy Ears be attentive to the Voice 
f ITIY Petition. 
If thou regardeft Iniquities, 0 Lord:- 
lord, \\Tho than bear it? 
Becaufe \vith thee there is Mercy: and 
ufe of thy Law, I have \vaited for thee, 
) Lord. 
My Soul has trufied in his 'Vord, my Soul 
ias hop'd Íl1 our Lord. 
From the Morning Vlatch even till Night, 
et [[rael hope in our Lord. 
I Becaufe with our Lord there is 
,.nd \virh him plentiful Redemptio11. 
And he iliall redeeln Ifrael froIn, all his 
[niq ui ties. . 
Glory be to the Father, fSc.. 
r Pfalm 130. Domine non eft exaltatum. 
Ord, my I-Ieart is not exalted, nor are 
my Eyes lofty. 
Nor have I walk'd in great 
iatters, no
tin marvellous thi.ngs above me. 
If I was not hUlnble-minded, but exalted 
my Soul; 
As the wean'd Child is för his Mother: 
fo let it be with my Soul. 
Let Ifrael hope in our Lord, from hence- 
forth, no\v, and for ever. 
Glory be to the Father, f:i'c.. 
The H Y M N. }'lemento rerUlll Condit&r.. 
R E men1ber, You, 0 gracious Lord, 
Th' eternal God\s Co-equal Word,. 

 l.f- .J. fir; v JJ"'" r; UJ un, J,J. .LUUY, 
In Virgin's Womb a Creature made 
Our Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
o happy Mary chafe to be 
Mother of'Grace and Clelnency! 
ProteEt us at the l-Iour of Death, 
And bear to Heaven our parting Breath. 
May Age to Age for ever flog 
The V irgÌIl's Son and Angels King, 
And praife \vith rhe Celeftial Haft 
The Father, Son, and I-Ioly Ghoft. A111el1 
Tbe Ifai. 7. I 
., EhoId, a Virgin íhall conceive, ar 
- bring forth a Son, and his Name fila I 
be called E'1lmanuel: He {hall eat Buttt: 
and Honey, that he may know to refu 
Evil, and chufe Good. 
R. _ Thanks be to God. 
r. The Angel of our L

word to Mary. R. And the conceiv'd ( 
the Holy Ghoft. 
The A1Jth. The Holy- G hoft. 
TÞ.e S012g of Simeon, Luke 2. 
, ,ow, Lord, let thy Servant depart ]1 
._'- Peace, according to thy Word. 
Becaufe my Eyes have feen thy Salvatior 
Which tilOU haft prepar'd. before the Fa( 
of an People, 
.ti Light to enlighten thè Gentiles-=: an 
for the Glory of thy People Ifrael. 
Glory be to the }i'ather, f5c. 
Tbe Alltb. The Holy Ghoft iliaII COlT 
upon thee, 0 MlJry; Fear not, tl10U fhg 

iil Advent, at C01flplzll. 11) 
lye in thy womb the Son of God. AI/!- 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Chrift have l11ercy on us.- 
Lord l1ave mercy on us. 
I f/. Lord hear my Prayer. 
! R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
Let us Pr.1J. 
God, who would'ft have thy 'Yard 
take Flcíh in the womb of the Blc!ìèd 
Virgin Mary, according to the Declaration 
'>f the Angel: grant us, thy Suppliants, that 
I,ve, who truly believe her to be the Mo- 
:her of God, may find Favour with thee, 
)y her lnterceffion: Thro' the fame Chrift 
ur Lord.., 
R. Amen. 
. 0 Lord, l1ear my l'ra}er. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
. Blefs VIe our Lord. 
I R. Thanks be to God. 
I 'The Bleffing. May the Almighty and Mer- 
,'dful Lord; Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, 
biefs and l\t:ep us. R. Alnen. 
Thi5 bÛng done, tile Anthem, Bright Pa. 
rent of our Lord, ESe. ú [aid kneeling, a5 i 
page 9 0 . and tbe V. May the Divine Help, 
being [aid, Our Father, Hail Mary, and tJ;!J 
Creed) are to be [aid in Jecret. 


- - _.JJr- W vJ V" 
. ,A.J,,,,,';,/, 

The Office of our B. Lady. 
To he {aiJ fro 1 the Even-Sílng of Chrifimas-Eve, to 
Feljl of the Purirication IY1(I!lJi"
At .ftf.A. T T I lV S. 
.All j) to be f.1il 
 befor Advent, p..g. L 
At L .A U D s. 
I Ncline unto l11Y Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 LorJ, lTI:1ke harte to Ilelp me. 
Glory be to the Father, t
As it \vas in the Beginning, é!"c. AUer'tj 
TJ 7 e Allth. 0 adlnirable Intercouríè! 
Pi 11ìl 92. DOlninus regnavit. 

lR Lord has reign'd, he has put c 
Beauty: our Lord has put on Strengt. 
and girded hilnfèlf. 
For he has e1tabliili'd tr-e Globe of tt 
Earth, which !hall 110t be mov'd. 
From that Time \\Tas thy Seat prepar'i 
thou art froln Eterni t). . 
The Rivers, 0 Lord, have lifted uI 
 Rivers have lifted up their Voice. 
The Rivers bave lifted up their 'Vave 
froin th
 V oice of lnany "'aters. 
1\'larvel1ous are the Rifings of the Sea 
marvellous is our Lord on high. 
Thy Te11iLllonies are made very crediblf 
Holinefs becomes thy Houfe, 0 Lord, fo 
length of davs.. . 
Glory be to the Father, ê!"c. 


aT!er ./1.av
, at, .LittU{
J. .1 1 j 
The Antb. 0 adn1irable .Intercourfe! the 
.eator of Mankind, taking a living Body, 
"iuchfafcd to be born of a Virgin; and 
, )luing forth Man, without Seed, has gi.. 
J 1
n to ns his Godhead. 
The Anth. When thou waft unfpcakably. 
1111 99. }ubiiate.Deo. 
Ake ye Joy to God a 11 the Earth, ferve 
,our Lord in Gladnefs. 
I ," Enter in before his Sight .witl1 Joy. 
I Know, that the Lord is God, he made us, 
. pd not we our fel yes. 
, His People, and the Sheep of his Pafture, 

nter into his Gates in Confeffion, his Courts 
vith HYlnns, confefs ye to hiln. 
al Fraife his Name, becaufe our Lord is 
\veet, his Mercy for ever, and his Truth, 
f'ven frOtl1 Generation to Generation. 
'! Glory be to the Father, f!c. 
I The Antb. When thou ,vaft unfpeakably 
Jorn of a Virgin, then were the Scriptures 
:ulfill'd; thou didft defcend like Rain into 
l:he Fleece, that thou tnight'ft rave Man- 
kind: "re praife thee our (;'od. 
Tbe Antb. The Buill \vhich :Jfofes fa'\T. 
riallil 62. Deus Deus l11eus,- ad te de 
luce vigilo. 
O God my God: to thee I watch froln 
the Morning Light. 
My Soul has thirfied after thee: Iny Flef11 
alia very ll1any ways. 

""., ., , 
As in a Detlrt Land, and inacceffible, at 
'.'\vithollt Water: fo in the Holy Place ha 
I appcar'd to"thee, that I might behold t] 
Strength and t11Y Glory. 
Becaufe thy Mercy is better than Li! 
my Lips {hall praife thee. 
So will I bIers tl1ee in my Life, and 
thy NatTIe I will lift up "Iny Hands. 
As with Marrow and Fatnefs let n 
Soul be fill'd, and Iny Mouth iliall praJ 
\vi th Lips of Joy. 
If I have been mindful of thee on n 
Bcd; in the Morning I will meditate ( 
thee; becaufe thou haft been my Helper. 
And under the Cover of thy Wîngs 
,"TiB rejoice, my Soul has cleav'd after the 
thy Right Hand has taken me under i 
But they in vain have foug11t my SOl 
they fhall enter into the lower Parts of t] 
Earth: they fhall be deli ver'd into the PO\\!" 
of the Sword; they thall be the Portio] 
of Faxes. 
But the King {hall rejoice in God, a111l1; 
be prais'd that [wear on hiJTI; becaufe tl 
Mouth of tho1è that {þeak \vicked thinJ 
is ftopp'd. 

pfallil 66. Deus tnifereatur noftri. 
G o D have mercy on us, and blefs u 
caufe his Countenance to fuillC upc 
us, arId have mercy on us. 


after ../iaVeTtf" "/, .LJl-H'H
1'hat we may know thy way, onEarth, 
IY Salvation, in all Nations. 
ILet People, 0 God, confefs to thee, let 
a People praife thee. 
Let Nations be glad, and rejoice, becaufe 
ou judgeft People with Equity, and di- 
&eft the Nations on the Earth. 
! Let people, 0 God, confefs to thee: 
t all People praife thee: the Earth has 

elded her Fruit. 
i May God, our God, blefs us; may God 
lefs us, and may all the Ends of the Earth 
!'ar hiIn. 
: Glory be to the Father, e
The Antb. The Rulli which Mofes faw 
jllrn, without confuming, we acknowledge 
hy laudable Virginity preferv'd ; 0 Mother 
f God, nlake Interceffion for us. 
The Anth. The Root of 'JefJe has bud- 
,ed. · 
I The $ong of the 'Three Children, Dan. 3. 
f A LL the Vlorks of our L0rd biefs our 
I Lord; praife and extol hi,m for ever. 
. Biefs our Lord ye Angels of our Lord; 
Ie l-Ieavens blc1s our Lord. 
All Waters, that are abòve the Heavens, 
?lefs ye our Lord; blefs our Lord all ye 
iPowers of our Lord. 
Sun and Moon Jb1efs our Lord: Stars of 
Rea ven 'biefs our Lord. 
Showers and Dew blefs our Lord : all 
Spirits of God blefs our Lord. 


 kV J. IJCI 'VJ)lIvC, UJ un, .l.J. .l..Jllt".!, 
Fire 'and Heat blefs our Lord: Cold at 
Summer biefs our Lord. 
Dews and Hoary Froft bIefs our Lore 
Frofi: and Cold blefs our IJord.. 
Ice and Snovv blefs our Lord: Nights at 
Days ble(
 our Lord. 
Light and Darknefs blefs our Lord: Ligt 
nlngs and Clouds blefs our Lord. 
Let the Earth blefs our Lord; let it prai 
and extol hiln for ever. 
I\1ountains and.Hills bIefs our Lord: , 
things that [pring in the Earth blefs 01 
Blefs our Lord ye Fountains: Seas åt 
Riv.ers bJefs our Lord. 
Whales, and all that move in the "Tatc] 
blefs our Lord: ble1s our Lord all ye Fo
of the Air. 
All Beafis and Cattel bIefs our Lord: So 
of I\1en blefs our Lord. 
Let Ifrael blefs cur Lord; praifc and f 
tol hilTI for ever. 
Priefts of our Lord blefs our Lord: Sf 
van ts of our Lord blcfs our Lord. 
Spirits and Souls of the J uft blefs 01 
Lord: ye Holy and HUlnble of l-Ieart bI( 1 
our Lord. 
Ananias, AzarÎas, Mifael, blefs our Lore 
praifè and extol hilTI for ever. 
Let us bleís the Father, and the Son, wi' 
the Holy Ghoft: let us praifè and Inagni 
hilTI for ever. 


U J j, r, I J U v 
 1J,,,, 14-" .&JU-n,5NJ. 
, Bleffed
 art tl
ou, Lord, in the Firmanlent 
;f Heaven; and prais'd, and.glorified, and ex.. 
I ll'd for Jj t. f 1 
The Antb. The Root of 1effe has budded 
ut,I'a Star is rifen from 'Jacob, a Virgin 
,atl1 brought forth a Saviour: We praife 
hee our God. ... · 
. The AntI).' Behold Mary. :( 
......1: 1 
 ,'H. f 
pfalm 148. Laudate Dominum de Cælis. 
. . , 
, Raire our Lord from the Heavens, praife 
him in the high Places. ',\) 
I, Praifè hinl an his Angels, praife hi In all 
lÏs Powers. 'L ) J"t 
hiIT}, Sun and Moon, praife him aU 
lC Stars and Light. 't .., 
Fraire him, 0 Heavens of Heavens, al1d the Waters, that are above the Heavens, 
IJraife the Name of our Lord. 
.- , 
, Bec
ulè 'he fpoke, and they were made; 
Ihe cOlnmanded, and they were created. 
He eftablifh'd rhei11 for ever, Wbrld with- 
out End: He Inade a Precept, and it íhan 110t 
be annull'd. ' 
Praife our Lord from the Earth, ye Dra- 
gons, and all Depths. 
Fire, Hail, Sno\v, lee, tempeftuous Winds, 
which oþey his Word. 
Mountains and aU Hil;s, Trees that bear 
Fruit, and all Cedars. .. '- 
Beafts and all Cattel: Serpents and wing- 
ed Fowls. II . 
G Kings 

122 . T/;e OOice of our B. Lady, 
Kings of the;Ea.rth, and all People, PI 
ces, and all JUdges of the' Earth. 
Young M'en and .Virgins, th-e Old w 
the Young; let them praife"'the Name 
our Lord, becaufe his Name alone is e
ted. . 
The Confeffion of hiln is above Hea' 
and Earth, and he has exalted the HOrr r 
his People. 
A Hymn to all 11is Saints, to the S 1 
of Ifrael, a People that approaches to ht 
· 1. r 1 Pjàlnl 19-5?- ,l: 
S IN G to our Lord a new Song, let I 
Praife be ill therChurch o
Let Ifrael be joyfu(!n hin1 that Ì11ade h ' 
and the Childre11 of SiOll rejoice in tl i 
Let them praife his Name in Quire: OJ 
Tinlbrel and Píålter let them fing to h 1 
Becaufe our Lord .is weH-pleas'd ,vith j 
People, al1d lIe \vill exalt _the Meek to ] 
The Saints ilia11 rejoice in Glory, tlf: 
fhaU be joyful in their Beds. 
The' Praife of God 111alI be in t' i 
Mouths, and tV{O 
 cdg'd Swords in t L 
To execute Revenge on the Nati 
Chat1:ifements alllong the People. 
To bind their Kings in Fetters, and t iJ 
Nobles in Chains of Iron. 
That they n1ay execute on them the J: g 
._ *" 1 

after Advent, at Lauds. .123 
f tlent tllat is written: this Glory is to all 

s Saints. I r 
fa/ln 150. Laudate Dominum in Santris. 
I )Raife our Lord in his Saints, praife hilU 
 in the Firmament of his Stren-gth. 
Praife him in his PO\\Ters, prai1è him ac.. 

. :Jrding to the Multitude of his Great- 
Praife him in the Sound of TrUlnpet,praifc 
" lhn on Pfal ter and Harp. 
ft Praife him on'I'imbrel, and in Quire,praife: 
,1ÌIn on Strings and Organs. 
t Praife hÜn on \v-cll- founding CymbqIs, 
. >raife him on CYll1bals of J öy, let every 

 ;pirit praife our Lord. 
 Glory be to the Father) f!'c. l 
II The Anth. Behold, .Jfary has brought 
: forth to us a Saviour, whom JObll fèeing, 
:.:ry'd out, faying, Behold the Lalnb of God, 
chold him, \vho takes a\vay the Sins of 
the World. AUeluja. 
11)e Cb.lpter. Cant. J. 
T HE Daughters of Sion beheld her, and 
declared her inoa BletTed, and Queens 
did prailè her. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
The H Y M N. 0 gloriofa VirginuTn. 
Mûry! whilft thy. Maker bIe!! 
Is nourii11'd at thy Virgin Breaft, 
Such Glory fhines, that Sr:lrs lefs bright 
Behold thy Face, and lolè their Light. 
G 2 The 

124 . The Office of our B. Lady, 

 'Jibe Lofs that Man in Eve deplores 
Thy Fruitful Womb in Chrift reftores, 
And Ina
ay to Heaven free 
For tl1cln that mourn, to fol1ow theeo 
By thee the Heavenly Gates difplay 
. And i {hew the Ligh t of endlefs Da y : 
Sing ran otn'd Nations, fing and own, 
Your Ranfolll was fa Virgin's Son. 
· May Age to Age for ever fing . 
The Virgin's Son and Angels King, 
And praife with the Celeftial Haft 
The'- Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. Ãrne' 
. Ble1fed art thou among Women. 
1(. A,nd blefièd is the Fruit of thy WOI 
The Alltb. A wonderful Myftery. 
The Song of Zach. Luke I. 1 
Leffèd be our Lord God of [[rael, 
caufe he has vifited and. wrought I 
Jtedelnption of his People. 
nd rais'd up a Kingdom of SaI vatian', 
us, in the Haufe of David, his Servant 
As he fpo
e by the Mouth of his H j 
Prophets, th'at are frOlTI the Beginning. 
Salvation frol11 our Enelnies, and fr r 
the Hand of an that' hate us. 
To \\lork Mercy with our Fathers, (d 
to relnember his Holy Covenant. 
7he Oath, \vhich heef\vore to Avraln 
our Father, thåt he would grånt to us 
TJlat without. Fear, being delivcr'à fr ] 
the I-land öf our Enelnies, we may lè e 


--J -. --- - - .-- 
 --- ---.-- - - 

ri Hölinefs and J uftice befure him aU our 

nd thou, Child, íhalt be call'd the Pro- 

t of the Highcfi:: for thou fhalt go be- 
y 'e the Face of our Lord to prepare his 

1 y 5, . I 
To gIve Kno\\Tledge of SalvatIon to hI'S 
, lople, for Remiffion of their Sins. 
Through the Bo\vels of the Mercy of our 
ad; in which the Rjfing Sun frOITI OIl 
Jgh l1as vitìted us. 
'To enlighten them that fit in Darkrrefs,- 
ld in the ShadovV of Death: to dirctl.: our 
eet in the Way of Peace. 
, Glory be to the Father, e
The Antho A wonderful M yftery is de- 
"lar'd this Day: Natures are rene\v'd, God 
) made 1\1an; he remain'd \\That he was, 
'nd aifum'd what he ,vas not, fuffering nei- 
'her Mixture nor Divifion. 
Lord have. mercy on us. 
Chrift have mercy on us. 
I Lord have mercy on us. 
. Lord, hear my Prayer. 
R. -And let IllY Cry come to thee. 
Let us Pray. . 
God, who by the }i'ruitful Virginity 
of the Blelled \Tirgin 
fary, haft given 
to Mankind the Rewards of Eternal Sal- 
vation: Grant, we befeech thee) that \ve 
lnay be fenfible of tl
e Benefit of her Inter- 
ceilion, by W1101ll \ve hare receiv'd the Au- 
(7 3 thor 

f 1 

, I 

A ... 'V' 
 "''' \J JJ " IdJ V J v n, ,j.1 . ..L.J U fA; J' 
thor of Life, our Lord }efus Chrifi tl 
Son, who 1ivetll and reigneth one Gc 
with thee, e
r. R. A1nen. 

 For tht Saints. 
The A12th. AlJ ye Saints of God, vouchfa 
to Inake Interceffion for the Salvation I 
us, land of an. v. Ye J uft rejoice in 01 
Lord, and be exceeding glad. R. And glo: 
a;1 yc rigllt in I-Ieart. 
Let us Pray. 
P Rotea-, 0 Lord, thy People, and let t. 
Confidence vve have in the Interceffi( 
of thy Bleßèd Apoftles, Peter and Paul, at 
of thy other Apo111es, prevail with thee, 
preferve and defend us for ever. 
Mayan thy Saints, 0 Lord, we befeec 
thee, every 'vvhere affifi: us, that whilfi v 
celebrate their Merits, vve may be fen fit 
of their Proteétion: Grant us thy Peace 
our Times; and repel aU Wickednefs fro 
thy Church, profperouf1y guide the SteI 
Attions and Defires of us, and of all tl 
Servants, i11 the way of Salvation: Gi 
eternal Bleffings to thofe who have dOJ 
good to us, and everlafiing Reft to the Fait 
ful departed: Thro' our Lord J efus ChrJ 
thy Son, 
'c. R. Amen. 
f7. Lord, hear my Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
V. Blefs we our J-Jord. 
li. Tha11ks be to God. 

/". Ma 

,. . May the Souls .of the Faithful, thro' 
. d
 Mercy of God, refi in Peace. R. Amen. 

;, being done, the An them following is to be ftid kneeling. 

rhe Anthem. Alma RedelllPtoris J.lûter. 
Right Parent of our Lord,who1è Pray
rs difplay 
)The heav
nly Gates: whofe light direéts our \vay; 
light Ocean>s Star, \
7ith facred Influence guid'e 
r firaggling Courfe in fpite of Nature>s Tide. 
IThou in whom Nature flood amaz'd to fee 
)th God and Man, thy 
lílker born of thee! 
JI whom alone the Maid and 
1other meet, 
emember Sinners at thy Infant's Feet. 
r. Thou d
idft remain an inviolate Vir- 
:'Ì11 after thy Chi1d-bearing. 
:, R. 0 Mother of God, Inake Intercefficn 
or us. 
..Let us Pray. 
God, 'íVho by the F'ruitful Virginity, 
as hefore. R. Amen. 
r. May the Dìvine l-Ielp ever renlaÍn 
\lith us. R. Amen. { 

e aforefaid Anth. is {aid in tfJe end of Complin till tft 
, DJ] of tbe Purification inclufive. 
The A
1theln. Ave Regina Cæ/orum. 
r . TAil íhining Queen of the Celel1ial Train, 
-. Q'er Angel-Pow.1 rs extend thy brighter Reign. 
[ail fruitful Root of Life: Hail Orient Gate: 
'rom "'horn Earth
s better Light derives its Date. 
) glorious Maid rejoice: alone poffeJs 

he higheft Seat of Creatures Happinefs. 
G f And 

1 LO .J. fJe UJJ1Ce OJ our Jj. Ltlay, 
And çrown.ld with Beauty, thence, implore thy Sc 
To grant our Prayers from his indulgent 
P. V ouchfafe tha t I Jnay praife thee, t 
facred Virgin. R. Give me Force agair 
thy EnelIlies. 
Let tiS Pray. 
S Trengthen us, 0 God of Mercy, agair 
, all our Weaktlefs, and grant that we wI- 
celebrate the Memory of the Ble1fed Virg: 
:A t1J"}, I\1othel. of our Lord, may by the A 
1Ìll:ance of her Prayers, forfake all our If 
quities : Thro' the fame Chrift our Lor, 
R. Alnen. 
v. May the Divine Help always remai 
with us. R. Amen. 

At P RIM E. 
Hail Mary. 
I Ncline unto my Aid, 0 God._ 
R. 0 Lord, make hafte to help me. 
Glory be to the father, t!'c. 
As it was in the Beginning, fSc. 
The H Y M N. Memento erum Conditor. 
R Einember, You, 0 gracious Lord, 
Th' eternal God's Co-equal Word,_ 
In Virgin's Womb a Creatur
Our Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
o happy Mary chofe to be. 
Mother of Grace and Clemency! 
Protett us at the I-Iour of .Qeath, 
And bear to Heavell our parting BreathOi 

-4 - - - - -- 

\ May Age to Age for ever fing 
 'he Virgin's Son and Angels King.. 
nd praife with the Celet1ial Hoft 
he Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. Arne'!. 
, - 

alf >> .. · 
Thø Anth. 0 admirable Intercourfe' 
, I J 
Plalm 53. Deus in nOln.ine tUDe u 
ai God, fave llle by thy NalTIe, and by tby 
r Strength judge Ine. 
l 0 God, hear my Prayer; with thy Ears 
leceive the Words of iny Mouth. 
rlJl Becaufe Strangers have rifen up againft 
wile, al1d the .Strong have fought 111Y Soul: 
'nd they have not fèt God before their Eyes. 
irL For behold, God helps IDe, al1d our Lord 
,s the Protettor of Iny Soul. 
I Turn a\vay the Evils to my Enelnies, and 
n thy Truth dearoy theine 
, I will freely facrifice to t
ee, and wi]I 
confeis to thy Nan1e, 0 Lord, becaufe it is 
I Becaufe thou haft àe]iver'd Ine out of all 
Tribulation: and my Eyes have look'd down 
upon my Enemies. 
Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
Pfalm 84- Benedixifti Domine. 
Lord, thou tlaft bleffed thy Land: 
c thou haft turn'd aw
y tþe Captivity 
of Jacob. . 
Thou haft forgiven the Iniquity of thy 
People, thou haft cover'd aU their Sins. 
Thou haft ll10derated an thy \Vrath} thou 
G 5 haft 

.. J - A. .
 '-' JJ""" lIJ V":' .JJ. .Lil4UJ, 
haft turn'd away from the Wrath of tl 
Convert us, 0 God our Saviour, and tUJ 
away thy Anger from us. 
Wilt thou be angry ,\titll us for eve
Or wilt' thou extend thy Wrath froln G 
neration to Generation? 
o God, thou. being reconciled, íha 
quickerl us, and thy -People than rejoice 
thee. · 
Shevv us, 0 Lord, thy M.ercy, and gÎ' 
us thy S31vation. 6 
· I will hear \vhat our Lord God fhaII fpe( 
in 111e, becaufè he will fpeak Peace to h 
And to his Saints, and to theln that a: 
converted to the Heart. 
But his Salvation is near to them the 
fear hinl, that Glory may inhabit 01 
l\1ercy and Truth have-Inet each othe 
J uflice and Peace have kiff
Truth is rifen out of the Earth, and JI 
ftice h
lS look'd do,vo froln Heaven. 
For our Lord win give Plenty, and or 
Lqnd fual! yield its Fruit. 
: J uftice !hall walk before him, and fet hf 
I Steps irr the way. 
GIJry be to the Father; t!ç. 
P[.1Il'J I 16. Laudate Dominum

l\.ulfe our Lord all Gentiles, praife hir 
C1J! l)coplc. 

Beca uJ 

Becaufe his Mercy is confirÌn'd on us; and 
 Truth relnains f{'r ever. 
Glory be to the Father, eS'c. · 
The Antb. 0 admirable Intercourfe! the 
';reator of Mankind, taking a Jiving Body, 
,ouchfafed to be born. of a Virgin; an
'oming forth.,Man, wIthout Seed, has gl- 
I en to us his Godhead. 
ThedJtl/Jter. Cant. 6. 
HO is-fhe,
 that comes forth as the 
Morning Rifing, fair as the Moon, 
lea as the Sun" terrible as the Front of 
iin Arlny fet in ,order of 
attcl. R. Thanks 
rbe to God; . 
, fr. Vou.chfafe that I Inay praife thee, 0 
Sacred Virgin. t 
R. Give lTI,e Force againft thy Enelnies. 
Lord have 111ercy on us. Chrift have 
mercy on us. . Lord have mercy 011 us.. 
J7. Lord hear IllY Prayer. 
R; And let my Cry COlne to thee. 
Let m Pray. 
God,'who by the Fruitful Virginity 
of the Blelfed 'Tirgin ltlary, haft-given 
to Mankind the Rewards of eterllal 531- 
vatian :. GraIlt, V{e beíècch thee, that "\ve 
may be fenfible çf the Benefit of her Inter- 
ceffion, rby whom we have receiv'd the Au- 
tnor of Life, oll;r. Lord }efus Chrift thy 
Son, who liveth, effc. R. Amen. 
v. Lord hear Iny Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry COlne to thee. 
v. BIers 

132 : J ""j lIe uJPce OJ our 1). Laay, 
f/. BIers we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be 
o God. · r 
: 17.. May the Souls of the Faitllful, thrc 
the 1Vlercy of God, reft in Peace. ,.- 
R. Alnen. 

r ,. I!Io. - 

At the T H I R D liO U R. ! 
Hail Mqry. 
 unto my Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, make hafie to help Ine. 
,Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
The H Y M N. · Memento rerUln C01}ditor. 

 . Emember, You, 0 gracious Lo.rd, t 
J '
 Th' eternal God's Co-equal Word," 
In Virgin's WOlnb a Creature made 
Our Nature '\Tore for Nature's Aid. 
a happy lJar) chofe to be 
Mother of Grac.e and Clemency! , 
Proteé1 us at rhe Hour of Death, 
And beàr to Heaven our parting BreatIl.. 
May Age to Aþe for ever fing r 
The V irgin
s Son and Angels King
And 'praifè with the Celeftial Hoft 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. Ãmel 
Tbe Anth. When tl10U waft unfpeakably 
Pialin I 19 Ad Dominum cum tribularer. 
J · ( 
\' -IEN I ,vas in Tribulation, I eriec 
\ . to Ollr Lord, 2lnd he beard Iue. 
.LorJ, .deliyer my Sonl from unjufi Lips 
"'np froln 11 rleceitful Tongue. 
þ Wha 1 


[fer .I1aVeftJ" l- "'J
 J.. fJI. IÑ .I.
vn,. .I j :>> 
'Vhat will he given, or what Recompence 
n be made for a deceitful Tongue? 
The fuarp Arro,vs of the mighty, with 
(DaIs of Defolation. 
'Voe is me, that my Baniiliment, is pro. 
>ng'd; I l1ave dwelt wit11 the Inhabitants 
f Cedar, Iny Soul has been lqng a St
With the'm that hated Peace, I \vas pe
bIe: when I fpo

 to them, they oppos'd, 
1e without Caufe. 
Glory be to the Father, fi'c. 

pIa/In I 
o. "t. L,eyavi GenIos lneos. M 
ve lifted up my Eyes to the MOUl1- 
þ tains, frolll ,

hence Help iliall CGlne 

 me. . 
l\fy Help is fr0111 our Lord, '\Tho made 
Heaven and Earth. 
Let hin1 not 1ìlttcr thy Foot to be lTIov'd: 
nor let bim Dumber that keeps the
. . 
IJo, . he Jha-l-l:--not f1ulnber nor fleep,! tl1at 
rael. . 1 I 
r Our 
ord keeps thee, our Lord is thy 
Prote[tion, on thy Right lIand. . 
. By Day the Sun iliall not burn tIlee,11or 
th.e MOQI\ by N ighrt.. p _, ' f 
. IJ 
r Lord, l
 thee frOlTI ?ll'
viI,. Inayp 
Jur Lord k
ep thy SOlll.: s f.
 . f · 1 
ur Lord l{(::ép .

y. cqming in, and 
thy gOIng out; fron1 henceforth) 110\V, and 
for ever. - . L 
Glory be 0 the Father, tffc. 


Pfalrn 121. Lætat'us fume 
joic'd at thofe Things, which, we 
.(ald to lTIe; \\Te fhall go into the Hou 
of the Lo%d. 
Our Feet were ftanding in thv Cour1 
Ö ;erufaleJn. 
· 'Jehjàlêm, which is built as a City, who 
Inh,abitants are. united together. I 
For thither did the Tribes afcend, t] 
Tribes of our Lord, the TeftilTIOny of .j 
rael; to praife the NalTIe of our Lord. 
Becauiè Seats .íàt there in Judglnen 
Seats upon the Heufe of David. , 
Ask the things that,are for tbe Peace ( 
1 e rufa/eJJ} , and abundance to t11cln that 10' 
thee. j 
Let Peace be tnade in thy Strength, all 
åbundance in thy Towers. 
. Fqr n1Y 
Brethren, a11d my Neig!1bours, 
fpoke Peace of thee. f , 
For the Haufe of the Lord our God, 
I1ave fO
lght good things for thee. 
Glory be to the Father, 
""'c. ,\ 
The Antb. ,V hen thou waft unfpeal{ab] 
born of a V irgin, then were the Scripture 
fulfill'd; thou didfi defcend like Rain int 
the Fleece, that thou might'fi fave Mal 
l{ind :( We praife thee our God. 
· t 
't - The Ch.1pter. EccleI: 1.4- 
A ND fo in Sion was I eftablit1fd, aD
, the fanttified City likewife I refic< 
and Iny Po\ver ,vas iI1 Jerufalem. 
R. Thanl 4 

UJ ",. .1.&.'-6''''''''&<'''' -...- ...-,.,.., -,,,"'.... ._...........W' - aI 

R. Thanks be to God. 
yr. Grace is pour'd out on thy Lips. 
R. Therefore God has bleflèd thee for ever. 
!,ord have mercy on us. Chrift have mercy 
[ us. Lord mercy on us. 
I · 0 Lord hear my Praye
R. And let my. Cry COI11e to thee. 
Let us Pray. 
 God, \
rho by the Fruitful Virginity 
J of the Bleffed Virgin Mary, haft given 
,0 Mankind the Re\\Tards of eternal Sal.. 
"at ion : Grant, we be[eech thee, that we 
nay be fenfihle of the Benefit of her Jnter- 
I:effion, by Wh01TI we have receiv'd the Au-
::hor of Life, our Lord J efus Chrifi thy 
:30n, who liveth and teigneth, 011e God 
\vith thee, eg"c. R. Amen. 
]7. Lord, hear my Prayer. 
R. And let illY Cry come to thee. 
v. BIefs \ve our Lord. 
..N... Thanks be to God, 
v. May the Souls of the 'Faithful, thro' 
the Mercy of God, rea i.n reace. Amen. 
At tbe S I XT If if ò U R. 
Hail MAry" . . 
Ncline unto my AiJ, 0 God! .r' ø t 
R. () Lord, lnake haft-e to help me. 
Glory be to the Father, f3"'c. AUeluja. 
The I-I Y M N.. ltJt:Jilento re.rUfn Conditor.. 
Emernber; You, 0 gracious Lord 7 
Th' eternal God's Co-equal Word,. 

JJ., ., , 
In Virgin's Womb a Creature Inade 
Our Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
o happy Mary cllofe to be 
Mother of Grace and Clemency! 
Proteét us at the Hour of Death, 
And bear to Heaven our parting Breath. 
May Age to Age for ever fing '. 
The Virgill's Son and Angels !(ing, 
Arid praife with the Celefl:ial. Haft " 
The Father) Son, and Holy Ghaft. Amen. 
The Alltb. 'The BUG1, which Jrlofes faw 
t Pfa/Tn 122. Ad te Levavi. 
T o thee have I lifted up my Eyes; '\The 
dwellefi in the Heavens. 
Behold, as the Eyes of Servants are or 
the Hands of their Ma[ters ; . 
As the Eyes of the Handmaid on th( 
IIands of her Miflrefs: fo are our Eye
to our Lord God, until he have mercy 
on, us. 
. Have mercy on us, 0 Lord, have mercy 
on us, bCClufe we are overwhelm'd with 
CQptempt. _ 
Becaufe our Soul is overwhelm'd; bee 
ing ân b.bjeét of Reproacll to fuch as 
Abound, anq of Contempt to the Proud. 
Glory be to the Father, f;fc. 
· 'Pfa/ln 123. Nifi quia Dominus. 
B li T that our Lord "vas with us, let 
 no\v fay, .but that our Lord 
was with us, . 


aJre AaVCn{;, at f,'J
"'J .I..lUvz,f. 
 J I 
1"Then Men rofe up againft us, perhaps 
t,ey had fwallo\v-'
 us alive_. . 
When their Fury was raJs'd agalnfl: us, 
Jirhaps the Waters had fwallow'd us up_ 
lOur Soul has pafs'd thro' a Torrent, per- 
J:ps our Soul håd pafs'd thro' an il1tole- 
Jble 'Vater. 
I Ble1fed be our Lord, who has not given 
t; for a Prey to their Teeth. 
: Our Soul, as a Sparrow, is deliver'd 
(om the Snare of the Fo\vlers. 
The Snare is broken, .and we are deli- _ 

'd_. w 
Our help is in the Name of the Lord, 
.vho made Heaven and Earth. . 
! Glory be to tIle Fatl1er, &c. 
Pfalm 124. Qui confidunt in Domino.: 
T Hey that truft in our Lord, are as 
Mount Sion; he {hall not be mov'd for 
:ver that dwells in Jcrufalem. 
Mountains rou11d about it, and our Lord 
.ound about his People, from henceforth, 
lOW, and fo.r ever. 
Becaufe our Lord win not leave the Rod 
)f Sinners on tlJe Lot of th
 J uft ;_ that the 
ruft extend not their Hands to Iniquity. 
Do well, 0 Lord, to the good and right 
)f Heart. 
But our Lord will bring. thofe that de. 
:11ne to perverfe Ways, with them that 

eI. ., a.. -" 
work Iniquity, that Peace may_ be, 11pOI 
Glory be to the Father, e:;"'c. 
The Anth.. The Rulli which ßlofes fa" 
burn, without confuming, we acknowledg , 
thy laudable Virgirlity preferv'd; 0 Mo 
ther of God; make IntercefIìù11 for us.. 
Tþe chapter_ Eccle( 14- _ · 
Have taken Root in an Honourable Pea 
pIe, and in the Portion of my God hi. 
Inheritance, and my abiding is if! the ful 
AjIèlnbly of Saints. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
Y. Bleffed art thou among Women. 
. R. And bleiTed is the Fruit of thy Wotnb 
Lord have mercy on us.. 
Chrjft have Inercy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
Y. Lord hear my Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry -came to thee. 
Let 1 J S Pray. 
God, who by the Fruitful Virginit) 
of the BleiTed Virgin Mary, 11aft giver 
to Mankind t11e Re\vards of eternal Sal 
vatian: Grant, we befeech thee, that w( 
may be fen,fible of the Benefit of her Inter 
ceffion, by. WhOlTI we have received the Au 
thor of Life, our Lord )efus Chrift thj 
Spn, who liveth, f1c. . 
. Amen.- 
Y. Lord, hear my Prayer. 
R. And let Iny Cry conle to thee. 
r. Blefl 

Uj"[1 J.L
'J"'''V, "'v v,
., ......--.. --- 

Ir. Biefs ,
{e our Lord. 
'R. Thanks be to God. . 
IMay the Souls of the Faithful, thro'the, 

ercy of God, reO: in Peace. R . Anlen. 
.. . ... --- 
I At t,he N I NT H HO U R. 
j Hail Mary. 
: [ Ncline unto Iny Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord, make haRe to 11clp Ine. 
I Glory be to the Father, t1c. Alleluja. 
The H Y M N. Mcrnento rerum Conditor. 
, Emember, You, 0 Gracious Lord, 
Th' eternal God's Co-equal Word, 
.n Virgin)s Womb a Creature Inade · 
)ur Nature wore for Nature's Aid. 
: 0 happy Mary chofe to be 
Mother of Grace and Clemency! 
Protetl us at the Hour of Death, 
And bear to Heaven our parting Breath. 
May Age to Age for ever flng 
The Virgin's Son and Angels King, 
And praife with the Celeftial Hoft 
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft. Amino 
Anth. Behold Mary. 
pfalm 125. .In convertendo Dominus. 
W Hen our Lord turn'd back the Cap- 
tivity of Sian, we were made as Men 
Then was our Mouth repleniíh'd with 
Joy and our Tongue with joyfulnefs. , 
Then ß1all they fay among the Gentiles; 
the Lord has done great things for them 

""t- ...,.,'" "'J)"'"" UJ un, JJ. .LJUU' , 
Our Lord has done great things for us 
we are made joyful. 
Turn our Captivity, Q. Lord, as a Tor 
rent in the South. 
They that fow in Tears, iliall reap ir 
J oyfulnefs. 
Going out they went, arId wept; caft 
ing their Seed. 
But returning they íhal1 come with Joy 
fulnefs, carrying their Sheaves. 
Glory be to the Father, 
c. - 
Pfa/m 126. Nifi Dominus. 
'F our Lord builds 110t the Houfe, the) 
have labour'd in vain. that build it. 
If our Lord. keeps not the City, he 
watches in vain that keeps it. 
It is in vain for you to rife before Ligl)t 
rife after ye have fat, you that eat the Breac 
of Sorrow. 
When he f11al1 give Sleep to his Beloved 
bel10ld Ch .ldren are an Inheritance frOlt 
our Lord: and the Fruit of the 'Vomb i
a Reward. 
As .&.J\rrows. in, the Hand of the Mighty 
fo are the Children of them that are re 
Ble1fcd is the Man tha t has filIed hÜ 
Defire of theIn: 11e ihaU not be confoun 
ded, when. he íh-al1 [peak to his Enemies ir 
the Gate. 
Glory .þe to.the Father, f.Jc. 


Jter fi.avenr, 1lX: r/Je .J.'ílll


. pfalm 1'17. Beati omnes. 
'j I Leifed are all that fear our L
rd, that 
. walk in his ways. 

 Becaufe thou {halt eat the Labours of thy 
'Hands: bleffed '.art. thou, and it iliall be 

vell with thee. 
I Thy Wife, as a plentiful Vine on the 
,Sides of thy Houfe. J 
, Thy Children, as young Plants of Olive oa 
;trees, round about thy Table. 
Behold, fo iliall the Man be bleffed, 
;that fears our Lord. - 
Let our Lord blefs thee out of Sion; and 
'may'lt thou fee the good things of Jerufa- 
'/ e1n all the Days of thy Life. 
May'ft thou alfo fee thy Children's 
Children, Peace on lfrael. 
Glory be to the Father, f1c. 
Tbe Antb. Behold, J.lary has brought 
forth to us a Saviour; VVhOlTI John íèeing, 
cry'd out: fåying, Behold the Lalnb of God, 
behold hÎ1n who takes away the Sins of 
the World. 

the cb.zpter. Ecclef: 14. 
Gave an Odour as Cinamon, and as Arc- 
matick BalIn in th
 Streets, and as chofen 
Myrrh have I given thee fweetnefs ofOdour. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
v. 'Thou didfi remain an inviolate Vir.. 
gin after Child-bearing. 

R. Mother 

.142 :L IJe uJflce oJ our ß. Latty, 
R. Mother of God
 make Interceffio 
for us. 
Lord have mercy on us. .' 
Chrift hàve mercy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
.1,. r. Lord, h
ar Iny Prayer. 
R. And let my Cry come to thee. 
"Let us Pray. 
O God, \vho by th
 Fruitful Virgini1 
t of the bletfed Virgin Mary, &c. 
. hefore, pag. 138. 
R. Alnen,. 
r. L
rd hear my Prayer. 
. R. \hd let my Cry COlne to tI1ee. 
Y. Blefs \ve our Lerd. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
R. May the Souls of the Faithful, thr, 
the l\1ercy of God, reft in Peace. R. AlJJe 

Hail M:lry. 
Ncline unto 
l1Y Aid, 0 God. 
R. () Lord 111
ke hafte to help me. 
Glory be to the Father, e
c. AUeluja. 
The Ålltb. 0 i\dlnirable Intercourfè ! 
Pj;1/nl 109. Dixit Dominus. 
.1 1 -
 ord [lid to Iny Lord, fit on IT 
.. lligh t I-Iand. 
llntil I 
nake thy :Enemies ,thy Foa 
fioo I. 
Our Lord win fend forth the Scepter ( 

dfter Advent, at Even-Song. 143 
.iy l'ovver froln 
ion ,; rule !hou in the 
lidft. of thy EnemIes. .. 
I Thè- beginning wi
h th
e in the Day of 
:hy Strength, in the Brlghtnefs of the 
.aints: frOlTI the Womb, before the Day.. 
I:ar,. I begat thee. 
lOur Lord fwore, and he :Wil1 not 'repent: 
ihou art a Príéft for ever; according to 

:he_ Order of J.1elcllifedec. 1.. 
Our Lord Òll thy Rignt Hand, hath bro- 
ren'" Kings in the ])ay of his' Wrath. 
He iliall .judge pin Nations, he iliaIl fill 
Ruins, he thall cru111 "the I-Ieads in the 
Land of Itnany. J .. 
, _ O(
 the Torrent · in the 'Yay he lhall 
drink, therefore iliall he lift up his Head. 
Glory be to the Father, f.5c. . 
_The Anth. 0 Adlnirable Intercourfe! the 
i Creator of<l\lankind, taking a living Body
vouchfaf'd to be Born of a Virgin, and 
cOIning forth Man, without Seed; has gi- 
ven to us his God..head. f 
The Âllth. When thou waft. ) 
Pj;llm 112. Laudate pueri Dominurn. 
Raiîe .our Lord ye Children, praife the 
NalTIe of our Lord. r 
The NatTIe of our Lord be bletTcd from 

hencefùrth, no,v, and for ever. 
From the rifing of the Sun, to it's going 
do\vn, the NatTIe of our Lord is worthy 
-of Praifè:'" 

-r"'1'" . .& ,,,'" V"J)""&.I VJ vn, .v. 
Qur Lord is high above all Nations, al 
his Glory above the Heavens. . .1 
. 'Vho is like the- Lord our God,1 th 

. dwells on high, and beholçls the hurnt 
things ill fIeaven and Earth. J 
Raifing up the necdy
 from the E
· and lifting up the poor out of the :J:)ung. 
To place him' with Princes, j with tJ 
. Princes of 1115 People. l 
Who Inakes the Barren Woman . 
d,vell in her Hop fe, a joyful Mother t 
Children. . . 
 [. t 
t Gl.0ry be to :th
e Father, r5c. J 
Tbe Âllth. When thôu waft unfpe
B0r11 .of a Virgin, then were the- cJti 
s fu Ifill 'd, thou didft defcend like Ra: 
into the 
leece, that thou might'(t fa' 
, Mankind: We praifè thee our God. ' 
c I The An þ. The 
ufh which Jtlofes faw. 
"', 1 Plalln 121. Lætatus furn. · 
I Rejoic'd at thofe things/ which we] 
1àid to Ine; we íl1all g<) into the HJU 
. << 
of the Lord. I 
Our Feet were ftanding in thy Court, 
o Jerufa/ern. . 
. j J
rujàlern, ,vhich is built as a Cit, 
"\vhofe Inhabitants are uni
ed together. 
For thither did tlie Tribes afcend, tl. 
Tribes of our Lord, the 1.-'èfiimony of .i 
rael; to praife the Name of our Lord. - 
BeCa\llè Seats, íàt there in J udgl1}en 
Seats upon tilC Haufe of David. 

l A

aJter .lia'venr, lU; .Jj7/CJZ",JOllg. 145 
Ask the things that are for the Peace of 
erufalern, and abundance to thein tha t 
)ve -tnee. 
r Let Peace be Inade in thy Strength, and 
ibundance in thy To\vers. 
For my Brethren and Iny Neighbours: I 
:Joke Peace of thee. 

 For the Haufe of the Lord our God: I 
lave fought goed things for thee. 
Glory be to the Father, e,5c. 
I The Antb. The Buíh which ltlofes raw 
'urn, \vithout confulning, ,ve aCknO\iV- 
dge thy lalldible V irgini ty preferv'd ; 0 
'lather of God, Inake Interceffion for us. 
Tbe Anth. The Root of Je.Dè. 
Pfalln 126. Nifi DOlninus. 
F our Lord builds not the Houfè, they 
have labour'd in vain that build it. 
If 0111" Lord keeps not the City, lIe 
vatches in yain that keeps it. 
It is in vain for you to riíè b
fore Light: 
Hfc after ye have flIt, you that eat the 
;3read of Sorro\\". 
i \v-hen he fhall give Sìeep to his Beloved, 
}ehold Children are an lnheritance frùlll 
)ur Lord: and the Fruit of the \
{olnb is 
1 1 Re\;F{ard. 
.lis Arro\
/s in the Halld of the Mighty, 
1:0 are the Children of rhein that arc re- 
Ble1Ted is the IVlan that has filled his 
:lcfire of then1 : he filail not be confounded, 
H "Then 

14 6 TIJe O./Jlce oJ our.B. Lady, 

rhen he filall '[peak to his Enemies in -.tb 
Glory b
 to the Father, fife. 
The Antb. The Root of Jcffe has budde{ 
a Star hath fprung out frOlTI''jacob; a Vi' 
gin l1as brought forth a Saviour: We praiJ 
thee our God. . 
Tbe Antb. Behold, l.{/lry. 
pIa/In 147. Lauda Jerufaleln. 
O Jerufa/ern, praife our Lord: prai1 
, thy God, 0 Sio1l. 
Becaufe he has ftrengthned the Locks ( 
'lY Gates) I1e -I11S bIei1èd thy Children i 
'Vho has fet thy. Borders Ì11 Peace: ar 
rills thee with the Fat of Corn. 
WI10 fends forth his- Speech to t11e
his Word runs fvviftly. . 
Who gives Sno\v as Wool; .[catters M
as Afhes. 
I-Ie cafts his Cryftal .as .1\forfels : .bcfo
tIle Face of his Cold \vho fhall abide? 
He thall fend forth his "\V'ord, and au 
ll1elt theln: his Spirit fhall breath, all 
the 'Vaters filall flovv-. 
W110 declares his Word to Jacob, I 
J uftice and J ud.gtllcnts to lfrael. 
I-Ie has not done .fo to any Natio: 
and his J udglnents he has not Inade ma .. 
fçlt to rheIn. 
. Glory be to the Fatller, e5c. 


uJtt:r ./lU:UtfJIr, at, .L.ur;ft-
Vfl.o. J.LFI 
The AJitb. Behold, lrfary has brou'ght 
)rth to us a Saviour, \vhom John feeing, 
:"y'd out, faying, Behold the Lamb of 

od, behold' hilTI \vho takes a\vay the Sins 
If the "\Vorld. AUeluja. 
The (,'b

pter. Eccle( 
C R 0 1\1 the Beginning, and before the 
 World, ,vas I created, and to the World 
o COlne, I fhall not ceafe: And in the 
-Ioly Habitation have I l11iniftred before 
Re Thanks be to God. 
The H Y M N. Ave Maris SteUag 
Right Mother of our Maker, haìl 
Thou Virgin ever bleft, 
rhe Ocean's Star, by whicl1 \ve fail 
And gain the Port of 'Reft. 
WhilPc we this A've thus to thee 
From Gabriel's Mouth rehearfe; 
:Prevail that Peace our Lot may be 
A11d Eva's Nan1e reverfe. 
IReleafe our long rtntangled Mind 
, From all the Snares of Ill; 
i"Tith heav'nly Light in11rutt tilc Blind, 
, And aU our V O\VS fulfil. 
I Exert for us a l\fother's Care, 
: And us thy Children o1\Tn: 
Prevail WitI1 hiiTI to hear our Pray'r 
Vlho chofe to be t
iy Son. 
o fpotlefs Maid! \vhofè \Tirtues íhine 
With brighteft Purity : 
l-I 2. rI Each 

148 The Office of our B. Lady, 
Each ACtion of our Lives refine, 
And lnake us pure like Thee. 
Prefcrve our Lives un1tai11'd with III 
In this infeétious Way; 
That I-Ieav'n alone our Souls ll1ay fill 
With Joys that ne'er decay. 
To God the Father endlefs Praife; 
To God the Son the f
nd Holy Ghofi,
whore equal Rays 
One equal Glory clainl. Alnen. 
v. Grace is pour'd forth Of1 thy Lips. 
R. Therefore God has bleifcd thee fc 
The Antb. A great l\lyfiery. 
The Song of" tbe B. Virgin Mary. Luke 1. 
1 Y Soul does Inagnifie our Lord. 
A11d my Spirit has rcjùic'd in Gc 
Iny Saviour. 
Bccaufc he has regarded the 1\1cannc1 
of his I-Iandnlaid: for b
hold, frolll henc( 
forth all Generations fhan call me Ble. 
cca1)[e he that is Mighty has done grea 
Things to lTIC: and Holy is his Nanle. 
And his M
rcv fron1 Generation to G, 
ration, is on tI1C111 that fear hinl. 
I-Ie has 111CW'd Strength in his Arin, h 
has difpers'd the Proud in the Ilnagina rio] 
of their HcarL:s. 
He has derofed'the Mighty from thei 
Scat) and exalted the Humble. 

_rJ - - r - -- - - ,- ., . - - - . - - a I , 
The Hungry he has filled \vith good things, 
ad the Rich he has f
nt a\vay e
He has receiv'd lfrael his Child, being 
) indful of his 1\lercy, 
(As he fþoke to our Fathers;) to Ahr.1- 
/llll) and his Seed for ever. . 
Glory be to the F1ther, e
Tbe Antb. A grc
t Myfiery of Inl1eri- 
"tnee! the "\Von1b that never kne\v Ivlan, 
) 111ade the Tc!nple of the H.Jly Ghoft: I-Ie 
,) not polluted by taking Flefh cf her: All 
\aLions tba!1 COllle, fa) ing, Gl(jry be to 
I hee , 0 L()rd. 
Lord have mercv 011 us. 
Chrifi: have Ineréy on us. 
Lord have 111erCV O
v. Lord hear l11.Y Prayer. 
R. And let IllY (
ry com
 t thee. 
. Let us ]JrlIY. 
God, who by the Fi.uitful Vir

of the Bleffèd Virgin }'fary, haft given 
to Mankind the Re\vards of eternal Sal
vatian: Grant, Vie befeech thee, th
t '\
e . 
may be fenfible of the Benefit-of her Inter- 
cefiì0n, by whon1 we have resel r-d tþ
thar of Life, bur Lord ]cfus Chrilt thy 
n, \vho liveth, ê5
R. Amen. ' 
p.... ,. For tbe S
1-iJ1t s. 
The Anth. AU ye Saints of God, vouch.. 
rafe to make lntercefiìon for the Salvatio11 
of u
) and of all. 

I-I 3 

v. Ye 

J 50 :J JJC uJJZce of our b. Lady, 
17. Ye J uft rejoice in our Lord, and b 
exceeding glad. 
R. And glory an ye right of I-Ieart. 

Let us Pr/ty. 

'Rotea, 0 Lord, thy People, and let. th 
Confidence '\tve have in the Interceffio 
of thy Blcffed Apoftles, Peter and Paul, an 
of. thy other Apofiles, prevail \vitll thee, t 
prefervc, and defend us for ever. 
I\fay an thy Saints, 0 Lord, we befcec 
thee, every \vhere afiìíl: _ us, that \vhilft "\v 
celebrate their Merits, VIe lnay be fenfiþ] 
of their Proteétion: Grant lIS thy Peace i 
our Tilnes; and repel aU Wickednefs froI 
thy Church, profperoufly guide the Step 
Attions and Defires of us, and of all th 
Servants, il1 the way of Salvation: Gi\ 
eternal Bleffings to thofe who have dor 
good to us, and everlafiing Reft to the Fait] 
.ful dep1rt
d: Thro' our Lord J efus Chri 
thy Son, f.Sç. 
R. Alnen. 
J7. Lord, hear my Prayer. 
R. And let Iny Cry corne to thee. 
v. Biefs we our Lord. 
R. Thanks be to God. 
f/. May the Souls òf the Faithful, thr( 
the Mercy of God, reft in P.eaç.c. 
R. Alnen. 




At COM P L 1 N: 
I I-Iail Mary. 

Onvert us, 0 God our Saviour. 
R. And turn a\vay thy Anger from 11
v. Incline unto Iny Aid, 0 God. 
R. 0 Lord make hafte to help Ine. 
Glory be to the Father, f!ic. Al1eluja. 
PfallJl ] 28. Sæpe expugnaverunt. 
Ften have they atfaulted lne from 111' 
Youth; let Ifrael no\v fay, 
Often have they atfaulted me frOln n- 
Youth) but they have not prcvail'd again, 
, Sinners have beaten on Iny Back, as on an 
IAn viI; they have prolong
d their Iniquity. 
Our jul1: Lord v/iU cut the Necks of Sin- 
ners: let an be confounded, and turn'd back- 
ward, tha t ha te 

ì Oil. 
Let theln be Inade as Hay on the Top
of Houfes : \
lhich is ,vÌrller'd before it be 
pluck'd up. 
Whereof the Reaper 111alJ not fin his Hand, 
nor he that gathers the Sheaves, his Bafoln. 
And they \vho pafs'd by, faid not, The 
Bleffing of the Lord be upon you: \ve have 
b!etfed you in the Name of our Lord. 
Glory be to the Father, e.;fc. 
Pfalm 129. De profundis. 
F Rom the Deep I have cried to thee, 0 
Lord; Lord hear my Voice. 
If 4- Let 

 ) ... .A ..' 
 VI' JJ ".." " J V". , 
 "',L-V , 

Let thy Ears be attentive to the Voiü 
of 111Y Petition. 
If thou regard eft Iniquities, 0 Lord 
Lord, ,vh<7 than bear it? 
ufè \vith thee there is l\1ercy: an, 
bccau1è of thy Law, I have \vaited for the, 
o Lord. - 
1\1y Soul has truûed in his \Vord, my Sou 
has hop'd in our Lord. 
FroIn the IVlorning \1[atch even till Nigh1 
let IJrf1el hope in our Lord. 
caufe with our Lord there is !\1crc} 
and \vith hilTI rlentiful Red
And he !hall redCCLTI ffraet frolll all l1i 
Glory be to the Father, ESe. 
Pfa/ln 130. Domine non eft exaltatum. 
L Ord, IllY Heart is flot exalted, nor ar 
my Eyes lofty. 
Nor have I walk'd in great Matters, no. 
in Inarvellous things above Ine. 
If I ",'as not hurnble-lninded, but exalte( 
my Soul; 
As the \vean'd Child is for his Mother 
fo let it be with my Soùl. . 
Let Ifrael h0pe in our Lord, from hence 
forth, no\\r, and for ever. 
Glory be to the Father, f5c. 
The H Y M N. lrfemento rerum COJlditor. 
\. Elnelnbrr, Yau, 0 gracious Lord, 
Tll' eter11aÌ God's Co..equal Word, 

'.I"".. . (' 
 womb a Cr
atuxe made 
ur Nátnre wóre fdr Na'tur1
o happy .lvf(Jry "chofet<? b
other of Gn
d. çle
rotca us at tn."e 
10ur of peath, 
nd bear to Heåven o
r, varting Breath. 
,May.Ag; t9. Age for ev
r ,ßn
r he V lrguì'::. Son and ß ls Kmg, 
nd prai1e witl
 ,tl e 
elertial HOlt · 
r. ather, Son, and Hol y G-ho ft . Aillen. 
1 ,-{ 1\' '1 .. J ' t" 

. . '{þe chapter. '. Ecdef..:.4" · 
Am the Mother of Beautiful Love, and 
. f' .. J _, ". - . , . Co · 
, of Fear, and of Knowledge, and of 
-Iol y Ho p e. I... I 'j' · 
\ . .. 
ha11ts þc to G.od;." .. 
P."Pl"flY for ùs/
R. That we may -be mad worthy the 
Pron1ifes of Chrift. 
The AJltb. A great 1'lyftery. 
Tbe SQJJg of- 
u,k "'. 
N ow;Lord, let oy 
rva1}t depart in 
Feace, according tQ !hy word" · 
ßtx;a fe,AW EY1s have fem thy Salvation j 
"Wl 1i çh d i o i u haft prepar'd before the Face 
: of an Feoplc, ." . 
A LigHt to enlighten the Gentiles.: and 
. f.or 
G:\qry. of thy Fcople Ifrûel. 
.. (119 r ÿ belto the'Father, 0c. 
.. 'The :AntJ. A gr
at Myftery of Inheri- 
tance' +qe womb' that ncver knew Man 
is made the Temple øf the Holy G hoît : H( 
is not \?olluted by taking :f11efh of her: Al 
II 5 Nattòn 

.. J -t 
 '.If! VJ}" II 
 UJ U!lf..f D. Lll-UY, 
Nations {hall come, fayìng, Glory be to' 
thee, 0 Lord. J1J1 
, ,.... 
Lord ha ve lnercy on ns. 
Chrifi 11avê lTICrcy on us. 
Lord have mercy on us. 
r. Lord hear my Prayer. . J I 
.R. And let l11Y Cry COlne to thee. j 
. 1 'èJ .
Le t 11 S Pr a 11 
 1 A. 1 q b À . 
"J.. ." 
Gåd, ,vþo by the Fruitful Virginity I 
of the BlelTed Virgin Mary, haft given' 
to l\1anl
ind the Re\vards of eternal Sal.' 
vatian: Grant, we befeech thee, that we 
lnay find the Benefit of 
 her Interceffion, 
by wholn we have received the Author l 
of Life, our Lord Jefus Chri(l thy Son, 
\ v h 0 1 i v et h, t;' c . · 
li. Alnen. I 
17. 0 LQrd, hear my Prayer.. 
!?. -And let Iny Cry COlne tQ t11ce. _ 
]7. Riefs we our Lord. 
R. Thanl\
 be to God. 
 BleJJìng. May the Almighty !lpd Mer-' 
"iful Lord; Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft" 
)lcfs ,a
d keep us.., R. Alnen. 1 1 :J 
. r "'\ 
Tbú being _dolle, fzy keeling, the Anthem, I 
r!Jicb is l
t dOJVll after the .Lauds, page 127. 
wd th2 ,V.1\1ay . the Divine Help, heirlg [aid,! 
l>ur J:'ather,. ffail }.fjjr},_ and the Creed, are 
L O be ,[.Ii(/..ill Jeerer. = 


J J 

J I 



,. ". 
-. , . 
ì ,t 
'\. - .. 
\ '\. . 
, , 
t , 

. , 
,. "" 
, 'f- 
\, " .. 
. .. 
. '. . ...... 
. <t' . 
" " 
r , 
, ''',- .... 
. . 
, j . ,.. . '.

'. . 
\ , 
. . . 
. , . ...:;:, 
. ( 1 
'. . 

i ., 

.. . 
. I 
. ). \ 
---- .' 
'-. Ii 
. . 
.I . " . . 
_J ) - . 
 ,C; , 
..... e


" \ 





... "- 



\ -1'\,.. 











. e. 



... , 



1 ," 

,. . 



l'; .. 
..., , . 
) :,\.. 

.. . 





, ....,,


. ., 



- f 

,t t . \. " 

. I 



. - 


I' r 
. I 
\ ... 

. . 
. \ 



, - 

- , 


'- l 
. - 
. ') . "- .. 
" ò ,............ - .. 
(, , " 
L \
. " 
 --:.: --, 
I / \\ ) .. 
-. t 


r.! \r I.'
. 'l;','
 J · 
, '"i .: 

 . ->Î . .. 
\'. .. .

r-flò i 


fL ..'
t f.!. it, 
'i '1l
f I
"" . ;, 

'" ,- . 
trf . f' 








. ,.-1 



. .,